The Coyote Kings, Book One: Space-Age Bachelor Pad

The Coyote Kings, Book One: Space-Age Bachelor Pad By Minister Faust, The Coyote Kings Book One Space Age Bachelor Pad What do Edmonton DD cannibalism Star Wars comic books ancient African mythology black culture drugs organic food magic and television shows have in common They all play important roles in Th
  • Title: The Coyote Kings, Book One: Space-Age Bachelor Pad
  • Author: Minister Faust
  • ISBN: 9780986902468
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Coyote Kings, Book One: Space-Age Bachelor Pad By Minister Faust, What do Edmonton, DD, cannibalism, Star Wars, comic books, ancient African mythology, black culture, drugs, organic food, magic, and television shows have in common They all play important roles in The Coyote Kings of the Space Age Bachelor Pad, a zany, stylish, and fun novel Coyote Kings, the debut by Edmonton writer, teacher, and radio host Minister Faust, has a lWhat do Edmonton, DD, cannibalism, Star Wars, comic books, ancient African mythology, black culture, drugs, organic food, magic, and television shows have in common They all play important roles in The Coyote Kings of the Space Age Bachelor Pad, a zany, stylish, and fun novel Coyote Kings, the debut by Edmonton writer, teacher, and radio host Minister Faust, has a large cast of characters but mainly follows two roommates Hamza, a former graduate student who s been reduced to working as a dishwasher, and Yehat, a video store clerk who invents insane gadgets in his spare time They re stuck in a rut of self pity and going nowhere real slow when a mysterious woman shows up and seduces Hamza by quoting his favorite comics and sci fi films The only problem she may not be human Before long, the three are caught up in a quest for a magic artifact, but they re not the only ones Arrayed against them is a wide assortment of characters including an old romantic rival of Hamza s, drug dealers who peddle a mystical high, and a former Canadian Football League player with aspirations of immortality all with their own plans for the artifact The action takes the cast through the streets of Edmonton and to Drumheller, where an ancient, startling secret is revealed The originality of the plot of Coyote Kings is only half the appeal of the book It s also strong on characterization the story is told entirely in first person, from the perspectives of all the major players involved and culturally hip without being pretentious For instance, the characters are introduced with DD style character sheets listing their vital stats Hamza s alignment is SF general , ST original series , SW, Marvel, Alan Moore 79 You can t help but appreciate style like this, even if you re not a geek But if you are a geek, it doesn t get any better than Coyote Kings Peter Darbyshire
    The Coyote Kings, Book One: Space-Age Bachelor Pad By Minister Faust,
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      450 Minister Faust
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    1. Minister Faust

      Minister Faust is a long time community activist, writer, journalist, broadcaster, public speaker and martial artist in several disciplines.Minister Faust refers to his sub genre of writing as Imhotep Hop an Africentric literature that draws from myriad ancient African civilizations, explores present realities, and imagines a future in which people struggle not only for justice, but for the stars.He lives in Edmonton with his wife and daughters, where he also runs Canada s top bean pie bakery, Desserts of Kush.

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    1. The choir of TVs sings, epicenter at Kalispell, Montana, but at seven point two on the Richter scale this is by far the largest earthquake to hit this part of North America in recorded history Man I snap I feel like a freakin mope How could this ve happened and we not even know about it Did you know about this, Ye Nope Must be our jet setting schedules Damn, Ye, the whole freakin planet is crumbling And what were we doing so we didn t know about this We were watching crap on TV How come we didn [...]

    2. Afro Canadian political activist, poet, and playwright Minister Faust s first novel, The Coyote Kings of the Space Age Bachelor Pad, begins at the end Protagonist Hamza Achmed Qebhsennuf Senesert, a disenfranchised twentysomething living in 1995 Edmonton E Town as he calls it , freely admits, In advance, shut up I know epilogues go at the end The opening is the most conventional piece of this nonlinear novel.Hamza and his best friend roommate Yeh Yehat Bartholomew Gerbles are the Coyote Kings St [...]

    3. Although I found that I wasn t terribly invested in the actual plot dealing with Egyptian, Sudanese, and North American mythical figures and histories , Minister Faust is a genius at developing characters voices There are many characters here, and each of them gets at least a brief turn at first person narration in another writer s hands, this would likely be quite confusing, but their voices are so distinctive and interesting that it is not only easy to follow but extremely entertaining And I l [...]

