In His Shoes

In His Shoes By K.A. Merikan, In His Shoes Giving a new name to the phrase fashion victim London Since Frank and Jasper s pimping business kicked off they ve been gradually climbing the social ladder of the East End Jasper strives for in
  • Title: In His Shoes
  • Author: K.A. Merikan
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 419
  • Format: ebook
  • In His Shoes By K.A. Merikan, Giving a new name to the phrase fashion victim London, 1887Since Frank and Jasper s pimping business kicked off, they ve been gradually climbing the social ladder of the East End Jasper strives for in life, and Frank s determined to make sure he gets everything he wants But with money too tight to even afford shoes decent enough to impress wealthy ladies, t Giving a new name to the phrase fashion victim London, 1887Since Frank and Jasper s pimping business kicked off, they ve been gradually climbing the social ladder of the East End Jasper strives for in life, and Frank s determined to make sure he gets everything he wants But with money too tight to even afford shoes decent enough to impress wealthy ladies, they have to move on to drastic measures.A solution seems to come in the person of a wealthy punter, but what will Frank do when matters get out of hand, leaving Jasper in danger In His Shoes is set in the Zombie Gentlemen universe, but can be read as a standalone.Length 9000 wordsThis story was written as a part of the M M Romance Group s Love Has No Boundaries event Group members were asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choice Authors of the group selected a photo and prompt that spoke to them and wrote a short story.
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    1. Well, this couldn t have been any better if I d requested it myself oh, I did This is the story written from my prompt for the LHNB event and it was just fantastic It had the dark, gritty Victorian feel to it that I had hoped for something that I am always on the look out for, but can never seem to find in M M The dialogue between the characters was superb and funny view spoiler the conversation about tossing a coin to see who gets to top was hilarious, and felt really believable in an odd sort [...]

    2. Another LHNB story I waited for I was pleasantly surprised with the use of Victorian pimps as main characters But I liked Frank and Jasper They treated their lady fair And they got into some murderous activities but those blokes had it coming see my bad Bugsy Malone impression I wanted to scream thug life when Frank and Jasper had to handle their business, using daggers and sabers Plus to go along with the actionere s hot back alley sex yes pun intended I m a fan of Victorian era fiction, so I w [...]

    3. Bold, gritty and vivid an insane amount of fun packed tight in 27 pages.How do you even do this, Merikan How It s unashamedly hot, violent and gory, but populated by surprisingly tender and vulnerable characters, and it s delighfully atmospheric to boot Every single sentence either made me tingle with anticipation or melt a little bit inside with fulfilled longing because I want to read a whole book full of this stuff I feel like I d been waiting for something like it forever without even being [...]

    4. 4 bloody great stars Shit it s like yer suckin me in So fuckin good Set in London 1887 This was bloody, gritty and hot It gives new meaning to the expression fashion victim Hehe I really liked the rawness of it and the accented dialogue Ya go pickle yer cock s m er else tonight Took me a couple of tries to get what the heck that sentence meant I got it when I spoke it out loud to myself Thank god hubby is deaf lmao Recommended if you want something different It s a free short story from the MM R [...]

    5. Commendation for the absolutely beautiful cover The story was well written, with a few niggles, such as for instance the for my tastes too large amount of dialogue, or the needlessly high amount of profanities Half of those and you d still get the point It filled the prompt alright, though I couldn t really connect with it after the initial scene with the whore I didn t mind that they were pimps, but to forgive view spoiler murder in a character I am supposed to root for I d need much story fir [...]

    6. image error Filthy, gritty, nasty and raw yup, another successful Merikan story, with back alley sex, blood and gore, pimps and pubes And, as always, regret that there isn t .

    7. Ha ha ha, just reread this one and find it endearing I almost wish I could expand this story Oh well, there will be criminals in love stories to come from K.A Merikan.

    8. After committing cold blooded murder, lifelong friends Frank and Jasper get down and very dirty in a Victorian alley

    9. 1.5 Stars This probably fulfilled the prompt but it wasn t appealing as a story Frank Jasper are pimps over some female prostitutes in London in the 1800 s Jasper has a lust for nice things has a bit of a high class accent Frank has been diddling with his female star hooker and it s implied he runs things and is not afraid to rough people up It wasn t clear who he s roughing up, his prostitutes or their clients Either way, guys who re doing their social climbing on the backs of women are not my [...]

