The Stars Were Right

The Stars Were Right By K.M. Alexander, The Stars Were Right Caravan Master Waldo Bell didn t expect to return home a criminal He just wanted a relaxing month off between jobs so he could explore the city of Lovat enjoy a soft bed and a few decent meals Instea
  • Title: The Stars Were Right
  • Author: K.M. Alexander
  • ISBN: 9780989602211
  • Page: 211
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Stars Were Right By K.M. Alexander, Caravan Master Waldo Bell didn t expect to return home a criminal He just wanted a relaxing month off between jobs so he could explore the city of Lovat, enjoy a soft bed and a few decent meals Instead, he s arrested accused of killing old friends and hacking off body parts.Escaping custody and on the run, Wal becomes a citywide fugitive fighting to clear his name As thCaravan Master Waldo Bell didn t expect to return home a criminal He just wanted a relaxing month off between jobs so he could explore the city of Lovat, enjoy a soft bed and a few decent meals Instead, he s arrested accused of killing old friends and hacking off body parts.Escaping custody and on the run, Wal becomes a citywide fugitive fighting to clear his name As the body count rises, a shadowy assassin emerges as the true killer, and the trail begins to grow and bizarre.The Stars Were Right combines mysteries and monsters, chases and cults, and an ancient evil in a world that is similar but not quite like our own.
    The Stars Were Right By K.M. Alexander,
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    About "K.M. Alexander"

    1. K.M. Alexander

      K M Alexander is a Pacific Northwest native and novelist living and working in Seattle with his wife and two dogs His work explores nontraditional settings within speculative fiction, bending and blending genres to create rich worlds and unique approachable characters.Follow his exploits at blogalexander.

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    1. I m not sure how I would describe the tone of this book urban fantasy with a bit of steampunk, a space western but not in space, a touch of Laird Barron with the ability to fight back In any case, I enjoyed it Sometimes I suffered from what I think of as the Alien syndrome I wanted to pause the story and say, Ok, plot is all well and good, but look at this world Can we just go explore its backstory for awhile Some universes deserve to be Tolkien ed up like that

    2. This is an action packed fugitive story set in a vibrantly detailed world The main character, Waldo Bell, ends up on the wrong side of the law when his friends and acquaintances start turning up brutally murdered Waldo is charming and relatable sort of an everyman who finds himself caught up in an otherworldly situation He s not always super quick to figure things out, but he s funny, and I appreciate his food obsessions While he s on the run from the police, we get a tour of the city s underwor [...]

    3. I don t read Sci Fi or Fantasy novels too often, at all I had only received this via Book bub which is an e mail platform that offers deals on select titles each day So I looked it up, saw great reviews and decided to download to my kindle and give it a chance Needless to say, I was wary of what I was about to get into especially after having read bigger titles such as The Dark Tower I or Queen of Bedlam I was worried that I was going to give this a DNF and claim that this wasn t for me Oh, how [...]

    4. Really enjoyed this indie book that I heard about through the H.P Lovecraft Literary Podcast The thing I loved best about The Stars Were Right and the reason I decided to give it four stars was the world building Unique and interesting, I really enjoyed learning about the world of Lovat The characters were likable, and I really grew to care about them all.The writing is adequate, but I think K.M Alexander has a lot of potential As a new author, he s probably still finding his voice, which is oka [...]

    5. This was such a fun read The world K.M Alexander created is vivid, visceral and above all, uses the perfect amount of description I can fully visualize the world around the characters without being force fed every detail It lets me exercise my own imagination which is much appreciated Definitely one I ll recommend to others.

    6. What a fun read I loved the buildup, with interesting characters and a fascinating and rich world Once the action really began to accelerate, I found myself reading every chance I got I had to know what happened next Definitely looking forward to future books in this series.

    7. i won this book through the giveaways and what a treat the author included a personal note, bookmarks and stickers it s obvious that he s supporting this effort with all the best intentions and i hope he gets back everything and big cheers and wishing great success to him and to this project the book itself was an entertaining and quick read it providing me with a new world to explore, lots of new characters and plenty of notable settings the adventure was well paced and had unexpected twists t [...]

