Layover Rules

Layover Rules By Kate Dawes, Layover Rules From the New York Times bestselling author of the FADE series comes an all new stand alone novel Blair Dyson found her dream man the sexy wealthy and powerful Trevor Baker a real life version of all
  • Title: Layover Rules
  • Author: Kate Dawes
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  • Page: 495
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  • Layover Rules By Kate Dawes, From the New York Times bestselling author of the FADE series, comes an all new stand alone novel.Blair Dyson found her dream man the sexy, wealthy and powerful Trevor Baker a real life version of all the alpha males she read about in countless romance novels.But the relationship is nothing like those books led her to believe it would be, and now she wants out A stunniFrom the New York Times bestselling author of the FADE series, comes an all new stand alone novel.Blair Dyson found her dream man the sexy, wealthy and powerful Trevor Baker a real life version of all the alpha males she read about in countless romance novels.But the relationship is nothing like those books led her to believe it would be, and now she wants out A stunning discovery of one of Trevor s secrets gives her the push she needs to make the final break.Free of Trevor, she vows to focus on her rapidly advancing career and to put men to the side for a while.Then Sam Vonn, an acquaintance from Blair s past, enters her life again, just at the wrong time.Or could it be the right time A casual arrangement with Sam might be exactly what Blair needs as she reclaims her life.Before long, she finds keeping things casual with Sam complicated than she expected, and erasing Trevor from her life difficult than she hoped.
    Layover Rules By Kate Dawes,
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      495 Kate Dawes
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    1. Kate Dawes

      New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of contemporary erotic romance

    208 thoughts on “Layover Rules”

    1. One of my favorite things about this book besides Sam Vonn was the fact that Blair and her friend Alicia were avid readers and they had book boyfriends that sort of clouded their real world outlook Blair thought she had found the man of her dreams in Trevor who reminded her of all the rich dominant alpha males that she had read about in the erotic romances that she had read It was clear that the author was hinting at the bestselling books by E.L James and Sylvia Day and the hot men that almost a [...]

    2. Anyone who has read the Fade trilogy knows what an excellent author Kate Dawes is However, if you were expecting this book to be along the same lines as Max and Olivia s exploits, you are in for a shock This book is, as you would expect, brilliantly written Sam and Blair are great characters and their relationship will have you screaming at the book for them to open their eyes and sod the rules

    3. I am putting this one aside Maybe I ll try to finish it later, but I m just not connecting with it in any way, so probably not.

    4. This book starts with Blair in a relationship with Trevor Trevor is an alpha rich man who likes to dominate her in the bedroom Blair is initially turned on by this man, because she likes to read about these alpha males just like I do So she gets into a relationship with him, but quickly realizes that it s not all it s cracked up to be in the books Trevor is good at saying the right things and turning on the heat in the bedroom, but he doesn t open up to her emotionally and that leaves her feelin [...]

    5. I had the extreme honor of beta reading for Kate I would like to say how truly amazing this story was, all books today are usually about Rockstars, underground fighting, the rich playboy, the bad boy But this, was truly unlike anything I ve read And boy, was it hilarious I constantly was laughing my ass off Literally Sam and Blair had such a humor It was great Poor Blair went through so much with her ex Trevor, she deserved to have happiness and find someone who would treat her the way she deser [...]

    6. Let me just begin by saying that it was a great story and well written However I was a little disappointed I love me some alpha bdsm male and I felt like this author was harshly criticizing the notion Trevor was a huge part of this book yet the author failed to explain why he acted the way he did I know that someone doesn t need to have a reason to be a criminal but his actions toward Blair were so outrageous that I can t see someone going to that length for no apparent reason I wanted some back [...]

    7. Total 50 CentsPlot 8 Oh, this book turned the thought of alpha males upside down for me It is s a story about the other side of that story It s about finding, or re finding, someone when the time is right It is about thinking you know someone, or a type of person, and then having that blown completely out of the water The story is wonderfully colorful, original and so enjoyable.Main Characters 5 I loved Blair She s smart, ambitious, hilarious, spontaneous and has a morality that I really liked N [...]

    8. I really enjoyed Kate Dawes s Fade series, but I didn t like this book AT ALL It reminded me so much of Wanted by Kimberley Knight, and no, that s not a good thing I ended up flicking through the book as quickly as I could just to finish it, as I hate to pay for a book and abandon it.This book tells the story of washed up baseball star cum sport s broadcaster, Sam, and store window designer, Blair, who met years previously when Sam was married, and shopping where Blair was a personal shopper Fas [...]

