A Dark Heart

A Dark Heart By Margaret Foxe, A Dark Heart A Dark HeartBook Two in The Elders and Welders ChroniclesLondon Lady Christiana Harker once committed a grave sin against her kind when she saved Inspector Elijah Drexler s life by turning him i
  • Title: A Dark Heart
  • Author: Margaret Foxe
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  • Page: 156
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A Dark Heart By Margaret Foxe, A Dark HeartBook Two in The Elders and Welders ChroniclesLondon, 1897 Lady Christiana Harker once committed a grave sin against her kind when she saved Inspector Elijah Drexler s life by turning him into a vampire Christiana s bold act has only driven Elijah deeper into an impenetrable darkness, fueled by morphine, nightmares, and a constant thirst for blood Elijah hasA Dark HeartBook Two in The Elders and Welders ChroniclesLondon, 1897 Lady Christiana Harker once committed a grave sin against her kind when she saved Inspector Elijah Drexler s life by turning him into a vampire Christiana s bold act has only driven Elijah deeper into an impenetrable darkness, fueled by morphine, nightmares, and a constant thirst for blood Elijah has no room left in his heart for anything but his quest for vengeance against his childhood tormentor, a quest that he fully expects to end with his own death.But when the mysterious Duke of Brightlingsea requests Elijah s help in locating a doomsday device that could level half of London, Elijah s personal vendetta becomes entangled with a secret war being waged among the immortal Elders.Just when Christiana finally accepts that her long held love for the Inspector will forever be unrequited, however, a catastrophe brings them together, forcing Elijah to finally confront his feelings for Christiana But will Christiana s love be strong enough to weather the terrible truths buried deep in Elijah s past And will Elijah find the strength of will to finally cast off his demons and let love into his dark heart This Victorian steampunk romance is recommended for adult audiences.
    A Dark Heart By Margaret Foxe,
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    1. Nope nope nope I m done I tried I really wanted to like this because I liked Prince of Hearts, but this is NOT working for me I can t stand Elijah I hate him I truly do I wish he would just die His self loathing is insufferable I liked Christiana from the first book, but she is not fun or likeable here at all She should let Elijah rot and get on with her life She is just a drama queen here She over reacted with Rowan.But my main issue is with Elijah I understand him turning to view spoiler drugs [...]

    2. Loved, loved, loved A Dark Heart, the second installment in the Elders and Welders Chronicles Elijah Drexler s agony, with his tormented past, his love hate for Lady Christiana, his unrelenting revengewow Ana is just brilliant when she s finally had enough and takes charge of her life And the villainhorrible and vile and truly awful.It was great to have characters from Prince of Hearts also be integral to this story, and the epilogue the dastardly epilogue sets up the third book which I already [...]

    3. I first learned of The Elders and Welders Chronicles books when I snagged a copy of book 1, Prince of Hearts, as a freebie from the Kindle Store Those who give Kindle freebies a try know that its really difficult to find a good book there But, since I love steampunk romance I had decided to give Prince of Hearts a chance and I absolutely loved it It was simply a lot of fun, so I was really excited to hear that there was going to be a sequel and even excited to get a review copy from the author [...]

    4. This was quite different from the first book Elijah is dark and brooding, but not in a sexy way, like a he s genuinely damaged kind of a way And while I felt for his plight, he never made me smile or swoon, and Christiana was a bit of a blank for me So this wasn t exactly a couple I was shipping for But I must give props for the author having the moxy to tackle some tough realities not typically found in a fantasy romance.

    5. Review forthcoming on a reader lives a thousand liveI received a copy of A Dark Heart, book 2 in the Elders Welders Chronicles, in exchange for my review.When Christiana is faced with the choice of letting the love of her life die or whether to save him even if saving him could damn her, she saves him But Elijah Drexler has his demons and lashes out at Christiana for saving him from them What he can t deny though is the powerful attraction he has towards her, both for her blood and for her body [...]

    6. I received a copy of Prince of Hearts from the author in exchange for my honest review.This is a sequel of Prince of Hearts, and an elaboration of the relationship between Elijah and Christiana that was alluded in the prequel We first got to know Elijah as a self destructive hero and Christiana as a na ve damsel Emotional drama hits early on in the book where their relationship started off brimming with intense anger and hate toward each other that sometimes it s painful to read Thankfully, futu [...]

