No Shortcuts to the Top: Climbing the World's 14 Highest Peaks

No Shortcuts to the Top: Climbing the World's 14 Highest Peaks By Ed Viesturs DavidRoberts, No Shortcuts to the Top Climbing the World s Highest Peaks This gripping and triumphant memoir follows a living legend of extreme mountaineering as he makes his assault on history one meter summit at a time For eighteen years Ed Viesturs pursued climbi
  • Title: No Shortcuts to the Top: Climbing the World's 14 Highest Peaks
  • Author: Ed Viesturs DavidRoberts
  • ISBN: 9780767924702
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Hardcover
  • No Shortcuts to the Top: Climbing the World's 14 Highest Peaks By Ed Viesturs DavidRoberts, This gripping and triumphant memoir follows a living legend of extreme mountaineering as he makes his assault on history, one 8,000 meter summit at a time.For eighteen years Ed Viesturs pursued climbing s holy grail to stand atop the world s fourteen 8,000 meter peaks, without the aid of bottled oxygen But No Shortcuts to the Top is as much about the man who would becomeThis gripping and triumphant memoir follows a living legend of extreme mountaineering as he makes his assault on history, one 8,000 meter summit at a time.For eighteen years Ed Viesturs pursued climbing s holy grail to stand atop the world s fourteen 8,000 meter peaks, without the aid of bottled oxygen But No Shortcuts to the Top is as much about the man who would become the first American to achieve that goal as it is about his stunning quest As Viesturs recounts the stories of his most harrowing climbs, he reveals a man torn between the flat, safe world he and his loved ones share and the majestic and deadly places where only he can go.A preternaturally cautious climber who once turned back 300 feet from the top of Everest but who would not shrink from a peak Annapurna known to claim the life of one climber for every two who reached its summit, Viesturs lives by an unyielding motto, Reaching the summit is optional Getting down is mandatory It is with this philosophy that he vividly describes fatal errors in judgment made by his fellow climbers as well as a few of his own close calls and gallant rescues And, for the first time, he details his own pivotal and heroic role in the 1996 Everest disaster made famous in Jon Krakauer s Into Thin Air In addition to the raw excitement of Viesturs s odyssey, No Shortcuts to the Top is leavened with many funny moments revealing the camaraderie between climbers It is than the first full account of one of the staggering accomplishments of our time it is a portrait of a brave and devoted family man and his beliefs that shaped this most perilous and magnificent pursuit.
    No Shortcuts to the Top: Climbing the World's 14 Highest Peaks By Ed Viesturs DavidRoberts,
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      Ed Viesturs is America s leading high altitude mountaineer, having climbed many of the world s most challenging summits, including ascending Mount Everest seven times He recently completed a 16 year quest to climb all 14 of the world s highest mountains above 8,000 meters without the use of supplemental oxygen In doing so, he became the first American and the 5th person in the world to accomplish this He reached the summit of his 14th peak, Annapurna, on May 12, 2005 When I first attempt a Himalayan peak, Viesturs explains, I climb without bottled oxygen, even if it keeps me from reaching the summit My personal goal is to see how I can perform, to experience the mountain as it is without reducing it to my level For me, how I reach the top is important than whether I do.

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    1. I am totally fed up with some librarians who are categorising books by an author that have even a tenuous connection to each other into Series view spoiler Rant follows Noting to do with the book One wonders if these are readers or are just on here to be Librarians and be on the Top Librarians lists by doing lots of easy things and don t actually read books I am thinking of an awful bloody lot a couple of librarians Despite all evidence to the contrary they are the same ones some of them busy ma [...]

    2. I am an armchair adventurer I love reading these stories about hardship, freezing cold temperatures, dangerous conditions and general misery while I m wrapped up in a blanket, cozy warm and with a steaming cup of tea nearby The Deadliest Catch was one of my favorite TV shows I m also so very impressed by the author s accomplishment to summit the world s 14 highest peaks without supplemental oxygen This book is not just a blow by blow of his successes and failures on the mountains, but about his [...]

    3. I got the opportunity to climb with Ed Viesturs on Rainier in July 2010 It was by accident and only for half an hour I didn t know who he was at the time, but as he welcomed me onto his rope halfway up Cathedral Gap, I was struck by his charisma and positivity as I struggled with the thin air and the fat kid spilling his last two meals on the rocks behind me As we climbed, he continually called out encouragements to the middle aged man just behind on the rope I didn t know who he was, but I reco [...]

    4. While I absolutely respect Ed Viesturs not just for his accomplishments in mountaineering but also for his efforts to maximize safety, to rescue stranded climbers, tohelp scientists understand HACE and HAPE, and for his many MANY donations to wonderful charities this book was just sort of ho hum His compartmentalization on mountains, while necessary, does not necessarily make for great narration in a story Not that I want to capitalize on the heartache and terror he has seen, but it all felt so [...]

