Gator By Bijou Hunter, Gator GatorMy scars terrify most people but she views me as the sun shining light into the darkness of her past I am a killer yet gave her life She is mine and I dare anyone to stand in my way MiaI am no
  • Title: Gator
  • Author: Bijou Hunter
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 160
  • Format: ebook
  • Gator By Bijou Hunter, GatorMy scars terrify most people, but she views me as the sun, shining light into the darkness of her past I am a killer, yet gave her life She is mine and I dare anyone to stand in my way.MiaI am nobody until Gator sees me through the scope of his rifle My life is suffering and violence, but he offers redemption I am his and I dare anyone to keep us apart.Gator is aGatorMy scars terrify most people, but she views me as the sun, shining light into the darkness of her past I am a killer, yet gave her life She is mine and I dare anyone to stand in my way.MiaI am nobody until Gator sees me through the scope of his rifle My life is suffering and violence, but he offers redemption I am his and I dare anyone to keep us apart.Gator is a standalone romance noir scheduled for release on Feb 25, 2014.
    Gator By Bijou Hunter,
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      Author of Contemporary New Adult Romantic SuspenseThe Damaged series reading order Beast Knight Cobra Outlaw Dragon Bulldog SaintLittle Memphis MC series reading order Little Memphis Broken MemphisStandalone RomancesGator a story between an assassin and the woman he claims.Used ex con biker finds love and redemption with a club girl.I love interacting with readers Contact me here Facebook facebook AuthorBijouHunterTwitter BijouBooksMailing List bijouhunterbooks mailing listHappy reading

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    1. 3 Entertaining Stars Before I start my review, I need to stress that I don t think this book was meant to be funny But unfortunately because of the execution, it was in fact rather funny at times.I m actually not sure where to start, this story was hilarious, creepy and uncomfortable to read Let start with a brief summary of the most prominent characters Please pay special attention to the names This is my expression when I read them.Characters Main Characters Jake Gator Hero Anti heroDescriptio [...]

    2. 2.5 AMUSING BUT CREEPY STARSThis is my first Bijou Hunter book and though I don t regret reading it, the writing style is somewhat odd I felt like the author didn t mean for certain things to be entertaining and funny, but because of the weak execution of events, I did indeed find almost everything to be highly amusing and the sex scenes came off as creepy and pedophilic in nature It could be that the short length of the story was a factor for the undeveloped characters and plot, but I just don [...]

    3. 2.5 stars This was a very mixed read for me at times I found myself really enjoying it, but then there were things that would happen that really didn t work for me I would say I very much enjoyed it up until about 70% and the rest was mixed good bad.I know others had a big issue with Mia, feeling like she was a child and it was wrong for Gator Jake to have a sexual relationship with her This is just my personal opinion, but.I did not see her as a child Once we got her POV, it was clear that she [...]

    4. Let me start this by saying, I know there is a lot of controversy regarding this book One thing I do know, is that you have to keep reading to fully understand these characters Things are not always what they seem in the beginning.Gator is a hired killer Growing up in the swamps of LA with an abusive father and neglect, he is a monster Gator is hired to kill a man and his daughter He takes one look at the daughter, Gidget, and decides she s his and he s going to keep her Gidget is a prostitute H [...]

    5. re read, 4 1 2 stars, It s no secret that I love Bijou Hunter and all her books, whenever her Damaged series comes out they are auto buys reads for me and even though I have beta read for some of her books I still love them so much that I have to buy them too hey I said at the beginning I loved her books , so when I heard she had a new series out I was ecstatic We get Bijou and her great hero s and that means we get something to tide us over between her Damaged books Add to that I get a good ba [...]

    6. By all the bad reviews, I thought this book was going to be disgustingly horrible and abusive The hero never abuses the heroine or do anything to her without her permission or with the intent to do harm Good Lord people I don t understand what all the hate for this book was about I absolutely LOVED It Contrary to all the belief that there is not an HEA, I m telling all potential readers that there is an HEA Two broken people who come from horrible past filled with death, violence, and not an oun [...]