    7. I was provided with an ARC in exchange for an honest review and holy moo, did it ever change my mind about paranormal science fictionDisclaimer I don t like Werewolves, Ghosts or Vampires in my Science Fiction The very thought of Vampires in Space makes me cringe I m not even that much of a Vampires in paranormal romance fan, because let s be honest sparkly Vampires crying about their lost humanity and the wet blanket girl their dead heart has fallen for has flooded the market with shyte Vampire [...]

    8. A Dark Heart has everything that I look for in an awesome Victorian Steampunk novel romance, originality, world building that is so awesome I wish it was real and I could live there, action, a little bit of smexy, basically this book has it all The series is also quickly becoming one of my favorites Margaret Foxe is a tremendously good writer and she is weaving books that are so original and out of the box, with characters that I am unendingly fascinated with.After Prince of Hearts, book 1, whic [...]

    9. Dark Heart is the second of Ms Foxe s Elders and Welders Chronicles It follows Christiana, who we met in the first chronicle, Prince of Hearts, and Elijah Inspector Drexler It takes us deeper into the steampunk world that Miss Foxe has imagined so brilliantly, giving background and clues to the on running plot of the whole series So, that is the overview now let me tell you that I couldn t put this book down I became very invested in Elijah and Christiana s past and present and kept turning pa [...]

    10. This book number two of the Elders and Welders Chronicles is quite an adventure Lady Christina Harker and Inspector Elijah Drexler were introduced to readers in the first book of Margaret Foxe s Chronicles, but A Dark Heart is truly their story.In 1888, Lady Christina stumbles across a wounded and dying Elijah Drexler the man whom she has loved since their childhoods Herself a Bonded companion to one of the world s thirteen Elders, she gave her blood to Elijah in order to save his life and inadv [...]

    11. I just finished A Dark Heart, the second book in the Elders and Welders Chronicles series When I read the first book, Prince of Hearts, I was instantly in love I quickly picked up the second book and yet again was not disappointed Ms Foxe does an excellent job of mixing a thrilling story, an exciting romance and a fun and interesting environment I loved the character Elijah, his horrific history that won t let him go, along with Ana, who at first seemed a little timid, but soon shows everyone wh [...]

    12. This novel had a bit of a darker tone compared to its predecessor, but I loved it just the same The story was good and kept me going and the writing was as brilliant as before My only dislike was that I didn t connect with the characters as much as I would have liked Don t get me wrong, the characters in this book were still amazing one in particular was beautifully flawed and that left a lot of room for character development Although the female protagonist of the story was a bit flat at times f [...]

    13. While I really enjoyed this second book in the series, it had been a while since I read the first book in the series, and I had a little trouble getting up to speed about who was who, and their relationships with each other Once everything clicked in my head, I enjoyed the story, and was very intrigued about the addition of a few new characters and the plot developments at the end of the story Looking forward to the next one

    14. I loved the book even though the hero was over the top with his angst and self loathing He wasted a lot of time being drowned in self pity But i loved the ending , view spoiler what a surprise when time travel was introduced and we finally understood what is the deal with Hex hide spoiler.I didn t like Percy much and I hope she isn t the one who will end up with Duke.

    15. I just finished both Prince of Hearts and A Dark Heart in two days at the beach This was my first experience with steampunk romance and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed them A Dark Heart kept me engaged and wanting , developing the main characters along with other characters for promising future escapades I look forward to reading the next book in this series.

    16. Book Dark Heart Elders and Welders Chronicles 2 Author Margaret FoxeStar rating Plot half and halfCharacters nice continuation from book 1Movie Potential Ease of reading very easy to readCover Suitable Title Would I read it again Yes I WAS GIVEN THIS BOOK, BY THE AUTHOR, IN RETURN FOR AN HONEST REVIEW For me, this is a book of two halves So I m going to explore both sides separately then together.1st Half Reading this book straight after Prince of Hearts was perhaps not my best move I can t help [...]

    17. A Dark Heart is not always what s in the name of it, while the story unravels and the secrets unveil the good outweighs the bad and the dark sparkles and shines A touching life story, heart aching love story and intriguing bells and whistles, it captivates you and keeps you in tight bindings, sigh, until the end Stay Inspired

    18. Fascinating seriesI m really enjoying this series I loved this one because I started to feel a little hopeless that it would work out and that s always fun I m off to read the next one now

    19. Pretty goodThis is a good sequel focusing on inspector Drexel and Lady Christiana IMPORTANT Trigger warnings though for child sexual abuse.

