The Miting

The Miting By Dee Yoder, The Miting Leah is seventeen and Amish Like many her age she has lots of questions but the temporary flight of freedom known as rumspringen is not the answer for her She does not desire Englisher fashion all
  • Title: The Miting
  • Author: Dee Yoder
  • ISBN: 9780825443008
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Miting By Dee Yoder, Leah is seventeen and Amish Like many her age, she has lots of questions, but the temporary flight of freedom known as rumspringen is not the answer for her She does not desire Englisher fashion, all night parties, movies, or lots of boyfriends Leah is seeking to understand her relationship with God, to deepen and broaden her faith by joining a Bible study hosted by anLeah is seventeen and Amish Like many her age, she has lots of questions, but the temporary flight of freedom known as rumspringen is not the answer for her She does not desire Englisher fashion, all night parties, movies, or lots of boyfriends Leah is seeking to understand her relationship with God, to deepen and broaden her faith by joining a Bible study hosted by an ex Amish couple She wants to know why Amish life is the only lifestyle her family accepts, why the church has so many rules, and most disturbing, how godly men can allow her best friend to be abused in her own home In the pressure cooker environment of church and family, Leah is not allowed to ask these questions When finally she reaches the breaking point, she walks away from the Old Order Amish life that is all she has known Though adapting amiably to the Englisher world, Leah is tormented with homesickness Returning to the community, however, entails a journey of pain and sorrow Leah could never have imagined The miting shunning that will now be Leah s unendurable oppression every day is beyond her most devoted attempts to believe or understand All the bishop and her family ask is that she abandon her practice of reading the Bible Is that a price she is willing to pay
    The Miting By Dee Yoder,
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    1. The Miting by Dee Yoder is most assuredly five stars, I would give it ten stars if I could The miting is not like a lot of others that I ve read in the fact that it doesn t it always paint a pretty picture, it paints a human one Filled with ups and downs, trials and errors It s a very good story, painting a truthful picture It shows the humanness in us all and shows that although our cultures may be so diverse, the reality is that we are all alike than we realize This book has made me realize t [...]

    2. My Thoughts On The Book This book is not like any other Amish book I have ever read It is so very real I felt as if I was a character in this book If you are looking for a sweet Amish romance then this book is not for you If you are looking for a book that tells about a young Amish girl who struggles with being Old Order Amish once she has accepted Jesus in her life as her Lord and Savior then this is a must read Leah finds herself in hot water when the Old Order Amish families and the Bishop be [...]

    3. The one thing I believe most people never consider when reading Amish fiction, is that it is based on the true facts regarding the Amish way of life While it can certainly be different in the aspects of learning to deal without the modern conveniences like electricity, cars, and technology However, even in Amish communities there are those drastic differences that separate the Old Amish Order from the New Amish Order, with the former being strict in their rules governing the people who were bor [...]

    4. This was an interesting and very different story from other Amish stories I ve read Seventeen year old Leah is part of the Old Order Amish and starting to question the ways of her people Though her best friend is enjoying her rumspringen by partying, Leah just wants to understand God and why different groups of Amish are told to live in different ways Why is it a sin if your dress isn t a certain length or you have indoor plumbing when New Order Amish can live this way Will she ever be free of a [...]

    5. The Miting is a powerful Christian read, exposing some of the misconceptions in some of the Amish sects beliefs Of course, they are not all alike this book is focusing on one of the strictest communities, the Swartzentruber Amish.Miting is another word for Shunning, and even though the main character Leah has not joined the Church, yet she is treated as if she had You will cry for her, such pain, and heartbreak, and what does she do She accepts Christ as her savior Watch or rather read whom God [...]

    6. Excellent story I feel like I know so much about the Amish culture Old Order in particular after having read this book It in no way romanticized or sensationalized this people group the way many other books do The book had me laughing, smiling, crying and tense at different parts It contains tons of scripture and solid biblical truth It makes me sad that the Old Order Amish are so deceived by their culture The inclusion of MAP was great I enjoy learning about them in fiction books about Amish T [...]

    7. There is always two sides to any story Also, it s my view that nothing on earth is completely white or completely black The Miting by Dee Yoder is about the Old Order Amish Order This Amish community is very strict They wear pins in their clothing They don t wear coats for the cold They wear capes Their Bible or Ordnung It is written in German If you don t obey the Amish rules or instead choose to live the Christian way of life, you are shunned or the Miting is used You are not allowed any inter [...]

