Memory Zero

Memory Zero By Keri Arthur, Memory Zero MORTAL RECALLFor Sam Ryan life began at age fourteen She has no memory of her parents or her childhood In a decade of service with the State Police Sam has exhausted the resources of the force searc
  • Title: Memory Zero
  • Author: Keri Arthur
  • ISBN: 9781893896352
  • Page: 433
  • Format: Paperback
  • Memory Zero By Keri Arthur, MORTAL RECALLFor Sam Ryan, life began at age fourteen She has no memory of her parents or her childhood In a decade of service with the State Police, Sam has exhausted the resources of the force searching for clues to her identity But all mention of her family seems to have been deliberately wiped off the record Everything changes the night Sam s missing partner resurfMORTAL RECALLFor Sam Ryan, life began at age fourteen She has no memory of her parents or her childhood In a decade of service with the State Police, Sam has exhausted the resources of the force searching for clues to her identity But all mention of her family seems to have been deliberately wiped off the record Everything changes the night Sam s missing partner resurfaces as a vampire and forces her to kill him in self defense Now Sam is charged with murder Suspended from the force, and with no one left to trust, Sam accepts some unexpected help from Gabriel Stern, a shapeshifter who conceals startling secrets.While investigating the circumstances surrounding her partner s strange behavior, Sam discovers that Garbriel s been involved with a dangerous organization that s planning a war on the human race More immediate, someone is guarding the truth about Sam s past someone who d rather see her dead than risk her knowing too much To stay alive, Sam must unravel the threads of her past and find out not only who she is but what she is.
    Memory Zero By Keri Arthur,
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      Keri Arthur, author of the New York Times bestselling Riley Jenson, Guardian series, has now written than 25 books She s received several nominations in the Best Contemporary Paranormal category of the Romantic Times Reviewer s Choice Awards, and recently won RT s Career Achievement Award for urban fantasy She lives in Melbourne with her daughter and two crazy dogs

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    1. My casting This book was totally okay It was filled with action, friendship, explosions, secrets Though you might think it would have romance, which I will tell you, it did not Maybe the answers we seek lie in the past you can t remember The characters were cool Sam did some kicking, though she had no clue what was going on, and Gabriel had his own thing going on Though, I was hoping Gabriel and Sam had a bit connection I don t know how to explain I just wanted something Perhaps we ll get in [...]

    2. This isn t bad necessarily, but I did decide to DNF at about 17% because I just couldn t get into it I m not rating because I didn t read enough to form an opinion one way or the other If you like supernatural creatures and female leads who are investigator types with cases to solve and some romance thrown in, you might like it.

    3. This review was updated on A Weebish Book Blog as part of my TBT Review feature Review publishes on 1 25 2018MORY ZERO by Keri Arthur is a library read I picked up on a whim I hadn t read anything Keri Arthur in years but I fondly remembered enjoying the Riley Jenson series and wanted to see how this one would compare.I enjoyed this one pretty well, but it wasn t a stunner MEMORY ZERO is the usual first in series read It s focus was background and world building, and while both are essential, I [...]

    4. I actually love this book it s great, it has everything I enjoy a great story almost romance and a great plot This is definitely better than Riley and Risa both series also by Arthur I really wish and hope that the series continues All of you who read this please tweet, email, comment, post card, mail, SOS Arthur so that she can maybe resurrect this series I m writing this review after having read ALL 3 books available in the series It s that good.So in this book we meet Sam, Samantha Ryan, she [...]

    5. This was my first Keri Arthur book so didn t know what I was going to get Turned out I got a good story.It s paranormal, yes, but the thriller category is a better fit.It s a thriller first and foremost There s a spot of romance thrown in but mostly it s about police murder investigations, a framed cop and a villain trying to outwit and avoid the law Everything a good thriller should be.However, it s set in a time and place where otherworldly creatures are the norm in society even if society doe [...]

    6. Sam Ryan is a cop for the Melbourne State Police Upon receiving a phone call from her partner, Jack her missing partner, she agrees to meet him Not only because of their partnership, but also because of the fact they share a deep friendship When she arrives, what she discovers certainly rocks her world And not in a good way Jack is decidedly different, there are things around she s never seen in her life, and everything is cloaked in a paranormal veil of mystery Because of certain unforeseen cir [...]

