Code By Kathy Reichs, Code Tory Brennan great niece of Dr Temperance Brennan and the Virals return for their most terrifying adventure yet
  • Title: Code
  • Author: Kathy Reichs
  • ISBN: 9780434021840
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Code By Kathy Reichs, Tory Brennan, great niece of Dr Temperance Brennan, and the Virals return for their most terrifying adventure yet.
    Code By Kathy Reichs,
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      Kathy Reichs is a forensic anthropologist for the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, State of North Carolina, and for the Laboratoire des Sciences Judiciaires et de M decine L gale for the province of Quebec She is one of only fifty forensic anthropologists certified by the American Board of Forensic Anthropology and is on the Board of Directors of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences A professor of anthropology at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Dr Reichs is a native of Chicago, where she received her Ph.D at Northwestern She now divides her time between Charlotte and Montreal and is a frequent expert witness in criminal trials.Awards Arthur Ellis Award Best First Novel 1998 Deja Dead

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    1. You know, one of the best feelings in the world is going to bed and knowing that the next morning the next book in one of your favorite series is going to be on your kindle But that s second to best to actually reading the thing Sentimentality aside, I loved this book The characters are back in full swing Tory is either first or second on my all time favorite charcters list I began to feel uneasy about Ben His feud with Jason escalates to the point where the Virals have to drag him away He makes [...]

    2. My god I think I m going to die, for good and bad reasons.Want to hear them 1 This book comes out in 2013 image error I think I will go live like a hermit till this book comes out.2.The cover sucks, to put it bluntly.I mean, Reichs gives us this,Then gives us this in which Ben looks retarded, otherwise a great cover ,And for the third book we get this You tell me what s wrong with that picture.Now you get to hear the positive stuff 3 We get Tory back I love her She is the ideal kick butt heroine [...]

    3. There is NO POSSIBLE WAY anyone could give this anything less than 5 stars It is just impossible This book was the breath taking, nerve racking, mind blowing third book in the Virals series.May I repeat POSSIBLE WAY.So, with that off my chest, I will begin my review.Oh My Freaking GOD view spoiler When I read that the third Virals book was about a bomb, I almost died I needed this book immediately, and I had to wait another freaking year for it to be released So I tortured myself with teasers, d [...]

    4. Can t wait for the next installment in this exciting series Most books in YA revolve around romance, but the Virals books are pure adventure and a refreshing break from the norm Update Sees cover WHAT THE HELL That BETTER be temporary Update 2 Wait What March 7 2013 2013 2013 NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I m just going to say that s an accident and give SOMEBODY time to change it back to August 2, 2012 HINTHINT

    5. Oh mi goda i want the book now and im forced to wait to 2013 GIRRR OHHHHH THE cover is pretty But i like the other two better Post reading Initial Rant Good book starling ending why Ben why and there must be a 4th Now that time has pasted and now I can think coherently about this book and not just scream at the characters and Kathy ReichsOk, Code was by far the best of the Viral Books so far there must be a fourth I honestly liked the Gamemaster and them getting away from LIRI I also liked that [...]

    6. This Was An Awesome Book.Go, Kathy Reichs I love the whole virals thing, its enormously inventive I still havent recoverred from this book Read it twice in 5 hours view spoiler Tory s debutante ball was very well written In the next book, someone issogoing to find out they are virals Madison, Jason and Chance all have seen way too much Im amazed that Kit or the other parents havent figured out something is off Excuse me, but I would notice something weird if the same four teens kept accomplishin [...]

    7. Kind of mixed feelings about this one I might have enjoyed it if I could turn off my critical perspective and looked at it purely for its entertainment value like I do for the Alex Rider series , but I wasn t able to for this one Still, I m not done with the series yet the premise for the next book definitely intrigues me, and I ve enjoyed things well enough so far to give the Reichs a second chance.The good things 1 The Reichs know how to write a tense and action packed story it was exciting t [...]

    8. When I first received this book through the post, I literally squealed with excitement and started dancing around my room I d loved the previous two books in the series Virals and Seizure and couldn t wait to start reading the latest instalment And, though it was still a really great read, unfortunately, it just wasn t as good as the other two I found a couple of faults I think I ll start off with the negative first Now, when I first started reading this series, I was thirteen a couple months aw [...]

