Crímenes imperceptibles

Crímenes imperceptibles By Guillermo Martínez, Cr menes imperceptibles Two mathematicians must join forces to stop a serial killer in this spellbinding international bestseller A paperback sensation in Argentina Spain and the United Kingdom The Oxford Murders has been
  • Title: Crímenes imperceptibles
  • Author: Guillermo Martínez
  • ISBN: 9789875804678
  • Page: 440
  • Format: Paperback
  • Crímenes imperceptibles By Guillermo Martínez, Two mathematicians must join forces to stop a serial killer in this spellbinding international bestseller A paperback sensation in Argentina, Spain, and the United Kingdom, The Oxford Murders has been hailed as a remarkable feat Time Out London and its author as one of Argentina s most distinctive voices The Times Literary Supplement It begins on a summer day inTwo mathematicians must join forces to stop a serial killer in this spellbinding international bestseller A paperback sensation in Argentina, Spain, and the United Kingdom, The Oxford Murders has been hailed as a remarkable feat Time Out London and its author as one of Argentina s most distinctive voices The Times Literary Supplement It begins on a summer day in Oxford, when a young Argentine graduate student finds his landlady an elderly woman who helped crack the Enigma Code during World War II murdered in cold blood Meanwhile, a renowned Oxford logician receives an anonymous note bearing a circle and the words the first of a series As the murders begin to pile up and symbols are revealed, it is up to this unlikely pair to decipher the pattern before the killer strikes again.
    Crímenes imperceptibles By Guillermo Martínez,
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      440 Guillermo Martínez
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    1. Guillermo Martínez

      Guillermo Mart nez is an Argentine novelist and short story writer He gained a PhD in mathematical logic at the University of Buenos Aires.After his degree in Argentina, he worked for two years in a postdoctoral position at the Mathematical Institute, Oxford His most successful novel has been The Oxford Murders, written in 2003 In the same year, he was awarded the Planeta Prize for this novel, which has been translated into a number of languages.

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    1. This book combines logic, philosophy and criminal law It is quite an interesting mystery with a twisty end The author provided some clues, but even then I was shocked to read the solution Also I liked the mathematical stuff, like Godel s Theorem, the Pythagorean sect and other Though as a not so much experienced in math, I would have wanted some explanations at the end of the book, maybe some notes, made by the author But I confess, it was interesting to search info in the Net for further knowl [...]

    2. This novel has red herrings than a communist fish market.But that s OK because I like novels that throws you off and keeps you guessing Even if some of the herrings are obvious, there are always a few that swim by when you are not expecting them The Oxford Murders is a nifty mystery about two Oxford academics that are trying to solve a murder and if it seems a littlewell.emic it s because it is Martinez mixes a nice share of mathematics, Wittgensteinian philosophy and even some mythology to mak [...]

    3. Not much of a mystery I had it pegged maybe 1 3 of the way through except for the spin at the end That would be ok if there were some positives offsetting it Unfortunately, except for a few graceful passages of writing about Oxford I ve never been there, but what Mr Martinez wrote felt real to me , there s not much I can say that s positive The conversations about mathematics were boring and mostly beyond my understanding not to mention false sounding real mathematicians wouldn t have to explain [...]

    4. Ayer le dec a a mi marido, qu lindo, despu s de mucho tiempo, leer una novela en 2 tardes y quedar satisfecha Parece que ahora la moda es sacar novelas de 600 p ginas m nimo, as los compradores saben que hacen rendir su dinero el contenido da lo mismo.Esta novela entrega lo que promete entretenida, agradable de leer, el misterio es interesante y sacando algunos desvar os matem ticos y filos ficos que le dan cierta verosimilitud a la trama, no es tampoco muy rebuscada Aunque tuve que googlear a W [...]

    5. My actual rating for The Oxford Murders is probably about 3.5 stars because Guillermo Martinez is a good writer But I would describe this book as a novel written by a mathematician for mathematicians Almost all the characters, except for the detective, are either professional or amateur mathematicians including the first victim And a significant percentage of the 197 pages of the novel consist not of story, but of one mathematician talking to another mathematician about some other mathematician [...]

    6. I like watching Inspector Morse and Inspector Lewis Okay, for Inspector Lewis it s because I like Hathaway, but still I liked Numbers for a bit.I didn t like this book.Sometimes I don t mind when you can figure out the solution by page 30 The Blood Doctor is somewhat like that but it is still a good read because of the characters.Not interesting characters here.And boy, did I mind.And the book is like Numbers but after the first season and a half, you know when it got stupid Honestly, Charlie ha [...]

    7. Los cr menes de Oxford es una novela que ten a potencial para m s Es interesante, es corta, pero no llega a despegar del todo, qued ndose a medio camino Los personajes tampoco ayudan mucho, pues est n m nimamente desarrollados Es una especie de C digo Da Vinci que se pierde en disquisiciones que no terminan de funcionar.T pica lectura veraniega, que a m no me dej ninguna huella, pero que tampoco lament haber le do.

    8. First Sentence Now that the years have passed and everything s been forgotten, and now that I ve received a terse e mail from Scotland with the sad news of Seldom s death, I feel I can break my silence which he never asked for anyway and tell the truth about events that reached the British papers in the summer of 93 with macabre and sensationalist headlines, but to which Seldom and I always referred perhaps due to the mathematical connotation simply as the series, or the Oxford Series.An Argenti [...]

