The Adventuress

The Adventuress By Audrey Niffenegger, The Adventuress The author of the New York Times bestseller The Time Traveler s Wife returns with another evocative novel in pictures the much anticipated follow up to s The Three Incestuous Sisters The Adventu
  • Title: The Adventuress
  • Author: Audrey Niffenegger
  • ISBN: 9780810970526
  • Page: 163
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Adventuress By Audrey Niffenegger, The author of the New York Times bestseller The Time Traveler s Wife returns with another evocative novel in pictures, the much anticipated follow up to 2005 s The Three Incestuous Sisters The Adventuress follows the dreamlike journey of an alchemist s daughter After she is kidnapped by a lascivious baron, she turns herself into a moth and flees to the garden of a charThe author of the New York Times bestseller The Time Traveler s Wife returns with another evocative novel in pictures, the much anticipated follow up to 2005 s The Three Incestuous Sisters The Adventuress follows the dreamlike journey of an alchemist s daughter After she is kidnapped by a lascivious baron, she turns herself into a moth and flees to the garden of a charming butterfly collector named Napoleon Bonaparte The story of how the two become lovers, and how their affair ends in tragedy and transcendence, is told through Niffenegger s spare prose and haunting aquatint etchings With a stunning and distinctive visual style reminiscent of the work of Edward Gorey, this gothic romance packs the emotional heft of the world s great fairy tales It will delight fans of the author s previous works and enchant an entirely new legion of readers.
    The Adventuress By Audrey Niffenegger,
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    1. Audrey Niffenegger

      Audrey Niffenegger born June 13, 1963 in South Haven, Michigan is a writer and artist She is also a professor in the MFA Creative Writing Program at Columbia College Chicago Niffenegger s debut novel, The Time Traveler s Wife 2003 , was a national bestseller The Time Traveler s Wife is an unconventional love story that centers on a man with a strange genetic disorder that causes him to unpredictably time travel and his wife, an artist, who has to cope with his constant absence Her Fearful Symmetry 2009 , Niffenegger s second novel, is set in London s Highgate Cemetery where, during research for the book, Niffenegger acted as a tour guide.Niffenegger has also published graphic and illustrated novels including The Adventuress 2006 , The Three Incestuous Sisters 2005 , The Night Bookmobile 2009 , and Raven Girl 2013 Raven Girl was adapted into a ballet by Resident Choreographer Wayne McGregor and the Royal Opera House Ballet London in 2013 A mid career retrospective entitled Awake in the Dream World The Art of Audrey Niffenegger, was presented by the National Museum of Women in the Arts Washington D.C in 2013 An accompanying exhibition catalogue examines several themes in Niffenegger s visual art including her explorations of life, mortality, and magic.

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    1. Well Audrey Niffenegger is quite unique not merely in her craft of acquaintance, as a well established writer but she is able to contrive a world of magical realism with unparalleled simplicity yet deeply personal since her illustrations depict an out of our own world, perhaps an inner world which is hidden by our peers Still when one finds himself in a dead end street it springs forth unbound My take on this work is that i s probably a stitch of creative ideas by an artist that feels entrapped [...]

    2. Strange book.At best I can describe it as a fairy tale for adults Reading it restores that feeling of wtf I would get while attempting to read way ahead of my ability as a child, into a strange world of monsters and unfathomable sadness way beyond Jack and Jill But other that that sense of dislocation, I didn t bring anything forth with me when the book was finished I even had to re read it when someone asked how it ended I couldn t remember I suspect a week from now I won t remember again.Like [...]

    3. Ok, so I ve read this graphic novel probably than ten times but I re read it to my friend who was in town in January and it s one of my favorite books by one of my favorite authors so thought I would include it on this blog.This graphic novel is strange and wonderful and the only tattoo I have is actually from this book a picture of two women embracing who are topless but wearing long black skirts and long opera gloves The tattoo represents self love, my astrological sign, Gemini, and also repr [...]

