Scaredy Squirrel Prepares for Christmas: A Safety Guide for Scaredies

Scaredy Squirrel Prepares for Christmas: A Safety Guide for Scaredies By Mélanie Watt, Scaredy Squirrel Prepares for Christmas A Safety Guide for Scaredies Tis the season for worrying planning decorating wrapping entertaining carolling and worst of all fruitcake Scaredy Squirrel returns with a quirky safety guide filled with practical tips and nut
  • Title: Scaredy Squirrel Prepares for Christmas: A Safety Guide for Scaredies
  • Author: Mélanie Watt
  • ISBN: 9781554534692
  • Page: 386
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Scaredy Squirrel Prepares for Christmas: A Safety Guide for Scaredies By Mélanie Watt, Tis the season for worrying, planning, decorating, wrapping, entertaining, carolling and, worst of all, fruitcake Scaredy Squirrel returns with a quirky safety guide filled with practical tips and nutty step by step instructions to help readers prepare for a perfect Christmas A fun filled guide sure to appeal to all the Scaredies out there
    Scaredy Squirrel Prepares for Christmas: A Safety Guide for Scaredies By Mélanie Watt,
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      386 Mélanie Watt
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      It was in a design class taught by Mich le Lemieux at the University of Quebec in Montreal that author and illustrator M lanie Watt created her first picture book, Leon the Chameleon, which was later published by Kids Can Press Watt went on to create several books, including the Learning with Animals collection and Augustine, which was named an ALA Notable Children s Book Watt has also illustrated Where Does a Tiger Heron Spend the Night and Bearcub and Mama, which won the 2006 IRA Teachers Choices Project.M lanie s best known book Scaredy Squirrel, has won many awards including the Ruth and Sylvia Schwartz Children s Book Award for Children s Picture Book and the Amelia Frances Howard Gibbon Illustrator s Award The release of Scaredy Squirrel Makes a Friend, was met with enthusiastic reviews and incredible sales, confirming the arrival of kid lit s newest superstar.Chester,Chester s Back and Chester s Masterpiece are about a megalomaniac cat who is every bit the antithesis to Scaredy Chester has already become a bestseller and shows the breadth and creativity of M lanie Watt.Scaredy returns to take a few tentative steps out of his comfort zone in Scaredy Squirrel at the Beach and Scaredy Squirrel at Night M lanie has often noted how the Scaredy Squirrel books helped her work out her own insecurities and fears, as the success of these titles has required her to venture out into the unknown, and like Scaredy she has found the experience truly uplifting.M lanie currently resides near Montreal, Quebec From kidscanpress creators

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    1. I love the other Scaredy Squirrel books and I liked this one too, but I m not quite as fond of is as the other 5 books.I really enjoy Scaredy Squirrel, initials S.O.S for a good reason This book seems to be longer and have text than the other books I think it works best for independent readers reading it to themselves.I can recommend it to slightly older children and adults, especially those who celebrate Christmas, and those who ve enjoyed the other books in the series, and it would make a goo [...]

    2. We ve enjoyed the Scaredy Squirrel series of stories and this is a fun Christmas themed book Scaredy is just as nervous and precautious as ever and has created a Christmas Safety Guide for all to follow The book is a bit longer than other editions and older children will best appreciate and understand the subtle wit Younger children will likely lose interest The illustrations are colorful and cartoonish and have fun details We enjoyed reading this book together and our girls loved the reference [...]

    3. Scaredy Squirrel presents a safety guide for surviving the Chrsitmas season This book is a lot longer than other Scaredy Squirrel books but it covers all things Christmas from decorations to food to gifts to Santa and The story is divided into chapters maaking this a good book for newly independent readers who are currently exploring the easy reader sections I laughed out loud many times while reading this book I would suggest just reading small sections if trying to read this one aloud, it s t [...]

    4. Why not mix panic with pleasure Scaredy Squirrel You just summed up my typical holiday season Super hilarious book.

    5. Really is just a detailed guide, no plot I do like the pre loaded toothbrushes on the dessert table, though And the gift guide, what to buy for different types of friends, is so funny even funnier if I remembered who all the characters were, assuming they re all from previous books And the Naughty Nice list But overall I don t think this is therapeutic, for those of us with anxiety issues who loved the first book because it was actually surprisingly helpful as it was empathetic This is played fo [...]