    9. Blair is in a relationship with Trevor but the relationship isn t working out Trevor is into BDSM and Blair is tired of giving up control She is not a good submissive Trevor is no Christian Grey, he s a creep And I applaud the author for making him a creep or everyone would have fallen for him and never given Sam a chance Blair runs into Sam in a airport when he rescues her luggage from being caught in a revolving door Blair realizes she knows Sam from her days as a stylish but Sam does not reme [...]

    10. I am so glad I read this book I thought it would be long, but it was a page turner First I loved Claire, strong, Independent, and in a not healthy relationship with Trevor Trevor was an investor who took the dominance role in the sac and kept quiet about himself personally, and professionally.Claire loved her job and traveled a lot for business One of her business trips she is reunited with a Baseball player she styled at Barney s 8 years ago She disguises herself as she is still in a very bad r [...]

    11. You think you want an alpha male boyfriend Really Layover Rules will make you second guess that idea Blair has spent the last year of her life submitting to a rich, alpha male It s all very 50 Shades but there is the side of this type of arrangement that people don t talk about The loss of self, the loss of identity Blair is experiencing that in spades She has had it with Trevor Baker and just wants out of the arrangement That s when Blair runs into Sam, who she used to have as a client when she [...]

    12. I am a fan of Kate Dawes and the Fade series, so this book doesn t disappoint It is a well written story with a bit of a twist on the romance I loved how Blair and her friend were romance book hounds like my friend and I.Blair needs out of her relationship with Trevor, the man she thought she wanted, but turned out to be nothing like she expected During a business trip Blair tries to figure out a way to end things with Trevor, so her mind is all over the place as she bumps into Sam.Sam Von is a [...]

    13. 1st let me say, I am giving this 3 stars, because I felt it lackBut in many way I like it too I just wish Ms Kate Dawes would had spent time dealing with and explaining who Trevor really wasIn one point in the book, Blair was thinking about Trevor childhood background, and it seen like it was a sad one, it would had been interesting at least for me to have know about who Trevor wasSpecially when the plot of this whole story was about Blair and her lack of confidence into relationships when it [...]

    14. This book sat on my kindle for waaaayyy too long I am sorry I did not read it sooner It was excellent It would have been better without all of the information about Trevor, but even that had a purpose.Blair is a recovering chubby girl that runs into Sam Vonn, retired baseball player Sam and Blair have met before, but he does not recall Sam and Blair begin a relationship and Blair decides that they should only be together on layovers And we end up with Layover Rules Personally, I think that havin [...]

    15. I thoroughly ENJOYED this book It is an original story with a great meet for the MAIN characters Sam and Blair Now he s HOT I love the banter between them I like the relationship between Blair and her best friend Alicia I personally do not need to know about Trevor Who cares He crafted himself after the BDSM books he kept under lock and key Blah Blah Blah I feel the author covered every aspect of Blair s life from why the hesitation for a new relationship, the friends, her parents, her career w [...]

    16. This was a great stand a lone book I really enjoyed the back and forth between Sam and Claireoops Blaire Sam, a handsome wholesome baseball player turned broadcaster, met Blaire, a feisty store merchandiser, for the second time after their lives took dramatic turns to leave them both single Blaire looking to take charge if her life decided to take charge of a love affair with Sam, hence the layover rules This a fun quirky book that was unexpectedly charming I am looking forward to books from Da [...]

    17. I am struggling to stay awake with this book I m about a third of the way through it, and having to force myself to continue I really enjoyed the Fade series, so I looked forward to this book It is BORING so far.A few pages after writing the above, finally the book starts getting better or my second glass of Moscoto makes it seem better I just finished the book Once it started getting interesting, it continued It is actually a good story, just a really slow start.

    18. I hate to say it but God this is a boring book According to my Nook it has 643 pages, that s about 500 too many It s pretty bad when I m making my grocery list in my head while reading Sad but true

    19. I am a Kate Dawes fan This was a realistic story of 2 people falling for each other I m a little spoiled, but I really like the idea of epilogues at the end of stories Especially when the stories seem a little unfinished at the end.

    20. I really enjoyed this book and other Kate Dawes stories.I know it is part of the final drama but I kept yelling at the book Just tell him already I loved the humor between them too and the book references between the two girls.

    21. All of my recent reads have been about this amazing alpha male This book is opposite and makes you think hmmm maybe alpha males aren t so prefect Sam and Blaire are so cute and lovable This book made me laugh and smile through out Great fast read

    22. I really enjoyed the book However, it did get annoying how often she referred to Trevor Other than that a good quick read.

    23. 2.5 stars i have high expectations from this book esp its from kate dawes as compared to fade series Layover rules fell flat for me

    24. I really enjoyed this book I don t give 5 stars only because I felt that the characters weren t as much developed as it should I would like to read a follow up book.

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