Dastardly Bastard

Dastardly Bastard By Edward Lorn, Dastardly Bastard When war photographer Mark Simmons is sent to do a promo on Waverly Chasm he assumes it s a puff piece a waste of his talents Widow Marsha Lake brings her son Lyle to help him heal after his fathe
  • Title: Dastardly Bastard
  • Author: Edward Lorn
  • ISBN: 9781940215068
  • Page: 161
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dastardly Bastard By Edward Lorn, When war photographer Mark Simmons is sent to do a promo on Waverly Chasm, he assumes it s a puff piece, a waste of his talents Widow Marsha Lake brings her son, Lyle, to help him heal after his father s death Donald Adams, aka H.R Chatmon, joins the tour to get away from a sticky situation Justine McCarthy consents to the hike to placate her boyfriend, Trevor For JalWhen war photographer Mark Simmons is sent to do a promo on Waverly Chasm, he assumes it s a puff piece, a waste of his talents Widow Marsha Lake brings her son, Lyle, to help him heal after his father s death Donald Adams, aka H.R Chatmon, joins the tour to get away from a sticky situation Justine McCarthy consents to the hike to placate her boyfriend, Trevor For Jaleel Warner, the tour guide, walking the chasm is just part of his job Each of these people must face their darkest memories in order to discover and defeat the secret buried in Waverly Chasm.
    Dastardly Bastard By Edward Lorn,
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      161 Edward Lorn
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      Edward Lorn E to his friends is a reader, writer, and content creator He s been writing for fun since the age of six, and writing professionally since 2011 He can be found haunting the halls of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and E lives in Alabama with his wife and two children He is currently working on his next novel.

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    1. 1.5 starsWell, hell You guys thought I was a die hard Ed Lorn fan didn t you I bet you even questioned if I would give him a bad review He is my friend but he is the first one to admit that he and I both will call a book out when we don t feel the loving Calm your panties though, I ve given Stephen King some one and two stars and does that stop me from being a rabid fangirl Nope Same thing here Everyone shits their pants every once in awhile.Let s start off with the characters, you have first Ma [...]

    2. A guided trail hike touring the outskirts of Waverly Chasm takes a deadly turn for a small band of hikers They are a motley crew made up of a jaded overweight photographer, a cranky dwarf, a mother trying to reconnect with her young son, a couple in love, and the guide, Jaleel Not one of them will return unscathed Some won t return at all A yawning maw that is the chasm beckons A pink bunny slipper, an empty pair of pants, something just out of sight cavorting in the shadows When did hiking turn [...]

    3. 3.5 starsI read this book with my Shelfari horror group.This was a novel about a group of strangers who meet up to take a tour of Waverly Chasm I ll just say that the tour doesn t go all that well I enjoyed this book I thought the pacing was good I thought it had a great premise It had good character development with one exception I didn t feel any empathy towards them I m not sure why that is In fact, it took me a couple of days to even identify that as being the problem This is a problem that [...]

    4. Seven people join a tour or hike to see the tourist attraction Waverly Chasm in Pointvilla County, they ve all got different reasons for being there and it s simply fascinating as their history and different personalities come into mind bending focus when faced with extrafuckin ordinary circumstances.You see when they reach the chasm, the world turns on its head, normality wave s goodbye at the station and something else steps up to take its place, something that s gonna seriously fuck with them [...]

    5. The Bastard must be fed There are shadows that attach themselves around the living If you can see them, you re special Oh, and you re probably going to be dead soon Well, maybe not All you need to do is survive the mindfuck that is the Dastardly Bastard and solve the mysteries of Waverly Chasm before you end up six feet under or worse.I checked this one out on audio and really dug it The narrator did a fantastic job with the tone and cadence of the piece and, as always, Edward s characters were [...]

    6. I received this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.3 starsI like Ed Lorn s books, and this, one of his earlier efforts, shows the beginnings of a promising career as an author.This book is standard horror fare, with a group of people coming together in an extreme situation In this case, they are hiking to Waverly Canyon, a bottomless pit with a dark history behind it Over the course of the story, things get really weird as one would expect , and it got to the point that I was having [...]

