The Reluctant Lord

The Reluctant Lord By Michelle M. Pillow, The Reluctant Lord Paranormal Dragonshifter Romance Polished dignified and reserved in all things That is a true nobleman Lady Clara of the Redding a living statue of perfection has been raised a true Redde noblewoma
  • Title: The Reluctant Lord
  • Author: Michelle M. Pillow
  • ISBN: 9781625010407
  • Page: 468
  • Format: ebook
  • The Reluctant Lord By Michelle M. Pillow, Paranormal Dragonshifter Romance Polished, dignified and reserved in all things That is a true nobleman Lady Clara of the Redding, a living statue of perfection, has been raised a true Redde noblewoman She has been taught to never show emotion, to never raise her voice, to touch as little as possible, and to never act wildly or rashly According to her people s custom,Paranormal Dragonshifter Romance Polished, dignified and reserved in all things That is a true nobleman Lady Clara of the Redding, a living statue of perfection, has been raised a true Redde noblewoman She has been taught to never show emotion, to never raise her voice, to touch as little as possible, and to never act wildly or rashly According to her people s custom, the new generation cannot begin until the current one is settled She is the last of her siblings without a husband and her pregnant sisters will remain in stasis until she s married After Clara denies all suitable males on her home world, her parents are left with one choice send her to a primitive planet where several noblemen await marriage The men hardly appear picky about their choices, a perfect arrangement for a reluctant bride An uninhibited woman to match his untamed soul That would be his ideal wife Lord Vladan, Ealdorman Honorary of the Draig is not like his noble brothers Adopted into their family after a mining accident killed his parents, he is every bit as titled as his new brothers, and every bit as welcome into the fold Yet he can t help but feel the pull of his commoner past He loves his family, and will always do as duty demands, but a part of him still yearns to shift into dragon form and run free in the wild It is a side he indulges every chance he gets This is how he knows his bride will be the most wild of creatures, for he wants passion, not perfection Surely the gods are mistaken when they bind him to the most refined, reserved, frustratingly perfect creature in the universe.
    The Reluctant Lord By Michelle M. Pillow,
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      New York Times USA Today Bestselling Author of Romances and Cozy MysteriesMichellePillowMichelle loves to travel and try new things, whether it s a paranormal investigation of an old Vaudeville Theatre or climbing Mayan temples in Belize She s addicted to movies and used to drive her mother crazy while quoting random scenes with her brother Though it has yet to happen, her dream is to be a zombie in a horror movie For the most part she can be found writing in her office with a cup of coffee while wearing pajama pants Michelle M Pillow is a multi published, National Bestselling Author writing in many fiction genres including the Bestselling Dragon Shifter series Dragon Lords and Captured by a Dragon Shifter, and the mischievously magical Warlocks MacGregor Works also include Lord of the Abyss and Lords of the Var and the National RT award winning historical Maiden and the Monster She loves to hear from readers They can contact her through her website.Sign up for Updates michellepillow newsletterFacebookfacebook AuthorMichel

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    1. Lightweight fantasy romance This empath understands animals She waited for the beast to stop yanking against the rope Reptilian eyes blinkedQuietly and with much concentration, she said, He doesn t like the blanket She stepped closer The rope is unnecessary Clara, what are you doing Vlad asked, his voice soft He didn t want to spook the ceffyl 4.5 stars I totally enjoyed this dragon shifter meets empath erotic romance Smiled and even laughed out loud a few times This book s got danger, passion, [...]

    2. A well deserved 4 stars I leave 5 full stars for books I devoured and would re read but this book was very good compared to the crap I have been reading last few weeks.This was the best one of the series so far It was Funny, Romantic, intriguing, has a little bit of angst, some exasperating concepts, good character progression of the Heroine and a good old HAE The heroine of the book Lady Clara is from a noble background from a planet who teach women to be an ornament not to touch things includi [...]

    3. This was ok, but it didn t delight me Light on plot.I think I would have liked interesting relationship development Clara is sent to a place where she will be matched with a husband Vlad likes her from the start He treats her nicely and she likes him back The main conflict is that they are from two different cultures His culture is warm and touching She has been raised in a cold and untouching family.Clara has some empathic talents A mining collapse adds danger.Vlad is a dragon shifter Almost n [...]

    4. It seems the Dukes, cousins to princes, have as much trouble with their brides as they did But with each book, it is a fun adventure but sweet and sexy I loved reading each book of Duke s books The Reluctant LordLady Clara is from a planet that is all about perfection Like a statue Never to show an ounce of emotion or raise her voice, and never act wild But Clara has denied all her would be suitors on her home world Leaving her parents with only one choice left They decide to send her the primit [...]