    8. An interesting story very different than other Amish stories I ve read Leah who just wanted to know and have a deep relationship with God and read her bible Her family and strict Amish elders can t handle this.

    9. I received this book from Kregel Publications for no charge in exchange for my honest review of this book The opinions expressed here are my own.Book Description Leah is seventeen and Amish Like many her age, she has lots of questions, but the temporary flight of freedom known as rumspringen is not the answer for her She does not desire Englisher fashion, all night parties, movies, or lots of boyfriends Leah is seeking to understand her relationship with God, to deepen and broaden her faith by j [...]

    10. The Miting is an Older Order Amish Novel by Dee Yoder Within the pages of this well written book you will read of Leah, a seventeen year old Amish girl who is questioning the Amish way Although Leah is in her rumspringen she has no desire to experience the Englisher s world in a wild way, she just wants her questions answered Why does the Amish church have so many rules that are not in the Bible Why can t she read the Bible Why is it okay for some Amish communities to do certain things and not f [...]

    11. The Miting is a emotionally moving, tension filled novel set in an Old Order Amish community and the local English town.Dee Yoder, the author, is a mentor at MAP Mission to Amish People Her experiences volunteering with youth who are leaving the Amish life provide true to live ideas for her writing This is the story of Leah, an Amish girl whose one rebellion is a hunger for the word of God She would love to have the Bible in English, available to read in morning devotions or a group study Under [...]

    12. I won a copy from LibraryThing The opinions expressed here are my own.I am familiar with a lot of Amish fiction You know the kind, all romance and sometimes mystery There is almost always a happy ending I am also familiar with books that talk about people leaving the Amish lifestyle for various reasons My former daughter in laws grandmother was Amish until she was shunned Living in Sarasota, Florida I see everything from Mennonite to all levels of Amish Knowing all of this made this novel seem s [...]

    13. I really enjoy reading Amish fiction, and especially did this book Not that I would want Amish people to have problems, but the idyllic life portrayed in many books is only showing one side of their lifestyle This book actually addresses questions I have wondered if Amish youth might struggle with Seventeen year old Leah loves the life she leads, the closeness of family and community, and traditions Her friend Martha was in her rumspringen and using that time to experience many sins the world ha [...]

    14. The Miting by Dee Yoder is the most enlightening Amish novel that I have ever read Leah Raber is torn between her Amish beliefs and her desire to read the Bible which is forbidden by the Old Order Amish Church She has no desire to go through rumspringen as many of the Amish teenagers do, she only wants to be free to read her Bible, to understand her relationship with God, and to attend a Bible study conducted by an ex Amish couple She does not understand how so many of the Amish rules are not in [...]

    15. You know there is than on religious book for you religion, how would you feel and or respond to someone telling you you can t read but only one religious book What would you do if you had religious questions about what you are reading, but you are told you can t ask those question because it is considered disrespectful to a district leader How would you feel when you know of other districts as yours are allow to read a different religion book than yours And those same districts allow different [...]

    16. MY THOUGHTS ON THIS BOOKThis is an amazing story Leah grew up Amish, but she had so many questions about the Amish faith, and the ordnung, and the strict rules the Bishop made their community abide by Should she stay Amish, or should she see what the Englisch world was all about Then Leah finds out about a couple who actually helps Amish leave the Amish faith, and she was very interested in a Bible Study they have in their home She slips and goes to one of the meetings, and when her father finds [...]

    17. At one time I put the Amish on a pedestal and then I came to realization after having stayed with a New Order Amish family that they are humans just like us and they have issues too, making them Amish doesn t keep them from sinning or being human no matter how simple their lifestyle appears This is one of those books that while true to what the Amish believe also shines a light into some places that we English ignore when we put the Amish on some sort of pedestal sexual abuse within a family, th [...]

    18. The Miting is a very thought provoking book Dealing sexual abuse, stubborn adherence to what is taught while shutting off communication, and of course, the Miting shunning.We like to believe that the peace loving Amish are always at peace This book shows that things can LOOK peaceful but that does not mean it is This is about Old Order Amish which is taken several steps further into adherence to every rule Their bishop enjoys being able to apply ever tightening rules upon his community The rumsp [...]

