Guilty as Sin

Guilty as Sin By Jami Alden, Guilty as Sin For over a decade a killer has been waiting silent as death and GUILTY AS SINFourteen years ago Kate Beckett was a teenager interested in summer romance than babysitting Then the unthinkable happen
  • Title: Guilty as Sin
  • Author: Jami Alden
  • ISBN: 9781455520527
  • Page: 346
  • Format: Paperback
  • Guilty as Sin By Jami Alden, For over a decade, a killer has been waiting, silent as death and GUILTY AS SINFourteen years ago, Kate Beckett was a teenager interested in summer romance than babysitting Then the unthinkable happened her younger brother was kidnapped and murdered on her watch Now she is an advocate for missing children, and her newest case brings her back to the small townFor over a decade, a killer has been waiting, silent as death and GUILTY AS SINFourteen years ago, Kate Beckett was a teenager interested in summer romance than babysitting Then the unthinkable happened her younger brother was kidnapped and murdered on her watch Now she is an advocate for missing children, and her newest case brings her back to the small town where she lost her brother and where she left behind the first boy she ever loved.Tommy Ibarra s world fell apart after Kate broke his heart, and he s spent his adult life making sure that he ll never be vulnerable again When a teenage girl vanishes, he offers his expertise as a high tech security expert to help find her Although he s determined to keep his distance from Kate, it isn t long before he s falling under her spell all over again As they race against the clock, their investigation leads to a brutal killer with a shocking connection to Kate s tragic past And this time, the killer has Kate firmly in his sights.
    Guilty as Sin By Jami Alden,
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      346 Jami Alden
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      Like so many romance readers, my first romance novel was by Kathleen Woodiwiss The Flame and the Flower, to be exact I was thirteen I spent the next month working my way through her entire back list Shortly thereafter I discovered Judith McNaught, Johanna Lindsey, Karen Robards, Catherine Coulter, Shirlee Busbee among others, and devoured their lavish historical epics full of overbearing alpha males and the women who brought them to their knees I was hooked My high school teachers marveled at my ability to read romance novels under the desk and still score straight A s I started to imagine myself, living in a cabin in the mountains somewhere, writing romance novels It took me quite awhile to pursue my dream After graduating from Stanford with a degree in English Literature, I worked in a variety of soul sucking admin jobs before I began my career in marketing It wasn t exactly my dream job, but at least my writing appeared on several web sites and in many software marketing brochures Unfortunately I wasn t able to fit the phrase and her loins melted like hot wax into any of them.During my stint as the world s surliest receptionist, I took my first stab at writing The result was a very melodramatic western historical which reads like a bad Elizabeth Lowell rip off Its currently languishing on my hard drive, forever stuck on page 330 Then in fall 2001 I had an incredible stroke of luck and got laid off from my marketing job I decided it was time to stop saying I wanted to be a writer and to actually give it a serious go Fortunately my husband, a socially well adjusted alpha male, is a very generous patron of the arts Four years later, I sold my first book and I m pretty much living the dream of getting paid to write romance I don t live in a cabin in the mountains, but I do live in a rural ish town near San Francisco hey, we have deer and bunnies in our yard, along with the occasional coyote with my husband, sons, and two dogs who patiently listen to my dialogue and help me work out plot points When I m not writing sexy romance, I enjoy running, reading, yoga and watching Food Network and bad reality TV.

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    1. Jami Alden is one of my favourite romantic suspense authors and Guilty As Sin didn t disappoint.The 4th book in her Dead Wrong series and full of mystery, murder, romance and smokin hot sexual chemistry.I can t wait to read the next book in this series

    2. Review posted at Swept Away By RomanceStory Rating 5 EXHILARATING STARS Hero Rating 5 STARS, I totally fell in love with him.Heroine Rating 5 StarsRomance Rating 5 StarsHeat Level 4 StarsEnd Rating 4.5 Stars Overall Rating 5 HUGE STARSOMG How I LOVED this book Right from page one I was grabbed into this most excellent story It starts off with the heroine Kate at the age of 16 being left by her parents to watch over her younger brother Michael while they are gone over night The whole family is st [...]

    3. I did it i finished the book in one bloody night and it was SOOOOOOO worth it The PERFECT blend of NAIL BITING suspense and some REALLY HOT bom chika wah wah scenes, had me alternately flipping pages that fast, to find out what the heck was going to happen next AND also reaching for an icy cold glass of something anything really just to cool myself down SIGH Tommy Ibarra the man was EPIC i tell ya Again this is by NO MEANS my full review just some ramblings from a bleary eyed me, before i head t [...]

    4. It seems that lately I read books where fathers mess with the life of their children They blame them for faults never committed they burden them with undeserved guilt they ruin their life pretending they re protecting them All manners of things that result in anguish and sorrow for the children.As it is said, the road to Hell is paved by good intensions Here Kate bears the burden of her brother s murder Her family blames her for it She was only 16 years old when a monster kidnapped her little br [...]

