Fortune's Pawn

Fortune's Pawn By Rachel Bach, Fortune s Pawn Deviana Morris isn t your average mercenary She has plans Big ones And a ton of ambition One of those is going to get her killed one day but not just yet Not when she just got a job on a tiny trade sh
  • Title: Fortune's Pawn
  • Author: Rachel Bach
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 439
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Fortune's Pawn By Rachel Bach, Deviana Morris isn t your average mercenary She has plans Big ones And a ton of ambition One of those is going to get her killed one day but not just yet.Not when she just got a job on a tiny trade ship with a nasty reputation for surprises The Glorious Fool isn t misnamed it likes to get into trouble And with a reputation for bad luck that makes one year as securDeviana Morris isn t your average mercenary She has plans Big ones And a ton of ambition One of those is going to get her killed one day but not just yet.Not when she just got a job on a tiny trade ship with a nasty reputation for surprises The Glorious Fool isn t misnamed it likes to get into trouble And with a reputation for bad luck that makes one year as security detail on this ship equal to five years everywhere else Devi knows she s found the perfect way to get the jump on the next part of her Plan But the Fool doesn t give up its secrets without a fight, and one year might be than even Devi can handle.
    Fortune's Pawn By Rachel Bach,
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      439 Rachel Bach
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    1. Rachel Bach

      Rachel Bach grew up wanting to be an author and a super villain Unfortunately, super villainy proved surprisingly difficult to break into, so she stuck to writing and everything worked out great She currently lives in Athens, GA with her perpetual energy toddler, extremely understanding husband, overflowing library, and obese wiener dog You can find out about Rachel and all her books at rachelbach.Rachel also writes fantasy under the name Rachel Aaron.

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    1. Cotter leaned forward Where do you get off being such a bossy bitch I looked him dead in the eyes I was born a bossy bitch, so you can either roll with it or get rolled over Normally, I wouldn t use the word formula in a book review for a good reason Do any of us really want to read a novel that s formulaic I would think not However, Fortune s Pawn does something very interesting it combines a breathtaking universe full of imagination, mysteries and new creatures with that particular formula I l [...]

    2. This book kicked ass, I loved the main characters, the mystery, the setting, the plot twists, I JUST LOVED IT Perfect light sci fi If you like space stuff that isn t that complicated but highly entertaining, I give two thumbs up

    3. BR with the BBB gang starting September 14, 2015.DNF at 48% A dedication To all my friends who read and loved this book I love you I m sorry I suck so much at BRs and have such crappy book taste It s a wonder you haven t unfriended me yet.Contrary to popular belief I do NOT actually enjoy DNFing books Neither do I enjoy writing the corresponding reviews Okay, that might be a slight lie Might Slight More or less You really do want me do say it, don t you Fine, I ll say it I always enjoy writing D [...]

    4. Man, I blitzed right through this book both times I ve read it It s an incredibly quick read, in the tradition of the old pulp science fiction space opera novels, but with a kickass heroine rather than the guy this book would be about if it were written 50 years ago, and better technology.Deviana Morris is a private mercenary soldier, one with super high tech gee whiz space armor and weapons that makes her the physical equivalent of any guy Both her armor Lady Gray and her weapons Sasha, Mia and [...]

    5. 4.5 stars Hugely entertaining scifi written like urban fantasy, with an awesome Ripley from Alien type heroine and explosive action SPACE ALIENS KICKASS WOMAN FUN Full review is posted on the blog.

    6. Meet Devi.She s given 10 years of her life to hardcore training and mercenary life She s one of the best and she is determined to be better the rest She wants to be a Devastator one of the Paradox King s personal guard She s highly motivated, confident, sassy, and ready to do whatever it takes to accomplish her goals.At first, I hard a really tough time liking her or relating to her, and therefore, struggled to care about her story She isn t just confident and bad ass, she s obnoxiously cocky an [...]

    7. 3.5 starsReviewed by Rabid ReadsOn the off chance anyone hasn t gotten the memo yet A L I E N S I love em.This is partially b c when my grandmother who I stayed with instead of going to daycare wasn t reading me fairy tales, I was watching PBS specials on the ocean or OUTER SPACE.Which is why when I was in first grade and got asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I said, Astronaut That not panning out didn t make me bitter It made me friggin love A L I E N S.I love good aliens, I love human [...]

