Acheron By Sherrilyn Kenyon, Acheron hours minutesEleven thousand years ago a god was born Cursed into the body of a human Acheron spent a lifetime of shame His human death unleashed an unspeakable horror that almost destroyed th
  • Title: Acheron
  • Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
  • ISBN: 9780749956561
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Paperback
  • Acheron By Sherrilyn Kenyon, 23 hours, 34 minutesEleven thousand years ago a god was born Cursed into the body of a human, Acheron spent a lifetime of shame His human death unleashed an unspeakable horror that almost destroyed the earth Brought back against his will, he became the sole defender of mankind.Only it was never that simple For centuries, he has fought for our survival and hidden a past23 hours, 34 minutesEleven thousand years ago a god was born Cursed into the body of a human, Acheron spent a lifetime of shame His human death unleashed an unspeakable horror that almost destroyed the earth Brought back against his will, he became the sole defender of mankind.Only it was never that simple For centuries, he has fought for our survival and hidden a past he never wants revealed until a lone woman who refuses to be intimidated by him threatens his very existence.Now his survival, and ours, hinges on hers, and old enemies reawaken and unite to kill them both War has never been deadlyor fun.
    Acheron By Sherrilyn Kenyon,
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      315 Sherrilyn Kenyon
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      Official Author siteOfficial Never siteOfficial Deadman s Cross siteOfficial Chronicles of Nick siteOfficial Silent Swans siteOfficial Hunter Legends siteOfficial Black Hat Society siteOfficial Witch of Endor siteOfficial Lords of Avalon siteOfficial Facebook siteNew York Times and international bestselling author Sherrilyn Kenyon is a regular at the 1 spot With legions of fans known as Menyons thousands of whom proudly sport tattoos from her series and who travel from all over the world to attend her appearances , her books are always snatched up as soon as they appear on store shelves Since 2004, she had placed than 80 novels on the New York Times list in all formats including manga and graphic novels Her current series are Dark Hunter, Chronicles of Nick and The League, and her books are available in over 100 countries where eager fans impatiently wait for the next release Her Chronicles of Nick and Dark Hunter series are soon to be major motion pictures while Dark Hunter is also being developed as a television series Join her and her Menyons online at SherrilynKenyon and facebook AuthorSherrilynKenyonFan Run International Sites Argentinian FB Page Fans de Sherrilyn Kenyon en Columbia Fans de Sherrilyn Kenyon en Chile Filipino Fans on FB France French Italy Italian Portugal Soy Fans de Sherrilyn Kenyon Dark Hunter Spain Spanish

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    1. DNF Major fail.I should have loved and cherished it It s Greek mythology GREEK MYTHOLOGY So why did I spurn it The abuse So much abuse Did I mention abuse Hundreds of pages of rape, beatings, prostitution, slavery view spoiler The hero gets beaten and raped every other page hide spoiler I ve grown old waiting for the heroine to show up Seriously hundreds of pages and still no heroine.The first half of the book is set in ancient times and I am finding the use of modern profanity, specifically the [...]

    2. STILL MY ALL TIME FAVORITE IN THIS SERIES Acheron was the first book I ever read by this author and it made me into a die hard fan of Sherrilyn Kenyon who up to this time, I had never heard of or knew about her books.I decided to read this book again, before getting started on Styxx It s amazing that, no matter how many times I read this book, it continues to consume all my senses pulled at my emotions all over again I don t remember when last I was so I absorbed into a world and characters that [...]

    3. This review is a little involved for me, than most I am a long time fan of the Dark Hunter and Dream Hunter series, by Sherrilyn Kenyon Some might think this would dispose me to be lenient in my evaluation, fawning with my opinions However, the opposite would prove to be true I find that I have such high expectations for Ms Kenyon s books, at this point, that there was a better certainty that I would be disappointed Truly, how could an author possibly deliver on all the anticipation that she ha [...]

    4. I hated most of this book.Book 1 Acheron s torturous human life Good stuff Artemis was always a bitch.Book 2 Present Day Crap shit Did someone else write this book I wasn t buying any of it, and I had many moments of extreme eye rolling.I don t know what was worse, the horrible music and cheesey serenade in the club, or Acheron saying he wanted Tory on a platter It didn t seem like those were things he would do or say at all.

    5. Acheron Parthenopaeus or Apostolos Atlantean God of Destruction and Soteria or Tori Kafieri Human Apostolos in greek, i.e the man with a missionHis Soteria in greek i.e his salvationTheir song Prison gates won t open up for meOn these hands and knees I m crawlin Oh, I reach for you, well I m terrified of these four wallsThese iron bars can t hold my soul inAll I need is you, come please, I m callin And, oh, I scream for youHurry, I m fallin , I m fallin Show me what it s likeTo be the last one s [...]

    6. Caution this book is not for the faint of heart I m going to keep this short because there are no words to adequately describe this book It s one of the most emotional, gut wrenching, heartbreaking books I ve ever read, but at the same time it was inspiring, uplifting and completely amazing And I just can t find the words to do this book justice.If you re a fan of Sherrilyn Kenyon s Dark Hunter series, and who isn t Acheron is a dream come true We finally get the answers to so many questions and [...]

