Horrendo's Curse

Horrendo's Curse By Anna Fienberg Kim Gamble, Horrendo s Curse No one living or dead was ever polite than Horrendo In all his eleven years he d never said a rude word to anyone But was his mother proud of her charming son Not at all For Horrendo lived in a crue
  • Title: Horrendo's Curse
  • Author: Anna Fienberg Kim Gamble
  • ISBN: 9781865086033
  • Page: 392
  • Format: Paperback
  • Horrendo's Curse By Anna Fienberg Kim Gamble, No one, living or dead, was ever polite than Horrendo In all his eleven years he d never said a rude word to anyone But was his mother proud of her charming son Not at all For Horrendo lived in a cruel world where kind words were as rare as dragons teeth, and pirates stole away twelve year old boys from under their mothers noses A rollicking adventure on theNo one, living or dead, was ever polite than Horrendo In all his eleven years he d never said a rude word to anyone But was his mother proud of her charming son Not at all For Horrendo lived in a cruel world where kind words were as rare as dragons teeth, and pirates stole away twelve year old boys from under their mothers noses A rollicking adventure on the high seas, bursting with fierce fights, foul food and bad behaviour.
    Horrendo's Curse By Anna Fienberg Kim Gamble,
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      Anna Fienberg grew up in a house filled with books Her mother was a teacher librarian who relished stories as much as chocolates On Sunday mornings we d all lie in bed with our books, lost in magical wardrobes, witches spells, genies magic What we were going to read next was just as important in our family as what was for lunch says Anna.Anna started writing stories when she was eight, but never imagined being an author She studied psychology, fascinated by the dark world of dreams She gave up counseling after an unfortunate incident with an enraged man and a chair he missed , began writing and scored the best job in the world Working for School Magazine was a treat, Anna says I couldn t believe you could get paid for sitting back comfortably in your chair, cappuccino in hand, reading over a thousand books a year Heaven Of course, as an editor she also had to write reviews and articles, stories and plays One of those stories for School Magazine later became her first book.

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    1. Story 3 starsIllustrations 3 starsFull color children s graphic novel A seventh grade boy, cursed to say and do only polite and helpful things, lives in a village visited every year by pirates who capture all the twelve year old boys and hold them hostage for two years Fast paced but not much character development Happy ending includes a rather didactic message Art is bright and cartoony, despite the mean tempered, ill behaved, sordid pirates Contains a fair amount of violence and rudeness, thou [...]

    2. More reviews and no fluff on the blog surrealtalvi.wordpress Horrendo s Curse is the most recent graphic novel adapation of Anna Fienberg s beloved story of pirates and manners.The story follows young villager Horrendo who knows that he, along with the other 12 year old boys, will be kidnapped and put to work by pirates But Horrendo is a bit different he s been cursed by a witch to only say kind words and never be violent The boy is clever but can he survive aboard the evil pirate ship The story [...]

    3. What a delightful little story A young boy cursed with the inability to curse or wish harm, grows up in a village that spends every year preparing for the annual pirate attack Schools instruct children in practical matters such as Petrifying Pets and Rude Words, instead of Maths English How does Horrendo survive this environment and later, the pirate attack The ending felt somewhat moralising but perhaps that s a feature of children s fiction I saw a review that criticised the violent language a [...]

    4. Got this free from NetGalley I loved the art and the original idea.However, in no shape or form was this appropriate for children.When the pirates started saying stuff like, I ll blow your brains out and I ll tear his guts from his belly, I decided it was time to switch to My Little Pony.

    5. Horrendo and his friends live in a seaside town that has a terrible problem When boys reach the age of twelve they re kidnapped by pirates and forced to serve their new masters for 2 years If they survive they might be able to come home again, with luck So, naturally, the children in the village have a different sort of school where they learn to talk in pirate insults, raise deadly pets, and survive whatever pirate life might throw at them Horrendo, however, is under a terrible curse He s just [...]

