Tease By C.D. Reiss, Tease When Jonathan was gone I couldn t stop thinking about him and the first thing he did when he got back was demand of me I m willing to give him my orgasms and my time but I find myself giving up piec
  • Title: Tease
  • Author: C.D. Reiss
  • ISBN: 9781484888698
  • Page: 310
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tease By C.D. Reiss, When Jonathan was gone I couldn t stop thinking about him, and the first thing he did when he got back was demand of me I m willing to give him my orgasms and my time, but I find myself giving up pieces of my heart.My career is on track, and even though I can t write a thing, I can sing So I ll go to the art opening with him, because his ex wife will be there I feeWhen Jonathan was gone I couldn t stop thinking about him, and the first thing he did when he got back was demand of me I m willing to give him my orgasms and my time, but I find myself giving up pieces of my heart.My career is on track, and even though I can t write a thing, I can sing So I ll go to the art opening with him, because his ex wife will be there I feel this need to protect him from hurt, though in bed, his domination brings me to my knees.This man is going to break me into a million little pieces.
    Tease By C.D. Reiss,
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      310 C.D. Reiss
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      CD Reiss is a New York Times bestselling author She still has to chop wood and carry water, which was buried in the fine print Her lawyer is working it out with God but in the meantime, if you call and she doesn t pick up she s at the well hauling buckets.Born in New York City, she moved to Hollywood, California to get her master s degree in screenwriting from USC In case you want to know, that went nowhere but it did give her a big enough ego to write novels.She s frequently referred to as the Shakespeare of Smut which is flattering but hasn t ever gotten her out of chopping a single cord of wood.If you meet her in person, you should call her Christine NONE OF MY BOOKS ARE SAFE

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    1. TEASE, part 2 of 7.5 Playboy mogul Jonathan Drazen s seduction of aspiring singer Monica Faulkner He opened a jack in the box of sexuality by turning a handle I didn t even know I had Songs of Submission is the whirlwind saga of aspiring singer Monica Faulkner and hotelier and real estate magnate Jonathan Drazen Books novellas should be read in order Book 1 BegBook 2 TeaseBook 3 SubmitBook 3.5 Jessica SharonBook 4 ControlBook 5 BurnBook 5.5 RachelBook 6 ResistBook 7 SingBook 7.5 MonicaBook 8 Dom [...]

    2. 4 stars Yay This is what I was hoping for in the first book.Tease picks up just after the two weeks where Jonathan went away to Korea for business Monica and him continue their sexual relationship but with conditions Jonathan is still in love with his ex wife and refuses to love another Monica wishes to focus on her singing career and refuses to be with anyone who does not support it By chance the two of them must attend an art exhibit in which both of their exes are showing selling their art, s [...]

    3. Jonathan was master of my nudity, my positions, and my orgasmsHe opened a jack in the box of sexuality by turning a handle I didn t even know I had.It has been two weeks since Jonathan left on a business trip and two weeks of pure wanting for Monica She was distracted at work because he was the only thing she could think about.Jonathan has made it clear that his ex wife is the only woman that will ever have his heart and Monica has decided that she will take what she can get from himr now.His pa [...]

    4. Omfg.ese books just get better and better I ve just finished this one and wow I don t know wether I want to take Jonathan to bed and get giggy with him or slap him silly for being such an arserrat man frustrates me.And don t even get me started on the ex wife piece of GrrOh and then there s Kevin.huld he have his head shoved any further up his own arse C.D Reiss what are you doing to me , are you trying to kill me surely my blood pressure has gone through the roof with this bookI m not normally [...]

    5. Really getting into this series now This one was as good as the first.IF YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN BEAUTY IN A MOMENT OF SUFFERING, YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN BEAUTY I understand words like no and stop Outside of those, your body is my playground Think the ex wife and ex boyfriend will be a problem in the future I want you all to myself I want to know what they didn t do so I can do it So I can keep you longer And it is off to read

    6. Monica and Jonathan are still attracted to each other and can t take their hands off each other He promises her his body but can t promise his heart She is ok with it, for now at least, but deep down she knows it won t be enough for long They agree on exclusivity and it seems everything goes in good direction and then there s that bloody cliffhanger If the whole series wasn t out already I could be a little nervous but since I know I don t mind We only got a glimpse of what C.D Reiss is able to [...]

