Trick By Patricia Logan, Trick Wade is a throwaway forced into prostitution at fourteen and living on the mean streets of Los Angeles Nearly four years later and now calling himself Trick he s still struggling to survive While h
  • Title: Trick
  • Author: Patricia Logan
  • ISBN: 9781301735631
  • Page: 170
  • Format: ebook
  • Trick By Patricia Logan, Wade is a throwaway, forced into prostitution at fourteen and living on the mean streets of Los Angeles Nearly four years later, and now calling himself Trick, he s still struggling to survive While huddled in a doorway on a cold rainy morning, he thanks his lucky stars when an expensive Mercedes pulls up and rolls down a window.Phoenix, known as Master P, may be a big iWade is a throwaway, forced into prostitution at fourteen and living on the mean streets of Los Angeles Nearly four years later, and now calling himself Trick, he s still struggling to survive While huddled in a doorway on a cold rainy morning, he thanks his lucky stars when an expensive Mercedes pulls up and rolls down a window.Phoenix, known as Master P, may be a big intimidating Dom, but he has a soft spot for vulnerable young men When he sees a homeless kid trembling in the cold, he has to stop and pick him up What he finds is a boy with a naturally submissive nature and a damaged soul As he begins to train the boy at the online BDSM club where he s employed, DOMZ, they form a fast and explosive combination.When Trick begins to fall for his big Dom, Phoenix is forced to tell him that this is only play The resulting fallout will shake Phoenix to his very core Is this chance encounter doomed for failure or can the two men find a balance
    Trick By Patricia Logan,
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      170 Patricia Logan
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      International bestselling author Patricia Logan, resides in Los Angeles, California The author of several 1 bestselling erotic romances in English, Italian, French, and Spanish lives in a small house with a large family When she s not writing her next thriller romance, she s watching her grandchildren grow up way too soon, and raising kids who make her proud every day One of her favorite tasks is coaxing nose kisses from cats who insist on flopping on her keyboard while she types Married to a wonderful gentleman for 30 years, she counts herself lucky to be surrounded by people who love her and give her stories to tell every day.Become a fan of Patricia at authorpatricialoganEmail her at patricialoganthor yahoo She loves to hear from readers than anything and will respond to all emails.

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    1. This book has left me all of a quandary, because I loved it and hated it both at the same time, the concept is great but the content is all wrong I was totally engaged with the characters, Trick is an adorable innocent and Phoenix the all powerful Dom and I liked him, when really, I should actually hate him the problem being was Trick only swapping one evil for another seeconfused Trick, who s real name is Wade was thrown out of house and home at the age of 14 for being gay, which led him to liv [...]

    2. Laughably bad The very worst aspects of the BDSM and rent boy sub genres, without a single redeeming feature Appalling Should be an object lesson in how not to write m m anything at all, ever shakes head

    3. I was a bit torn with this one On one hand, I enjoyed most of it On the other, I was a bit disappointed I loved the idea Master P comes across Trick tricking and decides to save him and offer him a chance at a better life Unfortunately, things become a bit far fetched at this point Master P does give him a place to stay, etc but offers Trick a job training as his sub on his employer s live video stream site There was quite a bit of bad bdsm behavior that also didn t sit very well with me That sa [...]

    4. Well I see a lot of great reviews for this book As far as the writing goes, it is good The sex is hot but I don t think it overcomes the horrible personal cost that Trick pays to have it The character of Trick is compelling Zack and Master P though are nothing but scummy pimps And self congratulatory one s at that It boggles the mind that Cassidy doesn t make the same connection in this book That he doesn t see it and call them on it ruins his character for me now too Trick has no options He is [...]

    5. As pure Pretty Woman type but in the MM variety this hits the spot Loved Wade Trick and how he could seem innocent after everything he has gone through The DomZ thing is kind of cool and, after a bit of the book passed, I could see it in an online environment Although I make comparison to Pretty Woman this is not really a romance and there is really no HEA or even HFN I guess it s the hooker rent boy who has a rich but used to be poor guy pick him up and bring him to the Hills metaphorically spe [...]

