The Fallout

The Fallout By Everythursday, The Fallout When does redemption begin She likes to believe it is at the top of a tower when a boy lowers his wand his power his control his future in the ranks he had been promised and walks away to never be
  • Title: The Fallout
  • Author: Everythursday
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 372
  • Format: ebook
  • The Fallout By Everythursday, When does redemption begin She likes to believe it is at the top of a tower, when a boy lowers his wand, his power, his control, his future in the ranks he had been promised and walks away to never be the same again The question for Draco Malfoy, of course, was when it ended.
    The Fallout By Everythursday,
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      Everythursday Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Fallout book, this is one of the most wanted Everythursday author readers around the world.

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    1. I m the car crash, Granger, he whispers I m the fallout This fan fiction ruined me It s the longest fic I ve ever read, but it s beautiful, painful, sexy, and heart wrenching The character growth the sex the slow burn I know not all Dramione fans are into war fics, but seriously, if you haven t tried this yet, please For the love of all that is holy Try this fic.I reread this every few months and it still breaks and revives my heart over and over again Honestly, even if yo [...]

    2. Ok, that was some EPIC shit.This is my first fan fiction read Honestly, I ve never been interested in the genre Just not my thing.ButI do love me some Harry Potter, and, well, I ll always try anything once I was intrigued by the whole Dramione concept had to educate myselfshowing my age here I guess , and The Fallout has been touted by its fans as the Queen Mother of all Dramione fan fic In the end, it came so highly recommended that I decided I needed to do a little dabbling Wha Ok, that [...]

    3. This, this story is amazing One of the best things I ve ever read, period Not in just fan fictions are stories, but like everything I encourage not just members of the Harry Potter genre to read, but anyone interested in a true, realistic love story.

    4. 3.5.Ultimate thoughts Second best to Isolation I m in love with you, Draco Malfoy How s that for a fallout One of the most realistic depictions of war I ve ever read, I tell you This is what it is War See, this fanfiction reminds me why I like reading Dramione It s the epitome of all the banters, of the fights and making up, making each other s life miserable and you know the struggle is worth it because you love each other, and that is all that matters Speaking of the romance in [...]

    5. This has to be one of most realistic depictions of war Even though it s a fanfiction, even though it s a magical world, all its insight into the brutalities and uncertainties of war time are true I ve read this three times now I love pretty much everything about it My only issue is that I want What happens a few years later, when the wounds have all faded to scars

    6. I ve read a half of it and I just could not get to the end This is absolutely horrible.I love Harry Potter series and I ve read some fanfics before Isolation 3 but I hate this thing because it made me hate Hermione The strong, witty, most intelligent witch of her age turns out to be whiny, bad at everything and not capable of performing even the easiest spells The love story is not a story, it just happens one day without any explatanion why and what for.Ii is unbearably loooooooong a I ve read [...]

    7. Call me a geek but I m loving this I mean talk about DARK, she has taken JK s world and flipped it upside down Such an accurate and brutal view of war and how it affects a society and an individual s psyche body, mind and soul Hermione and Draco s dynamic is electric This is right up there with Bex Chan s Isolation CANNOT stop readingggggUpdate This was beyond anything I expected it to be Beautiful, introspective, gut wrenching, passionate, terrifying, raw, real, magical, need I g Call [...]

    8. Adding this because I m planning to read it all over again Everytime I read the Harry Potter series, it seems automatic that I d go and re read Dramione fanfictions too.This fanfiction will ruin you it will make you crave for More Dramione angst More fanfiction that are as well written as this one.

    9. OMG OK THIS WAS AMAZING.I now understand why this is the dramione fic, right next to isolation The hype surrounding this is well deserved, because this was EPIC.This is a longer fic, 310k words, and I managed to read all of it in the course of three days woah I am in a dream like state.well, this fic destroyed me, and I wish I would have waited to read it cause now I am going to be comparing this to every single fic I read from now on It is just so perfect, the writing is perfect, the aut [...]

