An Incident at the Krechetovka Station / Matryona's House

An Incident at the Krechetovka Station / Matryona's House By Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, An Incident at the Krechetovka Station Matryona s House In after leaving behind his ordeal in the gulag Alexander Solzhenitsyn wanted to get lost in a quiet corner of the USSR and applied for employment as a mathematics teacher While looking for ac
  • Title: An Incident at the Krechetovka Station / Matryona's House
  • Author: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
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  • An Incident at the Krechetovka Station / Matryona's House By Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, In 1956, after leaving behind his ordeal in the gulag, Alexander Solzhenitsyn wanted to get lost in a quiet corner of the USSR, and applied for employment as a mathematics teacher While looking for accommodations in the town that was sent, saw the hut of Matrona, an elderly widow who lived with a lame cat and a goat for company and decided to stay there.
    An Incident at the Krechetovka Station / Matryona's House By Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn,
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    1. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

      Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn was a Soviet and Russian novelist, dramatist, and historian Through his writings he helped to make the world aware of the Gulag, the Soviet Union s forced labor camp system particularly The Gulag Archipelago and One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich, two of his best known works Solzhenitsyn was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1970 He was exiled from the Soviet Union in 1974 and returned to Russia in 1994 Solzhenitsyn was the father of Ignat Solzhenitsyn, a conductor and pianist.

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    1. N o me foi f cil atribuir as estrelas a este livro Oscilei de 3 a 5 Estabeleci as 4, sentindo que numa segunda leitura poderia tanto dar lhe 5 como 3 um bel ssimo livro, sem d vida Soljen tsin arquitecta as narrativas de modo interessante e algo invulgar Tem um ritmo que talvez esteja mais pr ximo da pe a de teatro Os acontecimentos n o se antecipam, nem se revelam como um todo, mas v o se revelando esse o ritmo A casa da Matriona uma das belas novelas que li O Incidente na Esta o de Kotchetovka [...]

    2. I am still surprised that Solzhenitsyn was such a good writer Of these two short novellas I particularly liked the first which out of very unpromising material weaves an elegant and moving story about the confused state of mind likely to have existed here and there in the Soviet Union in 1941 The country had been drawn into war and the novella sucessfully and interestingly dissects the thoughts of just one young man However, through his work and circumstances we learn so much about confusion in [...]

    3. Matryona s House is quite good and such a slow, leisurely story The other stories in this collection share just a touch of a similar theme, just enough similarity to contribute to the commentary of Soviet Russia It s a rich tapestry that Solzhenitsyn weaved together I read only 1 of his Prose Poems at the end, so moving So I m going to leave them unread for a slower reading time They ll be sweet when I re read this later.

    4. For some reason, I thought Russian authors were hard to read Not so in this case This is a surprisingly easy to read novella.A young man, first person narrator of the story, released from prison, looking for work, eventually finds it in a village in the Russian province There he lives as a tenant in the small house of Matrjona Vasilievna The story deals with the two of them living together, about Matrjona s burdensome life and finally a tragedy By the way, the story takes place starting in the s [...]

    5. HELLO is this the dispatcher UH Who is this, Dyachikin UH Don t give me UH, I m asking you, is this Dyachikhin.The old man smacked his thick pale lips and didn t answer right away his words never came right away It was as if they arrived limping on crutches from wherever they were born.

    6. When I read this book I remember why I love Soljenitsin His expressions and subject which were choosen by him are just adorable About book Both stories are cool but I especially amazed by Matryona s House Relations between russian villagers have remarkable determinations I think Soljenitsin was tried to explain the concept of humanism through Matryona and I found it very impressive Kitap 2 yk den olu uyor lki idealist bir sovyet vatanda olan Zotov un g n ll olarak orduya kat lmas ile g revlendir [...]

    7. In der zweisprachigen Reclam Reihe russischer Autoren bisher noch keinen Text gelesen, der nicht gro artig war Solschenizyn habe ich wegen seiner politischen Bedeutung nie als Schriftsteller wahrgenommen, das wird sich nach diesem Text ndern Wie von einem wiederauferstandenen Tolstoi, eine sehr ber hrende, moderne Heiligenlegende aus dem tiefsten Ru land der 50er Jahre Aus staubiger, hei er W ste , also wohl aus dem Lager, kehrt der Held nach einer Zeit nach Ru land zur ck Inzwischen sitzen die [...]

