The Vigilante's Bride

The Vigilante's Bride By Yvonne Harris, The Vigilante s Bride Robbing a stagecoach on Christmas Eve and kidnapping a woman passenger is the last thing Luke Sullivan expects to do He just wanted to reclaim the money stolen from him but ends up with a feisty copp
  • Title: The Vigilante's Bride
  • Author: Yvonne Harris
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 309
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Vigilante's Bride By Yvonne Harris, Robbing a stagecoach on Christmas Eve and kidnapping a woman passenger is the last thing Luke Sullivan expects to do He just wanted to reclaim the money stolen from him, but ends up with a feisty copper haired orphan thrown over his shoulder who was on her way to marry Sullivan s bitter enemy Emily McCarthy is an orphan out of options Forced to marry because she was tooRobbing a stagecoach on Christmas Eve and kidnapping a woman passenger is the last thing Luke Sullivan expects to do He just wanted to reclaim the money stolen from him, but ends up with a feisty copper haired orphan thrown over his shoulder who was on her way to marry Sullivan s bitter enemy Emily McCarthy is an orphan out of options Forced to marry because she was too old for her orphanage, she doesn t take kindly to her rescue Still she trusts God can turn any situation to good especially when it seems Sullivan may just be the man of her dreams But Sullivan s crossed a dangerous man unused to losing and Emily may just be the prize he s unwilling to sacrifice.
    The Vigilante's Bride By Yvonne Harris,
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      309 Yvonne Harris
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    1. Yvonne Harris

      Yvonne Harris earned a BS in Education from the University of Hartford and has taught throughout New England and the mid Atlantic Unofficially retired from teaching, she teaches writing at Burlington County College in southern New Jersey, where she resides She is a three time finalist for the Golden Heart, once for The Vigilante s Bride, which is her first historical novel.She is the author of Hindu Kush, a romantic suspense, and For Honor, winner of the 2002 EPPIE.See also Y.L Harris

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    1. I love this book, as in love love love this book The Vigilante s Bride is my first experience with author Yvonne Harris and you better believe it will not be my last The romance in verbiage and actions is palpable and beautiful If you know any of my taste in books, you know that I love Mary Connealy and Tracie Peterson and even though Yvonne s book is slightly shorter, she s right up there in my favoritism I can hardly put the book down, and then when I think I ve only been reading for a short t [...]

    2. There are two reasons why I finished this book 1 My local library has an adult summer reading program and I can fill out an entry form for prize drawings for each book I read While I understand that some library patrons may be less than honest when it comes to filling out entry forms for books they may or may not have finished reading, I am adamant that if I m going to fill out an entry form for a book, I ve actually finished reading the entire book.2 I wanted to write a one star review for this [...]

    3. Find this and other reviews at I really need to stop downloading kindle freebies I m sure there are good ones out there, but I never seem to snag them Case and point, The Vigilante s Bride by Yvonne Harris, a clich inspirational romance that left me both irritated and bored Orphans, saloon brawls, stage coach robberies, dinosaur eggs, it s all here Every trivial platitude of western literature, packed together in a single volume Harris depictions of the Crow and their native land were equally di [...]

    4. 2.5 stars LIKES the gorgeous cover, the fast moving plot, the characters themselves, the indians, the western settingDISLIKES the unrealistic and irritating conflicts between the romantic leads why are they constantly angry with each other no real reason or validity is given to their temper tantrums several scenes are simply left unresolved unfinished also, the plot could ve used fleshing outnot nearly as satisfactory as similar books of the same genre, but it s worth a day s read if you like w [...]

    5. This book takes place Dec 1884 in Chicago Ill we are introduced to Emily McCarthy, an 18 yr old girl who has lived in the Aldersgate Home for Girls most of her life, she had been working as a teacher but was suddenly informed by the director that she has been promised to Bartholomew Axel as his new bride He had advertised in the paper and an arrangement had been made between him and the school that Emily would travel to Repton Montana to become his wife Emily can t imagine doing such a thing but [...]

    6. For this book to get four stars from me is quite an achievement as I m a rather fussy reader I don t like westerns and I don t like a lot of Christian fiction though I read a lot of it in the past , particularly Christian fiction set during America s long history It s not that I don t like historical fiction or America or Christianity in fiction It s just that so much of it looks the same, as though the authors are just pasting in characters and settings The only reason I own this book at all is [...]