    9. Very enjoyable I especially liked the Argentine view of England It would have been even better if the translator had written it with an accent Perhaps the best would be an audio reading with an Argentinian accent I tried to do it in my head but kept slipping back into rather banal english.

    10. A pesar de que el g nero detectivesco no es de mis favoritos, esta historia est muy bien escrita y me entretuvo bastante m s de lo que esperaba Es una historia ideal para hacernos pensar y buscar esas peque as pistas que va dejando el autor A m en particular me tom de sorpresa el giro de la trama que llev a descubrir al culpable y eso me encant Creo que lo que m s ayuda a meterse en el mundo creado por el autor, es que este est narrado en primera persona, y vemos y descubrimos las cosas a trav s [...]

    11. Rant, possibly with spoilers,As a young girl, I read with my grandma all the Agatha Christie books, and I really enjoyed the ABC Murders, the idea of a logical series being used as a smokescreen was very alluring to me I am irritated that this book, which takes nearly the same idea, with the same twist, does not in any way allude to or acknowledge, the brilliant Agatha Christie.I am now going to reread the ABC Murders, perhaps the author paid such delicate homage to her, that I ve somehow missed [...]

    12. Murder by numbers, quite literally Two mathematicians, one an ageing professor, the other an eager young student, set out to unravel a series of murders in and around the ancient University city of Oxford.There are puzzles within puzzles throughout this book, which should keep most people guessing until the denouement, even those eminent mathematicians out there I recently watched the film adaptation starring John Hurt and Frodo A good job was done on said adaptation Both book and film are worth [...]

    13. This was an ok read but I don t think I d pick up another Guillermo Martinez in the future The plot was interesting enough but the characters were quite flat One word of advice for those who haven t seen the film adaptation don t watch it, it s one of the worst book adaptation I ve watched

    14. 3.5 5 Los cr menes de Oxford es un libro con una ambientaci n muy muy chula me han dado ganas de visitar Oxford OMG , con una narraci n con un aire de sosiego muy interesante y una premisa de misterio que engancha bastante.La conexi n con las matem ticas es muy interesante y el desenlace est bastante bien, pero me hubiera gustado una mayor profundizaci n en los personajes y las relaciones entre ellos Me ha gustado bastante y creo que todo est bien enlazado, por lo que lo recomiendo aunque no me [...]

    15. I would not recommend this book to anyone seeking a traditional murder story In my opinion, any given murder story should be similar to others like it, so readers know what to expect Also, it should give the reader a chance to be ahead of the detective in solving the mystery, or at least be caught up with him In this novel, the extensive mathematical logic and long paragraphs the author give us, makes it unable for anyone, except for logicians to follow Even then, if one were to follow what the [...]

    16. Es el libro de la pel cula Los cr menes de Oxford que a n no he visto , del autor de, entre otros, Acerca de Roderer que s he leido.Una linda novela de cr menes, de investigaci n, de matem ticas, de o os, de Inglaterra y de Argentina.Excelentemente relatada en primera persona por Guillermo Mart nez, se deja leer y entretiene de principio a fin.

    17. I found this short mystery fascinating due to its cerebral nature Joining serious mathematics with murder made this novel unique in my experience.When an Argentine math student at Oxford presumedly based on the author s own experience discovers the smothered body of his landlady, conventional wisdom points to a family member with the most prosaic of motives However a famous logician, Arthur Seldom, and author of a book on the mathematics of serial killers, shares the appearance of a strange note [...]

    18. Awesome Loved it It had the old fashioned air of an Agatha Christie novel combined with the mystery of maths and murder Half guessed the twist at the end, but that didn t spoil it for me a jot Marvellous book Highly recommended

    19. La historia es buena, la manera de contarla es bastante torpe, insulta la inteligencia del lector experimentado, conocedor del g nero y la literatura en general.

    20. I would have never wondered that a movie from Hollywood could have been better than a novel by a writer from Argentina Which is like saying that I prefer a McDonald s plastic like burger to a succulent meaty asado But, well, there s always a first time.For the big screen version of The Oxford Murders is far from being brilliant, but still better than the original version of the story on print I think this should tell you a lot regarding this novel And when you do prefer the big eyed Elijah Wood [...]

    21. The year is 1993, and a young Argentine mathematician arrives in Oxford to continue his graduate studies The Oxford Murders begins with so much promise and yes, so much familiarity The plane flies across the Atlantic and descends through cloud cover to emerge over the rolling green fields of England 10 years after the narrator, I took that same plane, took the SAME BUS in fact from Heathrow Airport to the eternal city the City of Dreaming Spires Martinez s descriptions of Oxford will ring a bell [...]

    22. I have had to give this book three stars because, essentially, it was a really enjoyable read as most crime novels of this kind are However, although its a classic example of a who dunnit I felt hampered by the fact that it seemed so incredibly badly written and equally poorly edited I am aware that it is a translation and perhaps this goes some way to excusing it The fact that the writer is himself a mathmetician and not some kind of writer can barely be seen as an excuse, plently of good write [...]

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