Bedlam By Christopher Brookmyre Angus King, Bedlam Heaven is a prison Hell is a playground Would it be your ultimate fantasy to enter the world of a video game A realm where you don t have to go to work or worry about your health where you can look li
  • Title: Bedlam
  • Author: Christopher Brookmyre Angus King
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 333
  • Format: Audiobook
  • Bedlam By Christopher Brookmyre Angus King, Heaven is a prison Hell is a playground.Would it be your ultimate fantasy to enter the world of a video game A realm where you don t have to go to work or worry about your health where you can look like a hero or a goddess where you can fly space ships, slay dragons, yet all of it feels completely real A realm where there are no consequences and no responsibilities.OrHeaven is a prison Hell is a playground.Would it be your ultimate fantasy to enter the world of a video game A realm where you don t have to go to work or worry about your health where you can look like a hero or a goddess where you can fly space ships, slay dragons, yet all of it feels completely real A realm where there are no consequences and no responsibilities.Or would it be your worst nightmare Stuck in an endless state of war and chaos where the pain and fear feels real and from which not even death can offer an escape.Prison or playground Heaven or hell This is where you find out This is white knuckle action, sprawling adventure, merciless satire and outrageous humour like you ve never experienced.This is Bedlam.
    Bedlam By Christopher Brookmyre Angus King,
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      333 Christopher Brookmyre Angus King
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    1. Christopher Brookmyre Angus King

      Christopher Brookmyre is a Scottish novelist whose novels mix politics, social comment and action with a strong narrative He has been referred to as a Tartan Noir author His debut novel was Quite Ugly One Morning, and subsequent works have included One Fine Day in the Middle of the Night, which he said was just the sort of book he needed to write before he turned 30 , and All Fun and Games until Somebody Loses an Eye 2005.

    333 thoughts on “Bedlam”

    1. Almost all I will say about this, save that I loved it, was that one passage triggered from Stygian depths of memory the release of a cheat code a 7 digit number for a computer game which I had not even thought about much less played for 25 years The cover blurb just doesn t do it justice for me, this book was as much about nostalgia as it was about plot The nostalgia wasn t as thickly layered, nor as all pervasive as Ernest Cline s almost equally worthy Ready Player One but, for me anyway, this [...]

    2. It has been a long time since I read a Christopher Brookmyre novel, and similarly a long time since I read Sci fi This has been on my shelf for ages, and I needed an easy read.In other reviews of this book, people who disliked it seemed to dislike it on the gamer content which is fair enough, but if you are reading a book about a person who gets trapped inside a video game, and it s not what you want to read, you kind of only have yourself to blame There is no deception in the blurb.I was never [...]

    3. This is a great little story and a slight departure from Brookmyre s usual crime thriller If you grew up a geek in the 70 s and 80 s when computer gaming was in it s infancy, you ll read this like a walk through of your own childhood It s a real Tron on steroids kind of book with a who dunnit twist at the end The story does begin a little confused and disoriented and it takes a while to get your bearings, but you need to keep with it as you soon find out this is intentional Things do become clea [...]

    4. Such disappointment I m afraidI had been looking forward to a Christopher rather than a Chris and was hoping for great things Instead this was a shoddy pile of nonsense about a man trapped in a computer game Not the first time this has been tried but this to a non computer gaming person was a tedious trawl through worlds complete with plenty of Geek speak In other words it was destined for a fairly narrow audience so should have had a health warning on it.Such a shame I ve read every one of his [...]

    5. The first and final twenty pages are great but the middle game stuff is twaddle It needed real world links in the middle to engage non gamer geek readers I ll continue to read Brookmyre fiction but will give his sci fi a big swerve from now on.

    6. In Bedlam we see Brookmyre diverge from his usual fare of Scottish crime novels and venture into science fiction That being said, Bedlam is still at its heart mystery fiction, with our hapless protagonist required to unravel who he is, where he is and how to take down the bad guys.Ross Baker is computer scientist working for a shady American firm in the charming surrounds of industrial Stirling He works hard but never seems to get ahead, he thinks his girlfriend is about to leave him and the off [...]

