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Made for You By Vi Keeland, Made for You The sequel to Belong to You Book two of a two part series Jack and Syd spent a week in paradise It was only supposed to be a fling But life can be funny sometimes and circumstances brought them back
  • Title: Made for You
  • Author: Vi Keeland
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  • Page: 213
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Made for You By Vi Keeland, The sequel to Belong to You Book two of a two part series Jack and Syd spent a week in paradise It was only supposed to be a fling But life can be funny sometimes, and circumstances brought them back together again Together they seemed to have found their happy ever after But when Sydney is offered a chance at the career she has always wanted, she must The sequel to Belong to You Book two of a two part series Jack and Syd spent a week in paradise It was only supposed to be a fling But life can be funny sometimes, and circumstances brought them back together again Together they seemed to have found their happy ever after But when Sydney is offered a chance at the career she has always wanted, she must leave Jack behind to follow her dreams Can their love survive long distance Sydney s touring with a man every woman wants, but he only has eyes for Syd And an unexpected tragedy leaves Jack feeling remorseful Can the two find a way through to forever
    Made for You By Vi Keeland,
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    1. Previous reviewers have already written about the story line, so I just want to say, if you loved Belong to You, the 1st book in this series, you going to love Made for You just as much And if you are one of those who haven t met Jack and Sidney don t wait another day Grab those books and get started with book 1 and onto 2 You will not be sorry I promise Fabulous and sexy story line, well developed characters, great settings, witty dialogue and naturally hot and sizzling romance between the two [...]

    2. ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review.A solid 4.5 Stars for book two of the story of Jack and Syd I fell in love with Jack and Syd s story in Belong To You, if you have not read this yet what are you waiting for This is one of my favorite types of reads, a simple romance where you have two strong characters who don t make you want to rip your hair out There are some new complications that come into their lives in book two and it is just the perfect mix of angst to work you up a [...]

    3. This was like sitting down at a cafe, having a quick lunch with a friend s friend Like the girl you know of, because she hangs with the same group of people but you re not close.And then she takes a deep breath before she babbles on and on about the guy she s recently met, what they do, what he does for her, his business adventures, their sexcapades which are mediocre at best , how good he is to her, the ex trying to get in touch with her, the porn star always following her in the ladies room, t [...]

    4. Sensual as it s sensuousundeniably , July 11, 2013 Verified PurchaseThis review is from Made for You A Cole Novel Kindle Edition I can t think of any scene or any part of this book that didn t scream of perfection My gosh, I seem to be lost for words except to say this story is freakintastic The only two books Belong To You, book 1 and this one that I read again right after reading it, it was that good It s not an ordinary love story, it s an extraordinary love story, filled with thrilling momen [...]

    5. Made For You is the second book in this series I absolutely loved the second book as much as the first Belong to you In this one Jack Syd are still figuring out each other in their relationship Syd and her BFF Sienna start off their tour as headliners for a band that they knew awhile ago.what I loved about this book is first Sienna still rocks majority as a best friend Every girl could use a Sienna Jack totally Rocked in this book still the alpha and sweet at the same time I loved that Jack and [...]

    6. If you are reading this review, it is probable that you have already read Belong to You and like me, you are totally in love with Jack Cole It goes without saying that I love Jack than Syd, because, well, Jack Cole is just a whole load of deliciousness Super charged sex god, sincere, protective, sweet and understanding.But, Sydney is not a whiney, pretentious, spoilt brat She is totally likeable, honest, sincere and believeable You actually want her to be with the super hot alpha that is Jack I [...]

    7. And the rollercoaster of Syd and Jack continues this time they are working things out He practically moved her in two days of being together He admitted he is the porn king Sydney is still insecure, Jack is still jealous of anyone that breathes in Syd s directionsNow Sydney is on her way to do a european tour with a Justin and Kyle some hot shots and one of them was deeply in love with her and she thinks Jack can take this Knowing how jealous he gets Sydney is definitely not the brightest crayon [...]

    8. Book and audiobook reviewSERIES REVIEW 5 STARSI ve had the audiobook of Belong to You Book 1 for months and never had the chance to listen to it the busy schedule of a blogger So last week when I completed my Challenge, I decided to read 11 books before New Year s Eve and guess which audiobook I decided to listen chuckles You are guessing correctly Belong to You by Vi Keeland And of course, as soon as I finished the first book, I had to get the second one, Made for You, because I needed to know [...]

