First Flight

First Flight By Chris Claremont Luis Royo, First Flight After Lt Shea fails a simulation test she is given a second chance She is to play pilot to a minimal hassle scientific mission which turns out to be mankind s first contact with alien life
  • Title: First Flight
  • Author: Chris Claremont Luis Royo
  • ISBN: 9780441235841
  • Page: 280
  • Format: Paperback
  • First Flight By Chris Claremont Luis Royo, After Lt Shea fails a simulation test, she is given a second chance She is to play pilot to a minimal hassle scientific mission which turns out to be mankind s first contact with alien life.
    First Flight By Chris Claremont Luis Royo,
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      280 Chris Claremont Luis Royo
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    1. Chris Claremont Luis Royo

      Chris Claremont is a writer of American comic books, best known for his 16 year 1975 1991 stint on Uncanny X Men, during which the series became one of the comic book industry s most successful properties.Claremont has written many stories for other publishers including the Star Trek Debt of Honor graphic novel, his creator owned Sovereign Seven for DC Comics and Aliens vs Predator for Dark Horse Comics He also wrote a few issues of the series WildC.A.T.s volume 1, issues 10 13 at Image Comics, which introduced his creator owned character, Huntsman.Outside of comics, Claremont co wrote the Chronicles of the Shadow War trilogy, Shadow Moon 1995 , Shadow Dawn 1996 , and Shadow Star 1999 , with George Lucas This trilogy continues the story of Elora Danan from the movie Willow In the 1980s, he also wrote a science fiction trilogy about female starship pilot Nicole Shea, consisting of First Flight 1987 , Grounded 1991 , and Sundowner 1994 Claremont was also a contributor to the Wild Cards anthology series.

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    1. Oh my God this book was so fucking boring, you guys it was so boring I can t even bring myself to do a proper review, I don t really know what to say besides it s boring.I mean, it seemed cool on paper female lead, multicultural cast, space exploration I ve been hankering for a good space lady tale post Ancillary Justice and Mass Effect, and it started off okay.But then we got to introducing the cast and things got weird Like, I appreciate Claremont having a kind of surprisingly progressive cast [...]

    2. This was an enjoyable read Now having read Chris Claremont s stories since I was kid in the pages of Uncanny X men, this book has some small things that could have been better First off, we needed to see a lot detail in the description of the aliem ship and the alien beings themselves While the author gave us a good idea of what we should be visualizing, it seems like this is something he would have told an artist to draw like in a comic storyboard and continued with his plot The reason I point [...]

    3. First Flight by Chris Claremont is the tenth search result on for books titled First Flight However, the first nine are all about lame subjects like the Wright Brothers or hummingbirds, and this one is about alien space cats and zero g hookups, which are awesome subjects and make me wish I had gotten around to reading this at the age of 10 instead of putting it off for literally two decades The main character, Nicole Shea, is an Outer Space Air Force pilot who plays by her own rules but also the [...]

    4. Oh, Chris Claremont.This was a reread I first read these books when they came out, years ago When I saw the first one was available on kindle, I couldn t resist It s still a fun read action peril indomitable female protagonist But man, did this book ever need an editor to work out the typos, sentence structure awkwardness, PoV shifts, and clarity of action Turn off your editor brain and enjoy it anyway.

    5. I was hoping for gratuitous self indulgence and what I got wasweird This book starts off fairly promising, but soon devolves into nonsense right around the time where the cat people aliens show up, it takes a steep header into the deep end Then there s the fact that many of the action scenes are impossible to follow, several plot developments come totally out of left field, all the characters mostly talk the same and the characterization is inconsistent, everything is exceedingly dramatic, and t [...]

    6. I first read this book in paperback seemingly eons ago, and was very happy to see it out in ebook format The story follows novice astronaut Lt Nicole Shea, the command pilot of a routine scientific mission within the solar system It s definitely space opera, but it s fun space opera deeds to do, obstacles to overcome, villains to vanquish This is obviously from this edition s title if nothing else book 1 of a series, but the other two have not been published in ebook format.

    7. Chris Claremont is good at characterization, at space adventure, and at badass ladies, so I was looking forward to this book That said, it starts off in a weird place for him a very military example of milSF, full of touchy, uptight characters that rattle off long speeches about how the world is tough and you gotta be tough to face it and we re being assholes to you because we like you Once they get into space, though, it gets much looser and characterization based eventually, we shift fully in [...]

    8. I was a huge Chris Claremont fan while he was writing the Uncanny X Men comics and grabbed this book when it was first published in paperback format in 1987 I d been prowling my bookcases, hunting for something to read next when First Flight and the sequels caught my eye.Any comic book or sci fi fan will enjoy the references to stuff scattered throughout this fast paced riveting tale of a female astronaut s first venture into the inky depths of space Claremont is no stranger to writing strong fe [...]

    9. I m a long time X Men reader, and a fan of Chris Claremont s long stretch as writer for that series It s interesting to see his style come through in a novel the snappy dialogue, female bonding, flight control jargon, even a few off hand references to characters from the comics.That said, this book was enjoyable, but not perfect There are some awkward scene transitions, and certain parts, such as the combat sequences, are a bit confusing Not surprisingly, they d probably benefit from being put i [...]

    10. Primer vuelo nos lleva a una aventura por el espacio, donde conocemos a Nicole Shea, ella acaba de terminar su preparaci n como astronauta, todos dicen que es la piloto mejor preparada que ha salido de la academia en varios a os, despues de una serie de pruebas en el simulador la mandan a la que ser a su primer misi n en el espacio, todo parece salir a pedir de boca para ella, pero lo que no sabe es que existe una conspiracion en la que sin querer se ve involucrada,pero hay algo mas alla algo, q [...]

    11. I actually read this story around 15 years ago, in my early teens It was my first sci fi I can t remember how I got my hands on it, but something about Lt Shea stuck with me and even to this very day, fifteen years later, I often think of this book I write UF, with a kick ass female lead I come from the Buffy generation I adore Firefly Shea is the precursor to all of that If I went back and re read it, maybe it wouldn t be as good to my thirty year old mind, maybe it d be better But some books s [...]

    12. I wasn t the biggest fan of Chris Claremont s initial 17 year writing stint on Uncanny X Men, but I will admit he did one thing very, very well He successfully integrated the X Men with a bevy of strong female characters So it s no surprise that his first novel would feature a kickass heroine too Claremont obviously felt comfortable writing from a female perspective And I guess he does a serviceable job here Not a great book, but certainly of interest to X Men fans Full review here superheronove [...]

    13. Nice old fashioned sci fi read I lost interest in the story about 3 4 of the way through but soldiered on until the finish I think if it had stayed true to its original premise a woman s first flight into space as captain of a mission I would have liked it better Nothing really outstanding about it.

    14. I wish had a scale of 10 for books, and not on 5 If it was on 10, this book would get a 5 no It was than OK, it was an enjoyable read But it definitely is not a book that I would read again.

    15. This was the first Chris Claremont book I ever read Having read his comic book work on X men, I expected this to be excellent In reality was Fast paced, good story If only Chris could have done a better job at the two sequelsey sucked

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