Dead Romantic

Dead Romantic By C.J. Skuse, Dead Romantic Camille wants to find the perfect boy with an athlete s body and a poet s brain But when she s mocked at a college party she knows there isn t a boy alive who ll ever measure up Enter Zoe her brill
  • Title: Dead Romantic
  • Author: C.J. Skuse
  • ISBN: 9781908435415
  • Page: 431
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dead Romantic By C.J. Skuse, Camille wants to find the perfect boy, with an athlete s body and a poet s brain But when she s mocked at a college party, she knows there isn t a boy alive who ll ever measure up Enter Zoe, her brilliant but strange best friend, who takes biology homework to a whole new level She can create Camille s dream boy, Frankenstein stylee But can she make him love her
    Dead Romantic By C.J. Skuse,
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      431 C.J. Skuse
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    1. C.J. Skuse

      C.J SKUSE is the author of the Young Adult novels PRETTY BAD THINGS, ROCKOHOLIC and DEAD ROMANTIC Chicken House , MONSTER and THE DEVIANTS Mira Ink She was born in 1980 in Weston super Mare, England She has First Class degrees in Creative Writing and Writing for Children and, aside from writing novels lectures in Writing for Young People at Bath Spa University C.J is currently working on adult novel SWEETPEA for HQ HarperCollins out April 2017.C.J loves Masterchef, Gummy Bears and murder sites She hates carnivals, hard boiled eggs and coughing The movies Titanic, My Best Friend s Wedding and Ruby Sparks were all probably based on her ideas she just didn t get to write them down in time Before she dies, she would like to go to Japan, try clay pigeon shooting and have Ryan Gosling present her with the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay.You can find C.J Skuse on Facebook or on Twitter twitter CeejaytheAuthor.

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    1. Dead Romantic was a hilariously spunky tale of Camille trying to find her one true love She d fancied the school hottie Damian, but he didn t show the slightest bit of interest, just for a quickie And Camille didn t want this she wanted something deep and meaningful That s where the creepy girl Zoe from school comes in, there have been tons of rumours about Zoe and her unstable dad, but Camille doesn t believe a word of it and when Camille s friends are occupied with their own friends Zoe s th [...]

    2. Dead Romantic by C.J Skuse is set in the fictional English town of Hoydon s Bracht Sixteen year old Camille Mabb lives with her parents in their seaside bed breakfast She s an average teenage girl apart from the fact that she s fascinated by death One night Camille meats Zoe in a cemetery and she gets caught up in Zoe s plan to reanimate a corpse and create the perfect boyfriend for Camille.I had a feeling I was in for a funny creepy read when I picked up Dead Romantic and I got that, plus a lot [...]

    3. This is one of those YA for MG books I think Although some of the subject matter suggests it s of a YA book, only much simply written than they used to be Let s say it s for YA readers who might struggle with a grown up novel but who are attuned to TV and movies An observation, not a dig The narrator isn t too bright I liked her She s got a distinctive voice and the style is nice and lively The author evokes a complete world and a believable set of characters, and puts in plenty of nice imagin [...]

    4. If I only had one word for this book review it would be splendorific.Somewhat worse for wear Camille walks home after making a fool of herself at a college party On her journey she comes across a girl digging in the cemetery The girl is question is Zoe, genius and social outcast The two strike up an unlikely friendship.There is something very sweet about Camille She doesn t have a great deal of confidence in herself After the girls decide to build SDB Sexy Dead Boy Camille has a pig out in a caf [...]

    5. I was really disappointed with Dead Romantic The reading group I run at school is taking part in the Booktrust book awards and when we read the blurbs of the novels last month, I thought this sounded like the best My main issue with it came from the constant use of slang, which never felt very authentic to me and just made Camille sound incredibly dim It really grated as I was reading although maybe this is just a sign that I m getting old The kids at school definitely don t speak like Camille t [...]

    6. I feel some how disappointed with this book There were no events passing in the whole book except in the last quarter of it and when it finally started to get better it finished with no ending Where s the ending I mean, what happens after that There has to be a proper ending to it, and the thing is that it seems there is no sequel to it What happens to Thomas and Zoe Ughh this book is making me frustrated and mad.

