Children To A Degree - Growing Up Under the Third Reich

Children To A Degree - Growing Up Under the Third Reich By Horst Christian, Children To A Degree Growing Up Under the Third Reich Based on a true story about a young boy growing up under the Third Reich Karl Veth the oldest of three children was born in Berlin Germany in By the time he was old enough to start school and
  • Title: Children To A Degree - Growing Up Under the Third Reich
  • Author: Horst Christian
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  • Page: 269
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Children To A Degree - Growing Up Under the Third Reich By Horst Christian, Based on a true story about a young boy growing up under the Third Reich Karl Veth, the oldest of three children, was born in Berlin, Germany in 1930 By the time he was old enough to start school and begin his education, Hitler had already established a firm death grip on the country Children were fed a steady diet of Nazi propaganda and were often encouraged to turn onBased on a true story about a young boy growing up under the Third Reich Karl Veth, the oldest of three children, was born in Berlin, Germany in 1930 By the time he was old enough to start school and begin his education, Hitler had already established a firm death grip on the country Children were fed a steady diet of Nazi propaganda and were often encouraged to turn on their family and friends but contrary to popular belief, not all of them bought into it Karl is an intelligent young boy who strives to excel in his studies, but he questions everything Dangerous questions during a time when people are closely monitored Karl s father and grandfather are not blind followers and they have their own opinions about Hitler and his regime The lessons they teach Karl often contradict what he is taught in school, yet they also inspire him to think on his own and form his own opinions German law mandates that all children must become members of the Hitler Youth and at the age of 10, Karl enters the Jungvolk, the junior branch of the Hitler Youth He must wade through the propaganda and everything he is taught to decide for himself what is right and what it wrong Little does he know at the time, but many of his grandfather s predictions about the future of the Third Reich will eventually come to pass The lessons he learns now and the opinions he forms will determine his fate in dangerous times ahead Children To A Degree is the first book in a four book series Karl s incredible story continues in Loyal To A Degree Trust To A Degree Partners To A Degree
    Children To A Degree - Growing Up Under the Third Reich By Horst Christian,
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    1. Horst Christian

      I was born in Berlin, Germany in 1930 My father taught me to read and write before the age of 5 and by the time I was 10 years old, I discovered my love for writing I wrote vacation reports and several articles for a German school periodical.When I was 10, I entered the Jungvolk, a subdivision of the Hitler Youth, which was mandatory in the Berlin school system I then entered the Hitler Youth at the age of 14, also mandatory, and continued writing for the Hitler Youth periodicals.I was drafted to help defend Berlin against the Soviets at the age of 14 because of my unique knowledge of the subway system and I served as a guide for various SS demolition commandos.My books are based on my own experiences as a young boy in Germany during World War II and the days leading up to and after the fall of Berlin There have been many books written about the war, but none from the perspective of a 14 year old boy who was forced to fight for a cause he did not understand I immigrated to the United States in the early 1950s and became a citizen My wife, Jennifer, and I live in Northern California on a small ranch, where we have been for the last 30 years.

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    1. I love the read It took me away from everyday life, and at the same time it brought back to present and the propaganda that we are hearing today I just couldn t help making the connection I hope that we have learned from the past and not let repeat.

    2. If you want to find out what life was like in Nazi Germany as a young boy, then this book will show you You feel the author is drawing from personal experiences to create this story I read several reviews of the book and yes the author is not a master of prose, nor does he create long beautiful or mind blowing descriptions of events, places or people Even so, the words are from experience and the author succeeds in transporting you to a different time, and a different place The simple story tell [...]

    3. Wow What an interesting insight into the indoctrination of the children in Germany during the war years This book opened my eyes and made me think about how I view things today I learned a lot and can t wait to read the next book.

    4. This book wants to be historical fiction, teaching us how nazism indoctrinated children since early age 8yo by sending them to either the Napola or the KLV camps This is a great premise and the book would have been very interesting if it weren t for the null writing style and the kind of dialogs you always hear in TV soap operas ex Oh Marie we need to get a house, Oh good thing the new government is now helping us get cheap credits so we can afford a small house, Oh really where do i ask for the [...]

