Ei mitään uutta idän pikajunasta

Ei mitään uutta idän pikajunasta By Magnus Mills Eva Siikarla, Ei mit n uutta id n pikajunasta Hykerrytt v n hauska ja hiipiv n kammottava romaaniEnglantilainen Magnus Mills kirjoittaa mustan huumorin kyll st mi romaaneja joista ei kannata liikaa kertoa etuk teen Niinp me kerromme vain t m n E
  • Title: Ei mitään uutta idän pikajunasta
  • Author: Magnus Mills Eva Siikarla
  • ISBN: 9789510244050
  • Page: 400
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Ei mitään uutta idän pikajunasta By Magnus Mills Eva Siikarla, Hykerrytt v n hauska ja hiipiv n kammottava romaaniEnglantilainen Magnus Mills kirjoittaa mustan huumorin kyll st mi romaaneja, joista ei kannata liikaa kertoa etuk teen.Niinp me kerromme vain t m n Ei mit n uutta id n pikajunasta kertoo pienest englantilaisesta j rvikaupungista, jonne kertoja saapuu lomailemaan moottoripy r ll n H n aikoo viipy siell viikon ennenHykerrytt v n hauska ja hiipiv n kammottava romaaniEnglantilainen Magnus Mills kirjoittaa mustan huumorin kyll st mi romaaneja, joista ei kannata liikaa kertoa etuk teen.Niinp me kerromme vain t m n Ei mit n uutta id n pikajunasta kertoo pienest englantilaisesta j rvikaupungista, jonne kertoja saapuu lomailemaan moottoripy r ll n H n aikoo viipy siell viikon ennen kuin l htee Intiaan Mutta kun leirint alueen omistaja Tommy Parker pyyt h nt palveluksena maalaamaan porttinsa, kertoja tekee el m ns virheen h n suostuu.
    Ei mitään uutta idän pikajunasta By Magnus Mills Eva Siikarla,
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      400 Magnus Mills Eva Siikarla
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      Magnus Mills Eva Siikarla Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Ei mitään uutta idän pikajunasta book, this is one of the most wanted Magnus Mills Eva Siikarla author readers around the world.

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    1. another on my daughter s Uni list which I fancy reading before she goes back this Sunday funny, unsettling, strange and mundane at the same timeI don t think I m giving too much away to say that it starts with our hero about to embark on a trip to India, possibly on the Orient express, but he never actually leaves the area he s been camping in, the UK Lake District The campsite owner asks him if he d like to do a paint job for him, and as he s not in a hurry he accepts From then on he gets caugh [...]

    2. If Evelyn Waugh and Alan Garner had collaborated on the book on which the script for Wicker Man was based, this may be the result.A hard one to shelve, as it turns out Gothic, but modern and quite light Funny, but not in a humorous way Weird, but not fantastic, eerie but without anything sinister I ve rarely come across an author who can so successfully create an atmosphere without ever showing a concrete reason for it The book that was tugging at the edges of my memory the most was Evelyn Waugh [...]

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    4. It isn t true to say, as the blurb does, that Mills invented the Kafkaesque novel of work singlehandedly Paul Auster might feasibly claim this, specifically the burdensome wall building in The Music of Chance I suspect that Kafka would regard his own handling of work in something like The Castle to be an earlier origin still, and that would leave Kafkaesque novel of work as a tautology Mills debt to Auster is evident in his constant use of first person picaresque narrators, usually innocents in [...]

    5. I liked the characters in this novel This is my favourite set out of the three tomes I have read by this author Having said that I can see a trend emerging here There are the workers, who tend to be deadpan, exploited by management, living in caravans, short of money, prone to killing people, hardworking and pub dwelling Then there are the managers who tend to be exploitative, money focused, gregarious and sinister Then we have the minor characters, who are a mixed bunch but tend to be private, [...]

    6. Review after first reading December 2008 When I read this book I never knew if it was just a funny and well written slapstick or a deep, profound and meaningful analogy for life, the universe and the rest I still don t know So I got two really good books for the price of one Consequently I would have to give ten stars.Review after second reading August 2011 Sometimes the usual praises on the first pages of a novel are worth reading Like in this case Mills has the skill to make his dialogue ring [...]