    7. To begin, I really enjoyed this book I know that from the cover it might look kinda silly and girly, but as the expression goes Don t judge a book by the cover This book had all the different elements comedy, romance and a little bit of horror The main character, Camille, is a typical teenage girl at college Then she meets Zoe, an eccentric genius who is trying to create life through science The two of them form an unique and interesting friendship that we watch them grow into the best of friend [...]

    8. Not the kind of book I usually read, but when I read the first few chapters, I realised that this is a really good book It is a unique blend of comedy, romance, drama, fantasy and horror Initially, it can be quite difficult to identify with the protagonists, as they are nothing like anybody I know or have ever met But their uniqueness is what makes the book what it is It has a gripping plot and whilst it is rather dark in places, it makes use of real life social issues in the plot Camille s desp [...]

    9. When I read the summary and the reviews I got my hopes up, thinking I d have a Louise Rennison Frankenstein mash up I was utterly disappointed when I discovered the book wasn t actually focused on the relationship with Sexy Dead Boyfriend but on building him A relatively good read to pass the time, a bit silly and some things were relatable I loved Pee Wee I was going to give it 3 stars until I reached the ending, such a cliffhanger I thought there was another book but apparently there s not so, [...]

    10. I didn t really enjoy this book I assumed from the synopsis that the book would mostly be about the main character trying to get the boy she created to love her, however the book itself is actually about creating the boy It was rather cliche and cheesy so while I d recommend it to anyone that wants a trashy holiday book, don t read if you re looking for a gripping or serious novel I can t even call it comical, just dull and an effort to read.

    11. I guess I was a little mislead by the back of the book and expected something a little different Basically this book ended up being a bit set up for the main event All the dramas leading up to the climatic unveiling I skim read most of it just to find out what happened after things were dragging in the first few chapters.

    12. Though I liked the premise of the book I found that I skipped and skimmed through it I found the main characters interesting I could relate to the main character I hoped for as it progressed maybe I will re read this at a later date but as of now I do not think I will A good read but you will need to be in the mood of reading to get through this book.

    13. I listened to this book on audio It was weird and really lame I just couldn t connect with the characters I think if I had read this physically I wouldn t have bothered finishing Also, it turns out there are to the series as it s left with a cliff hanger I am not that interested to find out what happens

    14. This book did not impress me at all For one thing the main character, Camille, was so dumb A sixteen year old girl who doesn t know what Ebola is really She has terrible taste in friends because the good friends she has abandon her for boyfriends and when she finds a friend she actually likes, it turns out that Zoe is kinda crazy Most people want the kind of love Camille wants and how convenient that Louis is everything she ever wanted love Louis btw AND the ending sucked a lot No closure at all [...]

    15. This could ve been fun to read as a short story I like how it s neither MG nor YA but pole vaults from one to the other A 328 page book needs to be far better written, though.

    16. Originally posted at City of BooksDead Romantic is a fun and light read, but beware of the gore It s very Frankenstein like, complete with a mad genius doctor who never actually makes an appearance in the book, considering he s dead and, of course, a toned down version of Frankenstein who also doesn t make much of an appearance So you must be wondering, what exactly is this book about Well, Camille s sick of her friends and their complete lack of care for her, so she finds a new friend Zoe Littl [...]

    17. I have had Dead Romantic on my to read wish list for a while, so I decided to snag myself a copy using my audible credit After the first few minutes of listening I was hooked, and I wish I had picked up this book a lot sooner than I did, but after going to check a few details I am glad I got this when I did as it is no longer available on audible.My review for Dead Romantic will be vague, as this isn t technically a review audiobook then I didn t really take any notes, so my review is based on a [...]

    18. There seems to be a lot of hype around Dead Romantic and there is undoubtedly a lot of praise given to author CJ Skuse On receiving this book for review, I knew I had to pick it up soon and give it a try CJ Skuse is a very different, fun writer and it s easy to see why she has so many fans.Dead Romantic is a book that will appeal to almost any young adult Camille, our main character, wants a boyfriend and when she becomes friends with Zoe, the strange goth girl from school, Zoe promises to use s [...]