    6. There are certain characters we naturally celebrate and gravitate towards in the library Scaredy Squirrel is one of them He is so special to many of my students They love his cheesy grin we all try to smile just like him, love his insecurities and the ridiculous ways he carries on about hygiene And this librarian will admit that she loves SS because she is a lot like him in many ways This SS is set up differently than others because it is smaller in size and could be considered a chapter book Th [...]

    7. This book was sent to me by Netgalley for my un biased review.Scaredy Orville Squirrel rocks SOS has an uncanny ability to teach children not to be obsessive, compulsive, or scared through his own paranoid adventures Through most of the story one would think the opposite and that perhaps SOS was giving the wrong impression but eventually we realize that what he was scared of was in fact harmless The pages are packed with information, guides, and helpful lists that teach the children to be organi [...]

    8. Scaredy Squirrel provides a host of information on how to stay safe this Christmas.This isn t really a story, like a collection of infographics Some of them are serious and provide good safety tips for the holidays, others are just silliness I didn t like this one as much as Scaredy s stories Some of the humor just fell flat There were moments of brilliance, but overall, wasn t what I had hoped it would be.

    9. It Christmas time, and Scaredy Squirrel must prepare his safety guide Scaredy Squirrel includes lots of info in his guide, including tips and instructions about decorations, sweets, gifts, characters, and fun.A silly and fun Scaredy Squirrel book.

    10. hahaha This book was too stinking cute I loved it I took the personality quiz The Scaredy Christmas Quiz inside and found out the Safety Guide ahead was in fact for me This was highly entertaining little read.

    11. I absolutely love the Scaredy Squirrel books However, this particular book in the series did not quit meet my expectations It is longer than the others, which made some of my students lose interest.

    12. Este libro est bien, como ya he dicho sobre otros libros de la serie de Ardilla Miedosa.Esta es una gu a sobre c mo prepararse para la Navidad y esta dividida en 8 cap tulos m s el prefacioy es el libro m s gordo de los de ardilla miedosaEste es un detalle que aun no cuento sobre ning n libro de ardilla miedosa y que ami me parece gracioso Normalmente los libros comienzan con una advertencia En este caso la advertencia de Ardilla Miedosa es Ardilla miedosa insiste de que todos se pongan guantes [...]

    13. I love these Scaredy Squirrel books so much So silly and cute There was a lot to love about this one because it was much longer But here were some of my favorite moments My favorite part about this is the information under the name of the craft particularly the second and third ones XDI just love how Scaredy Squirrel looks in each outfitI also loved the part where he was building a gingerbread house and step two of the process was to get a building permit XDMelanie Watt is very witty, clever, an [...]

    14. Scaredy Squirrel is adorable He s cute, but a bundle of nerves and worries This is the first time I ve met him, but he certainly made me smile and laugh Scaredy Squirrel Prepares for Christmas as a whole, however, has me a little confused.It s a cute make it through Christmas guide from Scaredy Squirrel s point of view It includes a list of safety gear you should start collecting in the summer The illustrations are colorful and fun I love the pages on Santa and his reindeer and the options for d [...]

    15. Rating 3 1 2 birch leaves out of 5Recommends For children ages 6 to 8I started out thinking this was going to be a short quick read, but once starting and seeing all the chapters I knew I was in for quite a little sit down I dove into this book not knowing what to expect thinking maybe its a story about an average squirrel, but further insight I got a fun quirky and very interactive book for children to read and participate in The safety guidelines were very well put together and thought through [...]

    16. This is a cute little book about a squirrel, who is obsessed with safety and cleanliness If you have ever watched the TV series, Monk , Scaredy Squirrel s habits will have you thinking of it Scaredy is here to tell you everything you need to know about celebrating Christmas, and will have your party guests asleep in mere minutes Because there are alot of pictures, I feel like children will love this book And, adults will be glad their children are learning as they read it, no matter how exaggera [...]

    17. This book is longer and doesn t flow as well as the regular series books but my boys ages 6 and 10 still liked it.Scaredy Squirrel is his usual self cautious This book talks about a lot of things It has a Christmas quiz and talks about horoscopes, a safety guide, a holiday plan, the 12 days before Christmas countdown, crafting, decorating, holiday sweets, building a gingerbread house, setting a hygienic dessert table, how to find the perfect gift and wrap it, mistletoe, tinsel, dressing up, ent [...]

