The Soul Fixer

The Soul Fixer By D.M.Mitchell, The Soul Fixer Susan and Paul Carmichael s world is devastated when a small time burglar and drug addict Eddie Hull brutally murders their only child young student Becky Carmichael Consumed by grief they both st
  • Title: The Soul Fixer
  • Author: D.M.Mitchell
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  • Page: 293
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Soul Fixer By D.M.Mitchell, Susan and Paul Carmichael s world is devastated when a small time burglar and drug addict, Eddie Hull, brutally murders their only child, young student Becky Carmichael.Consumed by grief, they both struggle to come to terms with their tremendous loss Their fragile relationship under mounting pressure, Susan begins to have dreams about her daughter She is convinced theseSusan and Paul Carmichael s world is devastated when a small time burglar and drug addict, Eddie Hull, brutally murders their only child, young student Becky Carmichael.Consumed by grief, they both struggle to come to terms with their tremendous loss Their fragile relationship under mounting pressure, Susan begins to have dreams about her daughter She is convinced these are not ordinary dreams Becky is calling out to her for help But this revelation only serves to drive a further wedge between the grieving couple.In desperation, Susan trawls a number of so called psychics, but is bitterly disappointed by charlatans and fraudsters When she finally starts to accept that the dreams are a natural part of the grieving process, she is meets the mysterious Silas Blake.He tells her things no one else knows about Becky Tells her that Becky s soul is trapped and cannot move on, and that there is an island in the Hebrides called Connalough Point where they will be able to help her Paul is naturally sceptical, but agrees to go to the island for the sake of their marriage.They discover Connalough Point is a very secretive place, and every precaution is taken to ensure no one outside learns about its existence Here they meet Helen Blake, Silas s wife, and the dour MacLeod brothers.They also meet the soul fixer But slowly they discover the shocking secrets of Connalough Point, the real reasons they are there With events spiralling down into deceit, terror and murder, it quickly becomes not only a battle for survival, but the steep path to a devastating truth
    The Soul Fixer By D.M.Mitchell,
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      293 D.M.Mitchell
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      D M Mitchell has been compared to Ruth Rendell, Martina Cole, Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Linwood Barclay, Dickens and even the Bronte sisters This wide array of writing styles is appropriate though Mitchell is known for his psychological thrillers, he is determined that each of them will be different, so they might be set in different eras, may be straightforward thrillers or have a supernatural or horror twist, and he avoids like the plague the standard and unimaginative serial killer format You ll find he uses different styles of writing to suit different types of books it also keeps him from getting boredD M Mitchell was born into a small mining community in Yorkshire, England His career advisor said he had two options go down the mines or become a policeman Being scared of the dark and never having much meat on his bones, he declined both and in his early years bounced like a pinball from job to job warehouses, cinema projectionist, market trader, salesman you get the picture He sort of made a success of himself and now lives in a money pit of a cottage in a tiny village in the cream tea heart of the South West of England.His first remembered attempt at pushing the boundaries of creative writing was during a school lesson at the age of nine Titled simply Rain his proud masterpiece began with It started to rain then there followed eight pages of nothing but the words pitter patter , concluding with and then it stopped It was handed over and duly reviewed by his brick wall of a teacher, whose eyebrows flickered up and down ominously, his cheeks flushing bright red, before declaring it total rubbish He tore it up into ribbons, showered him with his first, and no doubt only tickertape ceremony, and gave him a meaty slap around the head they could do that sort of thing in 1967 He made him write I will not write stupid things for eight pages for eight pages Thus he learnt a number of valuable early lessons the meaning of irony, writing is very subjective, everyone s a critic, and no one likes a smart arse.He persevered, his first novel appearing in 1986 and disappearing into the attic the same year It s still up there Many manuscripts later he used to save the piles of rejection slips to paper his bare walls So the adage is, keep at it, in these times of economic depression you ll soon have the house fully redecorated Nowadays, writing is the one thing he feels totally comfortable with, except perhaps for a cup of Horlicks on a cold winter s night when the rain goes pitter patter against the window panes there it is again.Characterisation is an important and noticeable aspect of all Mitchell s novels It allows him to be whoever he wants to be when he gets fed up of being himself, which is quite often So too is a sense of mystery and the exploration of the darker side to humanity There are always strong elements of a complex puzzle to be solved in a D M Mitchell novel, many disparate parts ultimately coming together, tragedy and comedy sitting side by side As in life, nothing is as it first seems He takes a keen interest in history, a thread which runs through his writing, whether it s the 1960s or 1970s, as in Max and Pressure Cooker , or the Victorian 1880s, as in The House of the Wicked.His favourite novelists include Barry Unsworth, Thomas Hardy, John Steinbeck and Graham Swift Top two favourite historical books Culloden, by John Prebble and The Face of Battle by John Keegan He also collects first edition novels and takes a keen interest in anything old, tatty and in need of love and restoration His wife says he needs to get out .He has three grown children and also enjoys photography, painting and walking the Blackdown Hills with his wife and an overly excitable Border Terrier or is that an overly excitable wife and a Border Terrier One of the two.He d like to thank his growing legion of fans for allowing him to practice being

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    1. I am becoming a bit of a fan of this author I have read and thoroughly enjoyed a fair few of his books They have all been psychological thrillers but each has been very different in its own way.What is consistent throughout all the books has been the quality of the writing This book, like the others I have read, contains characters that are real, ones that you care about like, hate, feel sorry for and the ones that you aren t too sure ofThe descriptive passages compliment the story perfectly and [...]