    20. The second installment of steampunk romance in a series of three yes this exists as a genre, who knew This one touches on the previous one in the series, which had the unfortunate name Prince of Hearts Seriously, who thought that name was a good idea This has a pretty unfortunate title as well hinting at lots of tormented emo, which we get from the brooding emo vampire male lead Unlike most Twilight like title though, the heroine isn t attracted at all by the brooding, but makes a point of tryin [...]

    21. Review FINALLY added After reading the teaser sample out earlier in the year I couldn t wait to get my hands on this I finally managed to find some time over Christmas to go back and re read Book 1 in the series first, as we see quite a few glimpses of Elijah and Christiana in the first one and I wanted to recap before picking up this one I m glad I did as it reminded me how much I loved this world.I was really glad to see that Christiana s friendship with Aline had rubbed off on her somewhat an [...]

    22. Hmmm What can I say about this book I loved the beginning of the first book in the series, but it morphed in less then pleasant ways by the end I was hoping that this one would return to all of the wonderful things I had loved from the first one without the hiccups but it didn t Once again, it just seemed to go downhill I m disappointed That doesn t mean that it is completely terrible Once again, the beginning showed a lot of promise But the main characters just seem to lose their individualitie [...]

    23. Darker SteampunkFoxe has expanded her world in this second book in Elders and Welders and she took me to the dark side of London in the tale of Elijah and Christiana I liked that the character of Elijah was broken and wounded, it gave real depth to his character I liked Christiana, but I would have liked her if the author would have given me a glimpse into her life prior to her transformation I wanted to have a scene of Ana and Elijah as younger versions, not just be told about it This is where [...]

    24. 3.5 This was much darker then the first book and considering that it is Elijah s story , it is no wonder The man is so badly damaged by his horrific childhood you can not really call it childhood as he was allowed to be a child only in his age that his self destructive mindset comes as no surprise Considering that I have an overwhelming abhorrence for that lowest scum of the Earth, pedophiles, and an intolerance for drug use, this book was a highly emotional read and under other circumstances wo [...]

    25. Book 2, WowJust finished and am in shock by ending Must have book 3 Was reading happily along with the frustrated romance of Lady Christina aka Ana and the wrong headed Inspector, with the usual dangers, misunderstandings, and a few vampires thrown in making for a very nice Steampunk romance Suddenly the action amplified and peripheral characters came to the front as nothing was what you thought throughout the first 3 quarters of this book I am still stunned by the revelations It s not a cliff h [...]

    26. 3.5 This was much darker book then the first one and no wonder with Elijah as a MC The man is so badly damaged by his horrific childhood can t even call it a childhood, he was allowed to be a child only in his age that his self destructive ways come as no surprise I have particular abhorrence for the lowest scum of the Earth, pedophiles, and high intolerance for the drug users, so this book for me was emotionally intense and would have rater at least 4 solid stars Why then 3.5 The ending I found [...]

    27. To save the life of the man that she loves, Lady Christiana does the only thing she knows she gives Inspector Drexler her super powered blood, not realizing that along with saving his life she has turned him into a monster The only bright spot in Elijah Drexler s tortured childhood was his friendship with Lady Christiana who is innocence and light and deserves someone better than him When he is turned into a vampire he knows they can never be together, no matter how much he needs her blood.I rea [...]

    28. Great bookI really like this series Eligiah s back story is tragic and I know it made a few other readers uncomfortable It Is graphic, but still not as hard core as a Dark Hunter novel I am happy to read a lighter version I have developed a dislike for tragic back stories, but this is well done and not too overwhelming I can wait to see what happens next I have to say an hour back in the book I thought this was going to be by the numbers and the sequel would be simple romance between Hex and Row [...]

    29. A stronger 3.5 stars than the first book I wasn t as in love with the romance set up here, but I found the overall writing plot to be much strongly written, though again, not quite at the level I would have liked for 4 stars There wasn t quite enough re the morphine addiction and how that played into overcoming his blood lust or how they d fell in love to begin with for me I didn t QUITE buy the reasons for them, or at least Christiana, loving each other forever, even if they were believable in [...]

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