    18. Does Christmas make you anxious Does the thought of gift giving and socializing render you catatonic Are you terrified of tinsel You are not alone, friend Scaredy Squirrel will teach you how to get through this dangerous holiday unscathed He will teach you how to safely wrap gifts, set a holiday table, properly place mistletoe and much Plus, you ll learn how to build a gingerbread house to code don t forget that building permit Children and adults alike will love this snarky take on Christmas p [...]

    19. Scaredy Squirrel knows that you can survive almost anything if you have a plan And that is just what this is, a plan to survive the holidays everything from decorating, celebrating and eating Why I started this Scaredy Squirrel in an amazing Christmas sweater, say no .Why I finished it This wacky book has humor for the adults but I loved Scaredy s gift buying guide And his advice about having airport security examine your presents for you to avoid dangerous surprises.

    20. Scaredy Squirrel How cool is that name I absolutely loved Scaredy s Christmas Safety Guide, especially all the Scaredy tips Man, I ll never make those mistakes again.Scaredy is one smart, lovely squirrel, with lots of reliable and carefully thought information to share with readers about how to deal with this jolly albeit chaotic time of the year I honestly had a blast reading this delightful, hilarious, and wonderfully illustrated children s book would certainly recommend it to children, teens, [...]

    21. Scaredy Squirrel has come up with an extensive Christmas safety guide to help his readers survive the holidays He gives tips on safely decorating, gift wrapping, hosting a Christmas party, and much to avoid the many dangers that Christmas brings Just be sure to wear your mittens before reading Thank you Kids Can Press for allowing me the privilege of reading this egalley I have put it on my school library s wish list for future purchases, There are a lot of comical details that should give read [...]

    22. When I saw this book as an advanced copy, I was absolutely giddy I LOVE Scaredy Squirrel, and my students do, too This book did not disappoint The students thought Scaredy Squirrel was really silly They absolutely loved it Keep these books coming because the kids just love them Note to Melanie Watt the kids LOVE Chester, too Please, please, please Chester I read this as an advanced copy from Netgalley.

    23. Scaredy Squirrel is at it againis time with tips and tricks to be extra safe at Christmas With chapters entitles Christmas is Coming, Christmas Decorations, Holiday Sweets, Christmas Gifts, Christmas Characters, Christmas Pet Peeves, Christmas Fun, and If All Else FailsScaredy Squirrel Prepares for Christmas A Safety Guide for Scaredies is full of Watt s trademark humor and finding the scarediness in almost anything and everything A hoot

    24. Everyone s favorite overly cautious squirrel is back with tips for surviving Christmas safely There s no plot or storyline to follow Just a parody of a how to type book with everything from safe Christmas games, to safe Christmas apparel, to safe Christmas decorating Great for fans of Scaredy Squirrel, older elementary students who will get the jokes, and anyone who secretly dreads the holidays.

    25. Over the years we ve seen kids gravitate to these books and I myself love them Scaredy squirrel is quirky, funny and insecure The other books are easily read at storytimes and aloud, this book is different It s set up as a chapter book with a lot subtitle boxes Even though it s a Christmas theme it ll be loved by the kids all year round.

    26. A super cute book for 8 and younger Some of it is written for a younger reader, but then some of the references like mistletoe, frostbite and nutcracker might be unfamiliar to really young children This isn t a story, but a survival guide I imagine though, you could create a lot of what would you do if stories w your child that would be fun and funny Enjoy

    27. I was disappointed by this one Lots of funny pages to look at, but no real plot unlike the other books in the series Some of the jokes are feeling a little tired just wasn t as happy with this one as I was with others the author has written Nice and long and for fans of Scaredy Squirrel a fun read But don t start here in the series.

    28. Scaredy Squirrel is back again and this time he is preparing for a safe holiday season with this handy guide I appreciate his tip that not everything red green is suitable for Christmas decorationsdynamite is probably not the best option for spreading cheer The shopping guide was also a nice touch.

    29. Scaredy s Christmas edition has a different format smaller with pages I don t particularly like this It doesn t work on the shelf when everything else in the whole series is a larger size And Scaredy is as adorable as ever, but 50 pages of what he is afraid of gets to be alot Sorry to say bah humbug.

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