64 Things You Need to Know Now for Then

64 Things You Need to Know Now for Then By Ben Hammersley, Things You Need to Know Now for Then A guide to the things we need to know for life in the st century Explaining the effects of changes in the modern world and the latest ideas in technology culture business and politics this book
  • Title: 64 Things You Need to Know Now for Then
  • Author: Ben Hammersley
  • ISBN: 9781444728606
  • Page: 248
  • Format: Hardcover
  • 64 Things You Need to Know Now for Then By Ben Hammersley, A guide to the things we need to know for life in the 21st century Explaining the effects of changes in the modern world, and the latest ideas in technology, culture, business and politics, this book demystifies the Internet, decodes cyberspace and guides you through the innovations of the revolution we are all living through.
    64 Things You Need to Know Now for Then By Ben Hammersley,
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      Ben Hammersley Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the 64 Things You Need to Know Now for Then book, this is one of the most wanted Ben Hammersley author readers around the world.

    694 thoughts on “64 Things You Need to Know Now for Then”

    1. This is an excellent and easy to read run through of some of the key technological and cultural changes that we are facing at the beginning of the twenty first century.It is not perfect His list falters a bit near the end and his short sharp chapters sometimes leave out too much where on one subject might have been useful than one of the other 64 but what he does well is give us a check list of things that we ought to be aware of.Some things are perhaps not directly relevant Others are things [...]

    2. Now lets see hereI ve read quite a few books in the futurology department, most of which are extremely similar, in fact you can find little difference in all of them, it s almost as if once you read one, you ve read them all Most of them speak either of Renewable energy or the earth s depleting water sources But this book is allot different, I learnt a great deal of things from this It covers multiple areas, such as technology, politics, society I found myself taking time to digest the though pr [...]

    3. You want internet length pieces summarizing what everyone s been talking about on the internet for the last couple years, but for some reason, in book form If that s you, perhaps you ll like this But for most people with a little bit of knowledge already on these topics, it comes off as unresearched, redundant, and flip And in my personal opinion, the book is the wrong format for these pieces I d have understanding for them if they were just a series of blog posts But using actual paper for thi [...]

    4. This is pretty slim stuff, doesn t scratch the surface, and when it attempts to it makes random sweeping generalisations It s an easy read, but a frustrating and an unsatisfying one Half way through at the mo, likely to give up before finishing

    5. Hammersley is pretty accurate with his predictions, but they aren t very groundbreaking, at least for anyone who reads Techcrunch Also, he s a little clever for my taste.

    6. I enjoyed this so much I must have recommended it to at least a dozen people On flicking through it, you d think it s aimed at the tech savvy, those who know well the name Ben Hammersley and Wired magazine, but the first person I would recommend this to would be the person who has none to little interest in technology and social media.This book has sixty four three page chapters that offer up tasty and digestible biscuits of things that are really worth knowing I just sped through the book in no [...]

    7. When I saw this book lying around at home, I thought it was my sister s lit book, being the type of person who always judges books by their covers To my amusement, it was a tech trends book, written by none other than WIRED s Editor at large, Ben Hammersley That got me interested.So there are 64 chapters, each about 3 4 pages long, making it very easy to digest in our attention deficit Wait, what was I talking about Anyways, it was interesting reading about tech phenomena I ve heard about in a [...]

    8. I think it is testament to the author s passion and ability to communicate that this 400 page exploration of current and future impacts of technology is so very readable and engaging It helps that the book is broken down into 64 short chapters, but it is no mean feat that in taking this approach it still manages to maintain a coherent sense if whole read cover to cover Key themes are developed and returned to throughout e.g Moore s Law, collaborative development, the constantly provisional natur [...]

    9. I would really prefer to give this book a 3.5 stars rating but doesn t allow for that so I would settle with a lower 3 stars rating It is a good book to get an introduction into some of the major themes that is happening in this new digital economy and lifestyle, how technology is and will be changing our social, economical and political lives The things he writes about are interesting, but something it feels like there is a lack of depth and arrangement of similar or related ideas together migh [...]

    10. I agree with the idea that this books looks like a collection of blog posts than a coherent volume Still I enjoyed reading it and I would recommend it to anybody who is trying to understand the direction the world is moving to and what would be their place in this new world.I like the fact that there seems to be a clear personality of the author and his set of beliefs coming through the text I might not agree with all of these beliefs, but Mr Hammersley is not afraid to state his views.

    11. Filled with interesting snippets about how the Internet and budding new technologies will affect the very near future Despite being filled with some very interesting ideas, all of the chapters are incredibly short I realize this is the point of the book, but there are chapters that could have benefitted from several pages Though, in his defense, this book like a primer for 64 topics that will serve to be important, I would have preferred to have maybe 32 topics with depth That s just a perso [...]

    12. interesting book to read, finished the whole thing in 4 days has a good predictions to what expect in the near future explanations to things happening nowt the best book in world in this field, but worth reading in a train or a flight.Do i recommend this book to a friend Yes.

    13. A highly readable book about all the techno wizardry that we encounter in our daily lives Hammersley decodes all the confusing technical jargon, providing a useful guide to all the things that we need to know in the 21st Century.

    14. Good stuff, quite thought provoking, but light on detail on everything Not sure if it was aimed at digital policy, those struggling to come to terms to terms with the internet, or what.Still, a good read.

    15. Pretty good summary of many issues facing us in a digital age A book to give to your parents or someone who is on the edges of digital culture looking to have a peek into the future.

    16. Comments on trends in Technology Very interesting.Highlights for me were chapters on Shanzhai China products, Anonymous, and Facebook.

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