    7. The heroes AcheronFrom the very first moment I read about Acheron I was in love The mysterious, sexy, brooding, loving goth Dark Hunter leader captured my heart from the first page He is powerful but tries not to take advantage of his power even when people let him down left and right He takes care of those he loves and protects those he feels responsible for, he is always there when the others need him and never asks for sth in return You can t dislike him if you try Although at some points I t [...]

    8. Loved it Best in the series, hands down It is an emotional read, but I think some of the reviews on here and on other boards are over doing it a bit when reviewing the first part I think its scaring some fans away Truth is it is an emotional, bitter sweet tortured hero story with an HEA It s a captivating, enthralling, and non stop page turning read It is also funny and heart warming with some surprising twists that will make dark hunter fans cheer I think JR Wards books are equal in the emotion [...]

    9. OMG I give this book than 5 stars So So good Poor Acheron I cried at lest 4 times while reading this book and I am not a crier It was so sad to see what Acheron lived through and man do I hate Artemis what a dirty BITCH she isI love this book love that Acheron got his happy ending I loved Tory s personality.

    10. One of my favorite books EVER written nuff said It will break your heart into pieces than possible and then put it back together better than it ever was to begin with THIS IS NOT A STAND ALONE I can t say much about the book because literally everything that happens in it from start to finish is basically one giant spoiler but it tells the story of Acheron, a deeply tortured, powerful, heart stoppingly gorgeous and yet utterly mysterious character who we have seen over the past 14 books.The fir [...]

    11. This book was awful The first part of the book was just the same thing over and over Ok yes I get it he was abused, everytime he trusted someone they betrayed him, yes I get it move on At one time I actually held the book in the air and screamed I GET IT, MOVE ON ALREADY My aunt,whom I was visiting, thought I was crazy Tory was weak, weak, weak,as a character and just not right for acheron at all Well since he turned into a wimp in this book maybe they did make a good couple I think maybe Achero [...]

    12. Whew I finished Acheron by Sherrilyn Kenyon in the wee hours of the morning Even though I picked up the book on Tuesday, I held off starting in on it until after work on Friday because I KNEW that once I started I wouldn t put it down until I finished it I was right Acheron s story was larger than life, just like Acheron himself My emotions ran the gamut from despair to joy as I read his story As others have commented, the first part of the book was almost painful to read Each time I finished a [...]

    13. 5 Agapay Achimou STARS Fui destrozado como ni o y hecho a un lado, igual que un trozo de basura que nadie quiere Pero t no me tratas de esa manera Ves en m nicamente al humano y tocas cada parte de m Me haces sentir completo y querido Haber pasado por catorce libros antes de llegar a este vali la pena, Ash vale totalmente la pena Este libro destroz mi coraz n lo machac y lo hizo trocitos para despu s volverlo a unir, me hizo bajar al t rtaro para despu s llevarme a los campos El seos o har la re [...]

    14. Have you ever read the book that gave you so many feels, which you had to experience heartbreak all over again and again while reading ACHERON is the best book I ve read this year, ABSOLUTELY GREAT I can feel that the author put so much energy into this It is a very long story, yet truly enjoyable I loved every single line of it This book contains two parts The first part is about Acheron s past and the second one is about his present day If you ve ever read the other books in this series before [...]

    15. 0.5 star a.k.a did not like it at allFrustrating and depressing I decided to read this because it has amazing ratings Warning I used a lot of the word too This is not for me All of the characters were too evil, except one Yes, Acheron Unfortunately I didn t like him either While others were too cruel, he was too kind I didn t care with everything else any because the characterization was already a major problem with this book.Acheron was too tortured Way too much It was too sad Every single char [...]

    16. I am giving up on this book I rarely do this but after years of trying to finish this, I am finally giving up I left it in my currently reading shelf for months to force myself into picking it up again but I don t even feel like skimming through it any I simply don t want to waste my time when there are so many good books around This book was a big disappointment and I am sorry to say that I found the writing very poor and the whole story read like a very poorly written fanfiction, repetitive, p [...]

    17. Postergu demasiado tiempo este libro por la nostalgia que me causaba saber que develando los misterios de Aquer n, finalizaba, al menos para m , una de las sagas fant sticas m s entretenidas que he le do La espera se ve recompensada, ya que es un libro simplemente maravilloso, que nos entrega con extremo detalle la vida de Aquer n, desde su nacimiento y todas las circunstancias que rodearon su crecimiento, hasta el presente Permite entender cabalmente como se convirti en el l der de los Cazadore [...]

    18. Acheron s story was the one I had been anticipating the most of all the characters we have met over the course of the Dark Hunters series and we finally got it with this book It did not disappoint This was easily the best book in the Dark Hunter series so far and had loads of the stuff humour, action, romance, and bickering Gods and demons that make the series such a fun one to read The story was split into two parts The first part told the tale of Acheron s early life as a human in ancient Gree [...]