    2. This is the first book I ve read by this author and it was great About 80% through and I thought I knew WHAT was going to happen but I had to keep reading because I wanted to see HOW it happened I was surprised The last few chapters are explosive Things keep changing up at a quick pace, not so quick that you cannot keep up but so quick that you breath starts catching in your throat If you liked the movies Shutter Island and 6th Sense then you will like this book It was an easy read in that I did [...]

    3. Very poor plotting overall It started well but dropped considerably in quality after the opening Ending was flagged from well out and the extraneous supernatural aspects of the plot were, at times, a way for the author to get out of a bind I would be very reluctant to read another book by the same author It is going into the Ignore collection on my Kindle.

    4. The description and creepy cover attracted me to this book The psychological thriller label is very apt, as Susan s journey starts from a place of grief over her murdered daughter At the ominous mention of Conolaugh Point, the reader knows that Susan s journey will turn into something unexpected, which it did What she experiences at the island is indeed a horror thriller full of unpredictable twists and turns.

    5. Plenty going for it Good start, interesting end, a generous littering of unexpected twists throughout to keep me on my toes Well written, with well drawn characters, too Occasionally, though, things did venture a little too far into the absurd and I just couldn t immerse myself in it fully.

    6. Great story with surprising ending.This book has a lot of twists and turns, but totally engrossing It needs to be made into a movie.

    7. Loved it This is a book that was not predicrable It had me on edge and I didn t put it down Thank you, Mr Mitchell This would be an outstanding movie

    8. Another great book from D.M Mitchell After the shocking murder of their daughter, Susan and Paul Carmichael are trying to put their lives back together Susan starts having dreams where the daughter is trying to reach her, and goes through the rounds of psychics with no good results Then a stranger comes to her and tells her things about her daughter that no one else could know The couple end up going to a secret island, where they hope to contact the daughter and get some peace of mind But somet [...]

    9. A good readThe Soul Fixer is a good story, especially read on a dreary, dismal day Mr Mitchell is a great story teller, he unfolds an errie tale set in the Scottish out islands that draw you in among their ancient ruins and the lore that envelopes them A good ghost story mixed in with some thrilling twist and turns I will read by this author.

    10. I enjoyed this book quite a lot The whole story revolves around Susan and Paul Carmichael whose only child, college aged daughter, Becky Is brutaly murdered in her bed during a surprise visit home Much of story is devoted to Susan s devistating grief, dreams of Becky searching for a medium to contact her decised daughter.

    11. Great readThis thriller kept me thoroughly entertained I usually read multiple books at the same time but, just couldn t with this one Just when I came close to thinking that I d figured out something, another would be there until the first was revealed The characters are wonderfully thought out as well as the story line It s definitely worth reading again.

    12. A couple s young daughter is brutally murdered and the remorse and grief they feel is massive Then a man suggests an island retreat, where they can heal and meet with a damaged young girl who can speak with their daughter s spirit Now, things get really creepy

    13. A great read full of twists and turns that kept me guessing up till the very end This is the first novel I have read by this author and I highly recommend it to anyone that is looking for a new psychological thriller.

    14. Kind of entertaining with a predictable ending It s about a couple who has lost their teen daughter to murder who goes to an island to try to get through their grief and commune with her spirit Not bad, not great The book was free, so LOL.

    15. What a surprise ending I sure didn t see that coming The Soul Fixer is an extremely well written mystery paranormal that had me transfixed to my kindle Without reservation, I cam recommend this book.

    16. What a tale this is You are led through the story and given small, yet important clues What is actually going on cannot even be guessed There are a few errors, one in which the brother s names are mixed up, but nothing that makes it hard to follow.

    17. This reminded me of a M Night Shalamon movie I was so focused on what was going on, on the island That I totally missed the obvious As with most British novels, I thought it plodded on at a slow pace, so it takes some time to get through, bit it was worth it in the end.

    18. This has been one of the best and most spell binding books I have read in awhile Once I got started, I could not lay it down Just when you think you ve got it all figured out, there is yet to be another twist I plan on reading books by DM Mitchell.

    19. I really enjoyed The a Soul Fixer There are many twists and turns and turns and twists The ending was a total surprise and that makes for good reading I will be reading of D M, Mitchell s books.5 stars and easily recommended.

    20. Grabs your attention As with many British stories they just simmer along This book is hot from the start The story has twist and to keep you interested.I would recommend that you read the book and enjoy as I did.

    21. Solid plotBook had strong steady pace.I liked the mix of paranormal and reality Good strong ending that displays nice character development of the last one standing in this murder mystery.

    22. I m really starting to enjoy this author, This is the second book of his I ve read Just couldn t put it down, Highly recommend.

    23. This is a great, creepy mystery that reminded me why I loved D.M Mitchell s books in the first place.

    24. Book started out a little slow I will admit that I had it figured out about half way through book.Book picked up and then got better With all that I enjoyed book and would recommend to all.

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