The Marker

The Marker By Meggan Connors, The Marker When her father loses her in a poker game Lexie Markland is sent to work in the household of Nicholas Wetherby for one year to pay off the debt Innocent but not na ve she is savvy enough to know sh
  • Title: The Marker
  • Author: Meggan Connors
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 105
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Marker By Meggan Connors, When her father loses her in a poker game, Lexie Markland is sent to work in the household of Nicholas Wetherby for one year to pay off the debt Innocent, but not na ve, she is savvy enough to know she must maintain her distance from this man, who frustrates her with his relentless teasing but whose kisses bring her to her knees Because although she may be just another cWhen her father loses her in a poker game, Lexie Markland is sent to work in the household of Nicholas Wetherby for one year to pay off the debt Innocent, but not na ve, she is savvy enough to know she must maintain her distance from this man, who frustrates her with his relentless teasing but whose kisses bring her to her knees Because although she may be just another conquest to him, it s not just her heart in jeopardy should she succumb to Nicholas considerable charms Since his brother s death almost a year before, nothing has held Nicholas attention for long not women, not booze, not even an excellent hand at cards Nothing, that is, until he meets the woman he won in a drunken night of poker Intrigued by his prize and her chilly reserve, he makes it his mission to crack Lexie s cool demeanor But even as passion explodes between them, the question remains will Nicholas be able to take the ultimate riskd gamble on love
    The Marker By Meggan Connors,
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      Meggan Connors

    About "Meggan Connors"

    1. Meggan Connors

      Meggan Connors is a wife, mother, teacher and award winning author who writes primarily historical and steampunk romances As a history buff with a love of all things historical, she enjoys visiting both major and obscure museums, and reading the histories of the Old West and the British Isles She makes her home in the Wild West with her lawman husband, two children, and a menagerie of pets When she s not writing, she can usually be found hiking in the mountains, playing in the snow, or with her nose in a book Favorite vacation destinations include the sun kissed hills of California, any place with a castle or a ghost and both is perfect , and the windswept Oregon coast.

    695 thoughts on “The Marker”

    1. I really enjoyed the book I didn t like the repetition of feelings and thoughts throughout the book, same thing again and again But still, nice fun read.

    2. Good lord, the heroine was dumb So much unnecessary drama all because she was so damn stupid I liked her at first, thought was spunky, but that changed near the end Stupid Anyway, not bad for a bodice ripper I ve read worse and better.

    3. A fun read and one you don t want to miss.Ms.Connor transports us back to a time when making a go of it in the old west was a challenge.cially for women Riviting plot and delightful characters keep the reader engaged.Looking forward to from this talented author

    4. A long and tedious read I think Nick and Lexie are both pathetic and maudlin It is wrong and unreasonable for him to blame himself of his brother s and his brother s family s deaths Accidents do happen to both the good and the wicked It is stupid to assign blame to anyone, not even to God The Almighty does not exist for our own pleasures As for Alexandra, it is also hypocritical of her to be offended by Nicolas failing to inform her about Claire O Connor s offer for employment as well as reparat [...]

    5. An escapeMostly an entertaining look at California life in 1874 love, honor, gambling, drinking, brawling Realizing that unreasonable guilt is just that, unreasonable.

    6. Melodramatic and mediocre historical romanceI found the main characters to be so full of angst that no happily ever after could alter the psychological effect on the reader The h and h were profoundly broken by their past and yes I believe love can overcome much but I was left with a dark melodramatic hangover The author s repeated defence of her character s flaws and the choices they made out of their false sense of self inflicted guilt seemed to be the theme or morale of the story, but its exp [...]

    7. Not sure how the character s dress really fit the book but the title was just perfect since Lexie is won as a marker in a poker game One in which her own father put her into the pot And again later as she continues to feel purchased I don t read many American historical novels set in the west but I m glad I read this one Not sure I d say I could relate or feel as if I was the heroine in this story but I could say I felt like a friend Perhaps maybe a friend like Claire Lexie has suffered and sac [...]

    8. This book was a giant disappointment It started out really well, and started building to a great story to start the characters seemed like works in progress with a lot of potential However, instead of improving as the story went on, the two main characters became bi polar, irrational, and extremely annoying Their emotions vacillated so wildly that is was impossible to follow the thought process, let alone the sentiment They would be ranting and raving in their own head having some kind of argume [...]

    9. Love knows only what it wantsA love story brought forth from a life of selflessness after a loss I loved this story Time and again we read story s of a damsel in distress that s saved from the torment of her life by the dashing rich prince who makes everything better Each story is a slight bit different, but the sentiment is the same We build these stories because we have an innate need to want to be saved from our mistakes, to have someone strong to support us and a partner to share our lives A [...]

    10. I absolutely loved this book When Nicholas, a bored, self destructive business man finds himself in a poker game with a man desperate enough to use his daughter to cover a bet, he decides to teach the man a lesson by accepting When Nicholas wins, he has no intention of taking the man s daughter, but wants to scare him so that he won t do it again However, when Nicholas meets Lexie, he forgets his plan and takes her telling himself she would be better off with him, but he gets than he bargained [...]

