These Gentle Wounds

These Gentle Wounds By Helene Dunbar, These Gentle Wounds Sometimes I wish I d lost a leg or something Everyone can understand that They never get it when what s been broken is inside your head Five years after an unspeakable tragedy that changed him forever
  • Title: These Gentle Wounds
  • Author: Helene Dunbar
  • ISBN: 9780738740270
  • Page: 151
  • Format: Paperback
  • These Gentle Wounds By Helene Dunbar, Sometimes I wish I d lost a leg or something Everyone can understand that They never get it when what s been broken is inside your head.Five years after an unspeakable tragedy that changed him forever, Gordie Allen has made a new home with his half brother Kevin Their arrangement works since Kevin is the only person who can protect Gordie at school and keep him focusedSometimes I wish I d lost a leg or something Everyone can understand that They never get it when what s been broken is inside your head.Five years after an unspeakable tragedy that changed him forever, Gordie Allen has made a new home with his half brother Kevin Their arrangement works since Kevin is the only person who can protect Gordie at school and keep him focused on getting his life back on track But just when it seems like things are becoming normal, Gordie s biological father comes back into the picture, demanding a place in his life Now there s nothing to stop Gordie from falling into a tailspin that could cost him everything including his relationship with Sarah, the first girl he s trusted with the truth With his world spinning out of control, the only one who can help Gordie is himself if he can find the strength to confront the past and take back his future.
    These Gentle Wounds By Helene Dunbar,
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      151 Helene Dunbar
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      Helene Dunbar is the author of THESE GENTLE WOUNDS, WHAT REMAINS Flux , BOOMERANG Sky Pony 2018 and PRELUDE FOR LOST SOULS Sourcebooks 2019 Over the years, she s worked as a drama critic, journalist, and marketing manager, and has written on topics as diverse as Irish music, court cases, theater, and Native American Indian tribes She lives in Nashville with her husband and daughter, and exists on a steady diet of readers tears.

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    1. This is one of the most tightly focused 1st person voices I ve read Gordie is a 15 yo boy suffering from PTSD at the hands of an abusive father and a, most likely, mentally ill mother, or perhaps she had PTSD herself, whichever, the mom isn t in the story, only the consequence of her very major action.This book is painful and sad and I wanted to reach through the pages and scoop up Gordie to hug him and also shake him and tell him, please, please, please, get it out Talk to someone The unspoolin [...]

    2. I was really surprised by this book I first heard about it while browsing NetGalley about a year ago, but I was denied an eARC So since then I ve been meaning to get it out from the library, and today I finally did I read this book in one sitting Though it s a quick and easy read, it s not particularly light There are some thematic elements in this book relating to trauma that make it quite powerful.What I appreciated a lot about this book was how it highlights the relationship between two broth [...]

    3. What a touching, heart rending book Helene Dunbar has given us for her debut Gordie s life is ripped apart when his mom does the unthinkable and drives her car in the river, her young children strapped in their seats Only Gordie survives, but the trauma has left lasting scars.Dunbar s treatment of post traumatic stress syndrome is so full realized in this beautiful novel, as well as the ambiguities of Gordie s feelings towards his mom, his half brother, his step father, even himself, that you ll [...]

    4. These Gentle Wounds is an AMAZING story and one I will re read for years to come I have someone who is very close to me and near and dear to my heart who suffers from PTSD and I have to say reading this book had me crying so hard because I know his struggle is like Gordie s struggle and I often wonder if he will ever get help or trust someone like Gordie did.This is a story about a 15 year old bot who has suffered a horrible tragedy at such a young age After the tragedy he goes to live with his [...]

    5. I wish I had ten stars to give this It s right up there with other heart wrenching books like Thirteen Reasons Why and The Fault in Our Stars, and honestly, this one may have resonated with me even I was so engrossed I couldn t tear my eyes away until I d turned the last page, and I cried oh so many times I ADORE this book Fervently.Aaand I m not going to say much about it than that Just go read it.

    6. THESE GENTLE WOUNDS is at once tragic, beautiful, wrenching and even funny The darkness is balanced by the fraternal devotion between Gordie and his brother, as well as a sweet romance with memorable Sarah The prose is gorgeous fresh but subtle.r, ever straining or reaching into purple territory A stunner of a debut.

    7. I recieved this book from Lady Reader s Bookstuff fo review purposes which does not in the slightest affect my honest review of the book Where do I even begin with this book How do I start telling you the numerous ways this book touched me How do I even begin to try and explain when you haven t read it yet I think the best way to describe this is as a rich meal These Gentle Wounds had all of the different types of foods that make you remember why you live to eat The meat is delicate, and tender [...]

    8. Emotional, beautifully written debut Gordie is a character who feels so real, and the boy POV is one of the best I ve read in a while As he lost himself in grief, I ached with him that s how deeply the reader is placed in his head I love reading sibling relationships in YA, and the bond between Gordie and his brother Kevin was both loving and complicated The romance was also incredibly sincereSD isn t something that solely affects members of the military And it s not something that goes away in [...]

    9. This book My God Why is everyone not talking about this book Why is everyone not READING this book I will be raving about this book to anyone who will listenAD THIS BOOK Read it.Also, bring tissues Every chapter rips your heart out as you watch Gordie try to cope with the terrible incident from his past and the horrors that have carried through to the present There were times I had to close the book and physically hug it like I wanted to hug Gordie He is an amazing characternd and gentle and fra [...]