    9. Received a ARC to review for SMIBookclubLet me start by saying this series was everything I needed and everything I wanted This was my first time reading a series by this Author and she did not disappoint Whenever, I read and obsessed over a book I want to tell everyone I know about it So let tell you IF YOU HAVEN T READ THIS SERIES WTF ARE YOU WAITING FOR LOL SERRIOUSLY YOU NEED TO MEET JACK COLE On Belong to You book 1 we meet Sydney having gone a bad break up, her best friend sienna which I l [...]

    10. I feel lucky to have received an ARC copy of Made for you, from author, Vi Keeland.I reread, Belong to you Cole series before I started to read this book It had been a few months since I read the first in this series I had a lovely day, reading about Jack Cole Heston and Syd St.Claire Made for you, picks up where Belong to you ended Syd and her best friend, Sienna McAllister are on a flight to London They will be the opening act for the European Tour with Double Strife Syd and Sienna knew the br [...]

    11. This one not as good as first They were separated due to work for majority of book Not much depth to characters but it is a sexy quick read Re read December 2015.

    12. I ve wanted to read this book for quite a while,having read the first one not so long ago.It was an okay book,quite meh.It wasn t even needed in my opinion.just a mindless filler thats what it was.Some parts I liked,some I found frustrating,some plain irritating.This is a rant of mine dedicated solely to those irritating parts image error The girls in the booksd Im talking about the general population here.About halfway into the story I realised,that every woman that Sydney our facepalm inducing [...]

    13. MADE FOR YOU is the second storyline in the Cole series by Vi Keeland and I think I must have read something different than everyone else I do not understand the high star ratings when the quality of the writing did not equate to the first installment in the Cole series.Made for You takes place immediately following the story in Belong to You Syd and Sienna are on their way to Europe to tour with the number one band at the time and, the story follows the days and weeks, ins and outs of the tour [...]

    14. This is the conclusion to Jack and Syd s story Their relationship is going strong until outside forces start trying to manipulate and micromanage it.Syd and Sienna are offered a gig touring with a rock band in Europe Jack encourages Syd to take the job because he doesn t want to hold her back from her dreams Jack s jealousness and possessiveness with Sydney being away tests their new relationship Jack visits as much as possible but they are both feeling the loss of one another Situations arise w [...]

    15. 4 StarsMade For You is a feel good sequel to sexy Jack and rocker Syd s storyThere will be spoilers from Belong To You.Made for You picks up where Belong To You left off Syd landed a European tour and so now, both Jack and Syd must face the hard task of a long distance relationship.Let me tell you this, I HATE LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIPS BOOKS, WITH A PASSION I put Made for You on the back burner for a few weeks because of this, but I wanted to finish the series and I wanted a steamy read.Made f [...]

    16. I adored Belong To You Syd and Jack and Made for You only made me love this couple Description The sequel to Belong to You Book two of a two part series Jack and Syd spent a week in paradise It was only supposed to be a fling But life can be funny sometimes, and circumstances brought them back together again Together they seemed to have found their happy ever after But when Sydney is offered a chance at the career she has always wanted, she must leave Jack behind to follow her dreams Can their [...]

    17. So as soon as I finished Belong to You, I was lucky to be able to immediately begin Made For You The first book ended with Jack and Syd at a crossroads in their relationship, and to be able to make it through was going to be a challenge I was a little nervous, because many books that have a similar situation going on, are full of non stop angst and drama.Thankfully, this did was not the case here, so what I ended up with was a really good story that did not overly rely on all the drama to mainta [...]

    18. 5 steamy stars If you thought Belong To You was as good as it gets, you were wrong Made for You is even better I know, it doesn t seem possible, huh Well, Syd and Sienna are still the best of friends and there is no end to their hilarious antics You will be laughing out loud, again If you think that Jack is still a strong alpha male with a quick temper who prefers to spend his time invading Syd s personal space, you would be correct The chemistry between Jack and Syd is HOT, HOT, HOT You can t l [...]

