Maid for Love

Maid for Love By Marie Force, Maid for Love Maddie Chester on otsustanud lahkuda kodulinnast Gansetti saarel paigast millest tal on ainult halvad m lestused ja kus liiguvad tema kohta inetud kuulujutud S ites jalgrattaga McCarthyde rannahotell
  • Title: Maid for Love
  • Author: Marie Force
  • ISBN: 9780615824284
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Paperback
  • Maid for Love By Marie Force, Maddie Chester on otsustanud lahkuda kodulinnast Gansetti saarel paigast, millest tal on ainult halvad m lestused ja kus liiguvad tema kohta inetud kuulujutud S ites jalgrattaga McCarthyde rannahotelli, kus ta t tab toateenijana, p rkab Maddie kokku McCarthyde lemmikpoja Maciga.Mac naasis koju, et aidata isal teha ettevalmistusi perekuurordi m giks, ega kavatse saarMaddie Chester on otsustanud lahkuda kodulinnast Gansetti saarel paigast, millest tal on ainult halvad m lestused ja kus liiguvad tema kohta inetud kuulujutud S ites jalgrattaga McCarthyde rannahotelli, kus ta t tab toateenijana, p rkab Maddie kokku McCarthyde lemmikpoja Maciga.Mac naasis koju, et aidata isal teha ettevalmistusi perekuurordi m giks, ega kavatse saarele kauaks j da Kui Maddie saab kogemata juhtunud kokkup rkes lepeakaela le jalgratta juhtraua lennates t siselt viga, kolib mees linna, et aidata naisel tervenemise ajal hoolitseda pisipoja eest.Mac taipab peagi, et tema kavatsus v imalikult k hku saarelt jalga lasta on t sises ohus ja ta on k igest armastuse teener
    Maid for Love By Marie Force,
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      494 Marie Force
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      aka M.S ForceAbout the Author Start reading Marie s New York Times Bestselling Gansett Island Series today with Maid for Love, free on You can also sign up for Marie s newsletter at marieforce Marie Force is the New York Times bestselling author of than 50 contemporary romances, including the Gansett Island Series, which has sold than 2.3 million books, and the Fatal Series from Harlequin Books, which has sold than 1.2 million books In addition, she is the author of the Green Mountain Series as well as the erotic romance Quantum Series, written under the slightly modified name of M.S Force All together, her books have sold than 5 million copies worldwide Her goals in life are simple to finish raising two happy, healthy, productive young adults, to keep writing books for as long as she possibly can and to never be on a flight that makes the news Join Marie s mailing list on her website at marieforce for news about new books and upcoming appearances in your area Follow her on Facebook at Facebook MarieForceAuthor, on Twitter marieforce and on Instagram at instagram marieforceauthor Contact Marie at marie marieforce.

    664 thoughts on “Maid for Love”

    1. Please check out of my reviews at bookaddicthavenI have seen this book around for quite some time and I picked up the audiobook on sale recently for 1.99 At just under 7 hours, it was a great choice to finish out my weekly commute It was sweet, straightforward and easy to follow Sometimes, you just need something light and this was just that kind of story.Mac McCarthy has only just arrived back in his hometown when he knocks Maddie Chester off of her bicycle He is immediately taken aback by Mad [...]

    2. I had no idea what it meant to be in love until I knocked you off your bike and you knocked me off my feet THIS BOOK WAS SWEET, SWEET, SWEET SUGAR POPS AND GUM DROPS SUNSHINE AND RAINBOWS.Eryou get the picture.Maddie Chester is a maid working for mom and pop McCarthy at their resort and hotel and also doing some housekeeping for them at their home Running late one day, Maddie directly runs into Mac McCarthy, one of the five McCarthy children Mac is back on Gansett Island on a forced stress leave [...]

    3. Mac McCarthy returns to his hometown of Gansett Island for a month of much needed rest from his highly stressful career No sooner than he arrives he literally walks in front of Maddie Chester and causes a collision that leaves her injured She s the single month of a 9 month old baby and can t afford to lose even one hour of work What happens next alters the course of so many lives If you re looking for a feel good story, one that allows you to escape into a lovely romantic fantasy, you ll adore [...]

    4. WOW I just LOVED this book I stayed up till 6 am reading because I could NOT put it down.This is the perfect read for when you re in cheesy moods and wanna read one of those reads with the PERFECT HEA I can understand why some rated it lower though, but as I was just in this kind of mood, feeling all mellow, LOL, I just adore this read.In this installment we get to read about one of the famous McCarthy brothers All the boys in this family were always consider golden boys Rich, sexy as hell, best [...]

