The Black Rose of Florence

The Black Rose of Florence By Michele Giuttari, The Black Rose of Florence A beautiful young woman a member of the Florentine jet set is found dead choked to death in her apartment She has been left naked on her bed a black rose on her body Chief Superindendent Michele Fe
  • Title: The Black Rose of Florence
  • Author: Michele Giuttari
  • ISBN: 9781408703601
  • Page: 405
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Black Rose of Florence By Michele Giuttari, A beautiful young woman, a member of the Florentine jet set, is found dead choked to death in her apartment She has been left naked on her bed, a black rose on her body Chief Superindendent Michele Ferrara, just back from Rome, is all too familiar with the dark side of Florence.
    The Black Rose of Florence By Michele Giuttari,
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      405 Michele Giuttari
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    About "Michele Giuttari"

    1. Michele Giuttari

      Michele Giuttari a crime fiction writer and former head of the police force in Florence,Italy.

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    1. This is a complex and complicated thriller based on the Squadra Mobile in Florence Chief Superintendent Ferrara is back heading up the murder flying squad This is a detailed police procedural which seemingly has to involve the various arms of police enforcement across the city.A number of crimes happen in a chronological timeframe which appear to baffle and deliberately mislead the investigation Rich political interests internal corruption drugs and prostitution illegal workers witchcraft and bl [...]

    2. It seems like with Giuttari it s hit or miss, and this one is a miss It s really like 2.5 stars, owing to the good police work scenes in the novel Otherwise, I wouldn t have classified it under crime fiction, but rather sensational thriller Strange things are happening in Florence, the first of which is that someone has taken a knife to the face of a dead woman awaiting her funeral When the police get involved, they discover tobacco leaves under the body which Michele Ferrara interprets as a mes [...]

    3. Michele Giuttari has all the right credentials to be a crime novelist A former head of the Florence Police Force who was responsible for jailing several key Mafia figures.The first thing I noticed about Giuttari s writing was the detail, down to the label on a bottle of wine, a character s distinguishing features, the slightest movement As a policeman all this is a crucial part of the job, noticing the little things and this is evident all the way through the story The reader does need detail bu [...]

    4. 3.25 stars I ve really enjoyed several of Giuttari s books This one, while it has an interesting conspiracy at its heart, was a bit of a letdown Part of this may be me I personally find the whole idea of Satan worshippers, especially ones in high places in government and business, a bit silly No doubt there are some misguided souls who d actually do such a thing, but I highly doubt that they re people at the top of their fields I realize this idea may not bother some folks, so I m quite willing [...]

    5. Strangely this is a book I abandoned because it irritated me, not because it was unreadable as in so badly written I wanted to eat my head or using a language that made it undecipherable but because it was so episodic I was on page 36 and I d read eleven chapters Eleven There are over 140 chapters in the book and only 400 pages It had so much potential to be an average read what a shame.

    6. Maybe it wasn t a great translation I picked up this crime novel as we were headed to Florence and thought it would be cool to get a feel for the city But the writing wasn t that great and it wasn t the page turner that I was hoping for.

    7. A rather dull read I found the the writing too forced can t say how much of that is down to a bad translation and the mystery just wasn t that interesting.

    8. Anyone who looks at my reading will surely have worked out by now that I love crime fiction, and in particular Italian crime fiction Zen, Montalbano, the recently discovered Soneri, the incomparable Brunetti and, in this case, Commisario Ferrara from Florence.Ferrara has enemies The scourge of the mafia in the past, there are those in high places who want to get rid of him In this case, Ferrara has an occult group and a series of bizarre sacrificial murders to solve At the same time he s receivi [...]

    9. Like Donna Leon s detective, Ferrara has to deal with corrupt superiors, indolent superiors, and political superiors, all of whom have some skin in not solving certain crimes So it is war on two fronts To what extent this is true in Italy, the US, and elsewhere would be interesting to know But sort of like the sheriff of the Wild West who is on his own against the bandits, so are these detectives when it comes to bureaucratic support for solving crime.However, this book does not detail the end o [...]

    10. The 5th book in the Ferrara series is quite a departure from the first two My local library doesn t have 3 or 4 First, the chapters in this novel are much shorter than in 1 and 2 Classic crime novel fast driving chapters Second, this novel addresses upper middle class sub Masonic Satanic worship groups The clash of Chief Superintendent with his superiors continues.Well done Suspenseful ending, revealing a mole in the seeming tight knit department, demands a follow up.

    11. This book features Chief Superintendent Ferrara, who is currently working in Florence We can safely call the book a police procedural since the author was once head of the Florence police force and plainly knows his stuff So there is quite a lot of procedural detail in the book, complicated by the fact that two different agencies are at work, the police and the carabinieri.The plot has two overlapping elements, revenge and satanic ritual, but by the end the forces of law and order have largely f [...]