    5. The past sometimes stands in your way and must be dealt with before you can truly move on This is the theme running through Guilty As Sin Kate Beckett and Tommy Ibarra began a summer romance in their teens When a horrible tragedy strikes Kate s family with Kate and Tommy caught in the middle, their relationship unravels and they part ways.Fourteen years later when another similar crime is committed, Kate, who is now a child advocacy specialist, is called back to the small beach community There s [...]

    6. SPOILERS AHEAD, EVERYWHERE, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED 8 10 Really enjoying this The mystery is engaging, despite how fast I worked out who the killer was The sex, well there hasn t really been any yet, but the sneak peak we get in the prologue was promising.I didn t really read the blurb before starting the book, so I was surprised when they caught Michael s killer I thought it would remain a mystery, and then Kate would come back and the crime that she came back for would have similarities and she w [...]

    7. This book had a bit of an identity crisis that s the best way for me to describe how it made me feel It wanted to be erotica it also wanted to be thriller and mystery and the attempt to make them both did not work for me at all Was the erotica written well Yes Was the mystery thriller written well Yes Did they belong together No Here is where this book went wrong I couldn t enjoy the erotica because the tragic circumstances surrounding this romance did not work well together Mainly because Kate [...]

    8. I know when reading a book that the characters aren t real people, but it still doesn t stop me from talking about them like they are I didn t like Kate I know that I should feel sorry for her because her family treated her like dog shit they stepped in, but I don t like how she went along with all the bad things her father did to Tommy I especially think that after she realized just how much they all hate her she should have reached out to Tommy, instead she just went along with things To me th [...]

    9. Rating 3.5 starsThe heroine Kate really tested my patience, I get she had her reasons, the guilt that she didn t watch out for her brother, her family essentially breaking away from her but she was a ninny And it was so obvious who the culprit was Disappointed by this book as I expected .

    10. Great suspense in this even though I knew who the killer was from the moment he appeared on the page Again, I found myself skimming near the end as the story reached the climax This was also a great lovers well almost lovers reunited story Tommy and Kate have a history and it is one surrounded by the tragedy of her younger brother s kidnapping and murder Both definitely deserved a second chance with each other view spoiler Kate s family s quick reversal into wanting to be a part of her life agai [...]

    11. Guilty as Sin was a lovely surprise I haven t read anything by this author before so I didn t really have any expectations, but after reading the fab Rescue Me by Christy Reece, review coming soon I have been looking around for a similar read And Guilty as Sin was it.It begins fourteen years in the past when our hero, Tommy, and heroine, Kate, are nineteen and sixteen respectively They are in love, and one night, when Tommy sneaks over while her parents are out, Kate s world comes crashing down [...]

    12. In the end, Guilty as Sin was a great read for any romance or suspense fan Kate and Tommy both definitely had their emotional issues to work through, but working together they found their confidence both individually and together I will say that though the suspense was well written, I had a sick feeling in the put of my stomach from the beginning about who the bad guy really was Seeing Tommy and Kate both earn justice for Michael and all the other victims and bring the bad guy down, was a great [...]

    13. WOW I am speechless yes it was THAT good The author has managed to draw you right into the emotional heart of this book making you feel everything Of course the down side to this is that at times it means your skin crawls because you are right there with the unsub and his twisted emotions and you just know this book will stay with you long after the last page is read I will admit to having known who the unsub was right from the start but that didn t diminish the reveal if any thing I think it ma [...]

    14. I m gonna mark this one as DNF.And honestly,this time I don t think it s the book.Nopejust me.Maybe I m going to come back to it someday and finish it.

    15. My synopsis Two days ago fourteen year old Tricia Fuller went missing without a trace Kate Beckett was asked to come and promote media coverage in the hope that she ll coax someone into providing a clue as to what happened Her position and notoriety with the St Anthony s Foundation, named for the patron saint of missing people, is often used to draw national attention to cases of missing children that might otherwise linger in obscurity For Kate, Sandpoint, Idaho brings back both good and bad me [...]

    16. 4 starsA second chance, romantic suspense My favourite kind This was good i loved the characters and my heart absolutely broke in that first 10% of the book Glad they had their second chance.

    17. Title Guilty As SinSeries N AAuthor Jami AldenGenre Romantic SuspenseBlurb For over a decade, a killer has been waiting, silent as deathGuilty As SinFourteen years ago, Kate Beckett was a teenager interested in summer romance than babysitting Then the unthinkable happened her younger brother was kidnapped and murdered on her watch Now she is an advocate for missing children, and her newest case brings her back to the small town where she lost her brother and where she left behind the first boy [...]

