Beyond Recall

Beyond Recall By Robert Goddard, Beyond Recall At a wedding party in Cornwall in the summer of Chris Napier is shocked to recognise a dishevelled intruder as his childhood friend Nicky Lanyon whom he has not seen since his father Michael L
  • Title: Beyond Recall
  • Author: Robert Goddard
  • ISBN: 9780552142250
  • Page: 360
  • Format: Paperback
  • Beyond Recall By Robert Goddard, At a wedding party in Cornwall in the summer of 1981, Chris Napier is shocked to recognise a dishevelled intruder as his childhood friend Nicky Lanyon, whom he has not seen since his father, Michael Lanyon, was hanged for the murder of Chris s great uncle, Joshua Carnoweth, in 1947.It was the inheritance of old Joshua s fortune that led the then humble Napier family to theAt a wedding party in Cornwall in the summer of 1981, Chris Napier is shocked to recognise a dishevelled intruder as his childhood friend Nicky Lanyon, whom he has not seen since his father, Michael Lanyon, was hanged for the murder of Chris s great uncle, Joshua Carnoweth, in 1947.It was the inheritance of old Joshua s fortune that led the then humble Napier family to their present state of affluence When Nicky subsequently hangs himself, Chris sets out on a journey into his own and others memories of the tragic events of 34 years before Driven on by Nicky s firm belief in his father s innocence, he begins to doubt the offical version of those events and to question the conduct of several members of his own family.Then other present day mysteries begin to dog his footsteps into the past and soon his search for the truth becomes a desperate struggle for his own survival.
    Beyond Recall By Robert Goddard,
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    1. Robert Goddard

      In a writing career spanning than twenty years, Robert Goddard s novels have been described in many different ways mystery, thriller, crime, even historical romance He is the master of the plot twist, a compelling and engrossing storyteller and one of the best known advocates for the traditional virtues of pace, plot and narrative drive.

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    1. The mystery begins when Chris Napier finds his childhood friend, Nicky Lanyon, lurking and later hanged in the bushes at a family event Nicky s father, Michael, was hanged for conspiracy to commit murder after Chris grandfather was found stabbed to death The motive was always a bit unclear since it was assumed that Michael despite being no blood relation to Chris grandfather would inherit the fortune rather than the Napier family.Goddard does a masterful job of interweaving the past with the pre [...]

    2. Beyond Recall by Robert Goddard5 sFrom The Book On a bright autumn afternoon in Truro, the Napier family celebrates one couple s golden wedding anniversary and another s marriage But for one member of the clan, the day turns dark Chris Napier, prodigal son, suddenly spots the ragged specter of a former friend, Nicky Lanyon a man whose own family was ruined by the same twist of fate with which the Napiers were blessed And the next morning, Chris is horrified to find Nicky dead, hanging from a tre [...]

    3. I don t think Robert Goddard knows how to write a bad book He is the supremo when it comes to writing a ripping yarn This has all the hallmarks of a great story from Robert Goddard, weaving backwards and forwards seamlessly through time to try find out what happened 34 years ago when Chris s uncle was murdered This story took quite a bit of piecing together but absolutely loved everything about the book, even when one unexpected twist fooled me You haven t read Robert Goddard Why You certainly n [...]

    4. I have long enjoyed reading Robert Goddard s novels They are my staple holiday reads Since joining in November 2008 I have read and reviewed three of Goddard s mysteries and this is my fourth review, although in total I have probably read, over the years, another four books at least.That s not many you may think, taking into account that Goddard has written over twenty mystery novels but I do pick and choose according to storyline and location and this sometimes does influence my rating I ve onl [...]

    5. Like Emma Moresco, one of the important characters, I enjoyed the tour of Cornwall that we get in this novel, the author s 10th Even though I ve never been to Truro or Torquay or Pangbourne and am not likely to visit any of these places , his succinct descriptions strike some sort of universal chord Here s one Battersea Park was bathed in crystalline sunlight, gilding the yellows and reds of the trees around the boating lake and etching the lines of the power station chimneys beyond Queenstown [...]

    6. Sometimes I think Robert Goddard s books are great, other times he sells us a turkey they re silly, and they lack credibility etc, but this one was one of the first A crime from forty years previously comes back to haunt a wealthy family when the son returns to a family wedding to find his old childhood friend has hanged himself There s the usual raft of family secrets, flashbacks to the past and mysterious happenings whilst the hero runs round hopelessly at a breakneck pace.It filled up the tim [...]

