Changing Lanes

Changing Lanes By Kathleen Long, Changing Lanes Abby Halladay has the perfect life Or rather she will as long as everything goes exactly according to plan Abby never leaves anything to chance not her job as a syndicated columnist not her engagem
  • Title: Changing Lanes
  • Author: Kathleen Long
  • ISBN: 9781611099454
  • Page: 217
  • Format: Paperback
  • Changing Lanes By Kathleen Long, Abby Halladay has the perfect life Or, rather, she will as long as everything goes exactly according to plan Abby never leaves anything to chance not her job as a syndicated columnist, not her engagement to her fianc , Fred, and certainly not her impending wedding in Paris New Jersey, that is.Unfortunately for Abby, even the best laid plans often go awry like when FredAbby Halladay has the perfect life Or, rather, she will as long as everything goes exactly according to plan Abby never leaves anything to chance not her job as a syndicated columnist, not her engagement to her fianc , Fred, and certainly not her impending wedding in Paris New Jersey, that is.Unfortunately for Abby, even the best laid plans often go awry like when Fred runs away to Paris France, that is , her column is canned, and her dream home is diagnosed with termites Forced to move back in with her parents and drive her dad s cab, Abby s perfect life has now officially become the perfect disaster.Then a funny thing happens Slowly but surely, Abby begins letting go of her dreams of perfection As she does, the messy, imperfect life she thought she never wanted starts to feel exactly like the one she needs.Poignant and heartfelt, Changing Lanes celebrates the unexpected joys of everyday life and the enduring promise of second chances.
    Changing Lanes By Kathleen Long,
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      Kathleen Long is the author of sixteen novels in the genres of women s fiction, contemporary romance, and romantic suspense Kathleen has won a RIO Award and is a two time winner of the Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence Her additional honors include nominations for National Readers Choice, RITA, HOLT Medallion, Booksellers Best, and Book Buyers Best awards, as well as appearances on the USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestseller lists A native of Wilmington, Delaware, she now divides her time between suburban Philadelphia and the New Jersey shore When Kathleen is not plotting her next book or teaching creative writing, she spends her time bribing her tween to pick up her clothes, begging the dog to heel, and experimenting with photography.

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    1. I received a copy of Changing Lanes by Kathleen Long in exchange for an honest review.I have also read Chasing Rainbows by Kathleen Long, and absolutely adored it I was looking forward to reading another offering from her, and am pleased to say I highly enjoyed Changing Lanes as well I thought it was interesting that we never get a clear picture of her relationship with fianc Fred We learn right off the bat that he s fled to Paris, France claiming boredom and Abby doesn t go into a lot of detail [...]

    2. Live life in the now and go with the flow More than just a lighthearted romance.Abby Halladay or aka Cabbie Abby as some of the towns residents of Paris, New Jersey now call her, no longer works as a syndicated columnist and has spent the past few weeks thinking about what life may have in store for her You see Abby had plans, many plans, she had a wedding coming up in a few months, a new Victorian home to move into and a job, although not perfect but one nether the less Then everything started [...]

    3. A beautiful book with beautiful characters I have read Changing Lanes by Kathleen Long and this would be my summation This story is about a young woman whose life was in order and who had everything going for her She had a great job, a fianc , marriage in two months, and a new house to share in her new life Then the bottom drops out of everything She loses her job Her fianc hops a plane to Paris, France instead of meeting her in Paris, New Jersey Her new house is termite ridden and damaged AND, [...]

    4. This was the first book I ve read by Kathleen Long and I have to say, I ll be reading of her work Her characters are true to life When Abby Halladay s is presented with an opportunity to lead a different life due to unfortunate events, Abby s apprehensive approach allows for exponential growth as she discovers the things she wants most I enjoyed Kathleen Long s approach to uncovering truths in everyday life that connect people s hearts.

    5. Kathleen Long s first book, Chasing Rainbows , was one of my 2012 favorites I m excited to review her new book, Changing Lanes now.From the book summary Abby Halladay has the perfect life Or, rather, she will as long as everything goes exactly according to plan Abby never leaves anything to chance not her job as a syndicated columnist, not her engagement to her fianc , Fred, and certainly not her impending wedding in Paris New Jersey, that is.Unfortunately for Abby, even the best laid plans ofte [...]

    6. This was one of those books that managed to touch your heart while making you smile and sometimes laugh out loud Abby Halladay had a plan She was to marry Fred, they would move into their cute Victorian house in her hometown and she would write her nice column for the local paper But on the day she and Fred were to move into their house and start their lives, everything fell apart While Fred fled to Paris, France, Abby was left in Paris, New Jersey her hometown to try and make sense of what happ [...]

