The Fatal Crown

The Fatal Crown By Ellen Jones, The Fatal Crown Against the seething political intrigues of th century Europe two royal heirs will surrender to passion as they vie for the most glittering treacherous prize of all the English throneAt nine Maud
  • Title: The Fatal Crown
  • Author: Ellen Jones
  • ISBN: 9780380717071
  • Page: 348
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The Fatal Crown By Ellen Jones, Against the seething political intrigues of 12th century Europe, two royal heirs will surrender to passion as they vie for the most glittering, treacherous prize of all the English throneAt nine, Maud, an English princess, was sent to Germany to become the bride of the Holy Roman Emperor a political alliance with a man her father s age At 25, the widowed Maud must marryAgainst the seething political intrigues of 12th century Europe, two royal heirs will surrender to passion as they vie for the most glittering, treacherous prize of all the English throneAt nine, Maud, an English princess, was sent to Germany to become the bride of the Holy Roman Emperor a political alliance with a man her father s age At 25, the widowed Maud must marry once again, this time to 14 year old Geoffrey Plantagenet But it is with Stephen of Blois, Maud s fiercest rival for the British throne, that the headstrong princess discovers the true meaning of desire.Stephen, a descendant of William the Conqueror, believes absolutely in his God given right to rule Torn between his illicit passion for Maud and his own towering ambition, he knows he must choose Stephen s decision will wrench him from the arms of the woman he loves, ignite civil war, and lead to a shattering act of betrayal that, decades later, will come full circle and change the course of English history.
    The Fatal Crown By Ellen Jones,
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      348 Ellen Jones
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    1. Ellen Jones

      Ellen Jones was born in New York City and raised in a family of history teachers and musicians, who exposed her to a variety of ideas, cultures, and lifestyles After graduating from Bennington College, she spent a few years studying drama in graduate school, which led to her first writing efforts After getting married and while raising two young children, Jones wrote two plays, one set in eighteenth century Vermont and the other based on Japanese history These two works were performed by the Honolulu Theatre for Youth in Hawaii Jones and her family then moved to England, where she fell in love with London and its colorful history During her five years in England, Jones was able to explore the country she also traveled throughout Europe, including a visit to the French region of Aquitaine Her travels deepened her interest in history and the seeds of her novels began to take root Jones made her fiction debut with The Fatal Crown 1991 , a historical novel about the twelfth century British princess Maud This launched Jones s trilogy about three strong, passionate, and self willed founders of the Plantagenet empire Maud, Henry, and Eleanor of Aquitaine.

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    1. I bought this book for almost nothing at one of those roving book sales where nearly all the literature is semi awful, and that s why they re unloading it Like many a teenager, I was guilty of judging a book by it s cover, and the cover made it seem like the sort of book I d enjoy because they were dressed in what I, then, called garb, because I spent too many summers at Renaissance Faires.That said, the book sat on my shelves for years, unopened, because I couldn t imagine that it d be a very g [...]

    2. Disclaimer This ARC was given to me for free in exchange for an honest review from Netgalley.I really enjoyed this book, yes, it was a love story, but there were so many layers to this story I did find the love scenes were purple prose.

    3. The political alliances formed in the aftermath of the conquest of England in 1066 had repercussions for generations and the rulers in twelfth century Europe are depicted as a scheming combination of political aspiration and ruthless ambition Caught in the middle are two royal heirs to the English crown, whose supporters will bring England to civil war in the fight for supremacy In A Fatal Crown, Ellen Jones has woven the historically accurate story of the fight for power between Maud, daughter [...]

    4. Tremendous potential, a nearly satisfying what if story of Matilda and Stephen I don t mind the liberty being taken to suggest their deeper relationship, I just found myself longing for than the shade and brillance of Matilda s hair repeated over and over and over again There were good guts in this imagined play of events and some very sturdy structure to the story, complete with historical tidbits I just had higher hopes for this to really dig in and follow through instead of leaning on the pa [...]