    4. This book pulled me in fast, and it ll probably pull you in too if you re enough like me that you re reading my book reviews that is, a fan, a geek, or at the very least some variety of nerd It slows a little in the middle as we begin branching out to follow other, stranger characters, but it pulls together and starts rushing forward again soon enough Every section is written in first person, but we follow a variety of people, some of them mercifully briefly when they narrate in heavy dialogue i [...]

    5. Kot tam, this was a hell of an adventure Rich cultural interplay, delicious language play I m not at all surprised that Faust is a poet, among his other talents it s clear that he loves and is great at making words do tricks thrilling adventures, delicious use of mythology, and a wonderful, heart of hearts bedrock solid friendship as the emotional core of the story.My one major caveat is that it s a total boys club of a novel there s only one female character who has an agency, and she s the Bea [...]

    6. Highly original plot I enjoyed the setting, picking out places I knew A little slow in spots but I m glad I persevered Quibble Some of the villain POV was hard to get through and remember who was who amongst the FanBoys

    7. I found this book on the new books shelf at the Orange County Public Library well over 5 years ago The title knocked me out When I came to, I did my first sentence test first sentence being loosely defined and it passed Epilogue IN ADVANCE SHUT UP I KNOW EPILOGUES GO AT THE END point here, which should have been obvious already in my opinion, is that I am telling you some of the end of this story so as to get you to comprehend the mind set under which I am currently operating and during which I [...]

    8. I ve been making a conscious decision lately to try to be stingy with 5 star reviews, but this book definitely earned all 5 stars Possibly .It was recommended to me by the fabulous Mur Lafferty, on her I Should Be Writing podcast, when I asked about how to write with the POV alternating between characters and still keep the character voices distinct She said this book would be a GREAT example of this can be very well done Boy howdy, she was right.At the start of the book, the various character [...]

    9. It was a complex, jumbled, difficult read because of all the shifting first person narrative Hamza.Yehat.Allen.Each of the FanBoys Digaestus, Frosty, Alpha Cat, Zenko.Sherem.Kevlar and Heinz But their voices were all distinctive with weird little verbal quirks Yehat and his eternal variations on the word jimp , Allen and his eternal variations on calling people ass whatever The accents were spelled out in unique ways that made me have to slow down and read The language goes from eloquent Digaest [...]

    10. This is a dense book It spans 8 days as the titular Coyote Kings Hamza and Ye discover a hidden world of magic and mysticism based around ancient African technology The chapters are all told in first person, but the narrator jumps around However, only rarely did it take than a paragraph to figure out who was talking, which is a nice bit of writerly trickery At times, the shifting perspective bogged me down This book took me a looong time to get through, partly because of this shifting perspecti [...]

    11. Well, this book is definitely different Hamza is a young would be writer who hasn t written anything since he had his heart broken Yehat is young genius engineer who cobbles together powered armor suits in the back room of the house he shares with Hamza Together they a lot of science fiction and read a lot of comics And then Hamza meets a mysterious and beautiful woman, and gets caught up in a quest to find a magical artifact and save the world The book s loving depiction of both sci fi geek cul [...]

    12. There s really nothing else quite like it in the realm of urban fantasy or magical realism right now, and that is a damn shame All too often, those areas are kind of a whitewashed place, so it is hard for me to express how comforting and refreshing it is to find a book centered on characters like Hamza and Yehat, and to read about their friends and families and neighborhoods in the magical land of Canada Structurally, I think the constant jumping between character viewpoints works well to keep t [...]

    13. The first of my CW 2011 reading list I m really glad I read it I think it was a bit too long, and the plot good guys, bad guys, Egyptian gods, cannibalism was sort of beside the point But I m so glad I got to meet Hamza and and Ye I enjoyed hanging out with them, whether they were moping over girlfriends lost or walking around Edmonton wearing a cape Some books have indelible characters, and this was one Now that it s over, I m going to miss those two jimps.

    14. Off the hooks high time for a new style and Faust is on point Sharp, funny, touching unusual story showcasing multi faceted, distinct, and unique characters, this book has it all.

    15. This book is overlooked imo but is a classic Minister Faust has a completely unique style of storytelling that features writing that would stand up to the expectations of any literary fiction snob, but somehow balances and delivers the goods that any fanboy fangirl would want out of their fiction This is a debut novel that reads like a book by someone who has been in the game for decades Read it

    16. A really different book with a unique voice, very passionate and enthusiastic and fun, with some great characters that stick with you.

    17. I started having flashes of the 1984 cult movie Repo Man as I read Coyote Kings I wasn t too far off the mark, I guess, since I discovered a brief review online that references the author describing his novel as The Catcher in the Rye meets Repo Man, or Harry Potter on Heroin The Catcher in the Rye part I m not so certain of, but Hamza and his best friend roomie fellow sci fi nerd Yehat definitely remind me of repo men Otto and Bud in their meandering unwitting quest for a mostly undefined Objec [...]