    5. This book is fiction, based on a true story, I gasped often and was so saddened about the life of these boys, my heart aches when reading this, and at the same time I can t put it down, I must see these boys thru.I believe I have never read an account from the eyes of children thrown into this battle A must read that you will not be sorry to pick up The moral dilemma is a strong one, worth the read and I will not let this book leave my library.

    6. Amazing Book Definitively a Must Read I grew up hearing the Hitler stories about Germany and the horrors of the war on Jews, and on the people that refused to fall in with the Nazi propaganda and Hitler s regime I wondered what was wrong with a country that a whole race of people could turn their backs on their fellow humans, and set out to destroy so many innocent people Jewish, Germans, and friends, family, and neighbors This book gives me a bit of an idea that not all Germans can be lumped to [...]

    7. I enjoyed reading this perspective of Germany s WWII children prior to their entrance into the Hitler Youth While this work and series is fiction, it is based upon actual people and events, so the portrait is reflective Christian s prose style, while not elaborate, is effective, and would make for good reading in a 7th or 8th grade history class It is of noteworthy importance, that editor Nicole Etolen s first language cannot be English, as there are numerous misuses of verbiage and article adje [...]

    8. Based on a true story, I was completely drawn in by this story of a young boy growing up in Berlin under Hitler s master plan.If you capture and control the minds of the youth, eliminate nonconformists, and create massive fear of anything and everyone, create a climate where the necessities of life are no longer readily available, break down the family unit by separating children from their parents in order to make them loyal to the government instead of their blood roots, you can change the who [...]

    9. Very Interesting This was a very interesting book about growing up in the Third Reich It is the prequel to the series, Loyal to a Degree, Partners to a Degree and Trust to a Degree I have not read these, but after reading the prequel, I would like to The setting of this book is during the early years of Hitler s reign of terror As such it does not have the horrific stories normally associated with Hitler s Germany People have started disappearing but for the most part, no one really knows what i [...]

    10. The story itself was really interesting It bothered me the perfectness of the child from one side and the naiveness of the adults and especially Nazi adults on the other side Only his relatives were not naive so as to make a perfect family On the other hand the information of every day life during the era of the Third Reich was interesting.

    11. A fictional account of a young man growing up in Nazi Germany, but it s based on actual people events The writing is rather choppy, maybe because the author was remembering the events in German It s as if the story was poorly translated from another language That said, it was fascinating to learn how boys, especially, were raised trained under the Third Reich.

    12. The characters were too sympathetic to make any moral reader comfortable They were fighting for country, but for the Nazis They were trying to raise their families, or grow up, and in order to do that they promoted Nazi ends The only part that was comforting was that the grandfather s foundation in the principles of history allowed him not to be taken in by that evil regime.

    13. This book is a prequel to a series of books by Horst Christian developing the early days of the main characters Karl and Harold in the days of the Third Reich I have read a number of books, both fiction and non fiction, on the times leading to the Third Reich and after that I have always wondered about how the children fared during those turbulent times And this book promised to provide a glimpse of the lives of children during the war in the war zone And it did, fairly well Karl and Harold are [...]

    14. Actually, I wanted to rate this book 2 1 2 stars, as I could t decide whether to give it two or three stars The reasons I didn t rate it higher are 1 the writing is stiff maybe because it s been translated from German 2 the main character is just too perfect to be believed Karl is a bright, industrious, clever, ambitious boy whose heart is always in the right place But he s too bright, too industrious too perfect His only flaw is that he sometimes likes to pull the leg of someone who isn t as sm [...]

    15. Note that I got this book Book 1 of the series because it was free, and do not plan on buying the sequels Nazi Germany was complicated, so learning about it is almost always a big picture experience Children To A Degree is unique because it aims not only to fill the gaps, but to start from the opposite end of the spectrum It focuses entirely on the average, day to day lives of children and families in Nazi Germany It s not about Auschwitz, not about Hitler s cabinet, and not even particularly ab [...]

    16. The book tells the story of what it was like growing up under the Nazis I like the premise, and there are some good lines, but all in all the story itself is poorly written and doesn t live up to its promise There are numerous grammar mistakes, faulty English, and unnecessary use of German words where English would have done just fine For example, when Karl has to pack, he has his koffer suitcase on his bed There is really no need to use the German word for suitcase, it only interferes with the [...]