    10. 4 Stars A very atmospheric story, brutal and raw maybe a little too much for my taste But in spite of all this, I Liked it a lot The effectiveness and precision of the author s descriptions are undeniable and it feels so very realistic I m a big fan of the Victorian Era.Many thanks to K.A Merikan for this free story

    11. Fuck it I loved it This is my first read by these ladies Ive been thinking for ages about reading their Sex Mayhem series but it looked like a nightmare trigger for me so I thought I would start with one of their short stories to see what I thought Glad I did because I love this story Eventho it wasnt very long, i loved Frank and Jasper Normaly when I read a short story I always finish with the feeling of needing Not with this one It totally sucked me in That little grin they shared at the end [...]

    12. 3.5 I ve now read two short stories by K A Merikan now and enjoyed both of them very much I like their writing style a lot and I liked the unusual setting and cast of characters in this story No glittering ball rooms for this historical It was dark and gritty and very violent That part was not my favorite, though it was very vivid and descriptive, just a little too much for my taste.

    13. This is repulsive I don t mind reading about violent robbery, prostitutes, rape or murder But romancing two parasites, two thugs, who get high on cold blooded murder Give me negative stars black holes for that one, please.In the meantime, due to the lack of anything else 0.5 stars.

    14. LHNB Story released 12.7.13Just over 3 starsThough it doesn t specifically say so, I choose to picture this story as set in the dodgy run down areas of Victorian London The two MCs have set up a business running prostitutes but have dreams of bettering themselves One of the women mentions a client with unusual tastes, but she won t say what this particular client has a very nice pair of shoes that one MC is kind of obsessed with When they meet him one night going home the decide to waylay him, f [...]

    15. A bit on the violent side than I expected or am able to like , this is a pretty gritty story set in Victorian London or some other city of that era, I am not sure Jasper and Frank are pimps and typical men of that time as well, attracted to each other but not sure if it s safe to admit, nor what to do about it The fact they end up murdering two men, then go off to fuck right next to their bodies was what really turned me off.If you don t mind that sort of thing, you ll probably like the story t [...]

    16. I m torn regarding this one between liking it and disliking it.It was indeed well written with intense atmosphere and the romance between the two MCs felt tender and real.On the other had, I really disliked the unnecessary, mindless brutality and disregard of live Well, yes, it might have been like this But I m meeting too many self absorbed people in my day to day life who give a f about other people that it bothers me intensely to read about it as well and in such an extreme manner.

    17. This was exactly what the prompter asked for, and I m appreciative of that However, it is not the sort of story that I generally read for entertainment.Thank you for the author s participation NOTE I rate most writing event stories free reads 4 or 5 stars because of my appreciation of the author s participation.

    18. I liked the premise on this one and when the two MC s get together, that was good stuff It completely fulfilled the prompt request for dirty alley love that s for sure Making out over a dead bum was a bit of a mood killer I thought and I got a little confused over who was talking when, but that could have been just me.

    19. I don t usually read historicals, but this was enjoyable Felt very gritty and real and really answered the prompt and photos very well Thank you

    20. This is definitely a nitty gritty down and dirty Victorian era crooks to lovers story.Not my usual fare, but an interesting quick read and a great addition to the LHNB picture prompt event.

    21. In London, circa 1887, Frank and Jasper are friends, roommates and business partners They run a pimping business, and are finally making some money view spoiler But then Jasper sets his eye on the shoes of a wealthy client of one of the whores They try to ambush rob him in a dark alley, but things go wrong, and Frank kills him, and then a bum who attacks them.Feeling the rush of the kill Frank kisses Jasper something he has been fantasizing about , and when Jasper responds, it turns to sex over [...]

    22. cringes The author has talent, the writting is technically good, I ll likely look for other things by the author and give their writing another chance but the content, yeah No thank you This is most certainly not my cup of tea for so many reasons I don t mind a dark story, at all, it reminded me of A Clockwork Orange which is fine and dandy but at the end of the day I need to feel the story is not condoning the behavior Romanticized violence is just not for me Granted with short stories I try to [...]

    23. 3.2 StarsNot my favorite of their work The Zombie aspect didn t really read well I just thought it was some crazy person from Bedlam going around biting people that wasn t unheard of but they didn t let down when it came to the ever present unlikable protagonists Still as morally twisted as I ve come to expect from KAM men, a product of their environment, making do while trying to survive and maybe make things a little better for themselves Killing for a pair of boots and what they imagine the g [...]

    24. Frank and James are pimps in the stews of London They have the hots for each other but keep it hidden, not knowing what the other thinks feels They set off to mug a punter of their girl s client in a back street alley, things go wrong and they end up murdering him apparently these things happen Anyway, with all the blood lust, their own lust reaches boiling point and they go for it, right there and then There s a strong hint on one of the MC s being infected by someone something, but that s it C [...]

    25. Offered for FREE from the M M Romance Group s Love Has No Boundaries event Thank you too all the amazing authors who participated

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