    18. The mystery Young love consumes 16 year old Kate Beckett s brain Instead of keeping a close eye on her brother that she is supposed to be watching over night while her parents are away, she is on the beach with Tommy Ibarra Her brother is snatched right under their noses and found murdered shortly after The author pulls no punches in showing how grieving parents can take their pain out on the surviving children, her father says some pretty unforgivable things to Kate and her borther s death Alon [...]

    19. Reviewed for herding cats burning soupFrom page one Alden had me hook and for the next 400 some pages I hardly could put Guilty as Sin down It was just an exciting read all around From the rekindled romance and the drama it brought to the race against time and danger involved in a missing child case I just couldn t look away until I knew how everything would come together.I love second chances at love and seeing characters overcome all the odds And Kate and Tommy definitely had huge hurdles to o [...]

    20. Reviewed by MarissaBook provided by the publisher for reviewReview originally posted at Romancing the BookGuilty as Sin was a great way to pass the time while I sit immobile, recovering from a knee injury I love books with mystery and thrills, and the romance that s sparked but not yet there This book has it all It begins with a teenage Kate and Tommy trying for a night of teenage passion that ends with Kate s younger brother kidnapped and murdered.Kate returns to the small town, suppressing mem [...]

    21. Tackling the present means, you have to clear up the pastKate Beckett has built a stable life centered on helping the most venerable among us She knows what fissures are created in a family when one of them is lost all too soon Tommy Ibarra was a witness to the terror and pain created when Kate s brother was taken The family blamed Kate and Tommy for showing interest in a relationship than responsibility and both of them paid the price.Now Kate comes back to the town that destroyed her working [...]

    22. Fourteen years ago rich, privileged 17 yr old Kate Beckett was left at home to babysit her 12 yr old brother But once the boy was asleep she snuck off to be with her college age boyfriend Tommy Ibarra Her brother was kidnapped and killed, her senator father blamed her and she has worked ever since at bringing kidnapped children home alive.Tommy Ibarra was almost ruined the night Kate s brother was taken Her father blamed the two teens and used his power to have Tommy s life all but destroyed He [...]

    23. Let me begin by saying I won Guilty As Sin by Jami Alden from first reads giveaway I had never heard of the author Jami Alden before won Guilty As Sin, so I was surprised to see that she s written other books I d categorize Guilty As Sin as a suspenseful romance novel Guilty As Sin opens with the lead character, Kate, babysitting her younger brother at their rental property in a resort town while her parents and twin sister are out Her townie boyfriend, Tommy, comes over, and they decide to go m [...]

    24. I really liked the premise and the story of this book, predictable as it was I pretty much had it figured out about a third of the way through The biggest turn off for me honestly were the sex scenes I m not opposed to some romance in my readings or even the odd down and dirty, but these were a little too much for me and WAY to drawn out Some people may like that, but I d rather have better character development and some good dialogue This was my first book by Ms Alden and I will try some , but [...]

    25. I liked it I like Jami Alden I know that she s the type of writer who will have a sexually assaulted woman have sex with her boyfriend the same night she was attacked and that may be realistic even if it is iffy to me But in the synopsis, we know that while Kate is with Tommy, her brother is being kidnapped and killed We know this And yet it s as if she wants us to forget that to enjoy their exploration of each other I couldn t do it but it s not as if Tommy and Kate know that Michael is being k [...]

    26. This is a good story that s read quickly I only had a few problems with it I don t think that the romance part and the thriller part are balance enough when the relationship between Kate and Tommy starts to evolve, the investigation is put on standby the pause is too long and cut me off the plot.For me, the ending is a bit too positive, with every problems happily resolve view spoiler Kate s family didn t react to her tentative of suicide when she was younger so I don t see why they would react [...]

    27. I picked this up off the shelf on a whim and was surprised at how much I enjoyed the writing I really liked the main characters and both the plot and the writing were compelling enough for me to have a hard time putting the book down In fact, I liked it enough to overcome my major aversion to anything having to do with children in jeopardy especially with the back story , which is saying something for me I thought the distance between the two main characters was well supported, but the coming to [...]

    28. I won this books as a first reads or a give away The book has an interesting title and cover, which was the first thing that attracted me to it In a way I found it kinda funny that the cover was red, which hinted at the sin or deeper shame found in the main protagonist It reminded me of The Scarlett Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne Anyways, the book was great I thought the characters were well fleshed out and very interesting I felt like I almost knew them The plot line was very well thought out an [...]

    29. 14 years after the worse night of her life missing child advocate Katie Beckett has to go back to the place where her brother was kidnapped and killed while on her watch for another missing child case Tommy Ibarra life fell apart when the Katie broke his heart after the kidnapping of her brother ,he offer his experience as a high tech security expert he Vows to keep his distance from Katie As they work the case the discovers that this kidnapping isn t only related to 3 others that ended in death [...]

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