    5. I loved it This book was a lot going on The bride is from a world that emotions are frowned on the dragon lord is full of emotions I think it might be the sweetest dragon lords book yet Pillow doesn t disappointed Great story, great action and I couldn t put it down I can t wait for the next book in the series

    6. This was a interesting pairing The Redde race was pretty interesting enough to give some depth to why Clara acted as she does.Also this had the interesting plot line in this part of the series view spoiler I think because we finally get to read and know a bit about the mysterious Tyoe aliens I understand why information about the Tyoe has been so slow in this arc no one really knows much about them and we only see from their perspective in the books but does make the looming Tyoe danger seem [...]

    7. 4.0 out of 5 stars Dragon Lords Book 7, April 22, 2015Edit ReviewDelete ReviewVerified Purchase What s this This review is from The Reluctant Lord Dragon Lords Book 7 Kindle Edition I am a big fan of The Dragon Lord Series by Michelle Pillow This is the seventh book in the series that focuses on the princes cousins, the High Duke and his brothers This story is about Vlad, who was adopted by the Duke and his wife and while he is as much a part of the family as the other brothers His modest backgr [...]

    8. My favorite book in the seriesThis book is amazing The hero is a commoner made noble who marries a noble from another cultural race compatible to procreate, but he is a dragon shifter and she is an empath sent to only get pregnant before her king father takes her home to keep the baby She has always been taught to dampen her emotions and his culture freely shares their feelings and touch often in relationships add in that her empathy communicates with beasts and inherently battles the bad aliens [...]

    9. His crystal glowed His dreams were coming true OH MY LORD I am not reluctant to admit it, Michelle has wowed me yet again This time with Vlad Clara and their adventure to find that elusive happily ever after For Clara that means falling in love and being able to marry that person for love, not station as is expected of her For Vlad it means attending his first ever Breeding Ceremony and finding that one woman that has been chosen for him by the will of the gods, signaled by making his crystal gl [...]

    10. Review forthcoming on a reader lives a thousand liveTitle The Reluctant LordSeries Dragon Lords 7 Author Michelle M PillowFrom Review CopyGenre Sci fi, Romance, ParanormalRelease Date 27th September 2013Challenges Winter COYER, 2015 Prequels Sequels Challenge 2 points Links I m trying a new review format considering that I only have a couple of reviews lined up at the moment.Lady Clara of the Redding has been trained her whole life to be a perfect lady Not to touch anyone, nor to show emotion To [...]

    11. This is the seventh book of the Dragon Lords series This book is such a touching book about Clara and Vlad and the things they must overcome to find love and happiness Lady Clara is a noblewoman of the Redding She is the youngest daughter and is the only one that is not wed She really doesn t want to marry after seeing how the marriages her nineteen older sisters are The problem is that her pregnant sisters will remain in statis until she marries because of the inheritance laws Her parents decid [...]

    12. ady Clara of Redding has been forced to come to Qurilixan to marry since she has turned down every available male on her own planet as a husband the Draig King has a private ceremony with his sons and his nephews to see if one of them could possibly be a match what she doesn t understand is that the reason that none had chosen her so far is because their crystals didn t glow she was getting desparate to be chosen but had not been informed of how brides are chosen on this planet the last Lord to [...]

    13. The Reluctant Lord is book 7 of Dragon Lords series by Michelle M Pillow It tells the love story of Clara and Vlad Lady Clara of Redding is a noblewoman who has been taught never to show emotion, to raise her voice or in any way to act undignified and, most importantly to touch or allow herself to be touch as little as possible Clara has mental abilities that make her able to communicate with animals, heal others and to destroy.Lord Vladan, Ealdorman Honorary of the Draig is the adopted son in t [...]

    14. Lady Clara of Redding does not want an arranged marriage and has refused every suitor presented to her her choice has become a noble from Quilixen or banishment Vlad, Ealdorman Honorary of Draig is to attend his first Breeding Festival and just knows he will find his mate Due to her station and customs she refuses to participate in the normal ceremony and instead is presented to only the princes and noblemen before the ceremony As each one greets and dismisses her she becomes and concerned tha [...]

    15. Another amazing Dragon Lords book Michelle Pillow once again pulls us in to this amazing world she has created In this book we start out with Lady Clara of the Redding talking with her Parents about never getting married, everyone showing no emotion In her society the next generation cannot start until everyone is married Her Father tells her since she has turned down every nobility on their planet she has to go to Qurilixen and if she does not get married not to bother coming back This is Vlad [...]

    16. I loved this addition to the Dragon Lords series I honestly cannot get enough of these dragon men I think Clara is one of my favorite heroines that I have read lately Clara s planet has a tradition that the next generation cannot be born until everyone, and they mean everyone, in the current generation is married Clara has many pregnant sisters who are in stasis and will remain there until she is married Her father is furious that she has not yet chosen a husband, he insists that she go to plane [...]

