Her Daughter's Eyes

Her Daughter's Eyes By Jessica Barksdale Inclan, Her Daughter s Eyes In an upper middle class neighborhood on a street like Wildwood Drive things like this are not supposed to happen Sixteen year old Kate is going to have a baby She s done all to prepare for the new
  • Title: Her Daughter's Eyes
  • Author: Jessica Barksdale Inclan
  • ISBN: 9780451202826
  • Page: 238
  • Format: Paperback
  • Her Daughter's Eyes By Jessica Barksdale Inclan, In an upper middle class neighborhood, on a street like Wildwood Drive, things like this are not supposed to happen Sixteen year old Kate is going to have a baby She s done all to prepare for the new child s birth but one thing She hasn t told anyone.Except for her younger sister Together, all they have is a crib made out of cardboard, sheets from the GoodwilldIn an upper middle class neighborhood, on a street like Wildwood Drive, things like this are not supposed to happen Sixteen year old Kate is going to have a baby She s done all to prepare for the new child s birth but one thing She hasn t told anyone.Except for her younger sister Together, all they have is a crib made out of cardboard, sheets from the Goodwilld hope Hope that somehow, with the newborn baby in arms, everyone will forgive.
    Her Daughter's Eyes By Jessica Barksdale Inclan,
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      Jessica Barksdale Inclan s fourteenth novel, The Burning Hour, was published by Urban Farmhouse Press in April 2016 A Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net nominee, her short stories, poems, and essays have appeared in or are forthcoming in the Waccamaw Journal, Salt Hill Journal, Little Patuxent Review, Carve Magazine, Palaver, and So to Speak She is a Professor of English at Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill, California and teaches online novel writing for UCLA Extension She holds an MA in English Literature from San Francisco State University and an MFA from the Rainier Writers Workshop at Pacific Lutheran University For information, go to jessicabarksdaleinclan

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    1. Een tienermeisje raakt zwanger van haar buurman na de dood van haar moeder Haar vader ontvlucht zijn verdriet, zijn gezin en het huis door zich in een nieuwe relatie te storten en meer tijd bij z n vriendin door te brengen dan bij zijn dochters Kate weet samen met haar zus Tyler de zwangerschap verborgen te houden Ze bevalt thuisTyler helpt haar bij de bevalling Uiteindelijk wordt ontdekt dat Kate een baby heeft en zullen alle betrokkenen hun verantwoordelijkheid onder ogen moeten zien Een reali [...]

    2. This story is about two teenage sisters, Kate and Tyler, who find themselves essentially orphaned after their mother dies of cancer and their father moves in with his new girlfriend When teenagers are completely alone with no affection or guidance from anyone, nothing good can come of it It is easy for an adult man to take advantage of Kate, by showing her affection and attention, and the girl becomes pregnant Kate is terrified that the birth of the baby, and the discovery of the baby s father s [...]

    3. This is an older book.right 2001which I happened upon in a used book store I am so glad that I did It is about two teenage sisters, one of which is pregnant, who due to circumstances well beyond their control, have to make very adult choices, and keep very adult secrets I was captured by the very first paragraph which reads, in part But in the closet, now empty of Air Jordans, Doc Martens and hairballs, Kate and her fifteen year old sister, Tyler had made a crib out of a cardboard box, a camping [...]

    4. The plot line in this books fascinates me The thought of a 17 year old girl having a baby by her married 30 some year old neighbor is something that could happen but at the same time out there In this particular story, the neighbor doesn t know or doesn t want to know that the baby is coming exists until there is no way to deny it any longer Kate, the mother and her sister Tyler, reminded me in a lot of small ways of me and one of my sistera who is about two years younger than me, just like Tyle [...]

    5. Her Daughter s Eyes by Jessica Barksdale Inclan is the story of a secret Two sisters share that secret, until they can t hide it any Then it becomes both the thorn in their side and the glue that holds their life together One of them is pregnant at 17.The literary aspects of the story and writing are simple, hidden, and shocking Tiny little moments that seem insignificant become huge forerunners for revelations later on In the beginning I felt that the sisters were only 14, maybe younger Their s [...]

    6. Este libro sinceramente lo am Me enamor de los personajes principales, de las dos chicas quienes pasan por la experiencia de enfrentar el embarazo de una de ellas, solas, sin ayuda ni orientaci n alguna Quer a meterme en la trama y abrazarlas para que no se sintieran solas JA Odie al padre de ellas tan cobarde Me gust la trama, no me pareci gastada ni obvia Impresionante lo que puede afectarse la vida de unas adolescentes al faltarles su madre f sicamente y sentir el abandono moral de su padre L [...]

    7. Very moving bookFrom the beginning of this book I was caught up in the story and the emotions of these two girls It was a story of love, emptiness and the repercussions of grief and loss that are so often repressed Each person tries to fill the hopelessness and fear in different ways without realizing what the real problem is By doing this, other people are drawn into their lives and the tragedy extends to them This is the incredible story of two teenage girls who travel a road in life that many [...]

    8. I would define this book as being a good find Years ago I found this in the corner of the local good will and didn t know what to expect It could have been not having any expectations that led it to become a great book for me It isn t a heavy book, but it definitely brings certain emotions to the table that make you grieve and live with the characters I actually lost my copy of the book, but I m on my mission to find another one.

    9. I probably would have given this book a hesitant three stars had it not been for the fact that I woke up this morning and forgot how it ended This was one of those books where you expect some big surprise, a big revelation at the end It never came, leaving me disappointed, questions still lingering in my mind I would not recommend this book to any of my friends.