    7. ARC kindly provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Many of my friends already know that I absolutely love Keri Athur s Riley Jenson Series This series didn t fall short It was a wonderful read I actually stayed up way later than I should have, on my birthday, to finish this book It was action packed all the way through, without being too much The action flowed very nice and cohesively I loved the back story, and the world we were flung into I really enjoyed the f [...]

    8. I had mixed feelings about this book It jumps right into the action and never stops And while this is exciting, it s also problematic Because with all the go, go, go the characters never once stop and have any sort of getting to know one another conversations This means that the reader never has access to any getting to know one another conversations I ve finished the book and still feel that Sam is a complete stranger Gabriel too, though to a minimally lesser degree, as we at least got to see h [...]

    9. Memory Zero had me hooked by the end of the first scene Although it makes use of that common trope police woman turns paranormal investigator, there is enough of a difference that makes the story feel new Officer Sam Ryan may be one of these paranormals.This isn t to say she suddenly becomes Superman, like so many other heroines of this genre Her skills are hinted at here and there and there is no sudden glorious transformation Instead, she survives a fall that might kill another, she has uncann [...]

    10. Mon avis en Fran aisMy English reviewThis is a new edition of a series by Keri Arthur and I must say that once again I fell in love with the series Indeed, I am delighted to have the chance to read all the novels that the author was able to release because I love all her writings that are ultimately still very different from each other The theme and the kind made me think of her, however, Nikki Michael series that I enjoyed.Now, we discover Sam Ryan, a young woman who has a past only after her 1 [...]

    11. Memory Zero was first released in paperback in 2004 I honestly don t know if this re issue undergoes some re editing or additional words Since I never read the original release, I will treat this as a new book.The story went straight into action Sam was called by his missing partner of five years only to find out that it was a trap that her partner was no longer human, and she was forced to kill him Then the action just kept going, with Sam being targeted by some bad guys and she must work with [...]

    12. You know how sometimes you read a book, maybe an urban fantasy book, and even though you kind of like it, it also annoys you because there are things that feel really derivative or forced or like the author is checking things that need to be in a popular urban fantasy book off of a list This wasn t like that It could easily have been There isn t any big original idea It s even extremely similar to the author s Riley Jensen books in many ways But half way through I found myself wondering why this [...]

    13. For Sam Ryan, life began at age fourteen She has no memory of her parents or her childhood In a decade of service with the State Police, Sam has exhausted the resources of the force searching for clues to her identity But all mention of her family seems to have been deliberately wiped off the record Everything changes the night Sam s missing partner resurfaces as a vampire and forces her to kill him in self defense Now Sam is charged with murder Suspended from the force, and with no one left to [...]

    14. Memory Zero is a rerelease of Keri Arthur s Spook Squad series Set in Melbourne, Australia the book follows Detective Samantha Ryan after she shoots and kills her partner of 5 years Jack Kazdan Only he s not really dead And Sam has been suspended AndSam seems to have some special abilities she was not aware of.Enter Gabriel Stern of the Special Investigations Unit, a part of a covert group called the Federation and also known as Spook Squad Gabriel is investigating the case and sees that Sam is [...]

    15. Great series ended too soon by publisher I spent my birthday with a new series for me that I was really enjoying The Spook Squad by Keri Arthur The premise and story are fascinating, involving a close to us parallel world where nonhumans live alongside normal in an uneasy balance They are policed by the SIU, a shadowy group set up to police nonhumans The main character in the book is Sam Ryan, a State Police Officer As far as Sam is concerned, she is fully human but is she truly With no memory o [...]

    16. Sam Ryan is a cop and, despite the rules, she s investigating a crime the disappearance of her partner She finds him but then nothing goes to plan, not least of which when she is suspected of killing him.Suspected of murder and with some shadowy organisation apparently trying to kill her, all she can do is try to investigate with what little resources are available to her while dodging her attackers but the only person she can work with is Gabriel, member of the Supernatural police and with his [...]

    17. The Riley Jensen series was a binge read of mine a few years back, so when I found out that Keri Arthur had a new Urban Fantasy series releasing, I was excited to give it a try What I discovered later was that it s not really new Memory Zero and the entire Spook Squad series was actually released for the first time a decade ago This is a re release with new edits and a new publisher Hardcore Arthur fans undoubtedly knew this already Another surprise there is no romance None Urban fantasy purists [...]

    18. Sam is unable to remember anything about her past and joined the State Police to try to find out about her background Despite doing detailed searches she has been unable to find out anything it s as if all details of her her family have been wiped from the system but the reason why is still a mystery At the start of the story Sam s partner Jack is missing along with several other police officers When she recieves a phone call from Jack asking her to meet him she is relieved to know that he is OK [...]

