Drop Everything Now

Drop Everything Now By Alessandra Thomas, Drop Everything Now Andi rushes home from college to Vegas after a serious car wreck leaves her mother severely injured Unable to stay with her mother and stepfather in their small townhouse she bunks down in a seedy ho
  • Title: Drop Everything Now
  • Author: Alessandra Thomas
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  • Page: 495
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  • Drop Everything Now By Alessandra Thomas, Andi rushes home from college to Vegas after a serious car wreck leaves her mother severely injured Unable to stay with her mother and stepfather in their small townhouse, she bunks down in a seedy hotel and meets Ryder Strong stripper extraordinaire Liking him or anyone like him wasn t in her plans Will she let him in enough to change them Ryder hasn t had a singAndi rushes home from college to Vegas after a serious car wreck leaves her mother severely injured Unable to stay with her mother and stepfather in their small townhouse, she bunks down in a seedy hotel and meets Ryder Strong stripper extraordinaire Liking him or anyone like him wasn t in her plans Will she let him in enough to change them Ryder hasn t had a single genuine thing in his life since he started stripping, teasing and pleasing for a room full of partying girls even though what he really wants is a real job and a normal life Could Andi change his fortune Things heat up fast between them, until an ill informed encounter with a penis pump leaves Ryder s sexy ass couch ridden and jobless for than a week The only joystick Andi can use is the one on Ryder s video game controllers Getting to know Ryder leads to falling in love and Andi realizes she might actually like being in Vegas for the first time in her life But her languishing grades back in Philly and her mother s rapidly improving health tell her it s time to go.When life takes the scariest turn imaginable, can these two turn it into a happy ending for both of them
    Drop Everything Now By Alessandra Thomas,
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      Alessandra Thomas

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    1. Alessandra Thomas

      Alessandra Thomas is a New Adult writer who swears she was in her twenties yesterday Since that s sadly untrue, she spends her time looking back on her college years fondly, and writing sexy stories about guys and girls falling in love and really living life for the first time.When she s not writing, you can find her with a spoonful of ice cream in one hand and the newest New Adult release in the other.Picture Perfect is Aless s first New Adult novel She had so much fun writing it that it definitely won t be her last.

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    1. The writing and character development in this series just gets better and better Bryan and Andi were strong H h I think if the story had been a bit longer, I would have felt there I ALWAYS need a lengthy epilogue because I want that rush at the end that all the angst and pain was worth it I am a fan of Alessandra Thomas

    2. This book rocked my socks off I ve already been a fan of Thomas since Picture Perfect, but I think Drop Everything Now is my favorite of her works Andi s situation is tough and realistic and the way she handles it shows strength and perseverance that was present in her character when she was introduced in Subject to Change But as endearing as Andi is, the best part of this book is Ryder Hot, attentive, and a stripper How can you beat a hero like that His relationship with Andi is total swoon A v [...]

    3. Yes Ryder Strong has done it He has been added to the list of holy hottness of romance This book was so incredible, so real just perfection.Ryder Andi proved that sometimes in life you just have to choose you Regardless of how many people you want to help, how many things you want to go right and go your way, you just have to choose what is right And in their case, they finally came to that conclusion and found their happily ever after by choosing each other The ONLY thing that bugged me in the [...]

    4. Another great book from Alessandra Loved the progression of the story and the relationship Perfect ending.

    5. Read my full review HERE at Into the Hall of Books.I have loved the Picturing Perfect Series SO HARDCORE this past year for its realistic characters with their realistic lives and problems all while being super entertaining and sexy I love all of the books in the series so much that it almost pains me to say that Drop Everything Now is my favorite of the three, but doggone it, I just couldn t help falling in love with one Mr RYDER STRONG Andi is doing well at school in Philadelphia, in school fo [...]

    6. This was just another great novel written by author, Alessandra Thomas I couldn t help but fall in love with both main characters Andi is a wonderfully compassionate young woman whose senior year in college is spent being a child life therapist She s always dreamed of helping children and after graduation, she will be heading to Washington, D.C for a distinguished fellowship and training program Andi couldn t be excited until she unexpectantly receives an upsetting phone call from her stepfathe [...]

    7. This is the 3rd New Adult offering from Alessandra Thomas and, in my humble opinion, the strongest yet This is mostly due to the leading characters, who are so honest and real that they leap off the page and straight into the reader s head and heart.First we have Andi, a quiet girl who s a bit of a loner, and who has spent her life focused on how she can do the right thing for other people Right now, that means her mother, who has been in an accident Even though it means leaving college and her [...]