    7. Definitely not for me.Like most of the other reviewers I love the damaged series and as a result Bijou is one of the authors I always look out for but I couldn t, no matter how many times I tried get on with this book I like a good alpha male character and I do like them a little dominant and the females therefore less so but this book was on a whole different level, I found it uncomfortable to say the least, these are two people who have suffered, theirs lives have been dreadful and normally I [...]

    8. I m sorry but NO.Assassin and damsel in distress great idea and told from male POV AWESOME But the writing style put me off I m cringing reading this.

    9. My motives for this one were not pure They were shallow in fact GR friends were debating its merits and their ratings were all over the place, so I couldn t resist seeing what all the fuss was about Is she or isn t she a child That seems to be the gist of the debate and the fence that has been drawn around the ick factor of this read For me it s a most definite, resounding, enthusiastic f ck no Gidget Mia is damaged, emotionally and mentally, but her development was not stunted The first female [...]

    10. I can totally understand why people won t like this book, and their issues with the heroine, Mia And honestly, I felt the book a little lacking, needing of a lot of things emotion, fun, storySo I kind of feel like I need to stick up for this book a little The Wait What issue that was Mia, well, it wasn t really an issue for me I found it pretty interesting, unique and I genuinely liked Mia.I liked how the hero, Gator, worked her out and read her features And I understood how they could relat [...]

    11. This book was entertaining and creepy, but I wouldn t call it sexy No matter how you spin it, Mia was mentally challenged That she knew she was mentally challenged is of no consequence She was essentially a child trapped in a woman s body, so I had a hard time finding any of the sexy times between her and Gator truly titillating Gator ah, now Gator on his own is a sexy beast, and I did love his character He s unapologetic, goes after what he wants, and is a true alpha man with a very, umm, healt [...]

    12. This is not a fluffy bunny chasing rainbows romance Mia is not a damsel in distress and Gator is not her knight in shining armor These two are not a happily ever after Gator is a peek into the lives of two people on the fringes of society, forgotten and ignored, they make thier own HEA She was a mark, another warm body through his scope that he was paid to erase Gator sees something in her though Yards away, without even speaking to her Gator knows that this damaged girl is his in a way that soc [...]

    13. Gator is a killer, he is a man that scares everyone just with one glance Wanting to finish his kill list, he comes across Gidget who is on that list He knows that he is not going to kill her, he is going to save her and make her his own New name, new life begins for Mia but Gator has unfinished business to do and keeping Mia safe and happy is his top priority.This was a hard one because Mia s life is so horrific it s hard to get past it Gator is a hard man but there is a calmness he has with Mia [...]

    14. 3.5 stars There was a lot of controversy about this book So I had to read it In the beginning the h did seem like a little girl But as time went on and she was able to feel safer she grew into herself It was right in the middle for me.

    15. 3.5 stars This was good I didn t love it, but I really liked it.The whole drama regarding Gidget s mental state and Gator s obsession with her didn t bother me one bit.I think it was obvious that Gidget was not a little girl but a woman It was evident through her POV She might have been acting like a child in certain aspects clinging to a doll for comfort , and not being able to read or write not because she s incompetent but because she never went to school , however, her thought process is not [...]

    16. Interesting premise for a book The antihero H paired up with a mentally disabled h I read a few reviews and can understand where others are coming from that this freaked them out a little h basically had some cognitive development issues due to anoxic brain damage from being strangled when she was younger because of this she had some child like tendencies.The mom in me says eww But on the flip side I think even the mentally disadvantage deserve love and a HEA They should not be shoved to the sid [...]

    17. 5 intense stars See, the first thing I need to say about this book is, this is not a typical romance novel, it can tbe with the 2 principal characters being as damaged as they are, but I did like it Why well, I m a junkie for books where there s two people figthing to have a chance, to find a happy ending, against all odds, and this book fits the description perfectly.The principal characters live in a world full of darkness, Gator is a contract killer with a very troubled past, and Mia, she s a [...]

