Amber and Blood

Amber and Blood By Margaret Weis, Amber and Blood The Dark Disciple s fate will alter the future of Krynn In the concluding volume of this post War of Souls trilogy Mina learns the truth about herself and the terrible knowledge drives her insane Rhy
  • Title: Amber and Blood
  • Author: Margaret Weis
  • ISBN: 9780786950010
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Amber and Blood By Margaret Weis, The Dark Disciple s fate will alter the future of Krynn In the concluding volume of this post War of Souls trilogy, Mina learns the truth about herself and the terrible knowledge drives her insane Rhys, the monk of Majere, accompanied by his dog Atta and the kender Nightshade, is given the dangerous assignment of guarding the crazed god, escorting her on a long, strangeThe Dark Disciple s fate will alter the future of Krynn In the concluding volume of this post War of Souls trilogy, Mina learns the truth about herself and the terrible knowledge drives her insane Rhys, the monk of Majere, accompanied by his dog Atta and the kender Nightshade, is given the dangerous assignment of guarding the crazed god, escorting her on a long, strange journey to the mysterious place known as Godshome, where Mina hopes to find the answer to the riddle of her existence Their path is fraught with peril, for the undead Beloved want to make Mina their leader, even as the death knight Krell wants to seize her and Galdar tries to deliver Mina to her most hated enemy.
    Amber and Blood By Margaret Weis,
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      243 Margaret Weis
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      Fantasy novelist who, along with Tracy Hickman, was one of the original creators of the Dragonlance game world I ve written numerous novels and short stories set in the world of Krynn, as well as series in other, original worlds These include Darksword, Rose of the Prophet, Star of the Guardians, DeathGate, Dragonvarld, Sovereign Stone, Dragonships, and the Dragon Brigade I also wrote two paranormal romance novels, Fallen Angel and Warrior Angel, with my daughter, Elizabeth Baldwin I graduated from the University of Missouri Columbia and now live in Wisconsin with dogs, Max, Dixie, Joey the Thug and Clancy the Hooligan I am currently working on the third book in the Dragon Brigade series, the Seventh Sigil The first book is Shadow Raiders The second book is Storm Riders, coming out from Tor in July 2013 My hobby is flyball racing with my dogs, Dixie, a border collie, and two crackhead Shelties, Joey the Thug and Clancy the Hooligan I am the owner of the company, Margaret Weis Productions, publisher of RPGs Our newest project is creating the RPG for the wonderful TV series, Firefly Shiny

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    1. Amber and Blood is the third book in the post War of the Souls trilogy in the Dragonlance series of books This trilogy is called Dark Disciple, and it focuses on Mina, a character that was introduced in the War of the Souls trilogy For those who know nothing about Dragonlance lore, this review is not going to make a whole lot of sense, and I feel compelled to tell you that there are series spoilers in this review.In the last book in the trilogy we discovered that Mina was actually a god all this [...]

    2. Well well well Let s see hereI started to like this book better than the first two books of the trilogy Not great But decent.Then it descended into a bunch of nonsense Here are some of the highlights.1 Frequent exchanges between the lead character as a child and a kender that read like this Yes you are No I m not Are too Am not Are too Am not Are too Am not And so forth2 Hey Did you know there s a dog in this book It s name is Atta, and it s black and white and cute and loyal and fluffy and defe [...]

    3. I was astounded by how terrible this was It really made me afraid what if all these books have been equally terrible, and for some reason Ive just been blind to the truth til now I mean, I ve dutifully read practically every new Dragonlance for the last 15 years Am I fucking retarded or was this just extra terrible or what

    4. Amber and Blood is a great book about Mina s struggle to accept the knowledge that she is a god as well as her choice of which side Light or Darkness to join Her journey to Godshome with Rhys, the monk, and Nightshade, the kender, is everything that is expected from a Dragonlance book Throughout the entire book, the only part I did not like was near the end Sad part.

    5. Weis, Margaret Amber and Blood, 325 p Wizards of the Coast Language PG, Sexual Content G, Violence PG 13.Mina is the reason the Gods are in an uproar She is the one who will upset the balance of good and evil with whatever side she joins They are eager the persuade her to their side, but, Mina has her own plans.I liked this book It was easy to get into, regardless of the fact that it is the 3rd of the series It flows together nicely and ends pretty well, HS OPTIONAL Student Reviewer KHkisstheboo [...]