    8. A gem of a book that I found in a second hand bookstore These were early stories before Solzhenitsyn became in famous with his later publications that landed him in jail He captures the cold, greed, gridlock of Soviet era bureacracy and the struggle for survival amidst deminished resources with dexterity I had difficulty with some of his dialogue, as he refused to identify who was speaking even when there were than two people in the scene and one had to make some intelligent guesses these parts [...]

    9. Soy un fan incondicional de solzhenitsyn, aunque este no es uno de sus mejores libros s est muy en su l nea habitual.

    10. first of all, one of the most bad ass titles everrr the first story, an incident at kerchetovka station follows lieutenant zotov the short novel is only 60 pages and not very eventful we meet zotov in october performing his rather mundane task of overseeing certain trains through the station it s obvious we re in russia during wartimes against germany as a lieutenant he s not supposed to know too much about which trains go where and which echelons do what late one night 4 soldiers are sent to hi [...]

    11. The two novellas which make up this book were originally published in 1963, just after his highly acclaimed One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich 1962 , which was one of the first fictional accounts about the repressive stalinist regime allowed publication in the Soviet Union It is interesting to see how both novellas prefigure some of his later work.An Incident at Krechetova Station, while set during the second world war recalls the later August 1914 Its graphic but quiet depiction of the logi [...]

    12. This book contains two stories.The first, An Incident at Krechetovka Station, is a story or vignette, really concerning an apparatchik type lieutenant, Zotov, whose paranoid fear of non Communists leads him to almost certainly doom a man to a terrible fate The action takes place in the space of one night, though it is frequently punctuated by the memories of Zotov, which serve to fill in the backstory and give context He is an overzealous Party man, but not entirely unsympathetic just misguided [...]

    13. Contrary to what one might expect, I actually read Matryona s House for a History course, rather than a literature one As a fan of Russian Literature, I ve been meaning to read Solzhenitsyn for quite a long time now A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovitch is sitting in my to read pile, waiting for summer when I have free time Overall, I found Matryona s House a worthwhile read, which manages to say a lot in its few pages Though I usually prefer writers who employ a bit description than Solzhenits [...]

    14. O meu texto sobre A Casa de Matriona seguido de Incidente na Esta o de Kotchetovka Sextante para o Di rio Digital Mais um grande livro deste autor russo.Espero que gostem.diariodigitalpo newsp

    15. Beautifully written Matriona is an old woman, who lives in a country town, she is kind, fair, and satisfied with her life, in spite of the simplicity of the routine Ignatich is the new teacher of the school.een them a friendship is bornere is joy and sorrow A touching story

    16. Enjoyed this book no end.Would recommend it to anyone who enjoys Russian literature or has enjoyed A day in the life.As these are nice and short they may be a good taster of Solzhenitsyn before tackling June 1914 Cancer Ward, or the Gulag Archipelago Enjoy

    17. La casa di Matrjona composto da due racconti, uno, omonimo, parla di un maestro che abita nella casa di Matrjona una vecchia russa il secondo, alla stazione di Krectovka, parla di un giovane ufficiale russo nella II guerra mondiale.

    18. This is a book of two powerful, and unforgettable, novellas linked by the theme of trains The works feature two protagonists who are similar in their adjustment or devotion to the idealism of the communism, when Russia was part of the USSR In the first novella, a dedicated railroad worker during the war is also in the military, and feels disappointed that he is not at the front but is instead keeping track of train shipments of material and soldiers to the front We learn about his life and aspir [...]

    19. Kitab n i inde iki hikaye vard lk hikaye Kre etovka stasyonunda Bir Olay kinci D nya Sava y llar nda sava a kat lmak i in can at p g zlwrindeki rahats zl ktan dolay istasyon efli ine atanan te menin yk s yd fakat sonu Amerikan filmleri gibi bitti A r giden yk birden polisiye havaya b r nm t ki sonun ne oldu unu okuyucuya b rakt Yani sonu b yle olmasayd daha iyi bir not alabilirdi benden kinci hikaye de Matriyona nin Evi Bu hikaye daha g zeldi her ne kadar sonu ac kl bitsede Ayr ca insanlar n hi [...]

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