    7. A masterpiece Kafka would have been proud Wondering why I was reading this bizarre tale of everyday Lake District life, I kept waiting for something substantive to happen and when it did, it hit like a sledgehammer Rarely has a book had that impact A collision with my sensibilities and my world perception which lingered for an age afterwards I simply could not stop thinking about it Parable, metaphor, allegory, or shaggy dog story I simply don t know I spent the following month wondering how he [...]

    8. The protagonist in this story is an interesting character He stays on at a vacation spot well past the season and ends up taking on odd jobs for the owner He seems to need some direction in his life and apparently hopes to find it in this small town.

    9. One of the best books I ve ever read and I don t know why It s a story where nothing really happens but it keeps you entertained The last chapter is great LOVED IT.

    10. The usual brilliantly dark comedy we have come to expect from Magnus Mills He has a knack for building up tension without you realising how he s doing it right up to the last sinister sentence Fabulous stuff.

    11. 3 stars Well this book was a bit of an oddball I don t usually read this kind of fiction but this was lent out to me as a recommended read so I gave it my full attention.I ve got to say it was strangely readable despite the intentionally sparse dialogue and simple narrative style The author had a clever way of putting little odd things in here and there that made me want to keep reading till the end to find out if there were answers and there were At the very, very end To a few questions anyway. [...]

    12. Mills manages to conjure that atmosphere in which although very little of significance happens there is real tension throughout In that respect his writing reminds me of Pascal Garnier, another master of holding the reader s attention As to what genre it belongs to, I read Kafkaesque and gothic from some reviewers, but really it is all of its own It fringes on the noir certainly, and is black of humour There could not be a fitting backdrop than the hills and weather of the Lake District The All [...]

    13. This one is between two and three stars for me The dialogue was simple and funny It had a natural rhythm to it That s a bit understated actually The dialogue really stood out as a strength Better than most novels I ve read Part of the whole shtick of the book is that not too much happens It is first person and you never learn the narrators name He submits to everyone s wishes for him and forgoes all his own ambitions and desires to please other people At first you just think he is nice, but then [...]

    14. I first read a Mills book The Scheme for Full Employment a few years ago and loved it in fact I read it twice This book is very similar Very droll, ironic and themed around contrived circumstances where money is replaced by doing things for the sake of them.The prose is similarly pedestrian On paper then this sounds like a rather dull book but it s almost hypnotic in its ability to draw you in, and keep the pages turning as you wonder where it will all lead.Like one of my other favourite authors [...]

    15. This books is rather wonderful.Minimalist gothica at its finest a book about an unnamed man, slowly being enveloped into a quietly foreboding life he hasn t chosen People have commented that nothing really happens, and that is part of the joy But there is a beautifully subtle twist, near the end it s so understated that I wondered if I d read it wrong, or understood it incorrectly, but there s a single line that changes everything.

    16. I had so much fun re reading this one Even though I vaguely remembered the stunner at the end, it was much funnier than I recalled Very similar to The Restraint of Beasts, but much light hearted Loved it.

    17. Sjonge, als je het verhaal van een sukkel wilt lezen, dan is dit het juiste boek Hoe iemand zijn leven kan vergooien door geen beslissingen te nemen en alles over zich heen te laten komen Het lijkt we een ambulance Doe dit, doe dat Hij doet het allemaal en wil niet toegeven dat hij een sukkel is.Ondanks de soms toch detaillistische beschrijving, die je ook langdradig zou kunnen noemen, heb ik het toch vlot uitgelezen Twee sterren voor de ergernis over het besluiteloze karakter ken ik toe.

    18. It is a well written book and it started well Then it went further on until I wanted every person in the story to die a painful death Then it went on some All in the space of 200 pages.On the other hand, if you find yourself frequently saying yes to others even when it inconveniences you, skip the self help section and read this one Kind of makes you never want to do that again.Also, I have a strange feeling that if you like Kafka you might like this one I very much don t like Kafka, so.