    6. I am so glad that this is only the first book in this series It means I have to look forward to, and I am.For such a short story, Patricia Logan gave me a lot of information, but there was never an information dump What I got was a really heart warming story of two men who were not wanted by there family s.Wade, who was a homeless throwaway, and Phoenix, the man who saw so much potential in him The BDSM aspects were not over done, and it turned out to really just be a beautiful love story.There [...]

    7. this book was great I loved it fall in love with both characters from first but did felt as if the book was to short I was enjoying it so much

    8. Wade est un prostitu , forc de faire ce travail depuis l ge de quatorze ans et vivant dans les rues de Los Angeles Pr s de quatre ans plus tard, et maintenant s tant lui m me surnomm Trick, il a encore du mal survivre Bien blotti contre une porte, par un matin froid et pluvieux, il remercie sa bonne toile quand une Mercedes co teuse s arr te pr s de lui que la fen tre s abaisse.Phoenix, connu comme Master P, est peut tre un grand Dom intimidant, mais il a un faible pour les jeunes hommes vuln ra [...]

    9. Yet again another fantastic book by Patrica Logan Wade or Trick as he calls himself has been thrown out of his home for being gay and has been living as a prostitute in LA for 4 years I know that this REALLY does happen and I spent the whole book just wanting to give the boy a huge hug and make everything better, fortunately Phoenix or Master P is doing the same thing I love the interactions between the two as Trick adjusts to the idea of someone just being nice and it s good being back inside D [...]

    10. This is the first book in a series of novellas taking place at DOMZ, a business making money from streaming sub training sessions over the internet An interesting idea, and subtly different from just porn , but that is a matter of semantics The fact is that, from what I have seen in this first book, the series is still about boys who get paid to have sex except it is on camera, not in the streets or some seedy motel However, that is just what happens on the surface Underneath it all, as always, [...]

    11. I am very torn on this novella I wanted to like the story of a prostitute who is helped by a dom but I didn t feel very good reading it As a reader of BDSM, it really felt like Trick Wade was pushed into online BDSM for sale from his prostitution It made it feel that the BDSM was a form of porn to me I would have felt better about this story if Wade had been offered a receptionist job at DOMZ and then after witnessing some BDSM scenes and being turned on asked to explore it with Master P Instead [...]

    12. I started with the cover art, loving the slender submissive male on the cover I was touched how she began the book with a poem, a beautiful one at that I immediately connected with and cared for Trick, standing in the rain, hoping to find a customer I was in love when I got to chapter 2 and read the first pages in Master P s perspective he was an dominant I could believe in As the book unfolds, as does Master P s plan, I love to see how he cared for Trick and how sweet it was when he used Trick [...]

    13. I really really like Trick Wade He has been hurt and badly but Phoenix is there to help him For the first time ever he feels cared for and for someone so in need of love that is great I recommend this but only to those who enjoy all different aspects of the BDSM genre Phoenix and Wade encompass all sides, from the rough to the gentle, but the relationship doesn t progress much until the second book.

    14. Why aren t people reading this series I know it s only the first book but I just loved it Not 5 star love but a very solid 4 God, I wanna take Trick Wade home and keep him Kinky smexing, BDSM, hot Dom, what could a girl want

    15. She has written an absolutely fascinating book that looks at a side of life that most people don t want to know about with characters that you can t help but root for I can t wait until the next book in the series comes out

    16. Trick has been living on the streets since his family discovered his sexual orientation He has had to make do with selling himself to men and woman to be able to survive He doesn t know when his next meal is coming or where he will lay his head next He only knows that he must survive One rainy morning, while huddling under an alcove avoiding the rain, he is approached by Phoenix Master P is immediatley drawn to the young man he picked up in the streets He sees something in the young man and he i [...]

