Molloy By Samuel Beckett, Molloy Je suis dans la chambre de ma m re Ainsi commen ait la premi re page d un roman publi Paris en janvier L auteur tait un Irlandais inconnu qui crivait en fran ais La presse saluait aussit t l appa
  • Title: Molloy
  • Author: Samuel Beckett
  • ISBN: 9782707306289
  • Page: 411
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Molloy By Samuel Beckett, Je suis dans la chambre de ma m re.Ainsi commen ait la premi re page d un roman publi Paris en janvier 1951 L auteur tait un Irlandais inconnu qui crivait en fran ais La presse saluait aussit t l apparition d un grand crivain Si l on peut parler d v nement en litt rature, voil sans conteste un livre v nement Jean Blanzat, le Figaro litt raire L aven Je suis dans la chambre de ma m re.Ainsi commen ait la premi re page d un roman publi Paris en janvier 1951 L auteur tait un Irlandais inconnu qui crivait en fran ais La presse saluait aussit t l apparition d un grand crivain Si l on peut parler d v nement en litt rature, voil sans conteste un livre v nement Jean Blanzat, le Figaro litt raire L avenir allait confirmer ce jugement D s l ann e suivante paraissait, du m me auteur, En attendant Godot, une pi ce qui allait faire le tour du monde et m me clipser quelquefois ce premier roman.Et pourtant, Molloy reste un livre majeur dans l uvre de Samuel Beckett Jean Jacques Mayoux, trente et un ans plus tard, nous en offre une lecture encore enrichie par le temps.
    Molloy By Samuel Beckett,
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      411 Samuel Beckett
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    1. Samuel Beckett

      Samuel Barclay Beckett was an Irish avant garde novelist, playwright, theatre director, and poet, who lived in France for most of his adult life He wrote in both English and French His work offers a bleak, tragicomic outlook on human nature, often coupled with black comedy and gallows humour.Beckett is widely regarded as among the most influential writers of the 20th century Strongly influenced by James Joyce, he is considered one of the last modernists As an inspiration to many later writers, he is also sometimes considered one of the first postmodernists He is one of the key writers in what Martin Esslin called the Theatre of the Absurd His work became increasingly minimalist in his later career.Beckett was awarded the 1969 Nobel Prize in Literature for his writing, which in new forms for the novel and drama in the destitution of modern man acquires its elevation He was elected Saoi of Aosd na in 1984.

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    1. I had this book with me while at the beach The beach was cold It was mid spring and it was New England I stood and I looked at the sea The sea looked grey.First, I put the book in my front right pants pocket Then I took it out, transferring it to my right shirt pocket I then removed it and put it in my left front pants pocket I let it sit there for a minute while I measured the waves and then I took it out and again put it into my right front pants pocket Then I immediately pulled it out, puttin [...]

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    3. Here I am, turning on my computer and waiting until I can login I have to write about this Beckett novel that has no paragraphs for the first half and seems sordid and baffling as few others things I have read As the sun enters through the window I remember his passage on the moon Anyway, this is the story of a journey, not through the woods of Dante or those of both Molloy and his yin yang Moran, but through my rating For if I sensed the one star only when I entered Molloy s soft and limp world [...]

    4. Beckett s absurd world,intertwined with eccentric humor, flows like stream of memories which are incoherent to each other The narrative gets sordid and bemusing at times, but it s certainly worth to read and definitely something I haven t laid my hands upon yet.

    5. Molloy The Trilogy 1 , Samuel Beckett Irish avant garde novelist, playwright, theatre director, and poet On first appearance the book concerns two different characters, both of whom have interior monologues in the book As the story moves along the two characters are distinguished by name only as their experiences and thoughts are similar The novel is set in an indeterminate place, most often identified with the Ireland of Beckett s birth It was written in Paris, along with the other two books Ma [...]

    6. Very interesting novel Definitely hard to read but it s worth all the while I struggled to find time to read this as there are so many other books that you don t need to repeat reading many lines because they are easier to understand However, reading Beckett is like reading Joyce James The struggle makes them different It is as if, they wanted to be different from all the rest They wanted to give us a memorable experience that we would never get from reading easy to understand mainstream novels [...]

    7. Molloy es la historia de un hombre que busca a su madre No, espera Molloy no es una historia Molloy es el mon logo de alguien que busc a su madre Mmm No s Molloy es la transcripci n del mon logo de alguien que desea entender por qu el mundo se detiene ante s cada vez que abre los ojos, y en cambio los objetos siguen su curso en cuanto los cierra Tal vez esto sea m s acertado.Molloy es alguien que desde su habitaci n inventa por qu sali a buscar a su madre.Eso s S Por qu lo inventa No importa Por [...]