    19. Clearly an acquired taste, but it lost me Yes, I did enjoy passages of the book but there was vast sections where frankly all you could do was suspend disbelief.A cerebral clusterfuck

    20. More Kafkaesque than Mills first novel a key theme is the English desire not to cause a fuss, and perhaps subtlety the gap between people s declared plans and ambitions and the humdrum of their daily life that they are prepared to accept Interestingly at the end the main character find many of his tasks have been the result of a bet while his predecessor returns Marco instead of Mark implying a Southern cockier form of Englishness, and a very different character taking advantage of the locals r [...]

    21. Picked it up on a whim from the used books rack at the library and was very pleasantly surprised From a plot perspective, this is a difficult book to describe because it could easily be dismissed as uneventful or plodding and it s anything but Here are a couple of reviews that match my sentiments And it says something about Mills s prowess as a writer that he can turn such an unpromising subject as a young man lingering in such a place after a holiday, doing a few odd jobs and playing in the dar [...]

    22. He s a bit of a handyman Or, at least, so Mr Parker seems to think No matter, he ll soon be on that train to India from these wet lakeland fells Just as soon as he s finished that little job Mr Parker asked him to do It wasn t much of a holiday anyway As the tourists trickled away from the campsite, so did the sunshine, and the hot water, and the provisions at the local shop, and even the good beer Still, there seemed to be plenty of work, to take his mind of these minor disappointments as much [...]

    23. Just as in his first novel, The Restraint of Beasts, Magnus Mills creates an unnamed, stoic protagonist of little words I enjoyed this book very much The main character s hapless adventures and unlikely falling into a series of jobs and bosses and debts and such, all in a vacation spot in which he was camping, seemed almost normal What a strange little town this was, with debts and tabs being accrued and never paid until the end , a man wearing a crown, a multitude of green paint, and a milkman [...]

    24. A study of how one individual can blindly slip into bonded servitude through accident and inertia, of the mysterious mechanisms of a recognisable rural Britain, or of how a peculiarly British sense of obligation not to upset people can mask a psychopath even from themselves In short, I m not sure what to make of this blackly funny, tragic and faintly disturbing tale of non travel.The moral of the tale is clearly to exercise assertiveness and volition but beyond that Magnus Mills does a superb jo [...]

    25. Bland, deadpan narrator is just about to pack up his tent in England s Lake District for a trip to India, when he gets asked by the campground owner to paint a fence green This project leads to an increasingly mundane pileup of other odd jobs, until you notice his India trip is out of the question and guess, just guess.Although a lot of folks compare this with Kafka, I think it works as a wonderfully inbred stepson of The Third Policeman, complete with a lukewarm hell is other people menace and [...]

    26. Yet another deadpan rendering of the mundane raised to unlikely proportions Mills has the talent to take what seems the everyday, routine of life and spin it into a golden thread of wild imagination Something so run of the mill as a man taking a holiday in the Lake District who then, as the holiday ends, becomes and entangled by first one dreary task and then another before he is trapped, like a fly in a web It is a dark tale filled with disquieting moments A sense of foreboding is stretched o [...]

    27. Expect no journeys to Eastern Europe in All Quiet on the Orient Express I will give very little away if I say that the narrator finishing his last few days of his camping holiday in the Lakes never departs Blessed or cursed with a dab hand for odd jobs and a good nature, the hapless holidaymaker little by little finds himself put to work and unable to escape the mysterious village community where he finds himself stuck Not one for fancy descriptions, Mills instead combines a great ear for dialog [...]

    28. I d only ever read MM s The Restraint of Beasts, and had enjoyed that a lot, with its story of the everyday turning weird for a few ordinary blokes stuck in a particular situation This book revisits similar territory the un named narrator, an unassuming bloke in his late twenties early thirties, is killing a bit of time before setting off on a trip to India, and is camping in the Lake District The owner of the campsite suggests he do a few odd jobs around his farm, and suddenly our narrator is f [...]

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