Restoration By Ann Aguirre, Restoration If you wondered why Fade retreated from Deuce at the end of Outpost find out in his own words
  • Title: Restoration
  • Author: Ann Aguirre
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  • Page: 121
  • Format: ebook
  • Restoration By Ann Aguirre, If you wondered why Fade retreated from Deuce at the end of Outpost, find out in his own words.
    Restoration By Ann Aguirre,
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      121 Ann Aguirre
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    1. Ann Aguirre

      Ann Aguirre is a New York Times USA Today bestselling author with a degree in English Literature before she began writing full time, she was a clown, a clerk, a voice actress, and a savior of stray kittens, not necessarily in that order She grew up in a yellow house across from a cornfield, but now she lives in sunny Mexico with her husband, children, and various pets She likes all kinds of books, emo music, action movies and Doctor Who She writes all kind of fiction in multiple genres, both YA and for adults.

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    1. a short and lazy review, but it s got adorable animals at the end i pander with pandas this e only addition to the razorland series didn t seem particularly revelatory to me or necessary it s basically a deleted scene from Outpost, which i read years and years ago, so the story isn t as fresh in my mind as it could be, but i feel like we already knew all this or maybe we learned or could glean it from fade s behavior in Horde, which i read much recently it s just stuff that s going on in fade [...]

    2. I recommend Restoration And what do you think I m after Her heart, I said Which is too bad You see that s mine, and it always will be Odd as it might seem, she d rather have me broken than you whole Ooh, burn I ve always thought that Fade s character is transparent enough, that there is no need to include his POV Fade wears his heart on his sleeve, so when the hurt was too painful, the despair too raw, he pulled away from Deuce.Further, it s a good thing that Fade s POV is just an e novella I on [...]

    3. A short story in Fade s perspective about the events at the end of Outpost, giving some insight on what s going on in his head and why he is acting so strange.

    4. Restoration was a fantastic short story from Fade s point of view Fade Sigh He s just too incredibly wonderful Even though he s going through a rough patch with himself, I still love his character and have high hopes for he and Deuce.

    5. This was a perfect refresher before diving into Horde It makes my heart ache for Fade, all over again 3Don t ever stop looking at me I m the shadow behind your light, and I might just disappear without you I don t deserve you, but I can t give you up either.

    6. I wouldn t recommend this I understood enough why Fade struggled to face Deuce after his ordeal I didn t need his inner thoughts of groveling and self deprecation too It ruined him for me Ruined This is not a sissy series and I wanted Fade s voice to be rougher, like him, or at least the way Ms Aguirre has represented him to us all this time I did not like glimpsing his emotions, that just felt too gentle on a guy Fortunately, towards the end of this short novella, Fade rallies a little and I [...]

    7. It s been a while since I read the previous book in this series, so I was a bit lost when I went into this It was very confusing, even when I started remembering details about the previous story However, it did give us a look at Fade s thought processes and emotional state, so it made him a bit easier to connect with I would recommend reading this right after Outpost, but it doesn t work as a standalone within the series.

    8. Right then, she was my sole reason for living, even if I was doing my best to drive her away sigh Oh Fade You make me want to shake the crap out of you and then hug you until you can t breathe.

    9. Restoration is a free short story can be read on the MacMillan website Please be aware that it contains spoilers for Outpost so I definitely don t recommend reading it until after that book This story is told from Fade s point of view and it shows us exactly what was going on in his head at the end of Outpost It was heartbreaking to see how depressed he was and how worthless he was feeling and as much as I was annoyed by his actions when I was reading the book this explains a lot and you can t h [...]

    10. This is a short story from Fade s perspective that takes place at the end of Outpost No new material, but provides perspective about what is going on in Fade s mind at that crazy point in time Which to me, didn t feel true to what someone in his situation would really be thinking He is supposed to be a vulnerable, self loathing, and completely broken character at this point That did not really come across I feel like Aguirre could have dug a little deeper on this one The story is only about 15 [...]

    11. Quand j ai entendu parler de cette petite nouvelle de quelques pages tant du point de vue de Del, je n ai pas r fl chi deux fois et je l ai lu imm diatement L anglais est vraiment abordable, surtout qu il s agit de sc nes que l on a vu du point de vue de Tr fle Par cons quent on comprend totalement ce qu il se passe et les raisons pour lesquels Del se montrait aussi froid envers celle qu il aime.Pour le moment, le peu que l on sait de Del se borne ce qu il a bien voulu d voiler Tr fle et la fa o [...]