    5. I was captivated by the tragic story of Matilda Maud of Flanders, granddaughter of William the Conqueror, told by Ellen Jones in The Fatal Crown The title led me to think someone had either killed her or attempted to kill her to prevent her from being crowned, and they very likely tried Maud was one of the first women to encounter the glass ceiling when, following her only legitimate brother s death, her father, King Henry I, named her as his successor Kings were allowed mistresses and illegitim [...]

    6. I don t even know what to do with this book beyond some unfocused ranting about why I didn t like it In this book s defense, it is set during a time period of history that does not set my world on fire that being during The Anarchy in England Henry I dies and there is not clear heir lots of fighting ensues This book focused on Empress Matilda called Maud throughout this book, possibly because there is some evidence she used that name but I m thinking mostly because there is another female charac [...]

    7. A pleasant enough historical romance the author has clearly done her research and infodumps just so we know it but has chosen as her subject a frustratingly inaccurate romance cousins Empress Matilda and King Stephen loathed each other just fine without a thwarted romance in the mix I have always assumed the rumors of their affair spawned from the fact that view spoiler Stephen made Matilda s son his heir despite the fact that he still had a kid of his own although politically and common sensica [...]

    8. This novel was an interesting twist on the battle between King Stephen and the Empress Maud for the crown of England An interesting twist as to the parentage of Henry II.

    9. It has historical merit and was an entertaining enough plot but read it over five years ago Who can recommend after that amount of time

    10. Great historical romance, I guess, but it seemed a little hard to believe as a historical novel I didn t buy the attributed motivations for several things, but it was still a good story.

    11. Mindless reading while I ignore the class in the news Interesting juxtaposition reading about a chaotic time period in English history Lots of history with a liberal dose of fictional romance.

    12. I love historical fiction based on real characters, and especially those that go far back in time and bring eras entirely mysterious to me to life I know so little about this time period really, all I know of Maud and Stephen I learned from The Pillars of the Earth, which isn t a lot that I was really excited about learning And as usual I m not sure how much to believe I ve been taught by The Tudors to expect that the fantastic the rumour, the likely it is to be included in the storyline as f [...]

    13. The Fatal Crown The Queens of Love and War 1 by Ellen Jones is a 2013 Open Road Integrated Media publication I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher and Netgalley in conjunction with the Retro Romance reading group on , in exchange for an honest review Fictionalized or not, reading about the way women were used in the royal classes in the very distant Medieval days will set your teeth on edge This is an account of the life of Maude or the Empress Matilda who lived a very interesting, [...]

    14. 1.99Ever since I learned about her, I have been fascinated with Empress Maud, and so although I ve read a couple of fictionalized books about her, I couldn t pass this one up Unfortunately I didn t have the foresight to see just how fictionalized this book was until after reading Marilyn s review, and if I had known then what I have learned since, I would have passed on this book I really wanted to give it a four star rating, but with such a drastic twist that kept getting in my way throughout t [...]

    15. I love novels of the kings and queens of Europe Maud is one that I haven t read much about The Fatal Crown probably wouldn t have been the book I would have chosen to learn about this remarkable lady.Ellen Jones does a great job of bringing the period and characters to life, but she also added a fictional love affair between Maud and Stephen, which though it may or may not have happened, it just didn t feel right I couldn t see the women, who was so learned, thanks to her first husband, Henneri [...]

    16. This book fictionalizes the life of Empress Maud and her cousin Stephen and their war over the English crown In this version, Maud and Stephen are lovers and Stephen is the father of Maud s son who is to be Henry II.Since this book covers Maud s life from childhood through the signing of the treaty that would make her son Henry the king of England after Stephen, it s a pretty expansive chunk of time making the plot move slowly in some parts Making Maud and Stephen lovers is an interesting concei [...]

    17. I didn t especially love this book, but I didn t hate it There were definitely some liberties taken in the writing of dates, family relationships and alliances If you are a huge fan of Monarchy literature then you may want to check this book out It is not the fastest paced book out there, but does have some interesting plot twists and unexpected scenes that are worth reading If I had to choose the thing that made me glad I read this book, it would be the imaginative love story that the book is b [...]

