Breaking Butterflies

Breaking Butterflies By M. Anjelais, Breaking Butterflies The closest he will ever come to happiness is when he s hurting her Will she let him A beautiful and twisted story of first love and innocence lost written when the author was just eighteen Sphinxie a
  • Title: Breaking Butterflies
  • Author: M. Anjelais
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Paperback
  • Breaking Butterflies By M. Anjelais, The closest he will ever come to happiness is when he s hurting her Will she let him A beautiful and twisted story of first love and innocence lost written when the author was just eighteen Sphinxie and Cadence Promised to each other in childhood Drawn together again as teens Sphinxie is sweet, compassionate, and plain Cadence is brilliant, charismatic Damaged AnThe closest he will ever come to happiness is when he s hurting her Will she let him A beautiful and twisted story of first love and innocence lost written when the author was just eighteen Sphinxie and Cadence Promised to each other in childhood Drawn together again as teens Sphinxie is sweet, compassionate, and plain Cadence is brilliant, charismatic Damaged And diseased When they were kids, he scarred her with a knife Now, as his illness progresses, he becomes increasingly demanding She wants to be loyal but fears for her life Only the ultimate sacrifice will give this love an ending.
    Breaking Butterflies By M. Anjelais,
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      109 M. Anjelais
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      M. Anjelais Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Breaking Butterflies book, this is one of the most wanted M. Anjelais author readers around the world.

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    1. 1 StarsOne word Chilling Breaking Butterflies, although has passages of brilliance, the storyline was not only unique, but was based on one characters mental illness which was portrayed with shock and horror But the overall storyline was unhinged It follows the story of Sphinx, who begins by telling us how her mother met Cadence s mother all those years ago How the two created a pact to always follow their dreams, marry and both bare children for them to grow together and marry Childhood promise [...]

    2. I don t even really know where to start with this book While reading it all I could think was this reading is somehow intoxicating but this story is really one of the worst I have ever read So, I guess you can take that for what it is.From the first page I was a fan of the writing, it was strong, pretty and sucked me in as fast as could be I enjoyed Sphinx s yes, her mother named her Sphinx voice even though I didn t really come to like her for who she was The pace of the story was also really f [...]

    3. I m going to sum up my feelings of this book as eloquently as possible I cannot even I am wordless BUT WAIT See there s two kinds of mindblown There s oh my gosh that was clever and intelligent and I didn t see those twists coming Then there s what just what To me, Breaking Butterflies falls in the what just what category To reiterate I just cannot even.I can t decide what I think about this book because it enthralled me with dreamy writing and horrified me with conclusion When I finished all I [...]

    4. Why did I read it Because the title was so mysterious and the cover so beautiful and promised me of a great story The content totally shattered the promise in millions of tiny pieces Disappointed.I gave it two stars just because of the beautiful writing style What made me give it only two stars The book s bad story plot OK, Let s swim in the details now What was good The writing style, it was so powerful,so addictive and kind of sucked me right in But,the whole beauty went down in drain with the [...]

    5. Originally posted on Once Upon a Bookcase.WARNING I cannot review this book in the way I want to for Mental Health Awareness Month without spoiling it Read no further if you don t want it spoilt for you.Reading the above synopsis, who could fail to be intrigued by this book Two teens drawn together, one of whom can t feel Surely the makings of an amazing and really interesting story, right Sadly, I m afraid not at least not for me.When they were seven years old, Sphinx and Cadence s mothers made [...]

    6. I will say before I begin that I may not be the best audience for this book I have degrees in psychology so the subject matter involving the sociopathic Cadence did nothing but annoy my sensibilities I have to say with regret that I did not like or enjoy this book Sphynx and Cadence are the children of life long friends, their mothers having been best friends since they were seven so much so that at seven they decided on their life plan This plan involved their children one day being best friend [...]

    7. This review appears on Happy Indulgence Check it out for reviews Reading Breaking Butterflies is akin to sinking into a deep web of intrigue, not being able to tear yourself away but knowing the end result is going to be disastrous It is an interesting and horrific representation of two children who are inexplicably drawn to each other, one a sociopath, and one an empathetic girl with no self preservation skills whatsoever.Two little girls make a lifelong pact that they will be best friends, pu [...]