    19. Fantastic book This book is very real As you all know I read a lot of Amish fiction and even non fiction Some of you may not know this though I live in the finger lakes area of NY and there are a LOT of Amish here I am surrounded by them in my everyday life I go to an Amish store at least two times a week during the summer Thats where I get most, if not all, of my veggies and plants.This book had a very different feel to it than the other stories I have read The other ones were great, nice readi [...]

    20. I m not a fan of Amish fiction, but I had heard enough buzz about The Miting, I was pretty sure I would like it What I didn t expect was to be blown away Not only was the story compelling and the characters life like, Dee Yoder s novel is an eye opening look at Amish life and faith for us Englishers.For example, I didn t know that there are different Amish groups who are as diverse in custom, tradition, and religious doctrine as Christian denominations are The novel s main character, Leah, grew [...]

    21. NOTE You can get the Kindle edition of this book for free on May 19, 2014 The Miting by Dee Yoder tells the story of Leah, a seventeen year old Amish girl who has questions about the Amish lifestyle in which she has been raised She is not seeking the English life, but rather she is reading the Bible a forbidden act and developing her own faith The Miting is not the typical Amish fiction that I have read in the past this story involves someone who leaves the faith, enters another church, waivers [...]

    22. An Amish Fiction Book Like No Other I literally could not put this book down I was totally drawn into this storyline and so fascinated with it The character Martha, faced a certain kind of abuse that isn t discussed much in Amish fiction I know this goes on in the English world but it is kept underwraps in the Amish world.I loved Leah the main character in this book A 17 year old girl bound by her Amish upbringing but not understanding why her bishop and her family are so against her wanting to [...]

    23. Leah is a seventeen year old Amish girl who has a desire to deepen her relationship with God, thing is as an Old Order Amish she has rules she must follow and truthfully questioning those rules is forbidden, that doesn t stop her for thirsting for God s word, and seeking answers How will her family and the elders of her strict community handle this The Miting by Dee Yoder isn t your typical Amish fiction, sure there is a young girl looking to find her place,trying to figure out where she belongs [...]

    24. This book was surprisingly gripping This book is a Christian book, but it is one that exposes the life and religion of the Old Order Amish Ms Yoder knows her subject very well as she works with the Mission to Amish People charity and their mandate is to help those who wish to leave the old religion and start new lives in the Englisher world The heroine in this book is Leah and we watch as she begins to question the tight rules and regulations of the Old Order Amish to which her and her family be [...]

    25. what happens when the worst a young lady does is get a job, wear jeans, and attend church on Sundays What happens when her biggest sin against the Amish is reading a King James Bible In the Old Order Amish, the Meidung, or shunning, is just the beginning.Dee Yoder tells us the story of seventeen year old Leah Raber, whose inquisitive mind leads her in a quest for a relationship with the loving God, a rebellious act that subjects her to the terrible choice of denying her family, or denying her Sa [...]

    26. This book is realistic and shows how stark different the old Amish way of salvation is compared to Christianity I like this book, because it shows how serious it is to be in Christ, and loved ones don t share your beliefs IT s especially hard if you are under 18 yrs old.I recommend this book, because it s based on true events, from what the author points out A lot of Amish books delve into the love story, the family setting rural and good, but they don t point out the differences of Amish way of [...]

    27. I don t like to write book reviews in general It was a good book or Loved it is mostly my comments and review Sometimes I read a really good book in my opinion and its worthy of a review The Miting was one of those books It didn t take me too long to read either Yes I got bored and lost in the middle somewhere but I had to know what happened.Most Amish fiction is meh to read I do enjoy reading it but many of them seem to be about the same thing Love and the teen years The Miting was different th [...]

    28. It is all about forgiveness right If so then why does the English people forgive but the Amish won t Or can t What would happen if an Amish person discovered Jesus Christ from the Bible, could they retain their faith and still live in the Amish community especially if it was the strict Old Order community or would they face horrible repercussions for their faith How can a mother and father act as though their child was invisible Is it any wonder that young people are in such a hurry to depart fr [...]

    29. This is not your typical Amish story with its usual happy ending Rather, it is a story of the Swartzentruber Amish, the strictest group of the Old Order Amish culture It is a must read for fans of Amish stories.The author mentions an organization in which she is actively involved, Mission to Amish People , at MapMinistry This group is dedicated to assisting those Amish people who are struggling with their beliefs, and whether or not they should stay or leave their Amish upbringing and join the m [...]

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