    17. My heart and soul went out to Wade he will NEVER be trick to me , I fully realise that this is fiction but that is the beauty of Patricia Logan s books the characters become real Wade believes himself to have no value, he is to be used and discarded he doesn t like it, but that s his life Master P shows Wade his true worth and what a tear filled journey it was My heart broke so many times and then mended by Master P s show of tender loving care and how Wade blossomed under his care Must admit th [...]

    18. Slightly a little too pat the trust issue between Trick and Phoenix never got explored there was no real backstory for either of them apart from being thrown out of home when they each came out to their families and there was no build up explanation of why they should feel good about each other Not bad, but could have been expanded Maybe I ll learn in the next two episodes

    19. Recensione presente sul sito romanticamentefantasy Con questo libro, inizia la serie Master s Boys composta da sette libri in totale di Patricia Logan Per un po come tornare a casa, perch l ambientazione la stessa di Catene d argento uscito qui in Italia pochi mesi fa il DOMZ.Ogni libro della serie avr come protagonista uno dei DOM del club on line di Zach e il suo SUB.Protagonisti di questo primo libro sono Master P, un dominatore con la passione per i sottomessi giovani e carini, e Trick, un p [...]

    20. REVIEWED FOR PRISM BOOK ALLIANCEThis book is set back in DOMZ which I just read about in Silver Ties.When Wades parents found out he was gay at the tender age of 14 they threw him out on the street with 10 dollars in his pocket For the last four years he has lived on the streets and turned to prostitution to survived really he is only just surviving.When Phoenix told his parents he was gay they were fine about it When he tried to explain his involvement in the BDSM lifestyle he was told to go an [...]

    21. La Logan sempre un ottima autrice Capisco i genitori di Wade che, essendo di chiesa, hanno cacciato il figlio perch gay ma i genitori di Ivan non li capisco.Voglio dire, va bene che il figlio sia gay ma il fatto che patrica BDSM come un disonore assurdo Sembrava pi una scusa per cacciare il figlio.Ernie non l ho sopportato dal primo secondo che lo hanno fatto vedere, era troppo servizievole troppo remissivo Ci lo so che un sub deve portar rispetto a i Dom ecc ma lui era a un livello esagerato di [...]

    22. 1 1.5 starsTricks is 18 and living on the streets, selling his body to survive Master Phoenix picks him up one night and decides to train him to be a sub for the online webstreaming company he works for domzThe idea had merit, but the execution sorely lacked Master P was without a doubt one of the worst doms I have ever read and dear lord, free me from all knowing doms who will negate other peoples opinions, because they apparently know better I think the lack of length harmed this story a lot i [...]

    23. Kind of a mixed book for me It has the whole Pretty Woman thing BDSM style going on with a hot Dom taking a young hooker in I m really not sure how I feel about taking someone outside of the lifestyle who has nothing and offer then food, housing, and affection for doing online BDSM porn The fact the Trick really liked the BDSM part is the only thing keeping Phoenix from being a complete user Him taping each session just felt like he was using Trick especially considering Phoenix doesn t want a r [...]

    24. I m sorry to say I was not too impressed I do like a lot of Patricia Logan s writing but this one did not make the grade for me.I felt that the story didn t flow and I did not buy the quick fall into BDSM that was portrayed for Trick I also REALLY disliked the view spoiler fact that after Trick has a very profound emotional reaction to their session, Phoenix decides that he needs to DISTANCE himself What s up with that I thought the DOM was supposed to take care of his sub not walk out and leave [...]

    25. The sequels did not pan out for me, at all These were not my kind of BDSM M M romance stories.Originally written on March 8, 2013 I am going to wait to rate this one until the sequel s comes out Apparently the MCs weigh heavily in the series to come and we got a HFN instead of a HEA, and to be perfectly honest, in a book like this, I need for our MCs to have their HEA together to be happy and satisfied.

    26. Ewwww Pretty Woman ish where instead of the whore getting married and driving off into the sunset, the hero client becomes the pimp and thinks because he s cleaned up the client base, he s doing the poor slut a favour.

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