    18. This was a freebie and I m happy it was and that I didn t pay any money for it I almost didn t download it anyway because it s only about 100 pages I m not one for novellas but the fact that it was free and suppose to be a dark book I took my chance The writing is very choppy and it didn t flow well at all However it kept me interested enough to finish it though I did skim towards the end Gator Jake H grew up in an abusive and unloving home in the swamps of Louisiana When he was old enough to ki [...]

    19. I really can t gripe about anything regarding this book If I absolutely had to list one con it would be that it was just too short I wanted Gator and Mia It is amazing when an authors words can cause you to feel empathy for some unsavory characters who are effed up in every sense of the word Sure, Gator is a hired killer with no conscience and Mia aka Gidget was forced to be a childhood prostitute who suffered some brain damage from an evil John When Gator is hired to take her out along with he [...]

    20. This book is not for everyone at this point am not sure if it even was for me The subject touched in this story are something am not used to but as the story develops, even with the main character crude language and way of life this story ended up touching me, i felt the love, forbidden or not the two main characters had When i realize how Mia wasi was then a little uncomfortable, but as the story moves on i saw that she was not totally mentally unfit for lack of better words, i realize that ye [...]

    21. Do not read Gator It was creepy The heroine talks and acts like a child Everyone says she is slow The hero says watching her carry around a baby doll is weird but he won t take it away from her because it would be mean Creepy.The heroine talks about how men used her like a toilet Since her dad pimped her out ever since she was a kid This is NOT what I want to read about I tried this book because I was told it was a beauty and the beast story with a hitman hero It was just creepy and wrong.

    22. 3.5it was nice read, I really enjoy the Damaged series and for this one I wish it would be longer because the couple had huge potential and the story was very interesting but since it was shorter than I am used to I felt like there wasn t time for better development but again it was really nice, I really like Mia and Gator Book was really captivatingage

    23. What an original couple Gator and Mia make This was a very interesting read due to the unique characters portrayed, and I wasn t sure I was going to like their story as it started out However, as I kept reading, I could see how Gator and Mia were perfect for each other and ended up really enjoying their tale There really is someone for everyone, and these two fit each other just right Nicely done

    24. Bijou is definitely giving Bella Jewel a run for her money in the most fucked up characters category LOVED Gator.

    25. I read the summary and judged myself really hard for wanting to read it, but it was actuallyetty good For what it is head held high

    26. Disturbing I never came to grips with Mia s issues and competency I would have really liked this one with a heroine I felt could give consent.

    27. I m not sure many people will understand this book The author is writing emotions, describing them in a very unique way I believe you really have to read it to get it.I wouldn t call this book a happily ever after I would describe it as being a peaceful past the huddle of life beginning.Gator and Gidget are two haunted souls who ve known the worst side of life having gone through the worst kind of abuse in their childhoods that have left them scarred and damaged They find each other when Gator i [...]

    28. I don t write very many reviews but I had to for this story because the raining is so low I loved this story It was short yes but I didn t feel like it lacked anything We have gator a strong, scary alpha male He took one look at gidget and claimed her He looked and didn t see a mental challenged whore but someone he could love and could love him back He didn t try to fix her because he knew what was wrong with her couldn t be fixed He was sweet and only wanted what was for the best for HER.Gidge [...]

    29. Well, while this book was most definitely short, sweet and to the point, I didn t feel it had much of a story line at all Well other than kill, bad dreams, kill, bad dreams, sex, bad dreams, kill, strangle, bam, kill, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, kill, bam, bad dreams, sex, sex, sex, eat a sandwich, kill, bam, kill, shower, shower, shower, kill.e end.That about covers it I think this book would have been EXCELLENT with a little , plot, drawn out , action and adventure So again, it s hot, it s [...]

    30. 2 ok stars.The synopsis for this sounded really interesting However, I just felt a bit bored by the whole thing.I feel like it could have been so much Given the history of both characters, and the story to be told, it could have been heart wrenching, beautiful, tragic, about hope, redemption and love Instead, it all just felt a bit flat and one dimensional Just did not quite hit the right note, and felt far too short given the subject matter It needed a lot too it to be able to adequately tell [...]

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