    8. I enjoyed Fortune s Pawn, although it is certainly the first in a series given the ending Devi is a likeable character with a fun attitude toward life and a sweet modern approach to romance The plot has some unexpected twists, but Devi never betrays herself or the reader Neither the violence nor the sex got too graphic for me and both are used with intelligence and moderation in service to plot and character, and as such, never gratuitous Bach s writing style is fast paced, almost movie like, wi [...]

    9. This book was great, but there were a few things that could have been done a lot better What I Didn t Like the romanceI did not care an ounce for the romance between Devi and Rupert Of all the men Devi had met in her life, as someone who traveled a lot and was in a field dominated by men which meant she was surrounded by men at all time, she had to go fall for Rupert who is one of the worst men that she could have fallen for It s not because Rupert is a bad person to the contrary, he s a fucking [...]

    10. 4 Stars I adored this book It wasn t perfect by any means For example I m not quite sure how I feel about the romance, and I did feel like at times during this book we were just really left in the dark That being said, I flew through it I particularly loved Devi, all of the cool space opera world building, and getting to slowly know the characters I m excited to move on with the trilogy for sure

    11. I really should read sci fi I really enjoy it And this book HOLY MACARONI What a FANTASTIC book WARNING ENTHUSIASTIC RANT AHEAD Meet Devi Our smart, strong and BUTT KICKING heroine Devi is an armoured soldier and leaves her prestigious position to take a security job on the Glorious Fool, a trade ship For some reason security personnel that serve on this ship tend to do well for themselves, and she is determined to be a devastator an elite type of armed guard that protect the king himself The h [...]

    12. 4.5 Stars REALLY LOVED THIS ONE I highly recommend it and I can t wait to read the next one My only complaints are 1 Although there wasn t very much romance in this book, I feel like the relationship between the two characters was underdeveloped in the first half of the book to the point that certain things the characters say, do, and think in the second half of the book feel weird or out of place.2 This book is pretty predictable and I think that the pacing of the foreshadowing and the reveals [...]

    13. 2.5 StarsThis book is O.K I didn t love it or hate it My problem is that I don t really like Devi and everything is from her PoV Maybe I ve just been hanging out with Heroines like Kate Daniels, Nevada Baylor, Vin, Sirantha Jax before the view spoiler bug love hide spoiler , Jasnah Kholin and MacKayla Lane and so she never stood a chance The best thing about all of those heroines is that yes they Kick Ass but they also have some underlying personality traits that make them easy to relate too and [...]

    14. 4 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum bibliosanctum 201Rachel Bach is also Rachel Aaron, an author who put herself on my radar earlier this year after I read The Spirit Thief, the excellent first book of her fantasy series The Legend of Eli Monpress That novel really impressed me with its light hearted yet suspenseful story, not to mention the fun, down earth characters So while we may be heading to a place a little beyond earth s atmosphere this time around, I had good a feeling that Fortune s Pawn [...]

    15. This military space opera was a lot of fun, and it felt fresh while raising some fine nostalgia as a classic tale It taps into the long sci fi traditions of heroes who are hard on the outside and chewy on the inside In this case the kick ass lead space soldier is a female mercenary, Devi Her ambition is to gain enough credentials to get into a job with an elite special forces operation She takes a gamble on a position as security officer with an armed merchant ship, one that has a reputation of [...]

    16. What the hell How did I go from really disliking this book to loving it so much that I would mark it down as one of my favorites No time for a review just know this book was absolutely fucking fantastic.

    17. Strap in and bite down you re in for a ride With the perfect balance of action and downtime, the plot pace plunges you forward with eyes locked Be sure to start your reading with snacks and beverages on hand because Fortune s Pawn hooks you in with a kickass, take names heroine, that might as well be her own walking hazard zone It felt rather like reading Urban Fantasy in space with its multiple races, popup action, and almost magic like abilities for a handful of the characters.Read my intervie [...]

    18. This is one of those books that I live for it s got a kickass heroine, a badass setting, fast paced writing, a fully realized world, colorful cast mates, and an engrossing romance I loved this book The author said in an interview included in the Kindle version that, I am a huge, huge fan of in your face, make no apologies female badasses, and I think that is what sets this book apart from so many other space operas Rachel Bach wrote this book just for me and I love her for it.I ve been out of my [...]

    19. Devi Morris is a legit badass and I think I ve got the beginnings of a girl crush on her I ll even go so far as to say that her level of badassery reminds me a bit of Kate Daniels and please don t think for a second that I make KD comparisons lightly And while Devi s character doesn t have the depth or heart that Kate does, the things she does have to offer ambition, confidence, and the abilities to back her shit up made it impossible for me to not love her.And I don t know if it s because of th [...]