    17. Vlad and Clara Well as you know, this takes place on a world of dragon shifters the wingless kind who can have no female children due to the sun s blue rays or something like that Anyhoo, every so often a ship of alien brides shows up and if the Goddess smiles on the men, they will be mystically paired with one This is Vlad s first invite to the party and as luck would have it, he finds his bride in Clara But unlike the other women, she comes from a super snooty planet and if she doesn t find a [...]

    18. Lady Clara is from a planet where emotions are repressed think Vulcan from Star Trek She has a humongous amount of brothers and sisters Her sisters are pregnant but cannot give birth until the last of their generation, Clara, is mated She has sent off every suitor sent to her and as a last resort she is sent to meet the Dragon Princes and Lords Lord Vladan, adopted son and Ealdorman Honorary of the Draig His parents were killed in a mining accident He loves his brothers, but still feels commone [...]

    19. Lady Clara of Redding has been betrothed to one of the Dragon Men and she is not pleased To make matters worse she believes that she is a refined Royal that this is so beneath her This is an act brought on by her father Lady Clara is special too She has the uncanny ability to read, feel and sense others including animals Lord Vladan has been down this road before on finding a mate He is headed to the Matting Ceremony when his Uncle the King wants him to meet with Lady Clara to see if he is her b [...]

    20. Audible Book The Reluctant Lord Dragon Lords, Book 7Author Michelle M PillowNarrated By Rebecca CookReviewed by Tammy Payne Book Nook Nuts My Rating 5 Stars REVIEW He is her Nobleman Would you listen to The Reluctant Lord again Why I enjoyed this book very much The narrator was fantastic, the story was great.What was one of the most memorable moments of The Reluctant Lord When they were trapped inside the cave and it s up to Lady Clara to save the dayWhat about Rebecca Cook s performance did you [...]

    21. I really loved this one too These cousins are bad I love it This is book 7 and another winner Lady Clara has been groomed as the consummate Lady Perfectly groomed, perfect manners rather cold and gorgeous.Vladan is an outdoors man who knows the gods will give him a woman who loves camping and hiking and Clara likes to look out her viewer does that count Get to watch her develop into one of my favorite brides.The one thing they do have in common is compatibility in the bedroom or wherever Her res [...]

    22. God I love these Dragon Lords, I am so hooked on them Vlad goes to his 1st Breeding Ceremony and is very hopeful that his Crystal will glow, that the Gods grant him better luck than his brothers have had for the past 7 years They do bless him, what he didn t expect was the bride he got Clara is a very prim and proper lady, stiff upper lip and all that and I mean all that How in all that s proper is she going to be able to live so loosely.Vlad wanted a bride, well he is going to have to have pat [...]

    23. I received an eARC in exchange for an honest review.I loved this book and I loved Vlad and Clara so different yet so perfect for each other Vlad is a strong sexy dragon shifter who found his soul mate in a very unexpected way Clara is a beautiful, serene diplomatic and incredibly aristocratic trained to be the perfect daughter her whole life.When these two meet everything changes, this book is well worth reading and remembering I was totally captivated from page one and totally engrossed in the [...]

    24. A light read A bit pretentious, trying to appear to say something important The discussion are really close to nonsense and empty pep talk that real philosophizing It threads in safety and shortcuts rather than explore the complexity of human hearts.I wasn t able to connect to the characters and the situation they were in They are just too inhuman I instead revert to a scientist observing animal mating behaviors instead of a person empathizing with them.The emotions also feel manufactured, like [...]

    25. Usually I adore Ms Pillow s books, but this one took two whole days to read, and normally I devour 2 3 books of hers a day I wanted to slap the heroine, strangle her family, hell her whole planet and the way they live All that crap about needing to have at least 20 children and then they can have children after all of them are married, it is a mathematical and logical disaster, seeing as some of them are 20 years older The whole society is messed up, and then when she finally gets a bit human in [...]

    26. This has been a great series for me and I look forward to each and every book Every time I think I have found my favorite Michelle Pillow ups the stakes and makes it difficult to say that any one of the Draig lords is truly my favorite I think I want them all I am hoping there will be many books to this series, I truly enjoy seeing how each of the girls in the original book fares with their marriage and how they all overlap each other I can t wait for the next book in this seriesd after that, [...]

    27. I read this book a few years ago and I enjoyed it as much then as I did now This series rocks and I loved reading about the princes and princesses and now rereading about the dukes and there dutchess This book was funny, sweet, hot, adventurous and just a great read This book is in my top favorites of the series mainly because of who the book was about The MCs were fun and I loved peaking into their lives I loved reading about Clara and Vladan love and how it came to be as well as learning about [...]

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