Every Living Thing

Every Living Thing By James Herriot, Every Living Thing James Herriot s final work and last in his beloved series of animal storiesThis fifth and final of James Herriot s heartwarming story collections brings back familiar friends including old favorites s
  • Title: Every Living Thing
  • Author: James Herriot
  • ISBN: 9780312348526
  • Page: 478
  • Format: Paperback
  • Every Living Thing By James Herriot, James Herriot s final work and last in his beloved series of animal storiesThis fifth and final of James Herriot s heartwarming story collections brings back familiar friends including old favorites such as Tricki Woo and introduces new ones, including Herriot s children Rosie and Jimmy and the marvelously eccentric vet Calum Buchanan.As James grows older, he finds thatJames Herriot s final work and last in his beloved series of animal storiesThis fifth and final of James Herriot s heartwarming story collections brings back familiar friends including old favorites such as Tricki Woo and introduces new ones, including Herriot s children Rosie and Jimmy and the marvelously eccentric vet Calum Buchanan.As James grows older, he finds that change comes even to his beloved Yorkshire but not necessarily bad, as he watches his own two children come to share and participate in his deep love of the animal world Herriot s last memoir, Every Living Thing is a truly heartwarming read, burstingly full of his deep joy in life, sense of humor, and appreciation of the world around him.
    Every Living Thing By James Herriot,
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    1. James Herriot

      James Herriot is the pen name of James Alfred Wight, OBE, FRCVS also known as Alf Wight, an English veterinary surgeon and writer Wight is best known for his semi autobiographical stories, often referred to collectively as All Creatures Great and Small, a title used in some editions and in film and television adaptations.In 1939, at the age of 23, he qualified as a veterinary surgeon with Glasgow Veterinary College In January 1940, he took a brief job at a veterinary practice in Sunderland, but moved in July to work in a rural practice based in the town of Thirsk, Yorkshire, close to the Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors, where he was to remain for the rest of his life The original practice is now a museum, The World of James Herriot.Wight intended for years to write a book, but with most of his time consumed by veterinary practice and family, his writing ambition went nowhere Challenged by his wife, in 1966 at the age of 50 , he began writing In 1969 Wight wrote If Only They Could Talk, the first of the now famous series based on his life working as a vet and his training in the Royal Air Force during the Second World War Owing in part to professional etiquette which at that time frowned on veterinary surgeons and other professionals from advertising their services, he took a pen name, choosing James Herriot If Only They Could Talk was published in the United Kingdom in 1970 by Michael Joseph Ltd, but sales were slow until Thomas McCormack, of St Martin s Press in New York City, received a copy and arranged to have the first two books published as a single volume in the United States The resulting book, titled All Creatures Great and Small, was an overnight success, spawning numerous sequels, movies, and a successful television adaptation.In his books, Wight calls the town where he lives and works Darrowby, which he based largely on the towns of Thirsk and Sowerby He also renamed Donald Sinclair and his brother Brian Sinclair as Siegfried and Tristan Farnon, respectively Wight s books are only partially autobiographical Many of the stories are only loosely based on real events or people, and thus can be considered primarily fiction.The Herriot books are often described as animal stories Wight himself was known to refer to them as his little cat and dog stories , and given that they are about the life of a country veterinarian, animals certainly play a significant role in most of the stories Yet animals play a lesser, sometimes even a negligible role in many of Wight s tales the overall theme of his stories is Yorkshire country life, with its people and their animals primary elements that provide its distinct character Further, it is Wight s shrewd observations of persons, animals, and their close inter relationship, which give his writing much of its savour Wight was just as interested in their owners as he was in his patients, and his writing is, at root, an amiable but keen comment on the human condition The Yorkshire animals provide the element of pain and drama the role of their owners is to feel and express joy, sadness, sometimes triumph The animal characters also prevent Wight s stories from becoming twee or melodramatic animals, unlike some humans, do not pretend to be ailing, nor have they imaginary complaints and needless fears Their ill health is real, not the result of flaws in their character which they avoid mending In an age of social uncertainties, when there seem to be no remedies for anything, Wight s stories of resolute grappling with mysterious bacterial foes or severe injuries have an almost heroic quality, giving the reader a sense of assurance, even hope Best of all, James Herriot has an abundant humour about himself and his difficulties He never feels superior to any living thing, and is ever eager to learn about animal doctoring, and about his fellow human creaturecmillan author jamesh