    9. Update Writing is a little clunky and some things are predictable, but wow what action Breakneck pace, fantastic plotting, it kept me up all night reading I eagerly anticipate the next installment So, two things a THIS EXISTS I love the Virals series, but it isn t that popular, so I haven t heard about it in the way I usually do, through my GoodReads buddies chatting about it in my feed or coverage being posted on choice entertainment sites I was looking through reviews today, and lo and behold [...]

    10. MARCH 7th 2013 WHAT SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME THAT THIS ISN T TRUE.Oh my god I m going to dieW COVER BETTER COVER YES WOOHOOOOO.UPDATE THIS CAN T BE IT Someone pleeeeeaaaaaase tell me if Reichs will continue the series SHE LEFT ME HANGING I started this series when I was 13, and I m now 16, I can t have them end now This book was by far the most adrenaline pumping My heart was beating like 1150 per minute IT MUST CONTINUE

    11. Never before have I met a character oblivious about romantic intentions than Tory I thought no one could be oblivious than Sydney Sage, but clearly I was wrong Dear Lord, child, what must he do to tell you he likes you Make out with you Poor Ben.Not to mentionwhen will they start listening to poor Coop The wolfdog is practically an early alarm system against all things dangerous.he doesn t growl at things just because he s cranky There s a reason GAH

    12. The Reichses permission to call them Reichs squared, or just Reichs for this review do it again with another great YA novel Having recently read and reviewed Shift , the short story by these two to bridge the previous novel to this one, I am refreshed that things have returned to normal and the hokiness found in Shift is gone Reichs returns with a full on adventure that have the VIRALS tackling some very interesting and somewhat confusing clues to crack the code and solve the greater mystery In [...]

    13. Wut Seriously though what the heck Ok I m getting ahead of myself, this book was phenomenal obviously by the rating I gave it Kathy Reichs, you re the bomb I ve been with this series from the beginning back when I thought Virals was a stand alone I deeply hope there is a next book to this series she cannot possibly leave it like that Now this book was different from the others It was still you know the Virals taking care of business, but it was hardcore Which was like, whoa, this is a whole new [...]

    14. Okay, freaking awesome book Most books in series kinda goes down hill and the first book is the best Not so in this series This book is so much different that the first two, but yet better in ways view spoiler Ben however just friggin pissed me off Like what the heck dude I thought that his bad attitude through out the whole book was just cause he was crushin on Tory and was jealous thinking she like Jason, and two things about that First off, don t act like a jerk since you do like her just say [...]

    15. Just finished the book I want to cry i could not believe the ending, it was a total twist I didn t see coming view spoiler I didnt really like the part of the book at Jason s party, i thought it was totally not needed, probably because im from NZ and the whole cliche part thing wouldn t happen here and also because it was kinda out of character for the virals and didnt really need to happenI loved Ben and wanted him to get together with Tory sooo bad from the first book, so when i found out knew [...]

    16. Hate the cover, love the books but you know what they say, don t judge a book by its cover but seriously, I think they changed the publisher wasn t it penguin or puffin or something before bet thats why they changed the covers P.S saw on kindle store they changed Virals 1 too get the good cover while it lasts

    17. Let me start by saying that on the whole, I enjoyed this book Keep that in mind, because my review may not sound like I did.Code by Kathy and Brendan Reichs is a quite enjoyable book for the teen audience, much in the tradition of The Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, and, for younger audiences, The Boxcar Children People like their mysteries, see television CSI, NCIS, The Mentalist if it s fiction and not a sitcom, it seems like it s mystery based and I feel like the teen mystery really clicks with the Y [...]

    18. Maybe I m getting too old for these, but I wasn t nearly as sympathetic to Tory in this book as I have been previously I like Tory, and I get that she has a lot of drama and stress on her shoulders, but her relationships are getting awfully manipulative Even though she has no romantic interest in Jason whatsoever, she continues stringing him along just because she needs him for things And then she gets mad at Ben for acting jealous Ok, I can see why she wouldn t see Ben s interest in her, since [...]