    7. Spoiler free review, apart from direct quotes 5 Tease Me More Stars I want you CD Reiss has a great way of drawing her readers in, hypnotizing them with her erotic descriptions My sex is on fire, the Kings of Leon song kept popping into my head can t think why, lol youtu RF0HhrwIwp0 Our tongues and lips met we became a gorgeous ball of sweat and heat, sixty nining I need to say at this point that this series is not just sex no, it s a lot than that, it s character driven, beautiful, compelling [...]

    8. 5 Scorching StarsFirst line in the bookJonathan was master of my nudity, my positions, and my orgasms and the first screw of the evening should have satisfied any normal woman for the night, minutes after it was done, I wanted him again.Guess what Monica May I Please As much as I wanted to come, I wanted to ask even I wanted to beg for it I wanted him to make me lose myself in him.He opened a jack in the box of sexuality by turning a handle I didn t even know I had I understand words like no an [...]

    9. 3,5 Teasing Stars In this installment we move further into Jonathan and Monica s relationship, where he claims that he can never love her and she claims that she don t want that But while they re stating that things between them are purely physical, their actions speaks differently and we start to get of Monica s past Although I liked this book, I liked the first one Don t get me wrong, Monica is a pretty good female lead and Jonathan is sexy and there are several really hot scenes And I know [...]

    10. Fan freaking tastic Holy cow Fan girling for C.D Reiss You are the queen of erotic writing The saga continues This book is such a slow, sultry build, I can t stand it Gah There s scenes where you re just reading and reading, absorbing every single word and suddenly you realize you re not breathing Insert deep breath I swear, Reiss can write superbly It s a crazy way to explain it but I feel like it s a movie in my head and I don t mean because it s released like a series The little things she ad [...]

    11. Cheers to this series With just two books, I ve been sucked in I m 100% wrapped up in the story of Monica Jonathan and it s taking an immense amount of willpower to pause long enough to write this review I would gladly lock myself in a room with this series until I ve completed it This review is spoiler free, and contains graphic language I m addicted I want of everything The writing is outstandingThe characters are all well craftedThis narrative takes the overused idea of the Billionaire seduc [...]

    12. 5 Meaty, Thought Provoking, Tantalizing Teasing Stars Tease is the next part of this series by C.D Reiss She left us in Beg with the Tease of what was to come and from the first paragraph, she delivered There were so many things accomplished in this part We feel the real sense of who these characters are why some of the back story is causing the reasons for their interactions with each other We learn of past relationships, both romantic and friendship, understanding the ties that bind and hold b [...]

    13. I own your orgasms He pulled me forward to the edge of the seat before I could respond His move was forceful, demanding, and left no room for questions.Oh boy, Monica You re in deep now sweetie This one gets off to an incredibly hot and erotic start That night that Monica and Jonathan shared in Beg that was never fully described Well, here it is in glorious detail and it is seriously hot I think I almost caught fire Jonathan is a dominant, controlling and very skilful lover and seriously, you re [...]

    14. Jonathan has just gotten back from two weeks in Korea and Monica can t wait to see him That leads to quite an intense night between the two and revelations We definitely get to see of the dominant side of Jonathan He can be so hard but yet so tender at the same time and of course, things are quite steamy The author uses the word snatch t exactly sexy but it is the first time I ve read it in a romance book Monica s singing career is taking off and her and Gabby are hoping for the best especiall [...]

    15. 5 Tease till you beg for it Stars If you have never seen beauty in a moment of suffering, you have never seen beauty at all.This series is an addiction A brilliantly written, incredibly erotic addiction Jonathan, my sexy and mysterious Jonathan I find myself anticipating every bit and crumble we learn about him One thing is for sure, the I learn, the the man intrigues me The mere mention of his name, and my pervy little heart goes all pitter patter.With the progression of Monica and Jonathan s [...]

    16. If you have never seen beauty in a moment of suffering then you have never seen beauty at all All rightI liked book one, but this one was even better I m feeling the fangirl coming on, and that doesn t happen very often with me I think my biggest turn on about this book aside from the obvious is how down to earth both Monica and Jonathan seem to be Neither of them seem to have any ulterior motives, neither of them is all about the drama At this point, they are all about the sexual attraction The [...]