    8. This is one of those books that I honestly don t know where to even start to tell you about When I started it, I didn t read the blurb inside so I had no idea what I was getting into This might be a little on the long side, and a little ranty, and with spoiler so I thought I would warn you The writing was good and I liked this part of the book, and the book is a fast read, it just wan t for me.This is a story that follows a young girl and a young guy, their mothers growing up were best friends T [...]

    9. I m really not understanding why so many people have given this a one star rating Some cited that Cadence was too textbook SEMI SPOILER sociopath Well do most things being a sociopath comes with signs and symptomsnd of have to have all or half to be diagnosed so yeah he kind of would have to be textbookSome hated Sphinx and her decisions While I find her weak in the area of being a pushover she often explains herself in the book She doesn t want to disappoint her mother and her old best friend i [...]

    10. This book is amazingly hectic It is literally worth the tears I shed and and the time I spent up late at night when I was supposed to be asleep for school I m wrecked and heartbroken right now and I will never get over the ending Totally deserves 5 stars

    11. I m not sure I have the words for this oneIt s like watching a car accident happen in front of your eyes You want to look away but can t because you need to know what happens next Hands down the creepiest relationship I ve ever read about in a YA novel

    12. First Thoughts I ve seen this statement alot for this novel, it has an abusive relationship and it romanticizes abuse If you re a sociopath, it doesn t give you a free pass to hurt and abuse others From what I have studied from psychology over the years, I just don t blame them when they do because they have an illness Their brains aren t the same like the rest of us They re mentally ill, they lack a moral conscious, and they feel no remorse or empathy I don t believe you can compare this relati [...]

    13. I didn t totally know what to expect from Breaking Butterflies by M Angelais before I headed in I mean, the blurb I happened to read for it was pretty vague not that I pay much attention to them anyway and the concept behind the cover isn t truly clear until one gets to know the story characters a little So I went in with a broad mind and hoped for the best.Well, turned out, the best is very nearly what I got In Breaking Butterflies, we meet Sphinx, a young teenager, as impressionable as her mot [...]

    14. Everyone loved Cadence s eyes, people always said how beautiful they were, how different they were How utterly out of the ordinary Sometimes, I thought, being ordinary is best It was the first time in my life that I realized that something can be so unusual as to be broken, so extraordinary that it means there is something wrong there Cadence, a brilliant, talented and beautiful sociopath Sphinx, a submissive normal girl, whom was able to do a almost nything for him.For a terrifying, abusive, da [...]

    15. I don t what to feel about this book, well first of it s a real page turner It s a good book actually it s a little scary and heart breaking The story is about 2 mothers who made a promise to each other when they were still young, that when they get older their kids will marry each other So eventually that happened Sphinx and Cadence was born They grew up side by side and throughout their childhood there is something obviously wrong with cadence like when the time when Cadence put a knife on Sph [...]

    16. Eine so wundersch ne aber auch eigenartige Geschichte die mich zum weinen gebracht hat Die Idee ist f r mich komplett neu und daher auch etwas ganz Besonderes Das Buch kann ich euch nur ans Herz legen

    17. Worum geht s Sphinx und Cadence sind f r einander bestimmt, f r einander geschaffen Schon als ihre M tter noch Kinder waren, wurden f r sie Pl ne geschmiedet Sie sollten miteinander aufwachsen Beste Freunde werden Sich lieben lernen Und tats chlich schien es f r lange Zeit so, als w rden der hochbegabte Cadence und die durchschnittliche Sphinx dem Plan ihrer M tter folgen Doch Sphinx ist die einzige, die Cadence wahres Ich erkennt Sie kennt seine strahlende Pers nlichkeit, mit der er jeden um se [...]

    18. My Thougts Two seven year old girls named Leigh and Sarah plan out their entire lives underneath a tent sheet They map out their whole lives from what they ll be when they grow up, to what they will name their children, to even what their children will do when they grow up Some plans run into bumps and then new plans need to be made to replace the old failed plans and this book is about planning, re planning and replacing failed plans of the future.Leigh and Sarah decide that they will each have [...]