    7. This was another haunting tale of lies and intrigue by Robert Goddard, the master of manipulation The twists kept me hooked until the very end It s a well crafted story with a solid plot line and interesting characters It s a shame that people don t know about Robert Goddard s books as he his one of the best in suspense thrillers I highly recommend his books as they are very entertaining I can t wait to read the next one.

    8. Robert Goddard is a non guilty pleasure for me when I want to read gentle prose He has a lovely touch with words even when covering death and ruin When you are in the mood for something that you can simply read then he is your author,

    9. How I love Robert Goddard s books Everyday details always make them a little difficult to get interested in in the beginning, but the mundanity of the protagonist s everyday life is what establishes him in a reader s mind Then, a story that neither the unassuming character nor the reader is expects slowly entangles us, bit by bit, until we both are immersed without ever realizing it s happening This particular book begins and ends with someone trying to extort money from Chris Napier, self made [...]

    10. Chris Napier keert na jaren terug naar huis voor de bruiloft van zijn nichtje.De bruiloft vindt plaats op Tredower House, het huis van zijn oudoom Joshua.Deze oom werd in 1947 vermoord en Michael Lanyon werd ervan beschuldigd opdracht voor deze moord gegeven te hebben Hij werd opgehangen.De bruiloft wordt verstoord door de komst van Nicky Lanyon, zijn zoon Hij is er van overtuigd dat zijn vader onschuldig was.Chris beloofd zijn jeugdvriend Nicky hem te helpen de waarheid te achterhalen.Dan blijk [...]

    11. i really enjoy Robert Goddard novels i find that I get into the outline of the story and the characters within a chapter or two and then that has me hooked They unfold gradually but the pace is good, not slow and protracted and i find i just want to keep reading This book was very good and there were lots of twists and turns that kept my attention to the end.

    12. A faster read than many of Goddard s A twisty turny tale of a tragedy thirty years in the past Chris, now in his mid 40s, is trying to discern if the father of his childhood friend really did murder Chris s great uncle, thus making Chris s family very wealthy Mysterious characters and false identities kept me guessing Just when I thought I was a jump ahead I was two jumps behind.

    13. A very clever and twisting story Just when you think you might have figured out Robert Goddard sends you down a different path A story full of intrigue, manipulation and revenge Don t get frustrated, stick with it till the end.

    14. wow, I never would have come up with the solution to this mystery I really page turner and very carefully crafted and built very well done.

    15. winter 2012pub 1997tbr bustingmystery thrillercornwallRead by Michael KitchenAbr Unabr UnabridgedGenre Fiction MysterySource 10 CassettesTotal Runtime approx 11 Hrs 28 Minsblurb Here again Goddard creates a narrator who uncovers secrets buried in the past that cast grim shadows on later generations He takes classic English mystery staples a grand old house in Cornwall, a family fortune in dispute, murder and blackmail and concocts an absorbing suspense novel with a modern sensibility Alienated f [...]

    16. Another unique mystery from the pen of Robert Goddard, a writer who knows how to create thought provoking, absorbing stories peopled with conflicted characters, some what flawed protagonists and descriptive images of the British countryside that are so vivid you feel an overwhelming urge to jump on the next plane and have a look for yourself The story spans a period of time from the late 1940 s to the early 1980 s and examines the impact of a 35 year old murder on the two families directly invol [...]

    17. Another engrossing read from Robert Goddard Like many of his books, this novel fluctuates between the past and the present as the protagonist tries to uncover a web of intrigue that began in 1947 and resulted in the suicide of a childhood friend thirty four years later The shock of his friend s suicide, a dramatic hanging on the day of his sister s wedding and the golden wedding anniversary of his parents, drives Chris Napier to ferret out the truth about his great uncle s murder, a brutal stabb [...]

    18. This is my first Robert Goddard book I gather he is well known author This book had a comment of praise on it from Stephen King so I went into it thinking it was going to be pretty good.I wasn t impressed.The book flipped back and forth every couple of pages between the past and the present past but past nonetheless and it was hard to follow It took FOREVER to get interesting I wasn t really involved in the characters so the thing that happened to them didn t really touch me Honestly I was just [...]