    5. 2.25 5Too predictable and cheesy Almost the whole story seemed unreal and impossible The characters, in my opinion, were not realistic either The hero was too perfect, too good to be true The dialogue sounded strange, might be because it was too intentionally sweet.The heroine, Maddie, I didn t like her from the beginning because she kept pushing Mac away though he tried every way to help her She was so annoying When Maddie found out that Mac made the guys, who caused her to have a bad reputatio [...]

    6. This is one of those books that I really think that you have to read with either a a fair amount of disbelief suspended or b you just love the romance fantasy of a basic Cinderella story.Mac McCarthy is from a wealthy family who are well known and liked on a small New England island.Maddie Chester lives on the same island but is of a decidedly less golden family She was tormented in high school for developing early And one lie by one guy resulted in a tarnished reputation that followed her into [...]

    7. Why am I not surprised by the slut shaming Maddie s nickname is Mattress because she banged all the boys in high school and the whole town hates her But Mac and his insta love don t believe the rumors What do ya know She says they aren t true Good thing because what hero wouldn t care at all about a heroine s slutty past It doesn t matter that Mac was a ho bag before his instantaneous and soul deep connection to Maddie He says he s not a playboy He just used women for sex but that s okay because [...]

    8. This was a wonderful heartwarming story,Mac Maddie two cuties who meet through an accident and from then n there their journey towards their HEA starts Absolutely adored Mac he has a caring nature,his humbleness towards others,his trust loyalty determination towards Maddie his love and way he aches for Maddie and does everything to bring happiness and smile on Maddie s and Thomas faceMaddie she has suffered cause of other s ego and pride which has made her quiet bitter but when Mac comes into he [...]

    9. I really enjoyed this book Mac is the easy going, loyal beta hero and Maddie, is the down on her luck heroine with baby in tow Things move along very fast in this story, it s a sweet fantasy romance Mac falls in love at first sight and saves the day for our heroine Nothing wrong with that every once in a while

    10. Written July 19, 20143 Stars Sweet, tender and romantic cuteAn seven hours audio romance for just 2 I can see that a lot of readers liked all these books in The McCarthys of Gansett Island series So did Mo who recommended me this one when the ebook was a freebie a year ago Three stars for a an ordinary nice contemporary romance Maybe wasn t this audio narration the very best slightly monotonous without much feeling but I enyojed or less Maid for Love is a Cinderella story set on a beautiful sum [...]

    11. Spoiler Free Review4 STARSGenre Contemporary Romance Chick LitSeries Book 1 in The McCarthys of Gansett IslandRelax, Mac I want to kiss you everywhere Maddie You can t use my own words against me Mac Oh no Watch me Maddie in Maid for LoveBrief SummaryMaddie Chester has worked for the McCarthy Resort Hotel in housekeeping for 8 years But today she is running a little late and due to her lateness she will directly collide into the love of her life When Maddie is thrown from her bike after a man wa [...]

    12. Every once in a while I need a book like Maid for Love because my brain needs a break from the H and h fighting vampire wars, running from a drug lord, or waiting for the rake to realize he is in love Maid for Love has little in the way of conflict, in fact I kept waiting for something gut wrenching to happen but it never came This book is simply about two very nice people who fall in love and I found it sweet and heartwarming.I always enjoy Marie Force s storytelling and writing style Like her [...]

    13. Maid for Love is the first book in Marie Force Gansett Island Series, and it is a sweet romantic story that at times will make the readers laugh Mac McCarthy returns to his parent s resort after Doctor told him to rest and before he arrives he runs into one of his mother s maids Madeline Chester Maid for love continues to explore the blossoming love of Madeline and Mac, however, like all romances, it does not always go to plan I loved the way Marie Force portrays her character especially Mac and [...]

    14. On his first day back home, Mac McCarthy steps off the sidewalk into the path of a bicycle ridden by Maddie Chester, causing her injuries that keep her out of work for a week Maddie works as a maid at the islands hotel owned by the McCarthy family She can t afford to lose her wages or job as she has a 9 month old son to provide for Mac offers to step in and take care of her her baby Thomas and that means he is going to work as a maid at his own family s hotel until Maddie recovers Mac Maddie sna [...]

    15. I m a big fan of the Fatal Affair series from Marie Force even if after the third book it drops in quality so I thought there was no harm in reading the first of the McCarthys series since it was free on So, Maid for Love is about Maddie Chester, a single mum whose live has been seriously impacted for having big boobs and having had a reputation for being easy during high school Mac is the eldest of the McCarthys and after a panic attack retires to the quiet island he grew up on and where his af [...]