    19. Memory Zero is the first book in a new series by Keri Arthur The book revolves around a police officer named Sam Ryan It starts by jumping right into the action and doesn t let up from there Sam is set to meet her partner in some seedy alley, and wondering why he wanted to meet there She finds him and realizes quickly that he s been turned into a vampire and is not even close to the person she knew Forced to kill him in self defense, Sam is suspended from her job and she has to figure out what i [...]

    20. Plot summary Samantha Ryan is a police officer Her partner has been missing for several weeks when he contacts her and asks her to meet him When she does, he reveals himself to be a vampire, and tries to kill her From there, Sam s life turns upside down Accused of killing her partner and with numerous attempts being made on her life, she finds herself accepting help from a shapechanger named Gabriel Stern Will Sam find out the secrets to her past And can she and Gabriel find who s trying to kill [...]

    21. Memory Zero is the first book in The Spook Squad, a three book urban fantasy series by Keri Arthur It follows Sam Samantha and Gabriel as they work together to solve the mystery surrounding Sam s partner, Jack I can t say much about the story without giving away spoilers so I ll focus on the characters and the writing.Memory Zero is an intriguing and absorbing story It caught my attention from the first page and held it the whole way through There is action, danger and suspense Sam is a great pr [...]

    22. Samantha Ryan is a Melbourne State cop that has no memory of her childhood or her parents, the only thing she has is a child s drawing of a woman with Mummy written underneath Things start falling apart when her partner Jack, tries to kill her and weird things start happening around her and to her When Gabriel Stern, a shapechanger of the Special Investigations Unit gets involved, she realises there is going on than a cop gone rogue and she is right in the middle of it.I really like Keri Arthur [...]

    23. An urban fantasy, action packed, a spritz of a possible romance with one smart, take no prisoners female main character and a stubborn emotionally scarred man Shifters, changers, vampires , clones and others fill in the gaps between the humans and things are going to get bloody I really liked this one.Sam is a mystery to everyone including herself, who is she, what is she and where did she come from is the question many want to know Her evil nemesis uses her, tempts her with bits of the big secr [...]

    24. This is the first book in the Spook Squad series This was a good book I enjoyed reading it.The first two chapters for me were kinda slow and it was almost to the point of slowness that I almost didn t finish it, but once I started reading the third chapter it picked up speed and I really got into the story I was glad I didn t stop reading it.The characters were relatable and the story was well written The story line was easy to follow and I liked how Keri Arthur wrote the action and suspense sce [...]

    25. I really enjoy Keri Arthur s Riley Jensen series and when I saw this one on the shelves I thought I would give it a go too and it was worth it, another really good story.Samantha Ryan s first memory is of being left at Children s Home when she was 14 and in the 10 years she has been in the police force she has been trying to find out where she came from, but she keeps hitting dead ends.Life changes for Sam when she kills her missing partner, or at least his clone She is suspended from her job an [...]

    26. Until I was done with this book, I had no idea that it was a re released novel It seemed pretty updated even though it was pretty futuristic anyway Samantha s missing partner calls says he needs to see her She goes to a seedy part of town and feels something happening in an alley She finds a dead old man She chases a murderer only to find her old partner is a vampire who is going to kill her, so she kills him instead Now she s under investigation suspended She gets a guard who is a paranormal ac [...]

    27. My first read by Keri Arthur The reader gets a real feel for Sam, the main character as she struggles to find out exactly who, and what, she is The start of a fantastic series which did loose me in a couple of places, but soon picked up again and recovered easily A very worthwhile readFrom this I ve gone on to read most of Keri Arthur s books to date, very addictive

    28. I wish there was a bit romantic heat, but I have hopes Nevertheless, the world building is great and the action non stop My only complaint is that maybe it would have been better to have gotten an Aussie narrator for this series given all the mis pronounciations of Melbourne, its suburbs and landmarks.

    29. In my continuation to check out this author s back list I have run into another dud With this one I am giving up on others, as for me, it seem that Arthur hit her stride with Riley and company I have a hard time explaining why I didn t like this one, there was just something about it that turned me off, that made me not want to keep reading In the end this one just wasn t for me.

    30. I was a bit leary to start a Kery Arthur s back title Her Ripple creek werewolf series wasn t that good compared to RJ But I admit that the book was really good It mixes mystery and fantasy in a good blend.

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