    8. This book was complete and total surprise to me because I didn t even know it would be next in the series until I just happened to see it on It was like the bestest surprise ever I fell in love with the first book and it s sequel was a huge win for me with Joey and Hawk so when I found out this one was ready I was freaking excited True to this author s M.O Drop Everything Now lived up to it s name and that s exactly what I did when reading it.After meeting Andi in Subject To Change when she inad [...]

    9. I absolutely love adore Alessandra Thomas something fierce These stories are always so real and have that something that just pulls you into the story and characters In the blurb it s mentioned that if you re a fan of Magic Mike then this is a book for you and that is completely right Ryder is magically magical, and his personality mixed with his fabulous physique catapulted him to the top of my book boyfriend lists yes I have than one, don t judge me his loving and caring attitude is shown fro [...]

    10. Best book of the series for sure Andi and Bryan or Ryder story is super exciting and funny and very sexy, they both learn that they have to love themselves in order to love each other After Andi is force to go back to Vegas after living 3 years in Philadelphia because her mom was injured on a car accident, with no plan other than being there for her mom, she met handsome, muscular and sexy Ryder, a guy that works in the hotel where she decided to stay who actually works as a stripper too a secre [...]

    11. Oh I loved it LOVED IT Ryder IS magic Mike He s just got a little personality and a lot romance And he s hot Enough said Loved the story I thought Andi was really strong she had a few wobbles mind you and I admire the way she always tried to look out for other people It did get to a point towards the end though where I thought we might have to start calling her Saint Andrea, or accurately deluded Andi When events finally made her wake up to her life I nearly cheered I love Alessandra Thomas b [...]

    12. I love when I read a book that has its originality Or when it has real like issues Even better when we re not dealing with an Hh that are to troubled to open up This book is about 2 real people, with real problems that fall in love the way real people do Move over predictable genre and make room for something refreshing to read OMG I LOVE Ryder What s not to love about him He s sexy, compassionate and a STRIPPER He is now one of my top book boyfriends And Andi, a girl I would want as a role mode [...]

    13. This is the first book by Alessandra Thomas I have ever read and it won t be my last.I really loved this book So much I was engaged from the first line I liked Andi and I understood her motivations And Ryder Oh Ryder, what a sweet, confused, misguided soul you are.What I loved most about this book was that while it was sexy, there was also a huge amount of substance and depth to the plot and the characters I love how, through their relationship, they realized the adults they wanted to be And the [...]

    14. This is one of those books I really really really wish had a trailer Because I am DYING to see Ryder Strong strip or dance or whatever the hell you want to call it, and even though it s pretty darn hot in my imagination, a little visual help would be great Are you listening Alessandra Thomas KthxOh, the book It s a sweet, sexy delight A fast paced, well written romantic story with likable characters, fun twists hello penis pump , and a unique setting VIVAAAAA LAS VEGAS Drop everything and read t [...]

    15. Thomas does it again, with a hero to fall in love with I mean, who doesn t love a reluctant stripper and a heroine who s smart, driven and passionate Drop Everything Now is one of my favorite books this year I loved Ryder and Andi, and loved following their journey to discovering themselves and how much better they could be together Highly recommended

    16. This is a light and sexy read from beginning to end Ryder is ber sexy with his charm, rippling muscles, and his BIG.heart wink I mean, who wouldn t want to read about a male stripper who has a mishap with a penis pump 4 sexy stars

    17. This is a very good book The main characters are smart, loving, and very good people They happen to meet in Las Vegas where everything one are larger than life Fun stuff serious stuff and HEA What s not to like

    18. So sweet and fun and such a great example of NA, of two young people growing because of knowing each other but becoming their own people without each other I read this in a day Just loved it.

    19. GUYS I can t even think about loving this book than I did It s insanely stellar and I couldn t put it down Absolutely incredible, BUY IT D

    20. I liked the first 2 books of this series but this one was awesome I m not sure what exactly that set it apart from the first 2 but I loved it

    21. OMG, i loved this one the characters the plot the conversations everything this was my dream come true my favorite of the whole series for sure

    22. Great readThis was my favorite book in the series Loved the lead characters Both very likable and believable Didn t want the story to end.

    23. seriously loved this book these two are adorable and sexy perhaps it s also because there s lots of talk of Philly and I could relate regardless, i loved this

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