    8. 4.5 starsI struggled to finish this, and each time I wanted to stop I, somehow, felt compelled to read on Just one and I m putting this down, I said to myself than once Molloy both the fictional character and the book are strange, and I m going for an understatement here Beckett allows his literary cup to runneth over throughout the book On paper, he brings chaos to life, and thus satisfies the Great God of Rambling through describing, down to the infinitesimal detail and unapologetically dail [...]

    9. There are certain great novels that trap you in a character s head Smothering you, allowing for no air other than the dank pollution of a character s inner workings Think Simenon s Dirty Snow, or Camus The Stranger, or Ellis American Psycho Often, in these works, the author allows for some light, a small shaft of air, to help the reader find their grasp, to feel a sense of place and reality There is still a linear flow to the story or details that ground the story in the reader s mind Molloy all [...]

    10. My main problem with this Stream of Consciousness brand of modernist writing has always been that although there are passages that explore niche and uncharted realms of the psyche in the most illuminating and unprecedented ways I find myself plowing through noticeable chunks of somewhat unreadable material to get there One day I wish to read a Beckett novel without completely disregarding big chunks of it one day I wish I can sit down and read a Beckett novel from start to finish and have a cohe [...]

    11. There somewhere man is too, vast conglomerate of all of nature s kingdoms, as lonely and as bound And in that block the prey is lodged and thinks himself a being apart Anyone would serve But I am paid to seek I arrive, he comes away His life has been nothing but a waiting for this, to see himself preferred, to fancy himself damned, blessed, to fancy himself everyman, above all others Warmth, gloom, smells of my bed, such is the effect they sometimes have on me I get up, go out, and everything is [...]

    12. I thought a lot while I was reading this I thought about birth and death, the body and ageing, fathers and sons, mothers and nature, duty and freedom I believe that a book that makes me think is a great book Full stop.Some interesting quotes pinpointing one of the interesting dilemmas about writing autobiography at must again be unknown to me which is no longer so and that again fondly believed, which then I fondly believed, at my setting out And if I occasionally break this rule, it is only ove [...]

    13. Perfect Brilliant Mysterious Funny Containing invented words Musing on the nature of narrative.Random quotes follow I am still alive then That may come in useful Not to want to say, not to know what you want to say, not to be able to say what you think you want to say, and never to stop saying, or hardly ever, that is the thing to keep in mind, even in the heat of composition Can it be we are not free It might be worth looking into e moon was moving from left to right, or the room was moving fro [...]

    14. Molloy by Samuel BeckettThere s nothing to see here, fellow Goodreaders No review or anything that would resemble one Trying to write a review on Molloy is like trying to describe a bad trip you had on a rainy Wednesday afternoon Best case scenario, a waste of time So, no review here Nothing to see.

    15. Degradation and vagrancy vacillate within the strange, surreal and at times ghastly world of Samuel Beckett s novels Proust once wrote that writers are in essence translators of their own inner consciousness and whereas Proust s writing is inherent incandescent and poetic, Beckett s is moribund and morbid, yet unique and captivating Proust s world is one of madelines and hawthorns, whereas Beckett s is of tramps and turpitude Molloy follows two principal characters the vagrant Molloy and his tra [...]

    16. I would lie if I said Molloy isn t a very sad book so I ll say it, Molloy is a very sad book Molloy will also make you laugh out loud in a life is awful and absurd haha oh shit sort of way It talks about a reality stylized by unconsciousness and honest in its absurdity than reality itself It s cynical, depressing, oneiric and dark hud and it s replete with all the less gleeful trademarks of existence the dormant sadness that springs forth whenever one questions their presence in this world, the [...]

    17. Excruciating I m thinking about starting a shelf called Books That Piss Me off Oh, Beckett can write The first section Molloy , has a weirdness that suggests great literature, and for all of Beckett s reputation for being an austere writer, he can be quite lyrical Let s see glimpses of Dante, especially with the position of the sun, Sophocles I think , World War I I think , and, being Irish Modern, shit Excepting the last, the others kept me going, intrigued to see where Beckett was leading me T [...]

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    20. What a book Seriously I need to read the next two within this trilogy, for I am now intrigued.The book has two main characters First is a vagrant named Molloy who is trying to reach his mother s place The other is a private detective named Moran who is very obsessive and loathing.The first part of the book is from Molloy s perspective and is only two paragraphs long, which spans for over 100 pages In it, his legs change shape, he sucks on stones, he becomes imprisoned and let go, makes residence [...]

    21. Oh, Modernism, what am I going to do with you You tread recklessly that line between brilliance and wank What is this magnificent garbage It has no form to define it, no motive to propel it Who are these people what on earth are they doing What the hell is this even about Is there genius in the subversion of the narrative form, or is this just a cheap trick a honey pot for the gullible and the pretentious I lean toward the former, but I am not completely convinced Like the works of Kafka et al t [...]

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