    10. A well written novel An emotional story about what happens with two families when a teenage girl gets pregnant by the next door neighbor s husband Not your typical soapy novel, this one had some depth and had ineteresting exploration of these characters as they work through this situation.

    11. I can t say that I honestly liked this book, I thought it had too much of a slow pace and nothing interesting ever happened, only at the end of the book.

    12. It was a pretty good read but have to admit at times I was wanting to smack the characters And was annoyed by them and didn t like them that much Over all though it wasn t a bad read.I gave it a B or 3 stars.

    13. Excelente libro, una lucha eterna entre lo correcto, el medio y lo que se debe hacer en alg n momento crucial Traes un beb al mundo no es f cil ni para un dr imaginar a una ni a de 15 a os hacerlo es algo aterrador.

    14. I found this book disturbing Sad and sometimes scary It was one of those books that, while the content was troubling I had to continue reading to see the end.

    15. A Mother s death pushes a family into turmoil Can this little family be put back together again.Very good characters.

    16. I could not believe that the two girls were able to hide that she was having a baby The adults in this store especially the father and his girlfriend were very selfish.

    17. After the death of their beloved mother, teenage sisters Kate and Tyler, are pretty much left to their own devices Their father cannot cope with the extra responsibility, so he is not aware of the secret that Kate is hiding A secret that could threaten to tear their nice little street apart This book is very well written the characters are very real, and grow and mature throughout the course of the book They each find hidden strengths within themselves that they never knew they had The plot is q [...]

    18. PERSONALLY SIGNED COPY PERMANENT COLLECTION In a quiet house on a syca lined suburban street, Kate Phillips seventeen and unmarried is having a baby But there will be no shame or scandal or disappointment as long as no one ever finds outKate and her younger sister, Tyler, have done everything to prepare for the baby s arrival They ve collected clothing and Dr Spock books from the nearby Goodwill They ve used cardboard to build a makeshift crib, tucked safely away in the bedroom closet Even with [...]

    19. Although my initial impression was that this book was so unrealistic that it was not worth reading, since it was for a class, I finished it When I read that the author created it in response to a newspaper story, and when I thought about the circumstances of grief and financial security that created a situation where it could happen, I was able to relax and let the story influence my thinking I came away with the realization that it was the barrier we are doing just fine, thank you which promote [...]

    20. This is a deeply touching story about how profound loss can separate people from those they love most Suffering intense grief over the loss of his wife blinds the father in this story to all of the most unthinkable and profound changes going on in his daughters lives And grief, confusion, shame, and fear keep the girls from confiding in the father whom they ve always loved On every page,, the author makes the nearly unbelievable events in this story plausible because each character is so well dr [...]

    21. I liked this book for the most partbut was disappointed in the ending I felt it needed probably 5 10 chapters to bring everything to a conclusion However, what was written was really good and kept me in suspense for most of the book It has a very interesting story linea girl who hides her pregnancy from almost everyoneat I havent really read anything like that before For that, it was really intriguing to try and figure why the girl decided to hide such a significant in her life.I would recommen [...]

    22. This is a tragic story of love, family and loss Kate 17 yrs old, Tyler 15 and their father Davis have lost the person who glues their family together to cancer Davis can t cope and turns to a woman who he moves in with He only visits the children every other week Kate turns to a neighbor for the support she s not getting from her father and the outcome of that relationship is devasting Tyler supports her older sister through thick and thin, her sister is her support The story brings you into the [...]

    23. A father who practically abandons his teenaged daughtersa teenager with a hidden pregnancy and secret home birtha married father of 2 having an affair with a minorwhy yes, social services will be involved by the end of this book, don t you think Nevertheless, Inclan does such a good job of getting into the heads of all her characters it does seem to rise above Jerry Springer fare by the end.

    24. A look at what happens after a secret teen pregnancy is uncovered once the child is born How did nobody know she was 9 months pregnant Who is the father Will she get her child back I found it a helpful reminder that many people do not give birth in a hospital with medical staff In the story the baby is born with the help of the teen s younger sister in their home In many countries without medical care or hospitals it is family members or friends who assist women giving birth.

    25. Drew me in quickly Wanted to smack Davis upside the head and tell him to wake up Hannah needed to be shown the door Kate and Tyler were brave, just wish either one of them would have stood up for herself.Sanjay was completely in the wrong, so not defending him, but Meera seriously needs to remove the stick from her ass You can t be that rigid and controlling all the time.I hope we get to see what comes next for these characters.

    26. Could this really happen I live such a safe and comfortable life, it is hard to believe that a parent can be so disconnected with their children to this extent But I suppose all one has to do is to get involved with the foster care program to see what horrid things are happening to children This book has a very good ending unlike many real life stories Thank you to all you wonderful foster care parents

    27. I liked it The story covers just a few months in the characters lives because of the author writing from many different points of view As a mother myself, I felt very sympathetic to Kate especially around the nursing parts I did find myself wondering where the story was going at first but then I figured it out once the baby was discovered Kindle version has a good number of grammatical mistakes.

    28. A very interesting read Really opened the eyes to how life can get out of hand in a heartbeat, how good and bad are blurred together And how one choice can turn out wrong without harm meaning to be done It is scary to realize how real this book is, it can happen in anyone s life, in any city, anywhere The only reason for the 4 star is because I would have liked another chapter or two to see the outcome of the ending, but I prefer a neat and tidy closure to a story.

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