    12. Firstly, in mitigation I must admit that I have read none of this author s previous books so did not know the background of the detective Ferrara, also it is not the genre of books I usually read but having admitted this, I cannot say I found this story engrossing The characters with the possible exception of Ferrara were two dimensional and the author tried to cover just about every conceivable crime throughout the storyline The plot involved theft, drug trafficking, prostitution, group child a [...]

    13. Michele Ferrara is back in Florence, although there are ongoing attempts at a high level to remove him again A gruesome series of events the first is not a murder and doesn t really seem to be fully explained some are connected to secret societies in high places, but there is also a personal family motive for some of the killings The identity of the killer is not difficult to work out the tension comes from the police work and the attempts to undermine the investigation There is even a mysteriou [...]

    14. I have to admit I was very disappointed with this book The only reason I finished it was because I hate to leave a book unfinished.The blurb on the back of the book did not seem to initially describe the same story I was reading, and the murder only happened a fair way into the book Also, it seemed to have very little bearing on the rest of the story, which wandered its merry way through Masonic and satanic rituals The writing style I felt was very abrupt, and the chapters were too short and jer [...]

    15. Given that this is written by a former chief of police of Florence, as you might expect, the police procedure is immaculate However, it is also a prime example of the fact that knowing everything about a subject doesn t make you a good fiction writer For me what failed to engage me the most was the lack of characterisation everyone was so two dimensional it often became hard to remember who was who Even the chief of polive stalked through the pages without really connecting to me And strangely, [...]

    16. Well, I struggled through as far as I could but I got to the point where I thought I m not really interested so why am I bothering So I gave up I don t normally give up on a book but this story didn t engage me at all As some people have mentioned, perhaps something had got lost in translation I almost rolled my eyes at the satanic nature of the crimes, seems a bit old hat now The chapters were very short, which normally would be a good thing but in this case meant a lack of depth to the narrati [...]

    17. La velocit con cui l ho letto dovrebbe essere testimonianza del fatto che mi sia piaciuto, ed in parte lo Resta il fatto che la trama resta piuttosto scontata e il finale assolutamente affrettato, sembra quasi che l autore dovesse scrivere un tot di pagine e non oltre Se poi posso fare un appunto senza essere un editor, lo stile lasciava un pochino a desiderare e specialmente le virgole sembravano sparse a caso.

    18. Not as exciting as his earlier books and gave the impression that the author was gradually warming to his theme Rather obscure in places, tying up the various characters and personalities at times was a bit complicated The complexity of main theme was intriguing and Ferara a fascinating policeman.However, it gained momentum towards the end I found the end itself rather disappointing as there appeared to be a number of lose ends Maybe left on purpose for a sequel.

    19. Back on top form after the disappointment of Calabria this us a fine return another taut police procedural, a fine addition to the series it definitely is noticeable that the author is on familiar ground here, setting this largely in Florence, rather than the Calabria New York of his previous effort can t wait for the next installment

    20. Had to dig in my memory to remind myself of some of the events related to as it was a while since I had read the last in the series, but it didn t spoil the book for me Shows the reality of how each department works independently so a really gripping story, as the reader has insight into what s going on, but has to wait for it all to be connected.

    21. I found this to be an easy read, but not especially well written The story could have been interesting I generally love police procedurals but the actions of the police were rather reactionary and cliched The subject matter was a little overused, and the author s skill was not enough to pull this book out of the mediocre.

    22. I would give this 3.5 stars if I could it kept me reading but it flitted about a little too quickly for me to become really involved in the story It makes a beautiful city Florence seems thoroughly ghastly too.

    23. A reasonable read An interesting plot with a high degree of authenticity concerning Italian police procedure not surprisingly since the author was head of the Florence Police Force for a number of years.

    24. Terrible, terrible book Readers of the English edition It s not the translation, it s simply terrible Proof of terribleness Una telefonata breve.Criptica.Come sempre.Also 666 Crocifisso capovolto Pentacolo Che significato hanno

    25. Enjoyable story, a little dependent on the conspiracy theories of shadowy secret organisations pulling strings behind the scenes It did make this Englishman, not used to different policing organisations used in some European countries to Google Carabinieri and other semi military gendameries

    26. A reasonably engaging book and interesting style that makes reading very easy For those who understand the Italian judicial system and that of behind the scenes manipulation by influential families that is common in Italy, I am sure you will find the book enjoyable An extremely plausible plot.

    27. Interesting themes with an inconclusive ending, perhaps the next book will explore how to stop corruption in high places Chief Superintendent Ferrara is a likeable policeman who upsets his bosses, but gets results.

    28. From the beginning you can tell you re in for a true thriller The only real issue I had with this book was having to re read names and places which took me out of my reading pace Regardless of that I have already recommended it to a number of friends.

    29. Hurrah After the disappointment of A Death in Calabria Giuttari is back on form with The Black Rose of Florence a nice tight thriller with a blink and you ll miss it clue en route that resolves as a twist for Ferrara at the end.

    30. Disappointing, the story didn t really have a solid story line, it jumped around too much and never really built suspense or intrigue It also finished really abruptly, I only finished it as I hate to leave a book unfinished.

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