    4. The Adventuress is the first book by American author and artist, Audrey Niffenegger It was created when Niffenegger was a student at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, developing from a series of drawings The original books were hand printed a limited edition of ten copies The drawings are aquatints, featuring a young woman in a skirt and long gloves, created by an alchemist After the woman is kidnapped by a Baron, the story takes some bizarre turns, including transformation into a moth [...]

    5. This picture book was originally put together as a class project in college be warned that it does not show any of the story telling prowess Niffenegger later exhibited in The Time Traveler s Wife I ran across the book because it was shelved next to a copy of The Time Traveler s Wife, and its large format caught my eye.If you read this book, I recommend going through it the first time looking only at the pictures Don t look at the words at all, or at least not until your second time through the [...]

    6. A woman captured by an avaricious lord A metamorphosis into a moth A union with Napoleon A cat born from a woman A betrayal A death Spirit travelling This is basically the story of Audrey Niffenegger s picture story The Adventuress Fascinating artwork strung together with single sentences or labels to construct something of a mystical fairy tale The story is second after the art as Niffenegger says in the afterword She created the pictures as they came to her in a dream like state and only when [...]

    7. So I checked this book out of the library at the same as Niffenegger s other illustrated novel The Three Incestuous Sisters I read The Adventuress second, and I found myself flipping through it much faster than I had with the other visual novel As Niffenegger explains in what amounts to The Afterword, she created this book in two years while she was studying art in Chicago In comparison, it is clear that The Three Incestuous Sisters was a labor of love over the course of many, many years The aqu [...]

    8. The edition I read Abrams, ISBN 081097052X is physically lush The spine is done up in something resembling green suede and the pages are thick like good cheese I can see where some people might be turned off I won t be sharing this story with kids under 14 because of the ambiguous wedding night scene But, I liked the bizarre, dreamy, and inexplicable twists the story took It reminded me of Robert Altman s Three Women I don t know how she just up and left Maurice, but in both books The Three Ince [...]

    9. After reading two novels by Niffenegger Time Traveler s Wife which I loved at the end of my teens and Her Fearful Symmetry which amused and disturbed me in my 20s I decided to see Niffenegger s art I should also say that I saw an interview with Niffenegger and Steven King where Niffenegger was awkward and aloof while Steven King charmed the sun from the sky I think the personality of the author matters, whether or not you like their writingOverall a choppy, odd graphic novel literally built arou [...]

    10. Evan told me to read this book it is an adult book categorized as a novel in pictures It s even interesting to me now that I am taking a printmaking class the illustrations are aquatints and I m learning that technique The story itself is bizarre and surreal woman gives birth to a cat yet another interesting twist on visual storytelling see also The Arrival Principles of Uncertainty The Invention of Hugo Cabret I haven t yet read The Time Traveller s Wife, but if it s as good as everyone says, [...]

    11. Nine times out of ten I think graphic novels are entirely forgettable, but this one made me want to buy it Spare, poetic, haunting I love it.I also loved Niffenegger s comments on the book s process of creation, which were included at the end It surprised me that the whole thing was originally completed between 1983 and 1985, when the author was in art school The style of The Adventuress feels entirely postmodern, and fits right in with the current taste Soway ahead of its time Like a blend of f [...]

    12. I purchased this in NYC while attending Audrey s reading of Her Fearful Symmetry Audrey is a visual artist as well as a fantastic author, and here we see the two mediums come together Illustrating the story with a unique art technique called Aquatints, Audrey introduces us to a woman created through Alchemy, and the trials and tribulations she endures Sometimes creepy and disturbing, always beautiful, her artwork grows in detail as the written words begin to diminish allowing the pictures to tel [...]

    13. Ooooh, this is pretty Sparse text, next to spare aquatint prints Very nice Something between Anke Feuchtenberger and Edward Gorey perhaps like a comic written and drawn by the former, redrawn and packaged by the latter , but still with its own identity An allegorical, dream like story, with a female protagonist I don t want to say so as not to give too much away, but if that sounds at all appealing then I d advise you to read this I took it out from the library, but it s a book I d be very plea [...]