    10. Another Dramione classic This was recommended to me ages ago, but I never got around to reading it because it was on another site dramione which required me to sign up before I could read it, so I ended up not reading it This book was so good Yes, it was quite lengthy, and it took me ages to read four days That s quite slow for my standards, because I usually polish off a fic in a day or less Of course, the Fallout was very long at 310k words I don t regret reading this at all of co Another Dram [...]

    11. Well so this story wasn t my cup of tea.It is beautifully written, without a doubt, but the level of angst was just too much This story featured Bitchy Hermione in all of her bitchy glory, which is by far my least favorite characterization of her Next, the relationship growth was very stagnant, where three years had passed how far I read in the story and while the relationship had moved to the physical, they were still emotionally distant from each other, calling each other Granger and Ma Well s [...]

    12. Remember when I said I fell down the black hole of fanfiction and landed square in the Harry Potter solar system or galaxy, as it s turning out to be Well, I haven t managed to climb back out and why not It seems almost ludicrous that someone who hadn t even read the series a year ago, or you know, bought into all those memes flying around the internet, should suddenly be so immersed, but here it is in a nutshell 1 It s so readily available Seriously So readily available 2 There are s Remember w [...]

    13. I can not say enough about this book It BLEW my mind The relationship between Draco and Hermione is beautiful and the war they are in adds a wonderful element to the whole situation This book has elements of fun, shock, romance, anger, surprise, betrayal, depression, and basically ever emotion a heart can feel When you read this you will catch feelings for all of these characters Side note you don t even really need to know much about the HP series to know what s going on

    14. I have such mixed feelings about this There was a lot to like and if it was not so long I would have finished it The romance was very slow burn which I loved, and it was very intense which I love but once the relationship became sexual that seemed to be all there was Whilst I like some sex scenes in a book, used sparingly they can be very powerful, but when it becomes the sole focus it s a little like eating too much ice cream The writing had great potential and edited down I think it would I ha [...]

    15. Probably one of the most well written things I have ever read in my entire life Everythursday is probably one of the most talented writers ever Both the characters were so realistic and deep and beautiful I think Draco and Hermione s relationship was a bit unhealthy, but In a very believable and necessary way Honestly, this fanfiction should be read by everyone even people who don t ship dramione.

    16. 4.5 stars So, so good Wow The slow burn of the romance is fantastic It s organic not contrived It s REAL The depiction of war indescribably good I almost don t have the words Beautiful prose The length is a bit intimidating, and some of the action sequences are hard to follow But it s FanFic, so I wouldn t expect it to be perfectly edited Other than that, it s phenomenal.

    17. This fic is one of the best Dramione fics I ve ever read It stands with Isolation and Broken, two AMAZING fanfics that I ADORED It made me cry, which isn t something I do Holy god, this was just wonderful.

    18. Its too long Also I thought This Hermione Granger is not the one I know Who is she I guess how many ever fanfics come out nothing matches up with the original.

    19. DNF at 15% At first I thought the writing was superb and started writing down quotes everywhere But then it just got to be verbose still good, but too much Plus the characters seemed OOC to me, particularly Hermione, who after two years of battle had yet to use anything stronger than a stinging hex This is the girl who punched a boy in the face with her bare fist when he upset her I think she could come up with something stronger than a stinging hex So having read nearly 200 pages and o DNF at 1 [...]

    20. I think The Fallout will aways be my favorite Dramione story The writing took a while to get used to for me, but once I did, I fell for this hard It is different and it is heavy and it is desperate and confusing at times It s a different take and what it would look like if Hermione wasn t front and center with Harry, both her and Draco being just small wheels in the big machine of war.The relationship development between Draco and Hermione is subtle, but beautifully crafted and I appreciate i I [...]

    21. I read this about 6 years ago It is one of the few stories I could read over and over again over the course of my life I was saddened to learn I couldn t find it online any Or anything else Sage everythursday has written because they are ALL beautiful I hope dramione will be fixed soon, or at the least that this author will see how much they are loved I would pay dearly for anything you write You have a gift and you deserve it Truly I have never read works like hers.

    22. Absolutely epic in length, plot and smut I would recommend this story for anyone who is into mayor amounts of quality smut with a very strong plot Definitely one of the bests Dramione stories out there, if not The best.

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