    19. Freakishly amazing Awesomely horrifying And I think the felony count was only four this time Though being scolded by a monk was definitely a new one.Everything s at an all time high in Reichs Code Terrifying plot, stomach churning anxiety, finger curling irritation because while the main character is amazing at putting the pieces together, apparently she s way too clueless about the feelings of the boys around her And that ending With Ben There were tears in my eyes I was not expecting that twis [...]

    20. Code by Kathy Reichs was the third installment in the Virals Series It follows our Virals Pack as they are trying to solve the puzzles set forth by the manipulative and toxic Gamemaster The story itself was very interesting, but many of the plot points were predictable I liked how we seemed to see Tory grow up , but I would have liked it much if there wasn t the two boy one girl romance trope If you ignore that, I feel like the book is somewhat good I look forward to seeing how the conclusion o [...]

    21. What did you think asks me HOLY I CAN T EVENIS WILL HAVE LOTS OF SPOILERS BECAUSE I JUST NEED TO TALK ABOUT IT YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED This has got to be the best one yet Tory is still as bad as ever, the boys are still as smoking and funny, and WOAH Who saw that ending My heart shattered in two when I found out view spoiler Benoh Ben could you hide spoiler Anyways, the plot was amazing I think it s the best one yet Basic summary Hiram and Shelton are snooping around, looking for a cache that was p [...]

    22. What I Think I need to start by saying that I m a very big fan of Kathy Reichs so I may be bias I think that she is a great writer and I always enjoy reading her novels especially her young adult novels because they still require thought but are at a level that are easy to understand and easy to read They make you feel like you are getting the science of a hardcore novel but are still able to enjoy the drama of teenage life It mixes two of my favourite things I was however very dissapointed wit [...]

    23. I am so excited to be joining the Virals, Tory, Hi, Ben, Shelton and Coop, on another adventure Code has been one of the books I have been eagerly awaiting its release and I was super excited to receive a copy for review.Geocaching is the new hobby for Hi What started out initially as a hobby, soon turns out to be a deadly game of hide and seek, with lives at stake The Virals must find and solve all the clues before time runs out, and someone dies To add to the chaos, Tory also has to deal with [...]

    24. Absolutely amazing Riveting with suspense, betrayal and revenge the Reichs really done it with this book It is definitely my favourite out of all the virals series This is isn t just cliche love adventure story where the characters inevitably get together in the end with sunset in the background and them holding each other in their arms It s a heck lot twisted than that which is why I love it so much First of all if you read the prior books which i suggest you do we all know that Ben the slightl [...]

    25. The action never stops in this science fiction thriller series This time Tory and the other Virals find themselves in a race to solve the clues left by the Gamemaster before he unleashes a terrible tragedy It begins innocently when Hi buys a metal detector and begins geocaching The kids discover a hidden box Loggerhead Island that begins a treasure hunt with codes, clues from chemistry, and other clues to test their abilities They need to keep the game secret or face serious consequences.Meanwhi [...]

    26. We join the Virals once again on another adventure, this time a gripping, death defying race against time The Research Institute on Loggerhead Island that Tori s dad, Kit, was in charge of had been rescued from financial disaster, thanks to Tori and her pack of Virals last adventure in Seizure Tori, Ben, Hi and Shelton, along with Tori s wolf dog Coop have been finding things quiet and peaceful, quite tranquil in fact Until the day Hi brought his new metal detector to the beach, after deciding t [...]

    27. I didn t enjoy Code as much as I would have liked First and Second book were easy reads, fly bys But this third one, I found myself unexcited and not prepared to read it That might be just me though, I mean I hyped myself up with all those reviews and guess that I expected the bad things to come, which they did My bad But this story actually lacked something for me, and while reading I guess I found myself questioning the reality of it all And that intro wowza I know some authors feel like overs [...]

    28. One of my Christmas presents and a new author acquaintance Starting out I had never heard of the series and I had no idea that it is a teen young adult novel This was soon very apparent though all goings through anything mathematical, scientific or experience based is clearly iterated and explained between the main characters so much it feels a little like an especially annoying episode of some CSI variant.Another giveaway is of course the main protagonists and most of all the unquestioned main [...]

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