    17. 5Don t TEASE mears He had a way of touching me that felt like electricity without the shock, and he made me come like no man ever had before I ve thought about nothing but this, Jonathan said and put his tongue on my clit he warmed it with his breath, not moving his tongue I gasped and gripped the back of his head He pulled his tongue away, and when I tried to push him back, he held my wrists in one hand I was helpless under his tongue Need I say Book 2 in the Songs of Submission series s getti [...]

    18. The Songs of Submission is a mini series told in seven parts with an additional 2 novellas Part 2 has Monica and Jonathan facing their exes Monica s ex, Kevin, is like a boy compared to her new love interest, Jonathan.Jonathan s ex, Jessica, is a polished woman compared to Monica.Monica s body has become Jonathan splayground To do with as he sees fit He owns her pleasure While at an art show both Monica and Jonathan are forced to face their exes Kevin s art in the show is named,Faulkner Coal Min [...]

    19. 4.5 Smoking HOT Stars I really should review these IMMEDIATELY after finishing one I can t seem to remember what happened in this one Let s see.HOT SEX, HOT SEX, HOT SEX Oh and some singing Monica and Jonathan are continuing their arrangement Jonathan is adament that feelings not be involved I love my wife My ex wife Nothing will ever change that Okay I can t love anyone else Pretty sure you re the only one that believes that Jonathan Monica and Gabby have a gig where they are hoping to get noti [...]

    20. 4.5 HOT SEXY AS ALL HELL STARSThis series is addictive Book 1 sucks you in and Book 2 locks you in You cannot read one of these books and not be left with need to read the next book.Jonathan and Monica is such a sensual couple Jonathan definitely needs and wants the control and a piece of Monica is willing to give it to him but there is something about Monica that makes me wonder if she will just be handing herself over to him And though it appears that their relationship is purely physical thin [...]

    21. Well, I have to start by thanking my great friend Sue for persuading me to keep going with this series and give Book two a try After I had read the first book in the series, I wasn t extremely wowed and didn t give much though of continuing on I kept reading reviews from fellow readers stating how they loved this Once Sue twisted my arm I thought it s time to give it another try I will gladly admit that I am super happy I did There were times that I did feel the story dragged a bit for me but th [...]

    22. OMFG Book one gets ya all set up and then you get into book 2 WOW I want book 3 like NOW I love these 2 Jonathan and Monica are great together, they are just both still to stupid to get that it isn t just about sex I m sure they will get it eventually Great chemistry, funny, great sex, jerk xwife, ahole x bf, wacky friend check it is all there.I said it in a status update, I wasn t 1 2 way through book 2 thinking she better keep writing about these 2

    23. Today s awesome word of the day snatchI know its weird but I absolutely love it being used in this book LMAO Anyways, Monica and Jonathan are still in the early stages of their casual relationship and Monica is still trying to make it in the music business Two weeks ago, before I met Jonathan, I felt like a normal person I worked I sang I bitched about my manager I took care of Gabby and drank a little too much I pleasured myself maybe once a week if I thought of it I went from place to place, d [...]

    24. 5 HOT, ADDICTING AND INTRIGUING STARS That s it I m invested in these characters Loving the growing intensity and apprehension of all the characters I finally met Kevin and Jessica Loving Monica Jonathan big time I wanna crack at him It s getting gooooooood Buddy read with my lovely Amy Foxy

    25. 4 Stars Jonathan was master of my nudity, my positions, and my orgasms Well CD wasn t exaggerating with the title, this was definitely a tease and thank God I have the next book on standby because I don t think I would be able to wait This was hot and I love how the plot is starting to heat up I m excited to see where the story goes and how Jonathan and Monica s relationship develops.

    26. 5 CONTROLLING STARS This is the 2nd book in the novella series Songs of Submission We pick back up with Monica and Jonathaney spend time together but like any GREAT storywe have the angst of Jonathan s ex wife, Jessica, creating problems We also have Kevin who is Monica s ex and really destroys her emotions in this story I m not giving away any of the storyoff to Submit3

    27. 5 Keeps Getting Better Stars BR with Shannon The I read the I love this story Layer by layer we discover about these complex characters who seem hopeless against the power and the erotism of their unique relationship This author has captivated me to no end with this sensual novelI will continue on to the next book Submit, I m ready

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