Athena's Daughter

Athena's Daughter By Juli Page Morgan, Athena s Daughter Seven years ago Athena Hill made a hasty decision that hurt the two people she loves most only they don t know it Yet When Athena discovers she s pregnant after her blissful summer in England she i
  • Title: Athena's Daughter
  • Author: Juli Page Morgan
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Athena's Daughter By Juli Page Morgan, Seven years ago, Athena Hill made a hasty decision that hurt the two people she loves most, only they don t know it Yet.When Athena discovers she s pregnant after her blissful summer in England, she isn t too worried After all, she and Derek Marshall plan to get married anyway they d already be married if it wasn t for her visa expiring, sending her back to the StatesSeven years ago, Athena Hill made a hasty decision that hurt the two people she loves most, only they don t know it Yet.When Athena discovers she s pregnant after her blissful summer in England, she isn t too worried After all, she and Derek Marshall plan to get married anyway they d already be married if it wasn t for her visa expiring, sending her back to the States to apply for another one But when she calls Derek to tell him about their baby, a girl answers the phone a girl who tells Athena that she is Derek s fianc e When Athena s sister urges her to forget about a man who would use her and then toss her aside, she s conflicted But frightened by her sister s warnings that such a man might also try to take the baby from her, Athena enters into a hasty marriage of convenience with a man she doesn t love Seven years later, Athena is divorced and raising Derek s look alike daughter on her own and regretting not finding a way to tell Derek, even if she could reach him His once fledgling rock band is now a success and he s surrounded by security, making contact with him impossible Or so she thinks until the owner of the record store where she s manager books the band for a personal appearance Now she s face to face with Derek again, and he s furious He was never engaged to anyone else and has spent the past seven years thinking Athena ran out on him without a word Realizing she was played for a fool, and ashamed for keeping Derek s child from him, Athena knows she has to make right the colossal wrong she committed seven years ago.But breaking through Derek s anger at what he thinks was her callous abandonment of him is harder than Athena thought That anger is nothing compared to his reaction when she finally tells him about his child, and it destroys the loving connection they d re established.Now Athena s daughter has the father she always wanted and needed, and Derek is overjoyed to have his child in his life But even though there s still an undercurrent of passion and desire between Athena and Derek, he still treats her like someone he used to know Will he ever be able to forgive her for what she did, or have her past actions destroyed any chance of happiness with the man she still loves
    Athena's Daughter By Juli Page Morgan,
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    1. I loved Athena s Daughter I had every emotion while reading this book Athena was a good mother who was young, scared hurt and mad a bad decision Give the opportunity to make it better doesn t always present itself and when it does it still isn t all roses and sunshine However in between all those moments there are hints of lust and true love and even heart wrenching agony I don t really want to give any of the story away but this is a must read

    2. 4 SOLID STARS Athena s Daughter by Juli Page Morgan ARC provided in return for an honest review With trembling lips she stares into Derek s eyes eyes that were the same vivid blue as Elizabeth s Athena Chandler didn t plan for her life to be what it is today A 25 year old single mother with a daughter to the man who broke her heart, divorced from a man she never loved in a time when it was shunned The doubts still plague her about her choices after spending an amazing summer after high school in [...]

    3. Okay, even though this is on my to read shelf, I ve pretty much read this already.d trust me, you re gonna wanna read this, too, especially if you liked Juli s other rock n roll romance.I loved Athena s Daughter Athena is a warm, loving mother who made a mistake, and when the opportunity presents itself, tries to fix it Derek is the bad boy who yearns for what he and Athena once had but almost ruins everything becausehedoesn t want to make a mistake.So, do yourself a favor and read Athena s Daug [...]

    4. What a FANTASTIC story Juli Page Morgan s Athena s Daughter takes you back in time to the mid 70 s and immerses you in the heady excitement and gritty realism of a band that makes the leap from tiny venues to mega stardom The songs she references took me back in time The characters are so alive they leap off the page, as they unravel secrets and find forgiveness on their way to happily ever after How I wish this book came with a soundtrack

    5. So I ended up liking Athena s Daughter just as much as Juli Page Morgan s first novel Crimson and Clover, but for very different reasons Where CC was all about the bittersweet longing between young, starcrossed lovers a favorite theme of mine , Athena s Daughter was about forgiveness, reconciliation, and rekindling old flames that haven tquiteburnedoutt.Athena and Derek, once engaged to be married, have ended up an ocean apart thanks to some understandable miscommunication What neither of them k [...]

    6. This is a very good story I enjoyed almost every bit of it I loved the characters and they were well developed and very interesting The other band members and the manager were so very likeable and I hope to see books about them The story line was excellent.I wasn t thrilled that Derek could not easily get over the betrayal of his daughter which I did not consider a betrayal at all but I guess that is what makes the story It seems Derek was always pretty open and honest with Athena about his fee [...]

    7. This was a lovely story about mistakes, miscommunication and rekindling love.I really felt for Derek in the beginning, but then he didn t help matters by not being able to communicate how he was really feeling either.Athena was truly upset about the mistakes she made, though she was always putting Elizabeth first and trying to be a good mother first and foremost.I would ve liked the ending to show further into the future to see how things turned out for them view spoiler I wanted to find out whe [...]

    8. A wonderful surprise that is out of my usual book selection zone This is a story of love lost and found Loved the characters and the relationship building I felt a connection to the characters and stepped out of my own problems and became apart of this story I devoured this book in one sitting Recommend

    9. i bought this on a whim and a suggestion from based on another book i had read I didn t hate it but it wasn t one of my all time favorites It s a good story but I just didn t feel connected to the characters.

    10. This was such a great story about 2nd chances and I loved how she was basically telling him bout his daughter before he found out so he would have a since of knowing her before hand and not be blind I recommend

    11. This book was full of angst and will they won t they and after awhile I was pleased with the HEA don t like it when there s no epilogue but still I enjoyed it

    12. Athena s Daughter feels so true to life Read full review in the 2013 July August double issue of InD tale Magazine.

    13. This review and many others can be found on my blog Feed Your Fiction AddictionI don t know why I put off reading this book for so long I received it from the author months ago and have to admit that, for some reason, I kept putting it on the back burner I don t exactly know why I think that perhaps the fact that it was set in the 60 s and 70 s didn t appeal to me even though I was born in the 70 s, I was too young to feel much of a connection with that time period Whatever, it was that kept me [...]

    14. 3.5 rounded to 4 b c I m feeling generous It was a good story and had engaging characters I didn t make a complete connection with them, though I wasn t disconnected, either Athena s Daughter is set in the 70 s, partly in late 60 s England through flashbacks The Beatles are the top band in England and Wolf is just getting started MMC is Derek, lead guitar for Wolf MFC is Athena, a girl who decided to travel the UK for a summer just because she could Oh, and to defy her controlling parents and th [...]

    15. This book was set in the 1970 s a great year for Rock N Roll The editing was really tight but the angst was just too much for me It could have been wrapped up so much earlier in the story The two MC s did not communicate with each other at all That ruined the book for me I would read stories by this author.

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