    5. Ed Viesturs is kind of a dweeb, but I have to admit he s a workhorse superman One foot in front of the other, repeat, repeat, repeat He said at the top of some summits you have to take 15 breaths for every step Damn

    6. The life of a mountaineer and his pursuit of the fourteen 8000ers A very engaging book that succeeds in depicting the passion, determination, and emotional waves that animate Viesturs and lead him repeatedly to the top of the world and from there with the same intensity back home The last chapter is an unnecessary reiteration of the meaning of mountaineering, in which the author feels the need to explain maybe first of all to himself the significance of a life spent in the accomplishment of extr [...]

    7. I was handed this book by a colleague, saying, Hey, you re Latvian, too, aren t you Indeed, I am, and if perhaps my first spark of interest in this book came from that Ed Viesturs father, Elmars Viesturs, came to the U.S very much by the same route as my own parents, refugees from the Soviet occupation of Latvia then it soon enough veered far to his achievements in mountainclimbing I d heard of Viesturs before I d seen a few film clips of his remarkable feat in summiting the world s 14 highest [...]

    8. It s impossible not to respect Ed Viesturs accomplishments That does not mean you need to love his writing I found the book interesting, primarily because I am passionate about climbing mountains myself There is a lot of back story here that, although interesting and possibly even necessary for a book like this, is a bit tiresome I would have preferred to have had the climbs described in detail I m not sure that would have pleased other, though You can t win with a book like this.I will say I m [...]

    9. While I found reading about all the mountain expeditions interesting, I had a problem connecting with the author I think he reminded the reader too many times about how great he was at making decisions, what an incredible athlete he was, how attractive he was to the ladies He very well may be all of these things, and he has accomplished incredible feats, but I found his propensity to brag exhausting at times I think a friend of mine who also enjoys mountaineering books warned me away from this o [...]

    10. The stories jumped all over the place, both in chronology and in length And although the message is about getting down the mountain safely, the theme isn t interesting enough to play through the whole book The author isn t arrogant, but he does appear to be self centered, which seems to be pretty common for serious mountaineers or elite athletes.

    11. 4.5Engaging book by an amazing climber Interesting to read his even and respectful account of the 1996 disaster as well as his other mountain experiences One half point deducted for when I briefly ran out of bottled oxygen at Camp 3, reading about the minutiae of his corporate sponsorships Otherwise a riveting book.

    12. Fast paced account of the mountaineering exploits of the author, particularly his feat of reaching the summits of all 14 of the world s mountains exceeding 8,000 meters in height Describes his relatively conservative approach to managing the risks, which led him to turn back just short of several summits due to bad weather, avalanche risk conditions of the snow, etc on several occasions Annapurna in particular thwarted him several times before he finally got to the summit.good to get his take wa [...]

    13. This book was pretty inspirational I totally want to go out there and start climbing really big mountains too Maybe not Everest, but Rainier Yes This book is super exciting at first, but then toward the end, it gets a little tiring to read Wow I can t believe itother passage about yet another summit attempt of a mountain you ve already climbed five times Anyway, the guy is an awesome mountaineer and has done some amazing things, but unless you re a mountain nerd like me, you might want to leave [...]

    14. I thought this book was an excellent read Ed s triumph of the world s 14 highest mountains is extraordinary and it was fascinating to read his detailed account of each ascent The only drawback for me was the tone in which the book is written Often times, Ed comes off as self righteous and pompous, but I m not sure if that s his actual voice coming across or that of the co author Despite the arrogance, this book is a definite read for those who enjoy outdoor adventures.

    15. An autobiography of the first American climber who have climbed all fourteen 8000ers It is not just chronological enumeration of what happened when he was climbing up the mountains, but it is also thrilling story, which shows unrelenting strength and determination of human It serves as motivation for reader to chase his own dreams and conquer his own mountains.

    16. I loved this book Ed Viesturs voice or at least the voice that David Roberts helps him portray kept me interested and invested throughout His focus on needing to get down the mountain even if it costs him a summit attempt is refreshing in light of what I feel is often the tremendous hubris that bites a lot of high altitude climbers in the ass.

    17. I really enjoyed this book It shows that you can climb safely, work to minimize risk, and with some luck and a lot of patience still achieve your goals.

    18. Everyone have their own mountain to Annapurna whether is a real mountain or not Climbing up is important but coming down is mandatory.