    12. Ahhhhhhhhh my emotions I just can t right now I totally just cannot even Every time Every single time, Aguirre Fade and Deuce s story will forever be one of my favorites My heart was broken at the end of Outpost when Fade tried to distance himself from Deuce because of what happened, and then in Horde everything came together again so perfectly I love this trilogy And I love Deuce and Fade They re just so precious And this was a perfect little pick me up Thank you Ann Aguirre.

    13. Holy Hannah Fade kills me in this story KILLS ME He s so terribly broken and unable to see any worth in himself I feel for him He s pushing away the one good thing in his life and it absolutely slays me Heartbreaking and hopeful all at the same time Kelly Reading the Paranormal

    14. i happened upon this short story by accident and was ever glad that i did most books are from a girl s point of view so it s nice find when the author decides to write from the man s point of view it makes us girls know that we aren t the only ones who are sappy and feel broken a highly recommended fun read.

    15. This is exactly what I needed to get me in the mood for the third book Kept putting it off, the second one broke my heart Hearing Fade s POV is great He is struggling with many things but this gives me hope for things to mend in the final book of the trilogy.I love the pep talk with Edmund Just what he needed to hear

    16. I liked this story from Fade s perspective It has been a while since I read the other books in this series, but it all came back to me This, for some reason, is a series that I cannot seem to forget It invoked some interesting feelings and thoughts It made me feel for the characters in a way that doesn t always happen to me I only gave it four stars because it could have been so much longer There is so much to Fade and his story that I would love to learn He is a character that truly impresses m [...]

    17. It s been a few years since I read anything from this series so it was nice to have a little reminder of where we left off.

    18. Wow At first I wasn t really expecting anything, just thought that it will be fun to pop in Fade s head But after finishing it, I must say that this novella really suprise me Even though it has only 16 pages, it is spectacular The content was amazing And a lot of the mystery of why Fade distance himself from Deuce is solve You get to know so much of not only what he thinks, but also some of his childhood memories and how it influence him If I could wind my watch backward and be the person I was [...]

    19. My Words Are Gone I Lost Them In The Pens This short piece tells the story we all wanted to understand What was going on in Fade s head after he returned to Salvation from the Muties pens If you haven t read book two, you really won t benefit from this novella and may notice some spoilers If you have read it, you need this novella in your life And it s free online Fade tells the tale in part of his time in the pens, but mostly of his struggles with Deuce now he s been rescued I liked to see his [...]

    20. Restoration is a POV swap in the Razorland Series At around the end of Outpost, Fade withdraws from Deuce and Restoration provides a small snippet of his inner thoughts during that time.I was never a big fan of Fade, I m not sure why Even though I preferred Stalker, for reasons I can t determine, I m really happy to see a little of Fade s reasoning behind his actions My vision was veiled in gray, and I had been dying inside for hours FadeIt s short, sweet, simple, and reminds me of how much I l [...]

    21. Restoration is a nice bridge between Outpost and Horde It wasn t entirely necessary Fade s character is easily read He pulls in when he experiences trauma Why should you pick this up Edmund makes Restoration worth the read He is a lot like my dad He rarely tells us, I love you, but is quick to act when we are in need of another hand, advice, or jumps in to fix a problem before being asked I loved that Aguirre included Edmund in Fade s POV We see that Edmund is keenly observant, and has a fierce [...]

    22. It s nice to read Fade s POV for the first time but I still think his reasoning is illogical Seriously I thought after all the bad and good things he have experienced, he can overcome this one with ease He s still stupid and stubborn for pushing Deuce away when he clearly wants her anyway In a bigger picture, this strain feels like just an excuse so the readers will be excited on what will happen between these two on the last book Well, in that part though I shouldn t complained because this mea [...]

    23. It was too cheesy.I thought I would be able to appreciate Fade here because men also have the right to be depressed and feel weak, but no I know it is very traumatic to be treated as food by the Freaks Muties, but it was not depression, but pride that he pushed Deuce away He felt like she does not deserve a man that is not as strong as her, therefore he was not willing to accompany Deuce in her mission It was only when Edmund forced him that he decided to go with her, and that made me disappoin [...]

    24. Honestly, I think it s better not to read this Not that it s bad, but the portrayal of Fade s reaction to the trauma he had faced, was better sharper and painful from Deuce s perspective I was perplexed by the last paragraph Be patient, solnyshko moyo I m still here And I m coming back to you Don t get me wrong, that s just what we all desperately want to hear from him And I do mean desperately But solnyshko moyo I m not sure whether that is transliterated Russian or some other slavic language [...]

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