    19. I ve read quite a few Goddards now, and it has to be said that like many authors he has a particular style In fact, he has a very particular style Fortunately for me, it s a style I like I m not going to give plot details as they are available elsewhere Beyond Recall is typical Goddard, a mystery moving between related stories in different timelines As such, it s an enjoyable read with quite a few twist and turns, some I saw coming, others not For the most of the book, it was a solid 4 stars How [...]

    20. My 3rd and favourite Goddard to date Lots of twists in a quite intriguing tale of revenge and misplaced loyalties The ending was rather saccharine coated, but nonetheless wound up the tale quite adequately I m finding these novels rather interesting some good insights into the motivations of the characters, and a fast enough moving plot to keep the pages turning More depth would be appreciated at times but guess that could be counter productive, and the plot would inevitably need to play a secon [...]

    21. Update I am hating this book I can t decide whether to just give up on it, or to keep slogging through It is so self indulgent and tedious, and could use a massive editing job.So far, I am having a hard time getting through this I just personally don t care for all of the endless details of this rather boring, old British family Not sure if all of this minutia serves the plot or not, but it is super dry, for my tastes I chose the book largely because there was a glowing quote from Stephen King o [...]

    22. This is the tenth Robert Goddard novel I ve read in my quest to read his novels in chronological order This one seems back on track after a couple of not so good ones with plots that didn t seem to be terribly realistic The male protagonist in this one is, as usual, flawed, but seems to have acquired a reasonable backbone for the inevitable role he assumes The plot, as usual, has its twists and turns, including its places where you think some minor mystery is explained, only to have it snatched [...]

    23. A better than average run through of several genre tropes, from the past that won t stay buried to the mystery woman with an even mysterious vendetta But the moral conundrums on display don t impress as much as the author apparently believes there s a lot of special pleading to make the black sheep narrator much the most honorable member of his family And the plot twists, while not egregiously out of left field, are merely expedient Flipping back after each rug pull to the relevant conversation [...]

    24. Robert Goddard is one of my favourite authors I am slowly picking up all back copies from any where I can find them from sale of books in hospital foyers to charity shops He has a theme he returns to a male protagonist who is not a perfect human being but deep down is made of the right stuff Somehow circumstances will force this person to dig deep and come up with the goodsunds repetitive but he makes it work so differently in each book and you meet some pretty unpleasant folk along the way The [...]

    25. Another complex, well written novel by Robert Goddard I got hooked on this author when I read out of the sun featuring the character Harry Barnett Harry was a character that greatly appealed to me, and i subsequently found all of Goddard s books not featuring Harry to be good Goddard writes tremendously well and always has complex plots and loads of characters, but the Harry Barnett ones were always so much better So I thought Until i read this one although it does not carry the comic relief tha [...]

    26. I am generally a fan of Robert Goddard and this is a good example His novels are interesting and entertaining and then have a twist at the end in the who did it moment The book is based on a man who goes back home for a party and is dragged back to his childhood friendship His friend s Father is hanged for murder and his friend hangs himself 20 odd years later maintaining his Dad s innocence Beyond Recall encourages the review of the murder to see whether the Father was really guilty or innocent [...]

    27. In Cornwall, England, a middle aged man must look into his own and his family s past to sort out guilt and innocence his boyhood friend challenges him to learn who killed my father and then commits suicide The father had been hanged for arranging the murder of Chris s uncle, but Chris discovers reasons to suspect that the man was not guilty at all, and that in fact Chris s own family may have had a greater part in the murder, in an effort to wrest an inheritance from the old man s first love Slo [...]

    28. The method of moving between past and present in this book nearly drove me crazy Goddard made the switch in the middle of chapters I would be reading about events in the present and in the next paragraph he had switched to the past It was a pretty good mystery with lots of characters to keep track of, but I found many of the connections just a little too convenient Lots of twists, turns and surprises many of which I saw coming others I did not.

    29. 5 5 stars The best Robert Goddard for a long time, probably since his debut novel Past Caring The plot is complex and protracted over 34 years, and the characters are numerous with varying interconnections, but if you can keep everyone straight in your mind, there s a riveting story unravelling on every page here Thoroughly enjoyable, and therefore a very quick read for me Goddard s flawless writing style i.e proper English only helps the reading experience.

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