    7. I really enjoyed this book The cast of characters were sympathetic and flawed and the story itself was creative and ambitious Sometimes novels of this length feel undeveloped and rushed, but Lorn does a great job fitting everything in a proper time frame Overall a very solid read My only complaint is a small one, but I noticed a few inconsistancies in the details toward the end A couple of paragraphs crossed up the characters just a bit I was able to correct them mentally from the context, so th [...]

    8. This is one of Edward Lorn s outre horror pieces, and I love it This and TRAILER are my favourites from Mr Lorn He juggles a fair number of characters in this story, gently amassing their backstory and drawing each into his story net Then, of course, is the creatively imagined horror element new and its assured implacability Not to mention, even the righteously dead need to tune in A fast and very entertaining read I particularly enjoyed Mr Lorn s characterizations very insightful.

    9. Shadows can be dastardly bastards You just gotta know how to deal with them.This book is very much a mind boggling and really good prelude to Cruelty.It also has ties to Bay s End and a fantastic character gallery Starts as a tour of a tourist attraction the mighty and imposing Waverly Chasm, but the Bastard has lots to show the protagonists We really get to know the characters a lot through memories and flashbacks and the writing here is superb so much is contained, revealed and described in s [...]

    10. 3.5 Stars Read all my reviews on urlphantomhiveoklikes Some people follow a tour guide on a hike towards the Waverly Chasm, not far from Bay s End When the trip goes terribly wrong, every one of them is confronted with their past.As always with Edward Lorn s books I liked the writing It facilitates easy reading while on the other hand being dark and building to the horror The story was weird, I haven t decided yet of that weirdness was completely to my liking I like a certain weirdness in my sto [...]

    11. I really enjoyed this book I wasn t sure what to expect from the description but having read and enjoyed another book by the author Life After Dane I decided to give it a chance.With an eclectic cast of quirky characters it really held my attention right from the start I love horror with a dose of humor thrown in and that is exactly what this book delivers There are some strange and spooky happenings before Justine and Trevor even arrive to tour Waverly Chasm, and Mark had a humorous time gettin [...]

    12. Warning this hike could be hazardous to your health.The Dastardly Bastard of Waverly Chasm does gleefully scheme of malevolent things.Beware, child fair, of what you find there His lies how they hide in the shadows he wears Cross wreckage of bridge is where this man lives Counting his spoils, his eye how it digs.Tread, if you dare, through his one eyed stare This Dastardly Bastard is neither here, nor there Mark Simmons an overweight journalist on the downside of his career.Marsha Lake losing he [...]

    13. Even if I was the sort of person who can resist a title like that, I can t pass up a Lorn book The man is just too good of a writer To be completely honest this wasn t his best work, his best is really something, but it was still very much worth a read and not just as a cautionary tale against hiking, at least hiking around Lorn s Bay s End, a generally spooky location There was something about the pacing in the middle that didn t quite work for me, the story just didn t quite engage and the mor [...]

    14. I was lucky enough to win a copy of Dastardly Bastard in a giveaway I had previously read Edward Lorn s debut novel Bay s End and enjoyed it His sopho offering did not disappoint Dastardly Bastard retains the sarcastic humor that I loved in Bay s End as he goes from a coming of age story to one of adults coming to grip with the most painful and intense memories of their past The cast is unique and Lorn does a good job of letting you inside their minds.Another thing that I liked was just the litt [...]

    15. Do you like fast paced stories Do you like getting to know characters, almost as if they are your friends Do you like mysterious villains who are real bastards Yeah Well, then you re going to like this book.A group of strangers come together for a hike around Waverly Chasm, a natural depression in the ground think combination Mammoth Cave and Grand Canyon but smaller , but they fall into a trap of sorts laid by an evil that has been waiting for such an opportunity Not all will survive the journe [...]

    16. I recently read Lorn s Cruelty Episode One, thought it was excellent and I look forward to reading the rest of the series The writing in Dastardly Bastard was just as good but for whatever reason I can t begin to hypothesize on this story didn t blow me away I enjoyed every page of the writing 4 stars on that but the story wasn t my thing Probably a personal issue Whatever.Regardless, I plan to continue reading Lorn His prose is excellent Bay s End was mentioned multiple times in this book so I [...]

    17. Memory is emotional shrapnel If you re lucky, it causes only occasional discomfort If you re unlucky, a fragment breaks loose, tearing and damaging The characters in Edward Lorn s novel, Dastardly Bastard, are haunted by memory Mark is a photojournalist, tormented by the deaths he has photographed Donald is an author, who lost his beautiful girlfriend to an act of random violence Lyle has lost his father to illness Jaleel has lost his job, and his mind Justine has lost her grandmother, Nana Pena [...]