    7. This book is a bit of a departure from Christopher Brookmyre s usual tales In the back of the book in the About the Author section, it says that although Brookmyre has established himself as a leading crime novelist personally I think that s far too narrow a genre to describe his books , people have been nagging him to write SF instead and he hopes they think it was worth it.Well, yes I do In fact I think Brookmyre s writing style is perfectly suited to SF This book is like Jumangi meets Incepti [...]

    8. Ross is a regular employee at the slightly sinister Neurosphere corporation A workaholic, he has given everything to the company, at the expense of his relationship even poignant now, as his girlfriend is pregnant He volunteers to have a go on the new brain scanner, anything to avoid work for an afternoon, but when he emerges from the scanner, he is not in the office In fact he is not in the real world any, but seems to be stuck in a video game call Starfire, a game that is a blast from his pas [...]

    9. I was really disappointed by this one Brookmyre s one of my favourite authors, but this was in my opinion his worst one to date.I don t quite know why mainly it felt like it took too long to get going, but I just didn t feel any sympathy for the characters, the situation, etc And while I like the idea of the gameworlds, for me a lot of it just didn t gel.Maybe I need to re read it, now I ve got the main thing in my head, so I ll see nuance, humour I don t know But for me right now, it wasn t a [...]

    10. I truly can t recall how this book got onto my to read pile I think, I intended to start reading the author s Jack Parlabane series, but couldn t find Quite Ugly One Morning and settled for this one I m glad I did.First, if you re not a computer gamer of have never been a gamer you re going to miss a lot of the story Computer gaming is a necessary context.Prose is good Dialog is better than action sequences Note most of the dialog, particularly the protagonist s inner dialog, is in Scottish Engl [...]

    11. A bit of a change of direction for Christopher Brookmyre It appears he must have tired of being Scotland s Carl Hiaasen as his last couple of books have been much straight crime novels which suggest he s instead casting about to become Glasgow s Ian Rankin This book, on the other hand, is a first attempt to turn his hand to science fiction Sort ofIt s about a man who unaccountably finds himself trapped inside a computer game or as becomes apparent as the story goes on, a vast interconnected wor [...]

    12. I picked this up when I saw it in a bookstore as I d really enjoyed his A Tale Etched in Blood and Hard Black Pencil a few years ago Since that was a mystery, I d assumed this was too, and I suppose it is in a sense, but really it is much science fiction.Ross Baker works as a scientist developing medical technology for the large corporation Neurosphere at their Stirling offices He works hard, but doesn t feel appreciated, and his work drive has put a strain on his relationship with his girlfrie [...]

    13. Brookmyre has been playing round with various genre for some time now thrillers, police procedurals and most recently in Pandaemonium the haunted house meets teen slasher flick Here he ventures into science fiction, so it appears, but I see it as an odyssey, as a quest to a new life.Ross Baker, smart guy IT industry geek finds himself stuck in Gameverse after a trial of a new medical scanner the company he works for is developing Being as he is a game player, he recognises the game as Starfire [...]

    14. As a fan of every other Brookmyre book, i was really looking forward to read this I was, however, also apprehensive it apparently wasn t his best work Hoping all the people i d heard that from were wrong, i jumped in with full optimism Oh well.Brookmyre s love of the games, the worlds, the terminology shines through, especially at the start, when the main character, Ross, wakes up, realises he s in a video game and starts figuring out how to play it from the inside I so easily felt Brookmyre s j [...]

    15. There probably is a great computer game novel waiting to be written, but this really isn t it.The villain is a caricature, the supporting characters exist almost solely to spout reams and reams of exposition, and the main character has virtually no notable characteristics beyond being something of a manchild And an idiot for the plot to work, he has to be exceptionally slow on the uptake, grasping two obvious facts way after he should have done I grant you that we don t know how quickly a comput [...]

    16. I found this frustrating to read because while I grasped the overall concept and plot, I was utterly lost in the details It s worth noting that at several points in the book the author essentially summarizes what had been going on up to that point, so perhaps even he knew how twisty and confusing the story was I noticed that, as the book progressed, there were and instances of info dumping which just became annoying because it never seemed to help me understand what was going on Certainly some [...]