    14. Young Niffenegger began the Adventuress as sketches with no aim in mind She never found one.There was no harmony between the minimalist text and pictures The 2 or 3 words printed with each picture were on the opposite page which upsets me all that wasted space All that paper wasted It never would have been published without the success of The Time Traveller s Wife.This book is a product of ego What a shitty book

    15. The story itself is simple and the art is beautiful I m a fan of Niffenegger s novels so it was cool to see a piece of her visual art set to story I enjoyed learning about the process it took to make the pictures sounds intense and involves a nitric acid bath.I d probably suggest this book as a library borrow, as opposed to a purchase.

    16. I don t really know how to describe this experimental and really really weird Some of the illustrations were really interesting I especially liked the theme of hands and eyes , others I didn t like much I think in the end it was an interesting way of telling a story, the way she went about it and the content itself, but it wasn t really for me.

    17. I don t think I really understood this I certainly didn t appreciate it for what it should be appreciated for I found the illustrations off putting The story wasn t beautiful poetic enough to make up for that.

    18. I feel a bit strange after reading this.The illustrations are amazing.But the storyline I need time to think about it.

    19. Wow, what a beautiful book I really enjoyed this Although Audrey Niffenegger is an already established author, this was my first read from her, and I picked it up completely by accident with no intention of reading it in the first place I m glad I did.The Adventuress reads like a wonderfully illustrated mature fairy tale It s enchanting, artsy, and short, but it has a lot to offer The story was interesting, but it took the backseat to the artwork for me, which I felt could tell the story on its [...]

    20. Yeah Good Thought it was going to be of a graphic novel than a picture book, and it was obvious it was very early work a degree project but it was enjoyable enough.

    21. Audrey Niffenegger totally won me over with The Time Traveler s Wife , and I ve since been digging around for work of hers that I can fall in love with Her other picture book, The Three Incestuous Sisters , did little for me This, on the other hand, I thought was wonderful.Stark and strange and nearly incomplete, this series of images is stitched together with the briefest thread of a story, at once haunting and oddly warm The afterword explains that the book dates back to the mid 80s, when Nif [...]

    22. The Adventuress Audrey NiffeneggerAbsolutely haunting The novel in pictures not to be confused with a graphic novel is a really interesting and emotionally moving form, an adult children s picture book my description I came to this book after reading The Three Incestuous Sisters Serendipity for me again after the image text amalgam Nadja by Andr Breton which i just read and reviewed The discussion at the end of the book is informative describing her creative process which started with some encha [...]

    23. This is again a graphic by Miss Niffenegger This was her first first book,it was written in 1980 s she was a visual artist and just maade an amzingly incredible novel called the Time traveller s wife.This graphic novel is a girl s adventure, she was a creation of the alchemist and she was taken away by the powerful Baron Von K and forced her to marry him, and she fled from the house and met the horesemen and the Napoleon bonaparte yes indeed that was the napoleon Bonaparte , then they fell in lo [...]

    24. I almost gave this two stars, because I felt uncultured to give it one Moreover, it s not a failure it s just not a story.The art is quite lovely But if you look at the definitions of the stars, it doesn t say hated it, it says did not like it, and I didn t really like it I think, from the afterword, that this is a series of dreamy, interesting images that she worked on in art school There is a kind of dreamy story around it, but it s not really about the story, the meaning, the language it s ab [...]

    25. It offended my delicate sensibilities, but I still thought it was interesting I really liked some of the pictures Some of them didn t quite manage to be interesting to me, though I appreciate the effort, anyway I think it s an enjoyable enough read skim gander, but it s probably not worth actually spending money on Or maybe it is, just so it can sit around your house and you can flip through it every now and againMaybe it d be a better gift to receive than something to actually buy but I don t t [...]

    26. I read or better looked at this book after reading The Three Incentuous Sisters Maybe that one prepared me for this one, since the artwork was similar in style I actually enjoyed spending time not much though with this book I spent time searching the artwork for nuances and found it satisifying than the previous one I found the pictures during her wedding of the myriad sets of eyes particularly interesting have you ever felt like everyone in the room was staring at you The story was quite fanc [...]

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