    20. Interesting set of characters Devi, the likeable main character, was nicely kick ass and self assured Mysterious Rupert, ethereal Nova Luna Lovegood , silent Ren and the other side characters were good additions.The suspense of the story didn t exactly keep me up at night, but was interesting enough Attacks, fights, scary aliens, strange planets, conspiracies, mysteries, good stuff The fight scenes felt like playing a first person shooter, with Devi pulling the trigger A bit snark or humour wou [...]

    21. I finished this last night and all day I ve been trying to figure out what rating to give it I ve settled on 2 The first half of the book I was constantly on the verge on DNFing The only thing that kept me reading was Rupert I wanted to know what he was The reveal wasn t all that interesting though What kept me reading for the second half was the action and the romance A lot of people didn t like the romance in the book and would have been very happy if it was left out altogether I happened to e [...]

    22. Yoooo, I LOVED this Perfect mix of serious badass sci fi and romance The romance was a bit much at times so if that isn t your thing it may bug you, but I personally love me some romance so I was ALL about this I cannot wait to carry on with this series, oh man.

    23. This is a book I picked up off of my TBR in amongst all my other reading and I am very happy I did soIt s a great SF story with a fun concept of Merc, battle suits, high technology and inter dimension travel We follow Devi who is a Merc who wants to become a Devastator, and to do this she has to prove herself by working on board an incredibly dangerous ship with a small crew and a Captain who keeps many secrets The story in this book is certainly romance heavy than some of the stories I usually [...]

    24. So my reading sci fi is completely out of character and if it wasn t for the recommendations of trusted individuals I never would have picked this up Regardless of this being set completely in space, this is definitely what I would consider sci fi lite The world building is sufficient enough without boggling my mind with excessive detailing which I appreciated Fortune s Pawn was absolutely fantastic though I can t remember the last book I read that was so freaking exciting, and I don t say that [...]

    25. Full review over at Fantasy Book Critic with Analysis by Liviu ANALYSIS Mihir This was another awesome book from the mind that gave us the wonderful Legend Of Eli Monpress series Rachel had mentioned this book in her previous interview with us last year and after finishing it, I think can be best summed up as Kate Daniels in space with armor The author builds up an interesting universe that I m sure will be explored in the sequel books What this book is simply awesome and here s what it s about. [...]

    26. Have you ever come across a book that was EXACTLY the type of book you ve been searching for years and years to read That s this book for me I wanted to clutch it to my chest and shout Mine Mine Mine I loved it so much Of course, then reality hit me, and instead of wanting to clutch it to my chest, I wanted to run around shoving it into everyone else s shouting Read Read Read There might not have been much new about this book, but it took everything I loved in science fiction, space opera, urban [...]

    27. Buddy read with Buddies, Books and Baubles group starts 14th SeptemberDevi is a mercenary, she has trained hard and is one of the best at what she does but her goal has always been to become a Devastator, one of the elite band who guard the king She has the skills but what she is lacking is years of experience in the field and now she s looking for a way to get accepted faster When a friend tips her off that spending a year guarding The Glorious Fool will automatically qualify her dream role she [...]

    28. Trilogy Review I LOVED this series It solidified Rachel Bach a.k.a Rachel Aaron as one of my go to authors for a guaranteed good read Seriously there s nothing this woman can t do The Paradox Trilogy is her only sci fi space opera series thus far, but she also wrote the Eli Monpress fantasy series which has amazing world building, humor, and characters you ll never forget and the Heartstrikers series which is an urban fantasy about a clan of badass dragons, and one nice dragon who doesn t quite [...]

    29. Rupert is the worst aspect of Fortune s Pawn And not even the character Rupert, but his name I don t know about you, but when the name of the love interest is just about the only flaw you can find within a novel then that s a damn good book you ve got there I ve had Fortune s Pawn on my TBR ever since Wendy first reviewed it over at The Midnight Garden, making me jump for joy at the thought of a well done science fiction novel It seemed too good to be true While the reviews for the conclusion to [...]

    30. Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to start this story on a Friday evening That way you won t risk your job or school because of lack of sleep when you go in, if you go in, Monday morning.It is sometime in the not so near future in a galaxy far, far away Deviana Morris or Devi as she prefers to be called, is a kick a heroine with plenty of moxie, just enough foibles and a smidge of deviation that attracts her to danger in hordes.And let s not even talk about her body armor.Ok, l [...]

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