    19. Finally I finally found a book in the series that earned my full respect If I hadn t had some early issues with the heroine Tory, I would have certainly given Acheron a 4.5 or higher rating 90% of this review will be ranting over only about 10% of the content, which seems quite unfair, when I adored most everything about Acheron But as many of you know, it s sometimes easier to talk about the bad than the good because the bad sticks out as little details that pick at you, whereas the good blanke [...]

    20. I ve been waiting for this book forever I read a lot of crappy books to get to this point, and it didn t disappoint me at all Yes, I know that Ash s human life was horrible, but I had so many people warn me about how abused he was that I was ready I even had onions handy to cut if I needed them But, being emotionally dead inside pays off because I didn t need to cut those onions at all To bad, too, because our dinner tonight needed chopped onions, but I don t think so Haha, onions, I win this ro [...]

    21. book had so many good reviews that I was suprised how much I didn t like it The first half was seriously depressing I knew it was going to be intense, but in my opinion a little overkill I agree with a couple others that Tory lacked the substance in a heroinecially for our beloved Ash I just kept thinking really this chic Also I thought Katra would be in the second half Why isn t she supporting Ash or standing up to Artimes This is her father after all I loved seeing him in the fath [...]

    22. This book was beyond amazing It lived up to, and exceeded EVERY expectation I had before I started reading this I am not going to give away any spoilers here but if you have questions about specifics, please message me and I will answer whatever you want This book begins just before Acheron s birth and about 1 2 of it is dedicated to his HORRIFIC childhood and young adult life This part of the book is so heart wrenching, that I was in tears a number of times, as well as upset and livid for the r [...]

    23. I get annoyed with long books if the length doesn t serve a purpose The first half of this exceedingly long book is set in the distant past For about 400 pages, it s sordid, morbid, and overblown Kenyon needed to seriously tighten it up Shorten it Repeated scenes of abuse child abuse and adult abuse starvation, molestation, mutilation, sexual degradation, castration, varied forms of torture, imprisonment, etc The relentless abuse lost impact and became commonplace Seriously It s creepy Thank the [...]

    24. You ll never see the moments coming that will forever mutilate your life at least not until after they ve mowed you down ABSOLUTELY AMAZING After 14 books of the Dark Hunter series, I don t think I had ever anticipated a book than this one And it was everything I wanted, and Oh Acheron I loved him the first time I met him Over the course of the series I have picked up little hints and clues about him and his background I knew it was going to be bad, but nothing could have prepared me for the a [...]

    25. the first part of the book the past was fairly well written and definitely interesting giving depth to acheron s motivations throughout this series By the time I got to the second part, i was excited to read what kenyon had set out for acheron s present disappointment begins to describe how i felt while reading The second part felt like it was written in a rush with little thought put into the characters tory is basically one dimensional the romance between tory and acheron is contrived and, aga [...]

    26. Well that was a very emotional read I don t have it in me to write a long review right now but here are a few of my thoughts.What a beautifully, heartbreaking first half of the book The story of Acheron s life as a human was gut wrenching, deeply emotional and gripping It was so hard to read but yet very compelling at the same time that you just couldn t NOT read it I cried, I raged and my heart at times just couldn t take any and I had to step back and breath Acheron has to be one of top ten mo [...]

    27. SPOILER ALERT TO THE MAX DON T READ THIS IF YOU HATE SPOILERS image error Aku kasih 6 bintang buat buku ini Life isn t finding shelter in the storm It s about learning to dance in the rain PART ONE Bagian terberat baca buku ini.let s seeSetelah sekian lama melakukanpersiapan hati dan mental serta persediaan segepok tissue, siap juga aku baca AcheronDi tulis Kenyon yang di masa kecil nya mengalami child abuse, bisa di pahami jika bagian pertama ini benar benar berjiwa , mengalir dengan lancar dan [...]

    28. D cimo quinto livro da s rie, finalmente, o nosso Acheron Personagem que aparece desde o primeiro volume da s rie Predadores da Noite, tornou se no maior dos mist rios para os f s destes misteriosos seres mitol gicos Apesar de s agora pegar neste livro, este j foi publicado h bastante tempo Fugindo ordem que, imperialmente, as Edi es Sa da de Emerg ncia t m cumprido na publica o dos Predadores da Noite, a Casa das Letras n o se fez de rogada em antecipar nuns bons n meros a publica o deste que e [...]

    29. Breaking my heart all over again with a re read audio listen 12 27 1510 Ash Lovin Stars That Was Beautiful Possible spoilery quotes ahead I have no words for how I feel right now I ve been waiting on Acheron s story for what feels like forever, and it did not disappoint Acheron Parthenopaeus is probably my all time, absolute favorite fictional character Sherrilyn Kenyon ripped my heart out, tore it to shreds, stabbed it a few times, threw a the wall, and stomped on it for good measure Then he sh [...]

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