    19. Really enjoyed this sequel, went into it thinking it was a trilogy like everything else so was pleasantly surprised when it ended after this one Was a natural conclusion, had loose ends tied up Along the way had the same loveable alpha male qualities I liked about the first with Jack This one was a breeze to read, no weird mind games or unpleasantness for most part, just anticipated bumps in the road at pts If looking for a break from those heavy emotional angsty reads, give this two book series [...]

    20. 4.5 stars 2nd installment of the 2 part Cole series This book was sexy just like the 1st book A lot of passion I think almost every straight woman wants a Jack He s so lovable Though I don t understand why this was made to be a 2 part series Both books were short enough to make it into just one lol However, I still enjoyed both books I am just loving Vi Keeland.

    21. Enjoyable, but it felt like an add on to the first rather than part 2 of a series manufactured situations to create conflict that was not needed None the less, a decent audiobook and worth the time.

    22. ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review 4 1 2 starsYou ll have to excuse me, I ve just spent several hours immersed in Jack and Sydney and I may show signs of withdrawal while writing this review.This book takes off where Belong to you left off Sydney is headed out on a European tour opening for the rock band Double Strife with her best friend Sierra Double Strife, we find out is headed by brothers Kyle and Justin Smith who are hugely popular and used to be close friends with Syd [...]

    23. And really, what could a girl want Yeah, what could I want than a hot dreamy duet that leaves me breathless and with a smile on my face Nothing, absolutely nothing.You go show the world the star I already know you are But I want you back in our bed as soon as it s over, so don t forget where you belong Possessive Jack hits again and again In the second book, we saw Jack on high alert Nothing less possessive or demanding But he was a saint when it came to patience I didn t imagine that he would [...]

    24. I think this was a bit of a slow starter at first But once it pulled me in I couldn t put it down I think Jack was pretty much perfection He always said the right thing at the right time And seemed completely loving, devoted Yet at the same time had a bit of that sexy alpha male vibe When his father passed away I completely understood his indifference considering what his father did while his mother was sick dying But I was expecting some kind of emotional reaction from Jack But in the end he d [...]

    25. I ve done nothing but fangirl over this series since I finished it Yes, the cover lust I have may have a tad bit to do with it, but look at them I don t know what it is about this book, but it s just perfect to me There s a good combination of components angst, swoon, smexy lovin, and drama I LOVE Jack He s really the perfect Alpha male to me He s bossy but not in the overbearing annoying way He can compromise too And since the beginning of their relationship, he doesn t BS He s a take charge ty [...]

    26. This is part two of this series For the enjoyment of this series you will need to read book 1 first Sydney and Sienna s dreams are coming true They finally get to go on tour with Double Strife who happen to be friends of theirs, Kyle and Justin They knew Kyle and Justin before they made it big and got picked up to do a European tour and as much as she is reluctant to go and leave Jack behind Sydney goes on tour with a schedule so she can still see Jack.Life on the read is difficult for both Sydn [...]

    27. 5 Stars I have no self control around you Sex is usually a release of energy for me when it s over, I m done but every time I touch you I only want you This is the continuation of Sydney and Jack s blooming relationship Sydney and Jack finally decide to give the relationship a try after several times Jack attempts to run from any type of relationship He has never been relationship material but Jack can t resist Sydney I knew what I wanted the minute I saw your face I m a man that gets what he w [...]

    28. Review posted at bookcrushbookreviews 2013 % me runnin How had I not heard of these books before now I m mad at myself for that, but damn happy to get to the review one now Wowza, Made for You was flaming hawt, just like Belong to You Syd Jack s story continues directly where Belong to You left off We see them go through tumultuous ups and downs while Syd s away on tour I was questioning how things were going to play out and cringing when things happened I didn t like We re introduced to Justin [...]

    29. Fun, Hawt, sexy read is an understatement Ms Keeland lays it all out there in this one and I fell in love It was so much fun reading about Syd and Jack I was 100% invested in these two I kept cheering for their happy ending and was so excited to see it come to fruition Again, the flow was seamless never a lull, and I was completely captivated by these two Entertaining and enticing These two will for sure grab a little piece of your heart Two vital questions come to mind 1 Will I seek Ms K out fo [...]

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