The Fallen Prince

The Fallen Prince By Amalie Howard, The Fallen Prince Now that the rightful ruler of Neospes has been reinstated Riven is on the hunt for her father in the Otherworld to bring him to justice for his crimes against her people When she receives an unwelco
  • Title: The Fallen Prince
  • Author: Amalie Howard
  • ISBN: 9781783450350
  • Page: 413
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Fallen Prince By Amalie Howard, Now that the rightful ruler of Neospes has been reinstated, Riven is on the hunt for her father in the Otherworld to bring him to justice for his crimes against her people When she receives an unwelcome visit from two former allies, she knows that trouble is brewing again in Neospes The army has been decimated and there are precious few left to fight this mysterious newNow that the rightful ruler of Neospes has been reinstated, Riven is on the hunt for her father in the Otherworld to bring him to justice for his crimes against her people When she receives an unwelcome visit from two former allies, she knows that trouble is brewing again in Neospes The army has been decimated and there are precious few left to fight this mysterious new threat To muster a first line of defense, her people need help from the one person Riven loathes most her father But what he wants in return is her complete surrender to him Riven will have to choose save Neospes or save herself.
    The Fallen Prince By Amalie Howard,
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      AMALIE HOWARD is the author of several young adult novels critically acclaimed by Kirkus, Publishers Weekly, VOYA, and Booklist, including Waterfell, The Almost Girl, and Alpha Goddess, a Spring 2014 Kid s INDIE NEXT title Her debut novel, Bloodspell, was a 1 bestseller and a Seventeen Magazine Summer Read The sequel, Bloodcraft, was a silver IPPY medalist and a Children s Moonbeam award winner She is also the co author of the adult historical romance series, THE LORDS OF ESSEX, written with her good friend and fellow author, Angie Morgan As an author of color and a proud supporter of diversity in fiction, her articles on multicultural fiction have appeared in The Portland Book Review and on the popular Diversity in YA blog She currently resides in Colorado with her husband and three children Visit her at amaliehoward.

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    1. This was a great read, and I m sorry to see this series ending.This book picks up about a year after book 1 General Riven is back in the Otherworld trying to track down her errant father before he can get up to mischief and mayhem Caden is on the throne back in Neospes so our couple is separated by loyalty and duty However, old foes have arisen from the ashes and are attempting to destroy everything the king has been painstakingly rebuilding.One of the things I enjoy most about this series is t [...]

    2. I will have to re read it again to get a better understanding of it Riven is back and has to save Neospes from the lizard s attack She will have to work with Danton, her father that made her half human half machine But things get complicated when all enemies come back and new alliances are forged.

    3. I loved The Almost Girl, and this sequel is just as amazing, if not better When a fast paced plot and in depth character development happen together seamlessly, it s a gem of a book Read The Almost Girl now, and when The Fallen Prince is released, pick it up

    4. This has to be one of the most difficult reviews that I have ever had to write.The reason My great respect for this book s author.I must also say that my review is based on having only read The Fallen Prince, and not its predecessor.The story itself is not my problem My issue lies with the fact that so much of this book made me feel as though I was rereading Fuse by Julianna Baggott Though the book is well written The story is one that, to an extent, I have read before.

    5. 2.5 stars, rounding to 3 Though it displayed a solid writing style and was well paced, The Fallen Prince felt a bit cliche and shallow Read my full review of this novel here.

    6. Now that was one wild ride I really enjoyed The Almost Girl, the first in the Riven Chronicles, and I was excited to read what happens next in The Fallen Prince It shared with readers a fantastic world and a heroine worth admiring With the way things ended in the first book, I knew that we would be in for an adventure The first book takes place mainly on Earth, but this second book is set in Riven s home world Amalie Howard does a great job of creating a world that is both terrifying and colorf [...]

    7. I want to thank Sky Pony Press for providing me with a copy of this book to read and give an honest review Receiving this book for free has in no way altered my opinion or review.This story picks up right where the first book left off So, if you haven t read that one, there may be spoilers ahead Riven is back on Neopses fully aware of who and what she is And she s come to terms with this As in the first book, she s an extremely strong character I would go so far as to call her selfless because e [...]

    8. I always love Amalie s books, but this series definitely is one of my favorites This sequel to The Almost Girl, which I loved, is just as addictive and an amazing read.

    9. More Reviews Here Readers Live A Thousand LivesI ve read a bunch of Amalie Howard s books now and somehow she always manages to keep me on my toes She excels at delivering the twists and turns and The Fallen Prince delivers so many twists and turns Not only that, but it delivers nonstop action and drama and romance I devoured this book in one sitting I adore Riven She is such a kickass character I love how smart she is and that she is the one saving the day and that everyone looks to her because [...]

    10. A 3.1 Review Last week I reviewed Amalie Howard s novel The Almost Girl I m sure most of you remember it, seeing as how I called the book a hot mess gave it 2.9 stars then immediately turned around and boasted about how much I enjoyed it Believe me, I m as confused as you are My reason for recommending the book was based entirely on it s ability to be an entertaining distraction An underrated quality I hold infinitely dear Now, at the risk of spoiling The Almost Girl that s code for if you haven [...]