    7. I ve been having a cowboy western binge lately so it s no surprise that The Vigilante s Bride ended up getting thrown into the mix since I already owned a copy of it I got this book free on kindle a while ago and am finally getting around to reading it.You start out the book with a mail order bride and a stage coach robbery Needless to say it s jam packed with action I liked Emily s character from page one Red heads with matching tempers are always fun to read about, even if they are somewhat of [...]

    8. I usually love mail order bride stories, and I even like an occasional western, but the combination of both in this book just did not do it for me I m not sure where it started to go wrong, but overall, the story did not flow well.I came into the story expecting Emily s point of view After all, the story is called The Vigilante s Bride, emphasis on bride She came out west as a mail order bride to this foul man, which she, thankfully, did not have to marry Once she was released of her marital obl [...]

    9. This book has been on my to read list for a while and last week I finally read it It s a quick read with a fun twist on the mail order bride plot and a good reminder that not all mail order brides had a good man waiting for them.The adventure surrounding the ranch was an exciting side story and the interaction between Emily and Luke was fun to read They, but especially Luke had some harrowing experiences and the author did a great job bringing them together during those times.The ending was a bi [...]

    10. This was a fairly predictable, yet enjoyable book It kept my interest till the end and I was able to read it quickly I enjoyed the romance between the two main characters and there were some fairly tense and dangerous situations that they experienced.Luke and Emily s relationship was fun to watch develop They were both rather strong personality types and had some clashing going on throughout a portion of the story I will say that the ending felt a little abrupt to me, however, it was a satisfact [...]

    11. The title is very deceiving It should be The Vigilante The story is about him not her, she is a side story, This book is about an orphan boy who is trying to live a good life but has some trouble with wanting revenge on the guy who took so much from his family It s not a mail order bride or really a romance it s just a simple story about this cowboy I almost didn t finish it, it was very predictable and didn t draw me in I liked there fighting when he was sick then anything else about the story [...]

    12. Right so I started the book but then had to return it to the library Didn t really fight this as I wasn t really invested in the story yet However I may or may not pick up the story again It totally depends on if I read the reviews and if they re good or not.

    13. Luke Sullivan is heading home but first he must rob the stage because the man that cheated his father in poker and stole their land and everything else had his banker on the stage with money Emily McCarthy was on the stage too and she was to be the mail order bride to Bart Axel the man Luke was stealing from Luke stole 1000.00 from the banker and when he found out Emily was to marry Axel a man old enough to be her grandfather he took her too There are a lot of twists and turns humor and murder L [...]

    14. Title The Vigilante s Bride.Author Yvonne Harris.Genre Christian, Fiction, Western, Romance, Drama, Action Adventure.Plot Eighteen year old Emily McCarthy reluctantly agrees to leave the only home she s ever known and answer a mail order bride notice, traveling all the way from Chicago to Montana on a train in December of 1884 On the first day of her arrival, while she is on her way to meet her intended husband, the stagecoach she is riding in gets held up and Emily McCarthy is kidnapped by Luke [...]

    15. Emily McCarthy grew up in an orphanage and is now on her way from Chicago to Montana Territory as a mail order bride But she never makes it to her wedding since her stagecoach is robbed and she is abducted And it s a good thing too because she was going to marry Bart Axel, a nasty man and the enemy of Luke Sullivan, her abductor Axel is not pleased with Luke and plans to get rid of him, for reasons other than Emily, but things don t turn out as either of the cowboys planned.It s been a long time [...]

    16. The year is 1884 The nation is in the midst of a severe depression, jobs are scarce and young Emily McCarthy is being forced to leave Aldersgate Home for Girls, the only home she has ever known The wealthy widower, Bartholomew Axel, has advertised for a wife in the Chicago Daily Tribune and the board of directors of Aldersgate has accepted his offer on Emily s behalf Young Emily, at the age of 18 and with no other prospects in sight, reluctantly agrees to accept the marriage proposal and sets of [...]

    17. The Vigilante s Bride isn t your typical romance, and it s definitely not your typical inspirational romance Harris pushes the bounds of Christian romance in a new and refreshing way.The story opens with our heroine being asked, forcibly, to leave the orphanage, the only home she s ever Without giving her an option, the board of directors at the orphanage answers a newspaper ad that will bind Emily in matrimony to a man not of her choosing Fortunately for Emily, fate intervenes in the guise of a [...]