    16. I thought this was such a cute heartwarming love story Mac and Maddie are adorable Mac is the perfect gentlemen, he wins you over right away with his charm I loved Maddie she was a very real and relatable The story is really sweet and quite charming, definitely a book that will leave you smiling

    17. Thank you, Elaine, for telling me about this freebie Free Maid McCarthys BN Not freeSony Not available.Kobo kobobooks ebook Maid fSmashwords ALL FORMATS smashwords books view

    18. Being that this is a MF book I really expected to love it but I just didn t Don t get me wrong, I did like it and thought it good and I am even glad that I took the time to read it, but I just didn t fall in love with it.Maybe I just wasn t in the mood

    19. What a sweet story I loved the way Mac took care of her and her little boy He gave up his whole life to move back home after he met her

    20. Kitapla ilgili pek bir beklentim yoktu ama olduk a sevdim Sadece olaylar n bu kadar h zl geli mesi beni biraz rahats z etti Sonu ta kimse kimseye g nde a k olup onu b t n d nyas haline getirmez Yazar n iki karakteri bir araya getirmek i in b yle yapt n d n yorum B t n bunlar bir kenara b rak rsak yazar n kalemini sevdim Olduk a ak c yd Karakterler ok tatl , e lenceli ve sevgi doluydu Mac i ok sevdim Onun d nceli, nazik ve anlay l hali beni mest etti Maddie ye ge mi te olanlar i inde zg n m Ad n [...]

    21. I need to be careful here as to not totally bash this book It was a freebie and after seeing all the four and five star reviews I decided to give it a try I had to wonder as others have said if I was reading the same book, or was it just me The actual plot had so much potential, but there were significant problems with the writing and timelines that left me scratching my head while saying, Huh Sorry, folks I just didn t like this one.Since this was written in 2011, I m sure the author has grown [...]

    22. Such a good read This book had me dying laughing, so warning if you re sick or have a bad cough not a good idea to read this during such hard times I ve learned from experience Mac McCarthy has spent most of his life trying to get away from his hometown After than 15 years away Hes returned to help his father repair the inn Only to run into Maddie Chester whose experience on the island has left her unable to trust men and had her labled the town whore After awhile, I got sick of being alone all [...]

    23. This is the first book in the series about a family that lives on an small island off Rhode Island It is a love at first sight, small town love story where the golden boy returns from a big city job to his hometown for a needed break and he literally runs into the tramp of the the town, known as Mattress Maddie She is a single mom who has always been looked down upon and wrongly stereotyped because she has built like a pin up girl She was labeled in high school because some boys spread false rum [...]

    24. 3.5 Buddy read with MaruI wanted to love this book but I didn t I can see this is one of the first book from Ms Force She used the fell in love in 24h thrope and I just wasn t in a mood for it I ll read the next book though

    25. Simply perfect It helped that I was in the right mood for this book It s really quite a simple, almost modern day Cinderella like story in which the handsome prince comes home after almost 20 years and rescues the poor damsel in distress that he just happened to knock off a bike Mac is seriously a perfect book boyfriend husband material Everything he says and does is just right The addition of Thomas, Maddie s 9 month old son, was wonderful Mac was incredible sweet and so good with the baby Mac [...]

    26. I feel bad writing this review because after all the book was free But it got on my last nerve.This book was completely unrealistic The couple meets because Mac ran into Maddy with his bike, injuring her A few hours later, he s moved into her apartment, taking care of her son, taking over her job etc Within 2 days they re discussing marriage.Maddy s a complete doormat who does nothing to actually improve her life I don t mind a Cinderella story, but if it s placed in the present day, some initia [...]

    27. Maddie Chester is just living her life on Gansett Island on her way to work when she bumps into Mac McCarthy, literally and he begins to fall for her, figuratively Mac is the kinda of guy who goes the extra mile and helps Maddie despite her repeated objections to take care of her son She has always done thing for herself and doesn t want any help, especially a McCarthy s, but can t deny her attraction for long Just as Maddie starts to believe in Mac and a life she never allowed herself to dream, [...]

    28. 3.5 StarsAs a girl in high school, Maddie rejected one of the popular boys He exacted his revenge by spreading vicious rumours about her Now many years later she is still considered the town tramp by just about everyone on Gansett Island After Mac knocks her off her bicycle she is incapable of working at his families hotel where she is a cleaner He decides to make amends by helping her out until she is better Almost from the first he realizes her reputation isn t deserved and soon finds himself [...]

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