    11. The Fallen Prince starts off right where The Almost Girl ends And Amalie moves this story at the perfect pace.There s a lot going on but not once do you feel lost or get confused Riven is trying to locate her father who everted to the Otherworld Earth all the while she is trying to stay ahead of The Faction and Guardians However, when she finds out that their King is in the Otherworld with her, she has no other option but to stop looking for her father and seeing what Caden needs And it s not wh [...]

    12. Awesome conclusion to an awesome story Loved everything about it Sure I would love a little sneak peek into the future of the characters but this would surfice as well.

    13. I received a review copy of The Fallen Prince by Amalie Howard from SkyHorse SkyPony PublishingThe fallen prince started off slower than I had expected, it seemed to pick up exactly where The Almost Girl left offbut I soon realized almost an entire year had passed In the beginning I was frustrated with a lot of Rivens decisions, but that soon changed.The author brings back some of the characters from The Almost Girl and introduces us to some new and exciting characters as well I particularly enj [...]

    14. I recieved an eARC of The Fallen Prince in exchange for an honest review If you ve read The Almost Girl you know even before picking up The Fallen Prince that you are in for a treat If you haven t read The Almost Girl stop reading this immediately and start reading Amalie Howard s The Almost Girl Because honestly, I have to say that this sequel is even better than the original The quick paced, action packed story picks up after The Almost Girl s end and gives you exactly what you were craving It [...]

    15. Caden is the king of Neospes His kingdom is under threat of being attacked by reptiles whose behaviour is not their norm Being short of man power, he has to find a way to save his kingdom from being overthrown by the enemy Riven is cyborg general Her priority is to protect the king She is being pursued by the enemy who will do anything to have her on their side Caden and Riven are in love with each other but saving their people is what matters most Caden has made a deal with Avaria, another king [...]

    16. I was thrilled to discover that the second book of The Riven Chronicles came out so soon after the first After thoroughly enjoying The Almost Girl, I was than ready to see what happened to Riven and Caden in book two Amalie Howard certainly did not disappoint The Fallen Prince was filled with all the action, emotion, and romance I was hoping for Now that Riven has brought back her Earth s King she is than determined to stop her father once and for all However, as she delves deeper into her sea [...]

    17. This was a riveting, fast paced thriller that will delight sci fi and dystopian fans alike With complex characters, a fascinating world, and terrifying robotic creatures, there was no end to the action and adventure.I was first introduced to Howard with her Aquarathi series, and I have been a fan ever since Unfortunately, I haven t read The Almost Girl, yet but that didn t stop me from loving every second of this story Howard gives enough backstory so that I wasn t completely in the dark about R [...]

    18. This book is 2 in a series of the Riven Chronicles However you don t have to read the very first one before this one I am currently now reading the first one The Almost Girl I really enjoyed this book We meet Riven a female that has nanoplasm for blood, a machine and human.She is in the hunt for her father, the one who made her this way Riven is out for revenge for all that he has done.But when the king of the other world needs her help and the fate of Neospes rest in her coming back and working [...]

    19. This book was so good This is called the Riven Chronicles but this book has a very good summed up ending So I m not sure where books would come into play I really would like to see another book though Maybe one where they are bringing their world back This book opens a year after The Almost Girl ends Riven is on the tail of her father And things aren t looking very good I really didn t like Riven in the first few pages of this book She seemed like a loose cannon and well kinda like a nasty pers [...]

    20. This was such a captivating story Very well written and thought out The characters are very well developed and continue to grow throughout the story This was a great YA sci fi dystopia read Riven is on a mission to find her father that has been on the run for awhile Riven is always one step behind her father because of course he is the one that created her and her sense of tracking others down Riven and Caden get together and go on one adventure after another while tracking her father The advent [...]

    21. what do you do when you realise your father made you part machine ,if you re riven obviously you hunt him down to kill him try to stop him doing it to anyone else but it never that simple this book starts a year after 1st book finishes , caden is on throne of neospes riven is on earth looking for her father , she is grabbed by phillip charisma who wantt to take her to see era, phillips mother , but riven decides to get there her way not theirs this story is all action from the start but still fi [...]

    22. Ah, here is the problem with signing up to review this book One, I should have done research and realized that this book was not the first in the series Not to say that I didn t enjoy the book but it was exactly a rave considering I had no idea what the hell was going on and I just jumped right into things This book included a fast plot that was well developed right along with the characters Can you read this as a stand alone Probably not considering that it is a continuation of the first If an [...]

    23. This is book two in the Riven Chronicles by Amalie Howard Book 2 picks up where The Almost Girl, book 1, left off Riven is still on the hunt for her father When it comes to sequels, they either fall flat, or highly surpass the first book The Fallen Prince is definitely the latter I don t think I have enjoyed a book about a cyborg this much since Cinder This book is fast paced and exciting It is full of action and suspense IF you are a fan of YA sci fi, this series is definitely for you.

    24. The fallen prince is an action packed adventure Amalie Howard had me on the edge of my seat from the first chapter The book lacked a little in the background of the science that was key to the story But the heart and action than made up for it Riven and her angst captured my heart And the last 10 pages Wow If the rest of the book had been in archaic Gaelic pentameter, it still would have been worth it to get there I eagerly await the next chapter.

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