    18. I struggled to rate this book I did enjoy it, but my enjoyment sprang primarily from the quality and style of the writing, rather than its content.Minister Faust has a gift for character voices Each narrator was distinct within a line or two That s a gift that I respect And the writing So many poetic turns of phrase, and so very many quotable things I want to praise this book all over the internet but I can t.As beautiful and as captivating as Minister Faust s command of language is, his command [...]

    19. This is actually 3.5 closer to 4 stars the rating system is weak.An interesting narrative about two good friends who confront some dire, supernatural evil in Edmonton of all places.Faust writes with a lot of verve, wit and style a bit too much style at times.The narrator constantly shifts and while Faust does a decent job at keeping the voices straight, the characters weren t strong enough to merit the POV shifts But it s a pretty neat trick for all that, not at all reminiscent of Faulkner for b [...]

    20. I found this at the library and picked it up because you don t see much Sci Fi by black authors It s about a pair of 20 something black guys, room mates, neither living up to their potential Hamza has had a long dry spell between women but is drawn to a women he keeps running into She is beautiful, speaks arcane African languages and quotes from classic comics and Star Wars Of course he is smitten It turns out the lady, a collector who stole Hamza s first love and a scarey criminal cult are all [...]

    21. I usually reserve five star reviews for books I consider essentially flawless, which this one is not quite the major plot structure is pretty formulaic, mostly Also not enough ladies But damn, this is an impressive piece of writing Faust juggles a dozen first person POV characters effortlessly, each with his or her own unique and extremely engaging voice The prose is just wonderful, really, sharp and self deprecating and meta, full of hilarious and or incisive metaphors and geek culture in jokes [...]

    22. This book really should be a series, or at least spread out over two books.Coyote Kings follows two best friends, Hamza and Yehat, as they become involved in a plot that at first seems like a good ole fashioned sci fi fantasy drug ring secret society gangster yarn See what I mean about needing room The beginning of the books is great, and very creative Chapters move from one character s perspective to another, and each new perspective is giving a character data sheet with amusing information ab [...]

    23. the story is told in the voice of several different key characters, giving an in side look to the different motivations that move the book along the plot is a bit confusing because of the way it s told and i had a hard time figuring out what exactly was going on but that wasn t necessarily a bad thing the main character Hamza and his best friend Ye are quite the colourful duo, and hearing the story through their point of view was incredibly entertaining by the end almost everything is explained [...]

    24. Received this book as a gift from my boyfriend who loved it , otherwise I probably never would have picked it out to read Which would have been a shame because it was quite enjoyable The way the author s words flowed, was a little weird for me at first, but after awhile really was a highlight to the whole experience It felt akin to jazz or spoken word If that makes sense PHoping the author picks these characters up again and continues their story I did see this was meant to be book one in a seri [...]

    25. A good fun read that moved at a good clip and had a pretty engaging tale to tell Each chapter is written in a different characters voice, which took some getting used to and some extra concentration making it hard to read on the bus, in the airport that kind of stuff Overall I enjoyed this read, but felt that towards the end the author just sort of burnt out and kept writing because the plot hadn t resolved itself, not that he wanted to keep writing.

    26. Given that most of what I read ends up being 4 star rated, I d actually really like to give this book 6 stars, not just 5.It s a superbly written, hurtling journey through eight extraordinary in all senses days in the lives and deaths of an unusual bunch of folk from mid 90s Edmonton.Minister Faust has a glorious way with words I m really looking forward to reading about The Coyote Kings.

    27. Random grab off the library shelf turns out awesome I still need to try the planetquakes recipe, and still remember this book as being a sensory experience Yeah, the jumping from character to character goes a bit further than miiiiiight have been Necessary but it adds to the sense of chaos that makes the book sing and swoop and fly.

    28. An enjoyable romp While the overall plot was only ok the characters, the dialog, and interaction are all wonderful It helps to be a geek because these guys are about as geeky as they come I would definitely recommend this to people looking for something a little different than ye olde epic fantasy or space opera.

    29. Excellent adventure story involving first and foremost friendship, family, love, loss Very Sci Fi friendly A quirky tale that speeds along nicely My only critique is the sometimes jarring switch between narrators but I did enjoy the various perspectives, I only wish there were a few hints about whose thread was picked up.Overall a fun POC Canadian perspective romp Very Indiana Jones.

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