Raven in the Grave

Raven in the Grave By Rae Hachton, Raven in the Grave FULL BLURB FORTHCOMINGRELEASE DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED In this third installment of the Pretty in Black series Eleanor and her immortal friends fight a battle against the Strix demons on the Nightly Shor
  • Title: Raven in the Grave
  • Author: Rae Hachton
  • ISBN: 9780988294479
  • Page: 413
  • Format: Paperback
  • Raven in the Grave By Rae Hachton, FULL BLURB FORTHCOMINGRELEASE DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED In this third installment of the Pretty in Black series, Eleanor and her immortal friends fight a battle against the Strix demons on the Nightly Shore Court, unaware that an even bigger war is looming.
    Raven in the Grave By Rae Hachton,
    • READ BOOK ✓ Raven in the Grave - by Rae Hachton
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      OFFICIAL AUTHOR WEBSITERAE HACHTONWrites Dark Romanticism sometimes with gears and clockwork Has cemetery obsession Believes in vampires, ghosts, and magic If imaginary, she would be an automaton fairy Corvidophile Content My Primary goal is to Scare you Haunt you, but make you fall in love at the same time I m a Monster Lover who writes Dark Fantasy and Gritty Contemporary I like dark, twisted fairytales and Scarily Ever Afters ALL OF THESE BOOKS ARE GETTING BRAND NEW BEGINNINGS WROTEThe Pretty in Black QuartetVampire Gargoyle Dark Fantasy Pretty in Black Black Satin Raven in the Grave EverStandalonesNew Adult FantasyFrankie s MonsterYA ContemporaryThe Summer of Me You

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    1. Raven in the Grave is the third installment in Rae Hachton s Pretty in Black Series We didn t get to see as much of Marcus in book 2, but he is back in full force in book 3 As a matter of fact, we get to know him really well Marcus Marble is an Ever Of course Ellie is still present and very much a part of this novel also Marcus and Ellie are never too far apart, and they begin to explore their relationship in a deeper, sensual way Marcus plans to turn her into an Ever, as Ellie wishes, but after [...]

    2. I literally couldn t wait for this book to come out, so I talked Rae into giving me an ARC, and all I can say isTHANK YOU This story moves at a slightly slower pace than the previous two books, Pretty in Black, and Black Satin, but don t let that dissuade you It is perfectly paced for the amount of action and emotion that flows through this amazingly written love story.You feel the feelings, you see the sceneryMs Hachton you certainly have a way with words haunting words, poetic words, words tha [...]

    3. Well, look at this You actually exist after all, Raven in the Grave Pssh, and I doubted you Okay so this would be the book that was difficult And by difficult I mean tear shedding, hair pulling, delete button using, paper ripping mess This book gave me the most trouble Imagine having scenes written out of order and trying to piece together the big picture while simultaneously keeping up with like approximately seemingly 50 different character plot lines and backstory threads while also keeping t [...]

    4. Heartracing romance, irresistible dark sides, and conflicting emotions Rae s electrically charged Gothic tale returns with intensity than ever Are you ready for the fireworks Well, it seems Ms Hachton listened to my cries for Marcus since Black Satin because she has certainly answered And allow me to give you a concise depiction of my feelings on the third installment in the series after getting over my silly gratification Of course Raven in the Grave wasn t written to satisfy me, it was formu [...]

    5. I will forgo summarizing, but I will suggest any reader who has not read in this series to go back to the first book Pretty In Black, where the dark and passionate romance of Ellie and her Marcus began.This installment was excellent The world Ms Hachton has created, and the unique take she has given the Vampire phenomena is one that I enjoy Raven In The Grave, ups the stakes, lllustrating a deeper,aggressive side to Marcus the characters have matured as well as their interpersonal relationships [...]

    6. Well Rae has done it again, managed to suck me into an entire new place of existence, but actually managed to make me not want to leave I always enjoy the journey the next book in The Pretty in Black series takes me Just when I think I kninda know where she might be taking me, something picturesque and beautiful unfolds with a sprinkle of magic, paranormal and a land I never could have imagined myself Every book something unique comes into play The writing is poetic and thought provoking, dreamy [...]

    7. Oh goodness Where to start with this review My mind is still processing the awesomeness that I have just finished The author has done it yet again Her dark poetic writing style is so addictive that you can t help but want to keep turning those pages This fantastical world that the author has built is so well painted that you can t help but wanting book after book Each one is so different from the other that I can t stop sitting here daydreaming about what is going to happen in the next I LOVED s [...]

    8. First off, I will say that I m usually not a big fan of the different points of view style of writing, but it really works in this book and ultimately in the whole series I like know where some characters were at, while some characters were in one place It also made it easier to follow in this case I m ready for the final installment I m ready to see where Rae will take us, and how we ll end up there I also thought that this book was thoroughly thought through then the previous two.

    9. Whatever happened, the occurance or actions was repeated at least TWICE each time and the guys pov was simply awful I had so high expectations for this one since I loved loved loved the previous two that I just want to forget this one ever happened and look forward to the next one, which will surely be great 3

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