    6. Horrendo lives in a seaside village where every boy dreads their 12th birthday Every year pirates visit the village and steal all the the 12 year old boys, putting them to work at sea Horrendo is different from most boys, he was cursed at birth to only speak polite words This is hardly a good beginning for life with pirates as they never speak politely Thank goodness Horrendo has a knack in the kitchen He tries to use his curse to turn things around and save all the kids in his village from ever [...]

    7. Poor Horrendo He lives in a village full of pirates He goes to school to learn to be a pirate, and he lives in fear of being captured by pirates and forced to work on their ships But worst of all is the witch that cursed him at birth She cursed him so that he is not able to curse In a village full of pirates, this makes him stand out in a really bad way.When he is inevitably caught by pirates, he makes them french toast and soup and is polite The pirate captain can t understand this in the sligh [...]

    8. In a seaside village when boys turn 12 years of age they are turned into pirates They are given training in rude remarks and sword fighting, digesting difficult things etc, but any and all training is a waste on Horrendo he was cursed at birth such that he can only speak kind, polite words.Life aboard the ship isn t all that bad, Horrendo s kind heart is infectious and before long the whole crew has become accustomed to warm, delicious meals and pleasant conversation None of this pleases the cap [...]

    9. Kim Gamble and Anna Fienberg go together like stilton cheese and home made quince paste An original plot, I thought We ve been on pirate journeys before with kidnapped children and cruel pirate captains well, I did last week with The Mourning Emporium actually but this one features a child with an unusual characteristic A curse of good manners and kindness, even when he doesn t want to be kind and polite I found this quite an interesting concept and less obvious than you might think in its ramif [...]

    10. In Horrendo s village everyone is a master of the insult except Horrendo At his birth he was cursed by the local Wise Woman to be unable to curse, swear, hurt, or maim Whereas this has been a problem in his early life, all boys in his village are stolen by the local pirate ship to serve as slaves for two years when they are twelve and so it becomes worse when he is captured Horrendo s curse leads his fellow prisoners and the pirates in unexpected directions as they encounter other pirates and se [...]

    11. ARC Provided by NetGalleyA cute adaptation of a once highly popular Australian Children s book Probably best suited for reluctant readers, although some of the initial humor which isn t terribly funny to start with, a weakness that has carried over from the original book might go over their heads An emphasis on politeness, community, and kindness even in the face of adversity and rudeness make this particular title appropriate for any elementary school library Includes mild comedic violence.

    12. In a village by the sea, young Horrendo has been cursed with the inability to curse or say anything bad about others No matter how mean they may be, he responds politely When pirates kidnap him and his schoolmates and pillage the village, his unfailing politeness and cooking skills endear him to the crew Readers will be highly amused at how he copes with the blood thirsty captain and manages to escape There s quite a lot going on even the beginning of a young romance in this graphic novel.

    13. How is a polite 12 year old boy supposed to survive being kidnapped by pirates This cute comic for kids tells the tale of Horrendo, a boy who was cursed by a witch so that he is unable to swear or curse, hurt or maim This is a big problem since Horrendo s village is visited by pirates each year who kidnap the boys to work on pirate ships ARC received from NetGalley.

    14. Horrendo has been cursedwith manners This is a terrible curse indeed for a boy who lives in a town where pirates regularly kidnap the young residents Only the rough and tough have a chance, so what chance does a polite and mannerly boy have A tongue in cheek seafaring adventure with plenty of fun and humor.

    15. While enjoyable, the story was a bit rushed and felt distracted by itself, often jumping from idea to idea rather quickly and without always feeling resolved It also may be due to the original source material but I found myself wanting to know about why the pirates kidnapped boys at 12 once a year and felt a bit cheated out of that knowledge.

    16. I read this book when I was 11, and almost 11 years later the story still sticks with me This was a book I really wanted to add to my shelf, because I loved it so much as a kid I ll definitely re read it as an adult.

    17. This graphic novel will appeal to 10 12 year old boys girls with its comic style and the subject matter, pirates.

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