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    1. What a joy to discover I had one unread book to read by legendary vet and author James Herriot I thought I d read this one back when I was downing these books like they were water, but I guess I missed it Many of the stories are familiar, but I realized that s probably because they were used in the tv series, all the episodes of which I ve seen a couple times over.Every Living Thing has all the wonderful goodness of the first four books in the series Plenty of veterinarian triumphs and failures [...]

    2. No matter how many times I read James Herriot s excellent books, I never get tired of them After at least ten readings, each one still has the power to make me laugh and cry, and they re all the better for the familiarity I now have with his stories I m pretty sure that when I m old and grey and full of sleep, I ll be reading these books and chuckling about the time Tristan created a kitchen explosion while trying to light the fire, and crying for each of the old dogs that never got better and h [...]

    3. This sale ended, as well, but I really hope you ll read this series, no matter where you get it They must be going down the list of Herriot s books and putting them each on sale in turn This one s now dropped to only 1.99, and it s just as good as all the others Grab your copy here.

    4. This is a very fitting last book to James Herriot s collection In it, he and Helen move several times, and he details each move and house and what it represents to him He also details the characters, arrivals, acclimatisations, and departures or two memorable veterinary assistants, both of which make for very compelling reading, though the vet wi the badger is my favorite The book culminates with a very small, personal, tender story of Herriot and his own cats This is one of the very best of the [...]

    5. I had to buy a second copy of this book when I rashly lent the first copy to my mum Should have known she d never give it up I wrote to James Herriot to tell him how much I enjoy his books He wrote back with a charming letter, saying that although he was no longer in the best of health, hearing from people who love animals and the countryside meant so much to him He died 2 weeks later.

    6. Herriot s collection of touching and easy stories are a joy to share in our family I read them aloud for our enjoyment, doing my best attempts at the Yorkshire accents.

    7. It never fails I ve read them all now His winsome stories draw me in and captivate me with the beauty and love of his Yokshire surroundings, his fondness for his clients and especially the animals He paints a picture of humanity at it s best and worst Sometimes things go well and other times not so well, but we get to hear it all He is not separate from his work either No he opens himself up to the readers too Just as he accepts the myriad of people and depicts them in truth and realness, he dis [...]

    8. When this first started, I thought, Oh no Tell me this isn t like this the whole way through To my most utmost surprise, IT WAS But it was okay, James Herriot grew on me and I liked his journey I also enjoyed his humor.But I do wish 2 things One is that I wanted detail about the people The detail that was furnished all came about from interactions with animals While that was sweet, I still wanted The second thing is all the tedious detail about how he treated the different ailments of the anim [...]

    9. Here this wonderful narrator has become a quaint old fossil Instead of the freshfaced and inexperienced newcomer in the first books, now he has the experience of training new vets, raising his own family, and gradually settling into comfortable curmudgeonliness I still want to give him a huge hug and sit with him by the fire and sip tea, even if this book has lost a touch of the narrative focus of the earlier ones.

    10. I would give this a 4.5 Always enjoy reading James Herriot s books He has written many books about his life as a country animal doctor in Yorkshire This book takes place during his practice from the early to mid 1950s He has many funny, sad, and sweet memories of this time He really captures the time this took place very honest and well written He makes me wish I could have met him I was also glad to see a few pictures he included in this book Nice to know what he looks like another great read b [...]

    11. This is an older staider James Herriot, now married with a family It didn t make me laugh out loud like his other books Lovely nevertheless.