    18. I finished this book last night, and needless to say I was a little disappointed in it Instead of being a historical fiction where it expanded the characters, I felt as though she had to force things to happen, and for her writing, she wanted history to fit her needs, not necessarily relying on the facts I was highly disappointed with not only how she portrayed Maud, but other women in the script She seemed to have heavy male characters, but the female characters seemed flimsy This should be cla [...]

    19. When I think I know about every female leader in history another one is revealed to me and I am again taken by surprise and get hooked on the person and her life during the times she lived I absolutely loved learning about Maud, daughter of Henry I She was extremely well ahead of the times and unfortunately never got to show her true potential as women were not recognised as dominating political ruling figures I would like to read up on Maud as I am intrigued as to whether Steven and Maud indee [...]

    20. I have to admit I struggled trying to give this book a rating For the story line, historical interest, and clever way the author tweaked history to write the story events, this really was a solid 4 stars However, despite the incredible language, descriptions, and enticing length of the story Well, I have to give this a 2 star rating It just lacksmething It lacks strong sentence structure it felt like I could almost sit with the author and count the hours of daily writing obligation that, by goll [...]

    21. I could not give this book back fast enough after I finished it The plot isn t great, but the language is just cringe worthy Sword and sheathI m shuddering just thinking of that line I think this book is the entire reason I hope that they never had an affair Scarred for life.Also, history gets played around with for the sake of trying to force together a very squicky romance Is there really a huge market for people who want to read about view spoiler cousin loving hide spoiler Queen Matilda is a [...]

    22. Being a fan of anything to do with the English monarchy, fiction or otherwise, I figured this book would be right up my alley Welllll.I was wrong It was OKAY That s really all I can muster up about this book Two cousins who ravage the English, Norman, and Anjou countryside fighting for a crown that may never fall so either one of them SOUNDS like a great party, but alas it fell kinda flat My favorite characters were actually the supporting ones Robert of Gloucester and Brian FitzCount It wasn t [...]

    23. I couldn t decide between 4 and 5 stars, but the ending was good and brought a tear to my eye, plus I thought the epilogue was a nice addition so I awarded it 5 full stars The only reason I was going for 4 stars was I felt the book was a little long in some parts I have enjoyed reading historical fiction but most of my reading has centered around Henry VIII and all of his wives This was an interesting change for me to read about Henry I and why he was Henry Plantagenet where the last name came f [...]

    24. Really slow Hard to get through But still interesting at some parts I enjoyed the theory of Maud and Stephen s love affair Although it is not based in actual fact it is an interesting theory, and makes you wonder why Henry never just married the two of them to keep the realm happy he could have gotten the necessary dispensation and divorce from Stephen s current wife pretty easily So all in all even though it is a slow read it makes you ponder historical facts, so not a total loss.

    25. This was a great book, I enjoy every page of this medieval historical novel, this is my favorite genre This is the first time I read a Ellen Jones book, I recommend this book to medievals historical readers and all types of readers because the story is very well written and research.Like I always say, to me reading a historical book is a learning process, I take my time reading I love to read 2 books at the same time some times, but this was a great adventure to the pass I will read the other 2 [...]

    26. Perhaps intriguing than Henry and Eleanor of the next generation thoroughly enjoyed this book and couldn t put it down Mel Brooks was certainly joshing when he said It s good to be King The privileged certainly lead costly lives in their bids for power and fame and although may led extravagant lives, they must suffer great risks and heartaches just as we common folk This is a great tale of sacrificing love for power The sacrifice of Maud and Steven, so passionately in love with each other but [...]

    27. What absolute rubbish The idea that Henry of Anjou was not Geoffrey s And playing ducks and drakes with the historical timeline as much as the author did which she admits gives lie to the idea that she did extensive research before attempting this excuse of a book Really, why did she bother This novel should not be listed under fiction but fantasy even better, just thrown in the trash.

    28. I thought this was a rather fascinating historical given it s set a time period I rarely see in fiction.I think the fatal flaw in The Fatal Crown however was that the author tried to put too much into the book She covers a vast time span The ending felt rushed and anticlimactic, given the pervading tumult in the characters lives Overall I enjoyed it I wish that it had been separated into a series though and expanded on further, delving deeper into the story with each book.

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