    19. For the whole review and click hereWhat i thought loved, loved, loved it It was hilarious and i think the fact that i was listening to it narrated by Lisa Coleman made it even funnier I liked the chapter titles, sometimes they were so weird and coocoo they made me laugh can you imagine even the chapter tiles made me chuckle P Oh, i just loved Camille She might be a little silly and not the sharpest cookie in the jar but she does have her moments of intellect and wisdom But what i really loved a [...]

    20. At one point in this book I said to myself that it wasn t realistic The main girl in this book had just managed to smuggle a dog into her house without her parents noticing which I thought sound very unbelievable but then I stopped and though, I am reading a book about two girls who are creating the perfect man Frankenstein style and I am finding it unrealistic that she managed to smuggle the dog into her house.So if you don t already know this book is about two girls who try to create the perfe [...]

    21. This review was originally published at Fluttering ButterfliesOh boy Dead Romantic by CJ Skuse is one of the books that I most highly anticipated reading this year CJ Skuse s previous book, Rockoholic, is one of my favourite books ever and I love the wit and humour that seems apparent in Skuse s writing Plus, I was just really excited because of the cool looking cover and the weird premise The idea of two girls creating the perfect boy, Frankenstein like, using dead body parts It shouldn t work [...]

    22. Review Camille isn t the most popular girl in school not by a long shot But she wants a boyfriend, and when Zoe comes along, and suggests making one, they go for it It s not long before they re raiding bodies and hooking them up to electrical things But then things start going a little bit wrong.I ve not read anything by C.J Skuse before, but I have read the original, plus many other takes on, Frankenstein, which have been generally awesome, so I was hoping that this would be one of them And it [...]

    23. Originally published on serendipityreviewsThis is one of the funniest books I have read in a long time The author has an excellent knack of writing extremely comical one liners that appeal to my dark side The following line had me in tears I was dripping with the poo of a thousand cows Childish I know, but just so funny.This book has a serious tone to it, but the author has managed to turn a dark Gothic tale into a hilarious, entertaining comedy of errors Zoe is determined to make her own boy ou [...]

    24. Dead Romantic, by C.J Skuse Camille wants to find the perfect boy, with an athlete s body and a poet s brain But when she s mocked at a college party, she knows there isn t a boy alive who ll ever measure up Enter Zoe, her brilliant but strange best friend, who takes biology homework to a whole new level She can create Camille s dream boy, Frankenstein style But can she make him love her I won this book from Twitter recently, and since C.J s gonna be at YALC doing a workshop and signing, I thoug [...]

    25. CJ Skuse s writing sparks with wit, sarcasm and biting humour that I love so there was no way I wasn t going to love Dead Romantic.Camille is so awesome Her fascination with death, crime and morbidity is rather unusual and sets her apart nicely from other heroines And it gets her in to a rather interesting situation in Dead Romantic But it was Camille s imperfections that made me like her so much, as strange as that sounds The way she mispronounced some words and used completely the wrong ones a [...]

    26. Beforehand I was really interested in the concept of this novel It promised me the chance to finally be able to read a C.J Skuse novel and I wasn t disappointed.In this novel, Skuse has created a funny, modern retelling of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley After meeting a girl in a graveyard, Camille suddenly becomes fascinated by her So when the girl, Zoe, brings a group of once dead hamsters back to life, she then tells Camille that she could create the perfect boy for her But will it all go smooth [...]

    27. Reading the synopsis, I didn t imagine Dead Romantic would be a serious novel And I was right it wasn t But it was amazingly hilarious, and had such an interesting and fun storyline that I just couldn t put it down Camille is your average teenage girl obsessed with boys Unfortunately, boys aren t exactly as obsessed back After humiliating herself at a party she becomes friends with Zoe, the local weirdo, who comes up with an idea to create the ultimate boyfriend, Frankenstein style So they set o [...]

    28. I thought Dead Romantic was an amazing book It s a book that I didn t expect to like as much as I did I was totally drawn into the world, loved the pacing of the story and adored the characters Dead Romantic centres around a girl called Camille One night after an awful experience at a freshers event, Camille runs into Zoe at a graveyard Zoe appeas to be digging up a grave Camille is immediately intrigued by Zoe and they strike up an unusual friendship Zoe and Camille decide to make the perfect b [...]

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