    12. A great ending book to all of James Herriot s others Full of stories that are heartwarming and funny I was happily surprised to find he wrote one book before his death He has all the old favorite people and animals, and there are two new assistants to love Highly recommended.

    13. Lovely stories with a bit insight into the human animal relationship Calum is a wonderful addition, though I can hardly believe the badger on the shoulder

    14. What a joy it is to discover a yet left to read James Herriot book They re such a chicken soup for the sou l for the animal lover reader

    15. Perfect book for me for now Love the writing style, the short stories about life as a vet Heart warming.

    16. Every Living Thing by James Herriot is a very inspirational book James Herriot takes us through his journey of being a primarily large animal vet, and some small animal practice as well He goes through so many cases that are all different and unique to each other and he tells the readers about his struggles and his successes along the way It takes place in the farming country of the Yorkshire Dales, so the way the locals speak sometimes can be difficult to understand, and James Herriot struggles [...]

    17. Review of Every Living Thing by James HerriotJames Herriot is an extraordinary author, with a way to flow emotions onto the page his books are colorful and filled with joy, but none quite like Every Living thing This book is the story of a long life of veterinary practice out in the country, and the main character and veterinary is none other than the author, James Herriot.James Herriot is a country vet out in the Yorkshire Dales of Great Britain This book is a collection of tales of veterinary [...]

    18. I don t know how many times I have told people how wonderful the first book in this series is, All Creatures Great and Small Many times They always give me a look like they are humoring me I get it a little bit It took me a while to pick these up I m not much of an animal lover, I don t dislike animals I m just a bit ambivalent However, movies and books about animals usually bore me to death or are extremely silly movies with talking animals No, thank you However, I can honestly say that these c [...]

    19. And so the end of these delightful Herriot books as I call them I ve loved them all, any animal lover would Here we see James and Helen continuing on in Darrowby, but now they ve moved out of Skelldale House and have moved into a modern place and then eventually to their little slice of heaven further away in a small village with a good bit of land I loved the stories of the wild cats they befriend, not to mention the various villagers and farmers he meets The assistant vets they hire are great [...]

    20. Every Living Thing was a wonderful conclusion to one of my favorite series Just as emotionally touching as his previous books it brings up wonderful imagery and feelings, like meeting an old friend In this book, than ever we get the feeling that Jim has really grown up from when we first met him with his family, moving homes, he and Siegfried taking on new apprentices, becoming a bit of an old relic But it is still as delightful as ever, from the touching and sad to the light hearted and amusin [...]

    21. The stories are fun and quick I didn t think the book was going to be very interesting at first, but I quickly got into it The accent was a little hard to get used to sometimes I had to read the same lines over and over James is kind and thoughtful It would be so much fun to be an assistant to him I just kept thinking does anyone like this any The description of the scenery made me want to visit It s a cute collection of stories.Lines that I loved When an animals lonely, there s no substitute fo [...]

    22. Not as good as some of the earlier gems in the series, but a fitting end As usual, scattered with anecdotes and amusing tales of Herriot s life as a Yorkshire vet in post war England, including a new house or two and the arrival and departure of Calum as an assistant vet wi t badger, as the dales farmers would call him Eminently readable, and never tiring, this is the longest of the 8 books It s worth every penny, and is only weakened to 4 stars by the comparison with the others in the series

    23. Another great book what can I say, I love James Herriot Few authors have such a talent for telling stories that make me usually laugh, sometimes cringe, and sometimes get a tear in my eye These are the kind of books that could be re read and enjoyed and I m not the type to very often read a book a second time.

    24. Love, James Herriot and his tales of being an English country veterinary doctor They make me want to move to a farm in England I m going to be sorry when I ve read all his books because he is not around to write Think his daughter wrote a nice biography of his life That will be my next read after James Herriot s books.

    25. A wonderful end to Herriot s charming books Both laughter and tears, and also a few tears over the fact that this is the end.

    26. I read this book and all the others a while ago Rereading it was really fun I nearly cried several times, as each story in the book tells about the different personalities of humans and their pets.

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