    18. I read most of it Stopped about 100 pages from the end read the large print version and skipped to the ending, which really didn t surprise me much at all I usually never do that ever This book was very very dull, in realms of writing style and plot development This is a very slow paced book Nothing really happens in it at all, besides some very well worn cliches, such as the love interests hate each other and want to make each other miserable in the beginning and the girl is terrified of guns, [...]

    19. The author wrote to me and told me this, quite interesting I have a couple of things about the book that aren t generally known For instance, it is based on fact there really was a vigilance committee by the same name in Montana and run for Granville Stuart a real man who became an ambassador after he got out of the cattle business in Montana My fictional hero ran the committee for Stuart in the story Stuart s group makes an appearance or two in the story They were the good guys and Stuart is kn [...]

    20. I give this book 3 stars I had heard a lot about this book, so was looking forward to an exciting, gripping read about a girl who at first was forcibly taken from her intended, but in the end, was willingly accepting her kidnappers help to stay away from her intended Though the story loosely followed this expectation, I feel it fell far short from what it could have been.Once Emily was rescued from Bart, from what I read on the back of the book, I expected Bart to go to great lengths to get Emil [...]

    21. I really liked this book I love westerns, and enjoyed this one I ve never read any of Yvonne Harris books before but would gladly read others in the future The beginning shows Emily who was raised in an orphanage being kicked out by the board as she is of age and they need room to take in young orphans in her place They answer a mail order bride advertisement for her and pledge her to someone she has never met They pay for her fare on the stage coach and send her off The stage is held up by a ma [...]

    22. I downloaded this book for free for my Sony e reader.Emily is an orphan After she turns eighteen, she is sent out west to become a mail order bride, but her stagecoach is robbed While she s standing in the middle of the road, the robber returns to kidnap her Luke is intent on making sure Emily knows just who she s agreed to marry before she goes through with the deed.First of all, I am sick to death of characters named Luke They pop up in historical romances especially westerns way too often for [...]

    23. The Vigilante s Bride, started out strong, but got weak towards the end.Emily is too old to stay at the orphanage, so the Board is sending her away to be a mail order bride No amount of arguing on her side will get them to change her mind, and next thing Emily knows, she half way to Montana Enter Luke Sullivan, vigilante, and cattle rustler punisher He hangs a criminal every other week, but the job has gotten too much for Luke, and he decides to head back to the only home he has known, to the or [...]

    24. The beginning of this book really drew me in There is some great imagery some lines that really made me feel like I was there, experiencing the haunting and wild aspects of the West And the anticipation, along with the action, made me power through the first half of the book, eager to keep on reading.However, I must say that I was disappointed with some parts of this book There were some great set ups at the very beginning for some deep digging into emotional turmoil, but I sensed a loss of that [...]

    25. The genre of this book is Christian Romance I m agnostic, so I didn t mind the story arc of the cowboy finding God through the woman he loves, but the whole romance angle of this came off hokey Really I think the book could have done with a sight LESS of it.Most of the plot focuses on a cowboy who s trying to go straight, trying to abide by the law, and how life seems to be playing against him It s also about the Chicago mail order bride he kidnaps to get even with his rival And how, allegedly, [...]

    26. THE VIGILANTE S BRIDE by Yvonne Harris had all the ingredients for a good historical romance Luke Sullivan is not a man most want to contend with Angry and bitter when he finds out his father was swindle in a card game by Bart Axel an act that forever changed his life Luke sets out to settle the score When he discovers Axel s courier will be on a stage leaving town, Luke decides to take what is rightly his What he didn t expect to find is young Emily McCarthy, a girl betrothed to Axel also on th [...]

    27. For fans of historical fiction and handsome cowboys , The Vigilante s Bride is a gem The story takes place in the 1800 s, in the Montana Territory and begins with Chicago native, Emily McCarthy, making her way west to Repton, Montana to marry a man she s never met Although the wealthy widower, Bartholomew Axel is a stranger, he may very well be Emily s salvation With no place to go and no family to turn to, Emily is in need of a quick fix for her situation as she is being forced to leave Aldersg [...]

    28. THE VIGILANTE S BRIDE by Yvonne Harris is a delightful, entertaining Inspirational Historical Fiction set in 1884 Montana Territory It is well written with details, depth, twists and turns It has romance,wit,mail order bride, bride be abduction, hope, faith, love, survival, cowboys, cattle rustlers, authentic dialog, Crow Indians, orphan children, stolen land and assassination attempts The characters are real life, engaging, charming and work well together This story shows how God can take disas [...]

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