    6. Como ya cab a esperar, despu s de los dos primeros vol menes, el final de la trilog a no alcanza la maestr a ni el nivel de los libros anteriores.Guerras de dioses por conseguir el poder absoluto y una diosa ni a que no sabe que lo es y trata de la mano de un monje, alcanzar su destino.Quiz lo mejor de la trilog a es Bele o, el kender, por esa frescura que aporta a un relato anodino y ciertamente extenso.Ha habido grandes momentos en Dragonlance, como para quedarnos con mal sabor de boca por est [...]

    7. Me esperaba un final m s pico, pero al final ha sido el libro m s flojo de los tres No obstante, hac a tiempo que una trilog a no me enganchaba tanto y eso hay que remarcarlo.

    8. So after the cliff hanger ending of the last book, I was really looking forward to learning Mina s history and what would happen with the pantheon of gods in Krynn I ve read several reviews that were disappointed with how this book was handled We don t spend time with the Mina we ve seen in the rest of the series, or even the Mina of the War of Souls Instead, she reverts to a child And the gods who had been so active in the other books take a step back here and pledge to leave Mina to make her o [...]

    9. None of the later books can compare to Chronicles or Legends I keep buying Weis and Hickman novels hoping to capture the experience I had with those books And of course you can t go back But several of their other Dragonlance books are enjoyable.I liked the first two in this series But this novel just kind of plodded along without developing the characters any further However, halfway through the book it s like the editor went on drugs or hired a monkey to finish the job I mean, it s so bad that [...]

    10. I ll keep this pretty brief, and it s mostly spoilers.I was not at all pleased at how Weis hit the reset button with the Beloved of Chemosh after setting up such a wonderfully ironic, Terry Goodkind esque solution to their destruction.In fact, most of this book, especially, Mason Rhys didn t really do anything The treasures in the Hall of Sacrelige protected themselves, Mina took them across the continent in an instant, and she ultimately chose her neutrality on her own Rhys killed the not dead [...]

    11. I thought the first two books were great, I had a fun time reading them.Then I got the final book to the trilogy.I m not really sure what happened, it seemed like the editor gave up There were a number of continuity issues that caused me to go back a few pages to see if it was me or if it was indeed an error Plus there were misspellings, and sentences that were oddly worded All of this kept pulling me from the story, which I found to be rather annoying Maybe the Margaret Weis was rushed, maybe t [...]

    12. This review is from my book blog, The Shelves of Nikon.This book seemed rush, and it definitely shows It is riddled with spelling mistakes, extra words, and missing words In addition to this, there are many inconsistencies, some between this book and the previous and others in different chapters The chapters felt disconnected, as if the author took long breaks between them The whole book was a mess, and the ending was not very satisfying It feels like there is so much to learn about Mina, but m [...]

    13. I was very underwhelmed by this book For starters, like many other reviews say, this book was riddled with errors I found 2 alone in the first 34 pages and they just kept on coming after that, from continuity errors to spelling mistakes, this book has them all The 2nd one in the series did as well Couple that with the fact there are profiles at the end for Mina and Bone Warriors for those who play the D20 games, and it just makes me resent the author because it feels as though she was trying to [...]

    14. This is the final book in a new DragonLance trilogy and, as a whole, it was very good The first two books were fantastic, and this book was great all the way through till the end I had a hard time putting it down as Weis superbly built toward a climax But the climax was, in my opinion, pretty disappointing I don t want to spoil it for anyone, but I did not care for the ending, and based on Weis s excellent writing skills evidenced in this series and so many others, she could have done better Sti [...]

    15. La storia diventa un po pi interessante, ma rimangono troppe leggerezze nel background.Fino a un attimo prima un dio non sa cosa succede a 100 metri da lui, e ora in una frazione di secondo vede cosa accade in tutto il mondo Poco prima un mistico resuscita un animale, e qui un dio non riesce a resuscitare un uomo.Sono i pericoli di infilare dei che camminano nel mondo in una storia che deve avere un senso, ma allora bisogna giustificarne i comportamenti.L idea che mi sono fatto che Margaret Weis [...]