    18. After reading Bay s End I couldn t wait to get my hands on another book by Mr Lorn I m glad to say Dastardly Bastard did not disappoint This book was very different from his debut novel, but also held some close parallels This is not just a novel full of frights, but a very in depth look at humanity and what shapes us Namely, our memories.True to form, the author s prose is fluid and the pacing sweeps you along The book starts out introducing the characters one by one There s Mark, the morbidly [...]

    19. Now you probably want to hear about the book In short, I loved it It was fast paced, full of wit and suspense Each character came with their own baggage, their own horrors, that they had to face Justine was my favorite She was a real hero in this story, pulling folks together, leading the way when the path was not clear At first I didn t care for Donald the writer He was a bit of a dick But then we get a peek at his deepest horror and shame and I think my heart cracked a little for him After tha [...]

    20. What if you were forced to relive your worst memories The memories of events that you would only ever want to go through once in your life, if that What if those memories were being used against you and altered so that you couldn t tell what was real or imagined What if those memories could be taken from you Memories, good and bad, are what shape us into the people we are today Would you WANT to lose them Dastardly Bastard was a fantastically written tale My eyes were glued to the page right up [...]

    21. Is it real or is it a nightmare I know, asking if fiction is real seems like a silly question I ll explain While I m reading a book, what is happening feels real, to some degree The engrossed I am in the story, the real it seems Whether a book was realistic it could have happened to me or someone else , or not very unless you truly believe in vampires, or the paranormal creatures and supernatural happenings found in some fiction , when I m reading, it is real When I m having a nightmare, it al [...]

    22. a mish mash group of tourists are going to see the Waverly Cavern What seems like a normal day of hiking and viewing soon turns into a horror fest for each person there Will anyone come back from Waverly Cavern alive and with their mind intact This book is pretty good, there are places that suck you into the horror and leave you wondering what will happen next I recommend the book to anyone with a Kindle to get it and read it Dastardly Bastard by Edward Lorn

    23. Another great story from Edward Lorn It started off alright with the character introductions, but once it got going I really enjoyed reading Dastardly Bastard The supernatural stuff worked out pretty good and everything leading up to the ending was entertaining I liked the way he ended it as well Overall a good story, this is one where i wish i could do half stars with the ratings because i would have given it 4.5 stars.

    24. Edward Lorn has created a truly fantastic tale with Dastardly Bastard The title alone draws the reader into the depths of the story with its dark and foreboding whimsy Lorn produces incredible imagery that lifts the story right off the pages and brings it to life An entertaining read for anyone who is ready to take a wild ride over the edge and into the darkness that shrouds the human spirit.

    25. Thank you Netgalley I received a free copy in exchange for a honest review.I have to say the characters just did not work for me with very little depth and poor interaction.This just ruined the book for me.

    26. This was a well developed horror plot reminiscent of Stephen King and Ted Dekker I did enjoy this book and appreciated how well the story was crafted but probably not as much as I would have if I were a fan of that genre, which I am not A good book but wasted on me since it wasn t my cup of tea.

    27. An interesting tale of memories, mind games and mayhem The choice to have the story unfold during a nature hike tour was an unusual one, but one that works.3.5 stars

    28. Genre horror, mystery, thrillerAge 18 Recommendation I recommend for horror fans for sure, if you enjoy the occasional rendezvous with things that go bump in the night it also might quench your thirst.Type stand aloneSummary this book is a part horror and part psychological mind screw It could use a little bit of direction in a few parts but overall was very interesting and kept my attention good character back story, good villain continuous series of events with no boring pauses The Dastardly B [...]

    29. When war photographer Mark Simmons is sent to do a promo on Waverly Chasm, he assumes it s a puff piece, a waste of his talents Widow Marsha Lake brings her son, Lyle, to help him heal after his father s death.Donald Adams, aka H.R Chatmon, joins the tour to get away from a sticky situation.Justine McCarthy consents to the hike to placate her boyfriend, Trevor.For Jaleel Warner, the tour guide, walking the chasm is just part of his job.Each of these people must face their darkest memories in ord [...]

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