    19. I collect mountaineering books and Ed Viesturs is pretty standard when it comes to reading about mountain climbing This is an interesting entry in the subject from one of the world s top climbers There is some interesting information from Viesturs point of view and his climbing journals and it chronicles the evolution of a climber Viesturs is a safety oriented guy so there aren t a lot of thrills and chills except from the ever present mother nature and the mountains A good, solid entry in mount [...]

    20. What distinguishes Ed Viesturs from the lot of Joe and I climbed a mountain first person narratives that are out there is not so much the scope of his achievement as the fact that he has a new climbing and life philosophy.The conventional school of thought about mountain climbing, as of lately, fueled by a recent spurt of accidents and by writers likeDavid Roberts who ve experienced its dangers and triumphs firsthand, is that on the whole, it s not worth the risk It s a selfish and self indulgen [...]

    21. A friend lent this book to me after I had surgery April I haven t quite been able to make myself pick it up for some reason, but once I did, I read it in about 2 days It was fascinating to me, not because I m interested in or knowledgeable about mountaineering, but on the contrary, because I knew nothing about it.Ed Viesturs is the first American to summit all 14 of the world s highest peaks This is a detailed account of climbing each peak, but it s also a peek do you see what I did there into h [...]

    22. Pr beh mu a, ktor zdolal v etk ch 14 osemtis coviek.A z rove s t m aj pr beh v etk ch ostatn ch.Ed Viesturs p e o svojich lezeck ch za iatkoch, o prv ch v prav ch, o sprievodcovan , kde sa nau il odhadn riziko a postupne o v etk ch himal jsk ch exped ci ch, a k m nedosiahol Endeavor 8000 zdola vrcholy v etk ch 14 vrchov nad 8000 metrov.Bola to cesta dl den i mnoh mi ne spechmi, ako s m p e z 30 exped ci st l na vrchole 20x, i e 10x sa musel oto i Nikdy to nebolo preto, e by nevydr alo jeho telo, [...]

    23. Ed Viesturs was the 6th person ever to reach all fourteen 8,000 foot peaks without supplemental oxygen He tells his journey personally, explaining his ambition, the decisions he made, and the struggles he dealt with along the way.I was impressed by many of the decisions he made when the goal was so close, but simply not worth the risk i.e turning around when the Everest is 300 feet away I appreciated the way he followed his instincts He made me wish I had a dream as ambitious as his, although I [...]

    24. As many others have written, this is a thrilling recounting of many adventures, and yes, Viesturs does somehow manage to come off as a bit arrogant even while you believe that he is a good and trustworthy fellow Maybe you just have to have a bit of an ego in order to take on such great challenges and succeed One substantial critique is that the chronology of the book gets confusing he ll jump around, start talking about one expedition, then return to that expedition chapters later, by which poi [...]

    25. My favorite part of the book In the years since I first stood on top of Everest, the question I get asked than any other is Why Why do you do it Why is climbing so great It s the eternal question every mountaineer has grappled with, and to which few have given coherent replies I have a short answer and a long answer The short answer is If you have to ask, you ll never know In my long answer, I try to be a little less flippant Because, after all, it s a reasonable question the nonmountaineer wat [...]

    26. At this point I m prepared to say if you ve read one Ed Viesturs book, you ve read them all Because, honestly, you or less HAVE I started with _K2_, simply because I d watched the documentary _The Summit_ and this was the book available from the library I enjoyed it, having gone into it knowing zip about alpinists, 8000 meter peaks and all the rest That book much like Viesturs _The Mountain My Time on Everest_ interleaves accounts of his climbs with the tales of historic adventures It s a good [...]

    27. This isn t the first time I ve read this book, but I ve been on another tear with the mountaineering books lately and wanted to revisit this one This is Ed Viesturs story of how he came to be the first American to climb all 8,000m peaks, only the sixth person overall to do so without use of supplemental oxygen Viesturs hammers home his climbing philosophy throughout the book getting to the top is optional, getting down is mandatory This approach cost him the summit than once, but it also saved [...]

    28. Ed Viesturs is one of the world s greatest climbers, but he is not one of the world s greatest writers The book is a great tale of adventure in some of the world s most dangerous places, but its written poorly and its the story of a man s entire life not an action story Also I was disappointed when he didn t go into depth on the specifics of his technique If you re interested in climbing I definitely recommend this book Ed will tell you the right philosophy to climb by, otherwise I wouldn t rec [...]

    29. I m torn Ed Viesturs is a fascinating guy who has lived a fascinating life and has some fascinating stories to tell If your basic New York City winter weather didn t make me absolutely miserable, and if I didn t get altitude sickness from a trip to Denver, he would be the guy I d want to teach me to climb mountains.But this book, as a book, isn t great The chapter organization didn t make any sense to me, and it is filled with redundant or meaningless phrases In some sense and the like It could [...]

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