    17. Karl is growing up during World War II The story covers the last few years of the war when Karl is still not a teenager He ends up in a youth group and has quite a bit of success in straightening out camps set up for schoolchildren that have been evacuated from Berlin He has a lot of common sense and a lot of sense about what is necessary to get people to work together.He s so successful at his first camp that he ends up becoming a roving fixer, going from one camp to another to straighten out a [...]

    18. The book is a novel based on the author s experience in pre WWII WWII Germany We have no idea evil Hitler s Germany was The description, so matter of fact, so blandly sinister a phrase learned from Andrew Klavan of the action of the NAZIs in rounding up people is frightening You could be arrested because you did not wear the proper clothes to work e.g doctors HAD to wear a white coat You could be arrested for being left handed You had to be careful of what you said criticism of the NAZIs, or the [...]

    19. Growing up under Hitler s ruleThis was a very educational book in that it is written from the perspective of the German children during the war We often hear the views from WWII allies but not from inside the Reich, let alone from a child in his age group It is amazing that some children were willing to help but we re able to stay away from the brainwashing of Hitler s faithful followers.

    20. It takes a lot for me to simply not want to finish a book but this work did just that If you can see through the misspellings and the poor writing style, you can see the potential this book has to be something great The book was just difficult to read It would jump ahead in time right in the middle of a paragraph All in all though the plot and content are very interesting.

    21. I wanted to finish this, as there s much of great value concerning the Nazi indoctrination of youth prior to WWII But with each page, I became increasingly reluctant to return I simply couldn t force my way past the writing style.

    22. Poor ending Overall the book has very good details of what was happening with the youth in Germany during WW2 I wasn t exactly anticipating the type of ending Oh well, I guess I ll just have to get the next installment

    23. very informative about children s life in Germany in the 30 s and 40 sI really enjoyed reading about the ways young boys lives where during the days of Hitler s rein of terror It seems as if the youth of USA could have earned of the hardship in growing up.

    24. Story of author s childhood in Nazi Germany The parallels with political climate in US today are frightening

    25. Children To A Degree by Horst Christian has a subtitle on the cover which might not attract the general reader Growing Up Under the Third Reich, can evoke a reaction of ho hum, another apologetic story of WWII Germany Some might think it is a work of complete fiction As the author points out turn the page this work of fiction is based on a true story I found this on sale at for USD 0.00 as of 10 December 10, 2017, and was pleased to note this is the first in a series of four about WWII and Germa [...]

    26. I started to read this Kindle book while sitting at the Frankfort airport waiting for a connection I picked it out of my reading queue because I happened to be in Germany even if only for a few hours I really liked this book It was walking a line where the details were fictional but the general experience was based on the author s own life To me, this gave it historical value than the usual historical fiction THe style is straightforward and I think would appeal and perhaps be very valuable to [...]

    27. This is one of those books that I found hard to put down until the end It was also unnerving to read the parallels of the Nazis to our government now Unlimited spending with nothing back it, which leads to runaway inflation, federal control of curriculum in the schools, increasing numbers of bureaucrats with power Electing people to office that feed our emotions promise us things that they know they could never deliverd promises from government that they will take care of us I see us on a very [...]

    28. This book was my first book that i read on a device I must share first that reading a book for me on my iPad was a weird concept but I love books this involve history and it was available in the iBook store to read for free The description of the book that was provided was a great one that did everything needed to attract my attention, and the book was not a disappointment.I was not able to put my device down This book was so shocking and captivating that I honestly had no clue what was going to [...]

    29. I did really enjoy this book, it is very easy to read Children to a Degree is the first book in a series The story involves Karl and his immediate family and grandparents Karl is barely a teenager and quickly gains favor in the Hitler Youth organization The dynamics between his parents, grandfather, and friends is quite insightful as to what the thoughts of how the public really felt at this time in the war I had no idea of the lengths the Third Reich went to indoctrinate the youth of the time, [...]

    30. Useful as a look at a section of childhood in Nazi Germany but horribly as prose.I should have read a textbook instead I don t dispute the historical accuracy, as I m under the impression that Christian has the experience However, the fictional narrative is lacking Next to no conflict occurs and important emotional events are glossed over in a sentence or two I also disliked the Mary Sue treatment of Karl Veth There isn t enough complexity here to justify it as historical fiction These are cardb [...]

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