Paratime By H. Beam Piper, Paratime Contents Introduction John F Carr in He Walked Around the Horses nv Astounding Apr Police Operation Verkan Vall nv Astounding Jul Last Enemy Verkan Vall na Astounding Aug Time
  • Title: Paratime
  • Author: H. Beam Piper
  • ISBN: 9780441651719
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Paratime By H. Beam Piper, Contents 1 Introduction John F Carr in 14 He Walked Around the Horses nv Astounding Apr 48 39 Police Operation Verkan Vall nv Astounding Jul 48 77 Last Enemy Verkan Vall na Astounding Aug 50 149 Time Crime Verkan Vall n Astounding Feb 55 1 261 Temple Trouble Verkan Vall nv Astounding Apr 51
    Paratime By H. Beam Piper,
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      125 H. Beam Piper
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    About "H. Beam Piper"

    1. H. Beam Piper

      Henry Beam Piper was an American science fiction author He wrote many short stories and several novels He is best known for his extensive Terro Human Future History series of stories and a shorter series of Paratime alternate history tales.

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    1. An interesting set of long and short short stories about a multidimensional universe in which people in just one strand have developed the technology to traverse dimensions Since some dimensions have developed faster than others, dimension travel essentially equates to time travel in many instances too The paratime police are there to make sure that no one from the level capable of interdimensional travel level 1 gives the secret away to anyone else This is not as easy as it sounds as the level [...]

    2. Piper s work is surely dated everybody smokes without any twinge of guilt, women are very rare in meaningful roles, and colonialism is rampant in many if not all alternative time lines That said, Piper has created some very vivid and well thought out alternative histories I enjoyed the fact that our time line was not the one which figured out Paratime, but one of the less advanced civilizations that the Paratime Police are protecting.The technology employed in the stories is also showing its age [...]

    3. You can divide the stories in about half, starting with He Walked Around the Horses , Police Operation , and Last Enemy These are interested in exploring the concept of paratime itself, and how the Paratime Police have to protect a timeline or the Home Time Line.The second set, Time Crime and Temple Trouble , are about the Home Time Line itself, which starts to reveal elements of imperialism and 1950 s male chauvinism And this is where the wheels start to come off Clearly Piper has things to sa [...]

    4. Solid stories with interesting concepts Sometimes they get a little long winded The second and third stories were my favorites by far.

    5. These are probably some of the earliest science fiction stories dealing with the idea of parallel worlds H Beam Piper wisely put some limitations into his technology, including the requirement that it takes half an hour to shift to your destination Unfortunately, Piper s character names seem to be arbitrary and jarring, but kudos to him for not settling for Sam Smith and similar ilk Piper s fascination with reincarnation is evident, especially in one parallel world where they ve documented it as [...]

    6. This the complete collection of Piper s Paratime stories, where we see an almost infinite possibility of probable timer lines can be divided roughly into two segments, the stand alone time paradox stories like Temple and especially the excellent Genesis which are very good Then we have the specific Paratime Police stories such as Time Crime which are rather confusing contain too many forgettable characters and are rather poor

    7. I picked this up mainly because I wanted shortstory audiobooks I d heard of the author, but never read him.Seems like pretty standard old school SF Stereotypical weak female characters, a main character who always seems to be the smartest guy in the room.Plot was not that interesting.I think the main point of the stories was the presentation of the world SF idea.

    8. Verkan Vall, Tortha Karf, and the members of the ultra secret Paratime Police traverse the time line continuum to protect the Earth from invasion or destruction by millions of parallel universes

    9. I had high hopes for this series of stories It has a clever premise, but the characters and the plots just didn t pay off for me For me, the stories felt plodding and contrived After just a few paratime transpositions, the gimmick became rather tired and I lost interest.

    10. Pretty well written and the stories have aged well Good reads but not great literature Parallel universes which are reachable by a transporter invented in the so called level one The Paratime Police seek out those who violate the rules protecting the secret of Paratime travel.

    11. athe paratime stories are what I really like H Beam Piper for When I first read these years ago they seriously messed with my concepts of time and parallel universes I write out a longer review before but the app closed and I lost it Too bad

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