    8. My reading patterns don t often include the works of unpublished authors, so it was a very pleasant surprise to find myself so swiftly and and enjoyably drawn into the world of K.M Alexander s Bell Forging Cycle A rich world, made a pleasure to explore through the eyes of protagonist Waldo Bell, as he is dragged deep into the machinations of a strange, demi God worshipping cult and their plans for the end of the world Well paced, textured and witty, with enough food references to keep you just a [...]

    9. Not what I was expecting at all A local author s slight homage to Lovecraft Waldo runs a caravan and after his latest run, he wants nothing but food and a shower His arrival back to Lovat finds him soon Public Enemy Number 1 as his friends and acquaintances are being murdered Not just murderedtilated.Running from the police and The Children, trying to clear his name, Wal finds out the why of it all is far stranger than he could ve imagined Not normally one for sci fi, but I enjoyed this selectio [...]

    10. The Stars Were Right was full of interesting characters, in a fascinatingly well imagined world I found myself getting hungry for foods I d never tasted, in places that don t exist at least in our universe Once I got into this book, I couldn t put it down I m looking forward to future adventures in this world for sure.

    11. A gritty adventure through a city rich with life and death, in the style of a tale told over some cheap whiskey at a dusty dive bar on the outskirts of a bizarre Lovecraftian town Excellent pacing, excellent lead character, and excellent world building.

    12. A fantastic story with a genuinely likeable protagonist and plenty of suspense Fast paced and lushly detailed A very enjoyable read I look forward to further works from this artist.

    13. I had never heard of K.M Alexander until he posted to the Cthulhu subreddit that his ebooks were on sale for only.99 As both a diehard Lovecraft fan and a supporter of indie authors, I decided this seemed like a great deal, and wow, I was right Alexander does a fantastic job evoking a tangled, towering city of hidden alleys, bustling markets, colorful inhabitants, and plenty of those hole in the wall diners with the best local cuisine you ve ever had As a dedicated urbanist, I just love these fa [...]

    14. Oh great, another fantasy book, I thought Although it is the primary genre we get requests for reviews for, I can honestly say that it has never been my favorite genre of book but, we all occasionally grab one we aren t necessarily fond of So I pulled up my big girl panties and settled in to read The Stars Were Right by K.M Alexander Wow Talk about knocking me off my snobbish pedestal This book changed the way I look at fantasy as a whole It was also loaded with a ton of what I d consider myster [...]

    15. A richly imagined, fast paced adventure story in a weirdly familiar world of various co habitating original species Includes a laconic assertion of mythic ambition, as if Johnny Cash were providing brief back story for the apocalypse.The prologue is a starting gun its crisp pop gets things moving and sets an ominous tone The story slips a bit immediately after but gets stronger as it progresses.The city of Lovat, where the action takes place, is a grand dream on the outrageous scale of a Terry G [...]

    16. The Stars Were Right is a great effort for a first book Author K.M Alexander creates a vivid and complex fantasy world with likeable characters.The book is set in the city of Lovat, which is built up in levels The higher levels are occupied by the rich and the lower levels are where the poor reside, not unlike a caste system This reminds me of the city of Sharn in the Eberron setting of Dungeons and Dragons which was one of my favorite 3.5 edition worlds The world has a steampunk fantasy feel, w [...]

    17. One of the foundations of Lovecraftian fiction is the idea that at some point, the stars will be right and the Great Old Ones will return In K.M Alexander s The Stars Were Right we are presented with the world that is left after that happens.Initially the setting in The Stars Were Right doesn t come off as particularly Lovecraftian The city of Lovat, where the story takes place, seems like are fairly typical fictional post apocalyptic city As the story progresses it becomes clear that the apoca [...]