    11. I am surprised this was free It s a really well written and engaging story I thought the chemistry between Nicholas and Lexie was off the charts Both characters were complex with lots of well written layers I did think it was a little unrealistic that Lexie s father didn t tell Nicholas the truth about Lexie from the get go, but it did make for exciting drama My only complaint is that it ended really abruptly view spoiler We don t even know with complete certainty that Lexie is pregnant I m assu [...]

    12. The thing that bothered me most about this book was the random changing of character You d be reading from Lexi s point of view and then all of the sudden it was Nick s in the same paragraph even It was odd, confusing, and rushed There also weren t any breaks for time You d be reading one paragraph to the next and an entire day or week would have gone by with no indication of it Then when there would be a significant break in the reading usually to mark the change of time, the change of perspect [...]

    13. I loved these characters They are written so well that three days after finishing the book, I miss their company So I was hoping hoping hoping, that Meggan Connors had written books about these characters I was deeply disappointed until I read and was thrilled that she is writing James story and cannot wait for that to come out.I felt the gamut of emotions while reading this book Sadness, interest, excitement, thrill, frustration, heart wrenching, hopeful, and then finally happy and content wit [...]

    14. This book for me was just okay I liked Lexi in the beginning, but then toward the middle end she got on my nerves quite a bit Nicholas was an okay hero Sometimes I enjoyed his character and other times he was irritating as well Of course there was some conflict with Lexi s father and her fiance that seemed at times just to be thrown in there to establish there was a conflict in the story other than Lexi and Nicholas relationship I m not sure I would read another novel by this author.

    15. This was generally an enjoyable romance with some danger and intrigue thrown in The positive One really great evil villain The negative that bit about kidnapping James s sister was really dumb and should have been edited out The heroine was a bit of an idiot, but then I think it is against the law to write a romance novel in which the heroine has a brain, but this novel had a good sense of balance because the hero was none too bright as well.

    16. Nothing grabs my attention like beautiful writing Meggan s writing was just that Seldom do I let other responsibilities go by the wayside to read a book My life was completely put on hold until I d finished The Marker The story was so exciting, the characters so delicious, and the setting so provacative I couldn t get enough A dutiful daughter, the heroine oozed sass and a sense of self value Absolutely riveting Anxiously awaiting the stories of two of her secondary characters.

    17. Last night as I fought sleep to finish this novel, and of course I didn t win against sleep, I felt very touched by this novel entirely It might be that I m very emotional as of late, but I was caught up in the love storm between Lexie and Nick I was on the very rollercoaster of emotion as they were throughout the entire novel, and I absolutely loved every second of it Thank you for writing such a wonderful novel 3

    18. Fast paced and thoroughly engaging, I couldn t put The Marker down I adored the feisty Lexie and oh so charming Nicholas, despite their flaws Ms Connor s vivid descriptions, sparkling dialogue, and believable secondary characters all added to a romping good historical romance I was particularly taken with James An intriguing, emotionally captivating plot had me hooked from the beginning I can t wait to read books by Ms Connors.

    19. I really enjoyed this story I liked seeing Nick grow as he realized his feelings for Lexie It was sweet when he was trying to figure out how to court her and get her to talk with him It got a little slow for me when they went to San Francisco But then picked up at the end I got this story as a free read on , so I was not expecting much, however this was a good story.

    20. I should say I liked the beginning and the middle of this book and that would be 4 stars 3 4 of the way through and to the end was a 1 2 stars Both characters became just too ridiculous for me I skimmed the end of the book just reading quotes as it wasn t too enjoyable at that point Overall 3 stars.

    21. The chapters seem to end and begin randomly The H and h are not what you would expect The h is a weak, stupid female who acts like a child The H acts like a stubborn toddler, who had been told no cookies 80% of the story is useless drama that the h causes upon herself The only good thing is that she tells off her drunk gambler of a father.

    22. I loved that the book was historical, but took place in the U.S I felt transported to another time The love scenes were beautifully written and sensual I m hoping to find out about the supporting characters in the book, specifically about Claire and her husband, and James I can t wait to read from this author

    23. About 30% of this book and I HAD to give up Mind you I was thinking about doing it about in about the 20% but I thought lets see where this goes I just can t Plot was so promosing but Oh My God I couldn t relate to characters.

    24. There were some editing errors and the repetition was annoying, but overall I liked this book Good plot and the author did a nice job of creating a villain you could easily hate and a couple that you can root for at the same time.

    25. Untraditional and complicated love storyAn intriguing story of a forbidden love, with steamy scenes that take you by surprise Misspellings and lack of separation in scenes are the only things that kept me from giving it 5 stars.

    26. I can wait for of Meggan Connors work This historical romance was amazing Growing up on the west coast I have always been obsessed with a good western, with bad boys turned into heroes, and The Marker is definitely a book that does not let me down in this regard.

    27. The MarkerThe book started out okay, but it soon dragged down The H and h were on again than off again At 70% the story became totally ridiculous Definitely not worth your time.

    28. Nothing out of the ordinary, but it was good, solid writing The characters were lively and it flowed smoothly except for the middle It got silly about 2 3 of the way through and then picked up again.

    29. Love I felt the love pouring from the pages between Lexington and Nicholas My heart fluttered with the words of endearment they shared and felt in this relationship I loved reading this book I want a love like this

    30. A very enjoyable read by this debut author Romance and gambling, danger and suspense set against a n Old West background, The Marker will thoroughly entertain you I look forward to by Ms Connors

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