    16. After reading the first 2 I really looked forward to this one but it didn t live up to my expectations Part of that may be because I read this in a huge rush, but the other part was wasn t as INTERESTING as the other ones Sure, there was action and interfering gods, but Mina as a child wasn t INTERESTING Yes yes I know I m repetitive But this series was a mature series and reading about a child isn t that great for such a series.

    17. Not up to Margaret s usual standards Interesting mostly because of the effect it will have on the pantheon of gods Several editing mistakes and typos which was somewhat distracting and sometimes confusing as a couple times does was meant to be doesn t and similar issues I would have liked to have known about Valthonis The parts with him and minotaurs were the best parts Most of the rest of it was just walking and talking and dealing with both a 6 yr old and a kender.

    18. I am sad to say this book was not as good as the previous two The story seemed very rushed, such a long journey they had should not have been cut to nothing by Mina s powers Maybe a quartet would have been better than a trilogy This book was also full of mistakes, whether missing words, the wrong words or just plain bad grammar, I think this took away from the story as well.

    19. I did not like the way this series ended Mina belonged with Chemosh I enjoyed the series, as I loved Mina from the War of Souls Even though I felt a little let down with the ending of the series, upon reflection, it was a good way to end it I felt a little betrayed by the gods, but what can you expect when Fizban is no longer around

    20. I liked the story, but it was like reading notes than a well put together novel The editing was horrendous I would have been embarrassed to have my name associated with this novel because of this However, because it is Dragonlance and I have a long history with this storyline, I cannot help but like it I think Wizards of the Coast need new editors

    21. The characters introduced in the first two volume of the Dark Disciple trilogy return in Amber and Blood Now that the divine nature of Mina is revealed, the gods of light and darkness try to get her to their side This is the worst volume of the trilogy, it is quite dull, and it does not even seem written by the same author of the previous two volumes.

    22. Thoroughly entertained I am a sucker for fantasi And that s how I like to spell it Again Weis has her noble and humble character, a cute dispensable character, then a misunderstood antagonist Love her vivid colors and settings I remember each important scene clearly She is a professional at her art.

    23. This series really went off track with the god characters being overused, and the main storyline going completely away in favor of the Mina finding herself line Very chaotic books that seemed to have been written in a hurry Still It s Weiss, with great charactes and interesting locales, so as disjointed as the plot is, it s absolutely worth reading.

    24. dang i ve not logged on for only a few days and i read a whole book i mi not one of those ppl who finish things quickly, so this is weird for me i had fun reading this series it s not for everyone and some things will be missed if you haven t read chronicles and was fascinated with that i still liked this series, tho.

    25. As a long time reader of the Dragonlance books I thought this series went a long way detailing the state of the gods post War of Souls Although I did find the ending to be slightly blah I thought it worked well enough I may have really enjoyed this book if I didn t get hung up on all the mistakes, grammatical and continuity wise.

    26. Dopo i primi due appassionanti volumi, devo dire che sono rimasta un po delusa dalla conclusione della trilogia L ulteriore complicarsi della trama mi aveva appassionato, ma poi tutto si risolto in un solo capitolo Troppo poco L impressione che sia stato finito in fretta, forse perch le idee cominciavano a scarseggiare, ed un vero peccato.

    27. Well this series took me literally years to read, because I started the first 3logy like 10 years ago, when these weren t out yet Because of that I got to read The Dark Disciple books not quite one after the other, and it is really just a story split on 3 books it kind of got blurry and stretched in my mind.Somehow I keep better memories of War of Souls.

    28. I have to admit that I was disappointed in this book For the ending of a series, I expected This book did not deliver, which is a rarity for Margaret Weis I think she is better when writing with Tracy Hickman, they balance each other I doubt that I will be reading anything further from M.W if she pens it alone.

    29. While I m not sure if it s a fitting end to the story of Mina, I thought the book was very good It was sort of anticlimactic with Mina finding herself and making her decision, but I guess it fits with the whole finding oneself theme of the book All in all, it was a good book.

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