    7. This book drifts around the fictional town of Paris, New Jersey in a bit of a whimsical haze, trying to make you fall in love with the small town along with the main character Unfortunately, it s populated by two dimensional, formulaic characters Each character is a stereotype with a twist The loving dad who secretly loves to cook The overbearing mom with a hidden passion for photography The gruff best friend who is obsessed with coupons The cute baby sister who mimics everything she sees on TV [...]

    8. Abby Halladay should be counting down the days until she is married Instead she has lost her job as an advice columnist, she has a termite problem to contend to, and to top it all off her fianc calls her to tell her that he took off for Paris, France Now Abby does what any woman in her position does she moves back home with her parents While back Abby wanders around town trying to pick up the pieces of her life and figure out her next steps Mick O Malley lost his wife a little over two years ago [...]

    9. This is a short and sweet story about a woman who had everything going for her and then the bottom falls out She finds out who she is and what she wants from life by settling down and just letting life happen I like this book It s interesting and as a sentimental streak I think all of us have had to change lanes at one time or other in our lives This book depicts the anxiety that comes with change and the joys of finding out who you are and what you want out of life.

    10. When I first started this book I thought Oh, this is a romance novel It isn t well, I guess it is in a way but it is so much Abby, the main character, seems to have her life planned out until her fiance, Fred, sneaks off to Paris.What I liked about this story is it didn t take the easy way out She didn t fall into her old neighbor Mick s arms and let him sweep her away She made some tough decisions for herself, took a good look at her life, and changed it with her perspective of what she though [...]

    11. The whole is greater than the parts people, but a worthy novel, indeed In fact, I even surprised myself with some tears about halfway through Sweetly written and most times well executed story about 30 year old Abby Halladay who finds herself as SOO many characters do back in her home town navigating a huge life change while encountering parents with an opinion, an old flame and the small town know it alls that drive most of these types of plots Typical parts and people notwithstanding, and thou [...]

    12. Wonderful book about life in general dealing with different kinds of loss in life Life changes people try to help you cope But sometimes people get in the way they end up hurting the people they are trying to help Some people are just nosy openly state their opinions not realizing how hurtful words can be This is a great book

    13. Good readThis was a good easy short read that left me wanting to know what was going to happen next The moral behind the story really caught me thinking about my own life and how I could live life to the fullest.

    14. By the end of the first chapter I could predict what would happen with Abby, Mick and Fred I couldn t wait for the book to end

    15. Very sweetThis novel of small town life is so heartfelt You can feel the love Ms Long feels for her characters There are no evil characters Just honest, real ones.

    16. Great storyAn easy read Suspense, love, funny Great bookSo nice to see that love prevails Hope they live happily ever after.

    17. My Thoughts A heartfelt, endearing story of self discovery When I began this book, I was looking for something light and enjoyable to read And from reading the synopsis, I was pretty sure this book would meet that criteria It was light and enjoyable, but it also had some hidden depth to it that I was very pleased to find Oh, and I was a bit amused by some of the similarities I saw between this book and the movie, Hope Floats with Sandra Bullock There were a lot of differences, but at times while [...]

    18. This was my first book by Kathleen Long and look forward to reading of her work When I first began listening to the audio version it was a little distracting with the noises so switched to the e book which was smoother Wished she had a little exciting setting than Paris, NJ, as if the setting had been in say a southern historic or coastal town it may have been a bit inviting The book is about 30 yr old Abbey who has lost her job as an advice columnist, and the day before she is to move into h [...]

    19. The main character, Abby Halladay, is thrilled to be embarking on the next stage of her life with her fiancee Fred in their new home in Paris, New Jersey.However, on the same day she is fired from her life as a columnist Fred flees to Paris France leaving her behind to deal with the their new house which unfortunately is uninhabitable.Abby moves home to live with her family and while there tries to figure out what makes her happy She starts to re connect with her family and friends, and seeks ou [...]

    20. The story is well written, easy to follow, and very easy to relate to However, perhaps it s just my interests currently that make me bored of the story The main character is 30, and I m 30 She s come to a point in her life where she realizes she is in a rut Her life has become boring I m not particularly in that position, but it is something you begin to think about as you enter your 30 s They say you have to be in a certain place mentally, emotionally, etc to understand or enjoy certain pieces [...]

    21. The first few pages, I wasn t sure I was going to like Changing Lanes, largely for the same reasons that Abby wasn t too thrilled with her own life After all, what was there to like She was a boring, shallow woman engaged to an equally boring man, even if he had up and run off.Somehow, as Abby s life begins to fill with life again, so did the story She was rediscovering herself, and what really mattered So were the people around her.It brought me back to a time when I was living a life that wasn [...]

    22. There is nothing objectionable to this book, I just didn t like it All the exciting action took place before the book even begins Then, the story all takes place in like a month This is a problem because the main character has all these life changing things happen and she not only comes to terms with this in a month, but she totally changes all her life goals and plans I felt this all happened too fast Not true to life in my opinion I mean, you get dumped by your fiance, and in a few days you re [...]

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