    18. A wonderful first novel, The Stars Were Right is set in a world after Cthulhu and the First Ones came to Earth as in the Aligning, causing massive devastation The world that Waldo Bell lives in is many hundreds or thousands of years afterwards, when a civilization has been reborn, but with all sorts of residents Not only are humans around still, but deep ones, horned dimanians, octopoid celphels, seven fingered maero, hasturian priests, and Waldo Bell returns to his home city of Lovat, a nine l [...]

    19. I fell in love with the protagonist Waldo from the start Almost as much as I love the world in which he lives The gritty, neon lit streets and layers of the city Lavat with it s diverse citizenship classes, and the histories sewn into them, are a delight to read.The pacing is near perfect And the story is well told and well thought out It was a hard book to put down So much so that I didn t and ended up regretting it at work the next day having had almost no sleep.The only complaints I have are [...]

    20. Loved the setting Loved the writing The main character was good But the fact that he could take such ridiculous amounts of punishment and just push on and that he was an untrained combat badass and that he constantly escaped and succeeded and so on, was too much The last few chapters were completely over the top in this regard, and while that may work well for some people, I couldn t buy into it Another thing that may work for some and not others it worked for me was the tone it s a post apocaly [...]

    21. Received a signed copy from First ReadsThis book takes several crazy things fantasy creatures, the awakening of an ancient evil, cults, and grisly murders and combines them in a following of a caravaneer named Waldo Bell.I debated for a while on whether or not to give this book a three or a four, because, while some ideas were wonderful and new to me, there was a certain air of predictability in the storyline I was a bit disappointed that I had already correctly anticipated some of the major ev [...]

    22. I loved this book I don t usually read science fiction I remember reading one book in grade 7 Oh and the Dan Simmons series recently but I loved this one It s hugely creative the world described is rich with detail and your imagination has no problem running with it but it doesn t do that thing that some science fiction novels do of having to describe every last detail to you The author gives you just enough detail to let your own imagination fill in the gaps, which added to the richness and ke [...]

    23. Move over, Mieville there s a new author on the scene equal if not greater in his ability to create captivating urban landscapes, people them with a myriad of races and cultures, and show them to readers in a way that mimics the complexity of the real world Simply put, I appreciate that Alexander treats readers like they re too smart to be handed a simplistic and overt explanation of the mythological context of the story Instead, you piece together a vision of what kind of world you re visiting [...]

    24. 4.5 StarsI really liked this book This, being the first book published by the author, was well thought out and nicely paced I liked how Lovat had elements of Seattle nuanced in, but in new and unique way The protagonist and non human entities were well written The protagonist had a nice, human feel meaning that he was a flawed man that one could easily relate with, and not simply painted as a human in a city of non human entities The other players in the tale, while rich with their own customs a [...]

    25. Read this book.I thoroughly enjoyed K.M s first book I found it nearly impossible to put down Waldo Bell s initial story is one filled with danger and meaning in a world so fully realized I feel like I could visit there tomorrow I want to say good things but I m at a loss for words and I want to keep my review spoiler free Stars comes to a nice resolution so you don t have to worry about reading the next book in The Bell Forging Cycle right away But I ll definitely be moving on to Mr Alexander [...]

    26. A great read Despite a few issues with the copyediting in my edition, the world in this book is an interesting one to explore My only complaint is that I would have liked of it The narrative style gives it a great pace and let s you connect with the main character, but it takes a little away from the reader s interaction with the world of the book and the other characters I hope there is to come

    27. Just finished this book, and it was fantastic I actually ended up reading the last chapter while walking from my subway to the office because I just could not put the book down The book s world, Lovat is richly detailed, the characters are really fleshed out, and the ending is absolutely action packed.

    28. This was an unexpected delight The world building was great and the characters were interesting and likable I m looking forward to reading from Alexander.

    29. I loved this book I can t get through a book if it doesn t hook me from the beginning and it totally caught me from the get go The Stars Were Right is incredibly fun and fast paced The characters are rich and fascinating I also loved how the book puts you in a world that allows you to use your imagination You really want to explore every inch of the city created I highly recommend it.

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