    10. This book is one of those in a class all by itself kind of books The writing is gorgeous, real, moving The story itself, well, it s as heartbreaking as it gets If you ve ever heard about a family tragedy and wondered, as I often do, How does a person pick up and go on after that then read this book Gordie is a hero for being the caring, amazing kid he is despite what s happened to him Reader advisory read with a huge stash of tissues at the ready Actually forget that make it a beach towel.

    11. I feel like I m going to carry Gordie with me for a long time This character was so impactful, that while reading, I found myself thinking about him all throughout the day as if he s real This book is about perseverance, love trust, and transformation A book about death, yes, but also a story about a teenage boy, struggling to find a life after a crushing loss It s beautiful and haunting Read it It s spectacular.

    12. This is a heart wrenching, beautifully written book Not the kind that I would normally pick up, but I m so glad I got the chance to read an ARC Helene Dunbar has created a one of a kind portrait of a boy in distress who has to dig deep to find the courage and strength to help save himself and someone even vulnerable than he is from an abusive situation I know that Gordie s sharply focused story will stay with me for a long time.

    13. Very quick read that was honestly an emotional roller coaster Very well written and I thought that I author did a good job as Gordie s voice.

    14. A little out of step here, but this was so unrelentingly horrific that I almost rebelled by the end Not that such an appalling combination of things was impossible for one kid to have experienced, sadly, but frankly, I didn t think he d be capable of the kinds of relationships he stumblingly builds Also, the romance Nice but I didn t quite buy it It s always hard being inside the head of someone who s unable and unwilling to communicate, and the trope of I can t tell anyone about this, or they d [...]

    15. I m really, really tired of the past Alright guys time to admit something embarrassing You know that feeling when you re book shopping on , and it s the wee hours of the morning, and you feel absolutely invincible That s how I snagged a copy of this book I binge bought books on at three am, and this book had caught my interest.I am so freaking glad I did This book did so many things right It handled an array of dark and deep topic manners in a realistic way that wasn t romanticized Even though I [...]

    16. I loved this book It accurately depicts a person with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and how they are finally able to begin over coming it Another thing, than one person saved him In several books, protagonists are always saved by a single person, typically a romantic interest, but in These Gentle Wounds, several people help him along the way and he is able to feel free once again The writing also seemed incredibly believable and the tone had great darker undertones, which I loved For her debut [...]

    17. Wow Where to begin THESE GENTLE WOUNDS is a heartbreak of a book, and I mean that in the best possible way From page one, it grabs you, winds itself around you, and refuses to let go This book is so beautifully written its understated prose evokes such pain and heartache with such subtlety If you love beautifully written, emotionally driven contemporary YA, you will adore this book It s the kind of book that stays with you, long after you close it and set it aside.

    18. Amazing book Dunbar has done an incredible job of entering the head of someone who has experienced a traumatic event and deals with the aftermath on a daily basis I completely believed Gordie s response to the life altering moment when his mother drove he and his siblings into the river The book is riveting both emotionally and psychologically.

    19. Maybe the best book I read all year can t wait for it to hit shelves Geordie and Kevin, I got so emotional reading the scenes between the brothers but being in Geordie s head was so intense I LOVED THIS BOOK

    20. Just because you think you need something doesn t mean you do You know, to be with someone and think you ll be with them for the rest of your life I mean, how do you know Everything finally feels like it s where it belongs.

    21. That feeling when your instinct urges you to buy a random book that you come across, and you end up falling in love s indescribable.As usual, I was at Kinokuniya, looking for the final installment of the KL Noir series Out of habit, I browsed the Young Adult section, and I came across this book These Gentle Wounds How can you not fall in love with the title alone Perfect, perfect title for a brilliantly written book.These Gentle Wounds I can never grow tired writing and saying the book title is [...]

    22. I wanted to read this one because I needed to know about Gordie and what his dramatic past was that wounded him on the inside I also like to read a book from a male POV, and see how Gordie deals with it and tries to move on with his life.The brotherly relationship with Kevin was awesome and I loved how that, and themes of family whether close, coming back into life, forgiveness, being hurt, and all that comes with letting people into our hearts and the messiest and most emotional parts of lives [...]

    23. It s been five years since the tragic day when 15 year old Gordie s mother drove herself and four of her kids into the river Gordie should be thankful he survived, but, most days, it feels like a curse Plagued by guilt over his inability to save his mother and siblings, Gordie struggles to keep his panic attacks and stress induced ticks under control Hockey and living with his half brother, Kevin, and Kevin s father, Jim, has kept Gordie grounded, as well as his budding relationship with photogr [...]

    24. I received a copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Thank you so much These Gentle Wounds was a wonderful book, and also very inspiring Not that I was jealous of what Gordie went through but I think it s also a story about human strength and that was very beautiful.Five years ago, Gordie has been through his own personal hell And somehow, he s never truly left it He lives with his half brother Kevin now and his brother s dad Jim, but in his mind there [...]

    25. I was gifted a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Wow Where to start This is a pretty full on book it deals with some issues people unfortunately see in everyday life Gordie has had a lot to deal with in his 15 year life after a horrible tragedy which ruined his entire family and left him the only survivor he is sent to live with his step brother Kevin and his dad Jim After the accident Gordie suffers from a range of issues, depression, PTSD, guilt over something that happened th [...]

    26. When I started reading These Gentle Wounds I felt like if someone spilled a bucket of cold water over my head Seriously, this book chilled me at the beginning and a little bit further inside I liked how Helene Dunbar wrote this story with stark honesty without sugarcoating the after effects of traumatizing events Although it is sad, I think this is the best way to understand what the characters are really going through.Okay, maybe understand is a strong word Try to understand works better here [...]

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