    19. INTERVIEW ON I received a copy from The Guardian Children s Books Website in exchange for a review And his eyes, his blue, searching, beautiful eyes, had no light behind them any finally human It was a day, just like any other, when Sarah Quinn s life changed She would later look at it as a phase, as would her daughter, the pre Leigh phase and the post Leigh phase Or, accurately, Sarah s life before the plan.Under the dappled sun, inside a little tent, two seven y [...]

    20. As quick overview of Breaking Butterflies I d say that the plot had an interesting mix of fairy tale clich s, Grimm twists, and was just a unique story to tell The writing style was simple, yet captivating Also, there was a great sense of what it feels like to be a teenager that I often think is missing from many YA books I m glad I read it, but I don t think I would have picked it up without a friend s recommendation It has elements of both lighthearted teenage love story and dark mental illnes [...]

    21. Killing Butterflies von M Anjelais ist ein Jugendbuch.Sch n die M tter von Sphinx und Cadence sind befreundet gewesen So sind die zwei wie Geschweister aufgewachsen Sphinx ist ein normales M dchen Cadence ein kleines Talent Er ist ihr Held Doch der Tag an dem er einen Schmetterling t tet ndert etwas.Sphinx ist ein M dchen, welches andere entscheiden l sst, was sie spielen, wo es lang geht etc Sie kann nicht besonders malen oder ist anders begabt Sie ist normal, lieb und ffnet die Herzen der Mens [...]

    22. Review by BethI don t know where to start with this novel I struggled from the off because I m really twitchy about strange names for characters with no good reason and Sphinxie was something I just couldn t stomach I d also say I wasn t keen on Cadence initially but he did seem to grow into his name and so it kind of sat easily with me, I still think the novel would have been just as enjoyable if they were called Jenny and Ben though.Breaking Butterflies is horrifying in parts and completely a [...]

    23. ARC provided by NetGalley Breaking Butterflies is one of those books that you can t put down because you just know something big is going to happen But in this case the something big keeps happening over and over Cadence and Sphinx have been connected since before they were born, the result of a lifelong friendship between their mothers Everything was planned out from childhood When they would marry, how many kids they would have, even what those kids would be named But plans go awry when it bec [...]

    24. BREAKING BUTTERFLIES is perhaps one of the most underrated and overlooked books of 2014 From ChickenHouse , I thought this book was amazing At once moving and creepy, the story of dysfunctional mothers passing on an even worse legacy to their children.The mothers in this story have a fairly dysfunctional relationship, with Leigh being the shining star to Sarah s shy and timid character But that is nothing compared to what they do to their children They indoctrinate Sphinxie and Cadence with the [...]

    25. Zusammenfassung Zwei Teenager, zwei M tter, eine Geschichte, die einen ver ndert, ob man es will oder nicht Sie geht tief in die menschliche Psyche und beweist, dass man selbst von dem geblendet wird, was man wissen sollte, aber nicht wahrnehmen will Man verb ndet sich mit dem B sen, ohne es zu wollen.Das Buch wird sicherlich die Meinungen spalten, aber genau das ist es, was die Geschichte ausmacht sie spaltet So, wie ein Schmetterling zwei Seiten hat diese b se, alles zerst rende Raupe und der [...]

    26. I did not like this book at all I thought it was really dark, and the fact that it tried to be somewhat of a romance type novel was dumb I don t like reading about girls that feel like they have to do something or that there should be a romance between a male and female character always This book was annoying If you want to read it go ahead was really short Or you can ask me for a review in person will be better than the book I still hate this book, than a year laterWhy am I even here ranting a [...]

    27. This story did not make ANY sense I totally see where the author was going the character Sphinx is supposed to be so manipulated and guilted by Cadence that eventually she ends up almost sacrificing herself and dying with him Yea, cool idea, but nowhere near the execution it neede to be The author didn t give Cadence enough to manipulate A good sociopath could have deluded Sphnix since she s a pushover into believe this was what she had to do but all Cadence has a poem like pact their moms wrote [...]

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