    17. I loved this book It definitely won t hold the same charm for someone who doesn t game, but for someone with a knowledge of the joys and frustrations of gaming there are so many in jokes hidden away inside that will keep you chuckling and even laughing aloud throughout.The plot starts out simple, and for a while it s easy to think that this is just is just a daft book stuffed full of a bunch of cheap gamer gags However, the book actually moves on to a far complex plot that actually brings up so [...]

    18. While still enjoyable as CB s other works, this one was a lot harder for me to read Mostly because I have no gaming background whatsoever and the author doesn t dumb it down in regards to all IT talk And there is a LOT of both Once I got into the swing of it, I found myself quite caught up in the storyline and tried not to get too bogged down in the details of things I didn t quite get The last third was a lot faster paced and was a quicker read, although unusually for me I put this book down a [...]

    19. Inventive and genuinely thought provoking After two or less straight crime novels, as well as going back to being Christopher rather than Chris Brookmyre returns to the video games infused style of Pandaemonium Here, rather than the mayhem of a first person shooter erupting into the lives of a group of schoolkids, we have Ross, a put upon Dilbert type, projected into game space It s a fast faced, action filled adventure as the hapless engineer struggles against dim NPCs and treachery to try to [...]

    20. I am a dedicated Brookmyre fan and was interested to see how well he handled a departure from his usual thriller genre The idea was good and the structure, without giving too much away, becomes very effective as the end of the book is reached The protagonist is likeable and his world is well explained for the most part but, like some other reviewers, I found there was a lot of extraneous detail which just served to confuse matters Given the time shifts and occasional perspective shifts in the di [...]

    21. This book reminded me of reamde good, but nothing like the same level of the author s early work The ideas are interesting, but the hardcore scifi nerd in me would have liked him to go deeper into them The plot is vaguely formulatic The gut thinks it could have done with major work after the first draft If you are thinking about reading this author, then quite ugly one morning is fantastic, and recently his crime books set in glasgow and the unsinkable rubber ducks are pretty good too.

    22. Not entirely convinced by this odd conceptual fusion of Jasper Fforde and Iain M Banks much of the usual Brookmyre spark is muffled by having to continuously describe gamescapes and mechanisms in ways that non gamers can understand but that won t be entirely dull to those already in the know Throw in some painfully wedged in bits of author agenda we all hate Littlejohn and the Daily Mail, but the references in question were teenagely clunky in their execution and I was left underwhelmed on the w [...]

    23. I have enjoyed most of the author s books and I have read many of them several times However this did not work for me at all I think the main problem was that I have never played computer games whether in arcades, on PCs or consoles so many of the references and indeed the language in this book passed me by entirely Oh, well.

    24. I m a Brookmyre fan, but this book defeated me I ve never played computer simulation war games, and never want to That rules me out of understanding or caring about what is going on Gave up half way through.

    25. Not sure I liked the Scifi element in this book, quite apart from the fact that I have never gamed in my life, so that a lot of the book went way over my head Hope he goes back to his normal genre for the next book.

    26. originally posted at thebookplank 2014Christopher Brookmyre has always been an author on my to read list, I have read some humorous fiction from Orbit written by Tom Holt, The Portable Door and Christopher Moore, Lamb and plenty that really cracked me up An author similar to these was Christopher Brookmyre and I heard some very positive news about his books, he has established himself as a leading author over the past few years writing various detective books Bedlam is quite something different [...]

    27. One of the great clich s when ending a relationship is to say, it s not you, it s me , and I think where this novel is concerned it s probably true For me it took too long to get going and to clarify what was going on Some may enjoy the suspense created by this not knowing, but by a quarter of the way through I still didn t have a clue, and it was annoying me It did pick up in the middle when there was a large chunk of the story based in the cyber world, but even then I didn t really take to the [...]

    28. Ready Player One meets Edge of Tomorrow meets Tron meets Trainspotting ish well I say it s reminiscent of RP1 in that it references video games from decades past, but the writing is far slicker and funnier The only reason I say Trainspotting is that you can imagine it being read to you by Mark Renton with all the Scottish titbits of slang e.g ballbag, pish, etc.

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